BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 1/17

Wednesday, January 17th

Hamilton tickets go on sale on Monday Jamie really wants to go – Ann Curry says leaving the today show hurt a lot – Selena Gomez’s mom is being public that she is not happy about her dating Justin Bieber – Kardashians pic up their new baby – Seal is now being investigated for sexual harassment – Donald Trump does not have dementia.. just over weight.


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Yeah. He. And. Love playing win today is seventy that Jenn hello Ali hi I Elia annoying. Out lets get to first of all just happy reminder for all of you that time Monday morning. 10 AM. Hamilton. On sale on tailored to his once jailed 10 AM. Hamilton now I just got a press release from them. And now basically they're saying be very very careful when you buy tickets because someone just treated says it's tempting to get tickets anyway PM. There are many sites and people that are selling overpriced and in some cases. Fraudulent tickets so for the best seeds the best prices and to eliminate the risk of counterfeit tickets. Goat to Betsy her marine mammal center in Hamilton dot Denver center dot org. Hamilton dot Denver center dot org but we'll posada. You know there's nothing more depressing that showing up to an event in your ticket discount of it's never happen to me thanks guys. I happen to me it has yes I was gonna go to a playoff game yeah it was say a football game. No I take it back it was the NBA all star get what it was in Orlando and a buddy of mine got us tickets to go to game. And we got there they scanned it did now this is just make this counterfeit. We ended up in a sports bar EG Washington game here that's. Newt so hooked but it does a lot he paid the money I didn't pay anything for the BC was still giving me a ticket for free. Well this is such a hot ticket that you have to be really careful 'cause Diebler Gannett did the same thing happened to you you know it's going to be. It's it's gonna be crazy and to get tickets coming up on Monday. You've got to be a part of the subscriber list right no right now you give. It's in pre sale right now Yahoo! for Hamilton is increasing asks those subscribers now yet to come Monday it's open to the public directly gonna go so fast so. And it's one of those where sold out in 38 seconds. Pressure right yeah then you're gonna go online you're gonna click click click click click click go nowhere. It's all about who you know I don't know any. I my girlfriend is she's a friend of the arts and so I asked her I was McCain. But you know if your friend of the art you're going. To really get a certain amount perhaps. I. Let's hear what I want to talk about well and curry and curry went just did talk about how she was fired from The Today Show and how humiliating it was. It hurt a lot to feel that you work wanted to anymore so. So I I can't lie about it I do you know. From experience then yeah hanging on to anger. We shoot downs and it's very hard and dry he's been with and how much she can channel and it. She has to be angry anymore and Matt Matt Lauer when she secretly saying in my opinion at. Thank god he's busted it. That was he'd Kirby or watch. As details come out. Yeah literally had an office it was a dungeon you have chosen a sex get Dade we're for like bolt locks on the inside of the door so nobody could get in what he's doing your plan. And yeah. You know I had talked about yesterday house Selena Gomez his mom may Indy is is not happy that says Salinas come back to Justin Bieber. Well now I have actually what she said okay. She's dead my daughter's brave and fearless I was so proud of her bravery during your kidney transplant last summer. Aaron she said she never spoke did it to Justin during Gomez his hospital stay. And the two haven't talked or texting he or she will not talk to Justin Bieber the mama she won't know. She says so leave it can lift her light towers she wants is licensed copies even now they and it Skinner. I didn't not control her. I don't think though that the mother in law's start reaching out two years are really a concern for Bieber. I don't think it's really cares if I mean if she might want to think that it's tearing him up but I only get as. Many of the mom doesn't like no other law does your thought it was hard not reaching out. And there never and he Sean he has not once on a mama don't relax you and she lacks everyone that was wanna get some. They sure are using their parents. Did you even hints on these great big at all nuts about it she says Salinas is an adult can make her own choices and yet. She just doesn't want her daughter was at the Justin Bieber with a torque. It's fine. She'll be okay and in did you hear the other exciting news lagged and it. The card dashing into another even get seed that yeah I think it now is this Kim Sarah bit to yeah sits get Sarah get. And the birth actually happened yep at cedars Sinai well. Of where my son was born at twelve. Yeah and so you know this says that there had the baby and then they just little boy girl little girl of the anger take this get to the current account the idea is Sergei it's gone now from -- she gets her checked lately and they're you know Inkster. Our pictures yet now. And no name yet. I know you'll be wait as soon find out I'll get to the breaking news outlet allowed brief break in Bradenton yeah yep so. But yesterday. And it was reported how Lee was in labor. Really so here's the big and so now. The big conspiracy and they also said Kiley was in labor but the missing. Or was it Kim's baby that Kiley was carrying. Pilot is not so highly is carrying the baby for Kim by that I do the it with a and I hope they give it a common name and Doug over the northwestern. Journeyman knows Nancy Jimmy is Gil would likely. Really right or change suggests something as simple did you really is slightly right with the eco literal here. LeRoy could keep a very big LeRoy west of the feeling there's some rounds. Of about much. Evil works. Good book who picked butch what I'd call well all yet keep forgetting our. You're from its. I went yes I go ruby. Ruben ruby west route. It's great. So what Hollywood is all black escalade including a true view last that's a good name hey yeah I guess you also as a bird and all our life. Still is under criminal investigation for sexual battery. There's this really hot girl her name is Tracy. End she and still really really super giant consumer friendly let me see limited to days. Anyway so she was that I use and a salad Spinner. Tracy was sealed now using the cell. It's better. What exactly is that it's rigged it's all the water off the salad please let him know that. You pour your own economic salad Spinner he could it be perverted shooter. The you put this out in the at this theater and you rotate its. Nobody likes soggy glad they show you familiar to DSL it's better how could live without exactly but I use it almost once I love it. And even though he tried it did a colander and where did all that he. Patted off with liquid paper towel that I used. So it just. It. Bad or indifferent fans but you know what I wanna show my vegetables in the dishwasher. Part. It's a really clean exit than as the dry that sells art. Nothing just at the utensils and a crew will cubes in there we end this stuff and be cleaned Coleen. Is she does that yeah. She was that kitchen sink and she's gee isn't salad Spinner with seal and she is over Ayers house may have been friends for a long time he let her. And she said that seals started singer and she said what are you doing he said I'm kissing you. And she said Benny sees said hey we're just friends stop kissing me and Danielle battered said hey what are you wearing a pink top with a out of rob didn't want it. And then he began to god growth and global. Rubble rubble know Robert you broke her groped her breasts. And she says it's not stop those and I boobs. And then Nash she left of the house she Pilar de app police report would cause this does is say what year. Let's a year it was Saturday. This past Saturday he did that Serbia against. He's denying everything right correct. The Vietnam vehemently. Years vehemently yes adamantly. Vehemently vehemently. He sounds. If it itself a little suspicious to me. I let's just pretend. That came earlier Alison day tablet that brought. It okay for close mileage. It took a bit but I thought let's let's that's. I. There you are incompetent Bab bra and Ezra it's dark in here it is there you are acting tough and college Jeter and it has shorts on. And I have a salad cheese and wait no that's our ballots that are better you know that your an early on getting. Saying he hanged chief William K okay now we're talking now okay yes your bag that. IIIRA. Tells me the whole back. You know I mean growing human I'm glad I white paint tablet that bird the here. And I got a short time in my salad Spinner I mean come on. And there's this happened this past Saturday let me crazy but I don't buy this all well. He's under criminal investigation presented just one week after he publicly encourage sexual abuse victims to come forward. Yet that's what doesn't accept it I don't know if it said happened in the fall toll sixteen. I'll head she gets cholera made the report on Saturday now and then again that now it's becoming a little bit suspicious okay. Because he attacked Oprah. He went after Oprah. My right yes sealed it. Put it he went after Oprah asked him and he tried to sexually no no no I don't hear what evidence if she didn't come. He'll fit enough he'll drag on Oprah the. Well she hit it to. It sounded. That's why she did that speech to Golden Globes seal team out he was like the only person and said wanna hypocrite. And really went after her. Now he is out those pictures with Harvey Weinstein yeah and now you've got a week later somebody's going after him so that sounds a little suspicious. The ivy. He's saying that's still being and then. Man oh man and denies he ever recent accusations made against him I've former neighbor for alleged misconduct from more than a year ago. Is going to defend itself against these false accusations. Allegations while. It's getting crazy it is itself out of control and way. But I believe a lot of people I have to say I do too I do too I don't think everybody soaring by any means whatsoever but. But I do think there are certain. Situations where people are taking advantage. Of club the culture right now. And then finally I'm sad. Obama than that Donald Trump. Does not have met Jack he just acts like this week is it seems like that's he's like all of us he's saying any. Like Donald Trump well all of us as he needs. Yeah family so that report came out and it says. That is not it is hard when they say he's crazy and they said that they did some cognitive testing. He scored thirty to thirty a perfect score for a mental capacity mental health. Instead he's given all the TV reporters crazy and crazy so after a report about his health and isn't all the questions. In summary the president's overall health is excellent okay. Yeah. How I take some questions about how much we've had suggested the president moves can you ask a question. Crazy hope. Most parents are you looking at dimensional like Intel. The twentieth and a lot of people. The sound yeah. Rental. Drinking your can't control much for privacy reasons usually. Crossing now the only loss yeah. Our in all it's a silent even play at all this nominee at the age if they cannot believe that this report that. Got at least at the wrong listening. There's something wrong tell me it's his prostate tell he's about to have a scrub telescopic. It's true. So many people wanted him to be crazy. It does mean soul many people you know what else beautiful. So then so obviously the holed Donald Trump you know surely people wonder and be crazy I mean they really did. Did you see that bitcoin now is below 101000 that's the other thing that some people are so happy about like well yeah. It was at 20000 coin I guess yesterday went down below 101000. And now and that's also that's kind of the weird thing where people either onboard or like pointing and laughing. You know. Yeah and mom yeah they're trying to hit into Orleans in the month I. Let's cut eroded away because it doesn't really affect me if you gain money or lose money it doesn't affect me at all but for some reason I'm rooting for eagle you wrapped up that it. It. Why why I like that. Adding it's like yeah let me ask a question about does doctor that examined presence here eat eat finds it does somewhat of an honor to do the one finger salute. Did put his finger in what the president yeah the president of the United States have this cabinet lotteries. Presidential prostate. You don't have to answer that that's a message to question that throughout her that's for the universe. Yeah all and they should all listen I don't know you'll have knowing that we didn't see him. I do not bent over like it bent over. As an error blob that count yeah. Oh Eric Burke go ahead blood huge do well to me as his face is all silent night our. It's the worst feeling in the world. And Lego in. Well did I don't know it's it's a very uncomfortable situation. I I just gave the dotted just feel the pain near me. But it is the way they did did you know. I handles the line. With the help doctors like OK I've seen make that turn toward the candidates grabbed the glove the that's what I though we're just seconds away. What's it all hunted committee goes well. Why don't we check. He did say what you just it's an understatement it to this at all yet smoking and it gets a drop of been there is the prostate. Yes we let's check it yet and looking into do you know other words is set in fact a lot of times we're still talking sports. It's like oh my god did you see that nuggets keep list that reporter who wrote the. Yet they won. They won. Good. It was a good game is wondered what it was like that they give her fifth angels and say I feel like I was there with the. I'm sure the president I'm sure he was talking immigration tax cuts what ever win when it happened. It could you weren't talking about what actually I don't win. Larry I'm not running gotten onto her I would think he would two deaths and honors the doctor. So. That's not the banks and. Again and yeah you don't yeah. He's a judge ash. Into the importance on Alex I.