BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 11/8

Wednesday, November 8th

Big CMA even Pink is going to sing – Nick Jonas reads Craigslist Miss Connections – Jamie has had a few of them in her life – Sean Combs changed his name but now says he was just kidding – Adam Levin on Ellen says he and wife having another girl and Ellen can name her -  Dr. Phil made 79b Million last year, Ellen is second and Ryan Seacrest is third -  Wendy William’s husband is still seeing his mistress and Daily-Mail has pictures from a bush -


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Vijay endgame and gruden kitchen that element. Hey you all right here we sell out. I'm excited about tonight CN it is country music awards are tonight 51 annual it's going to be huge show here's what it is up for grabs in. For entertainer of the year Garth Brooks Luke Bryan Eric church Chris stables in and key Durbin who's gonna. I. Here's the other exciting part about this huge showed tonight is that Justin Timberlake is gonna perform again with Chris pedals and all look out yet those. Those two songs they sing together come Tennessee whiskey you and I can't drink her way. Dyed jet pack. Ads are negative same songs platinum probably probably I would guess he would do need something new. Com and then keep Durbin is gonna perform Garth Brooks is gonna perform. I think cool and I don't know who she's performing with the nobody is saying about Alou she's connecting with what's gonna happen but is performing general confirmed. Yeah get a via. She's trying to cross over country music and I think she just likes to collaborate you are yet she didn't like the Guns 'N Roses. She doesn't stuff. Because she can always peninsula south sodas GT so. So you haven't got nixed that perk studying. And need Jonas I'm not sure where he did this bad I like Nick Jonas. He reads the miss connections from Craigslist. Parents. Each. Here if it means. It's not fired here he's here it's not a (%expletive) Jonas is not Byron. I was the blue eyed Burnett and black slaves who asks you a Trader Joe's was still selling Collins. He reported back to me the bad news while I decided it. And also that you arranged all the greens the tail the remains spinach micro greens in the most immaculate formation and are seen. It was artistry of the type I see in pines come. So when I finally decided on the kale I clumsily knocked another bag down that you picked it up their way just me. We regret. My mechanics task. And it's a little viral because it is that Kia how I ran an all dramatic as a dorm and they got I have Davidian. I went under I what do Craig's list several years ago and I tried this a little bit on the air. Where it was called miss connections and end with him genome is due to the end and I would read it. And didn't see if that person would called racist you dealt with the Niskanen right now I never got one result yeah I don't know if those ever really worked. I don't know either because I mean ice where you would think the power of the radio station that you would think watt. Just want but out of like fifty of religious stopped just like did this is not gonna go anywhere I just don't think all the guys IC know that we had to miss connection. I feel like they're a little ones I did it via one side is so that's what side you're not on Chrysler yeah lucky. Then there I read about you guys every day nobody ever contact me. This appeals lonely. I saw you jogging and I followed do. And then when you ran into that house. And I waited outside the bush but with her at a more range and hit for hours. And I missed you I was here so long the pineapple soured yes. I paid. A hundred. Fat let's see here. Have great news to this is kind of bugging me to be out. Because of the and that is that it. When you took off at turn nine a putt but did it. The technically about dry up uploaded that that was tentatively because now you're button is on the opposite side of wealth and give them an inevitable about it. One of those days. Anyway this makes an avid like I was saying is because I am. I was worried about dismember or the other day when Sean Diddy Combs said that death. He changed his name again so whomever he was signed Diddy Combs that it was just Diddy Denny's. Then he was. A lot Lindsay. He was all kinds of different things any really Mathis with the other day came running said he went to be loved her brother love. I was like I enough are ready yet big charity who may turn it. Anyway so he's come do you set the record straight here this. Was only joking. Okay in jail and hey. It's just part of what tomorrow holds me. Normalcy goes is. Oh but to set the record straight because. Have a lot of pressure due the next couple weeks YouTube address me by a model old remains in. If you still don't call me. I think he's looks at the idea. Yes feel like you might smoke the past. The sound that he's sitting in some bedroom somewhere by himself who welcome the pack with eight cameras set up on a tripod just looking into it and talking. And and beleaguered. He's a man that Sean Diddy love. Brother columns thing. Disease whatever. Adam Levine reveals he and his wife are expecting. Another girl and now obviously like you gonna be named with your like it or not you're going to be in the second altitude is you know that's a boy or girl it is a girl on another guy. Visit justice and in what your children is not a big story but to name both as a big story why not go over to the economy that's on. Let me straightaway we've Maroon 5 tickets coming up justice of 725. Way to being topical those those red out of Adam Levine you gonna do you weren't there. And and Dr. Phil McGraw tops forbes' list of world's. I is made CBOs. And take since 79. Million dollars. Crazy you know in new and I've talked about this before put. These people they do what I like him for example he does what an hour. Each day Monday through Friday the guy that's five hours on TV a week in leaks that kind of money. Bad race he's got a full hour with your commercials yeah it like 38 minute yeah at thirty something minutes. Thirty minutes five WH. Just sit there Jabber and really that he has eight million writers and producers. He walks in there and laid up what can I say the truth about tennis so I think I told I did a pilot right for Brad talk show. And it's amazing how it and I did dram tell pictures. Amazing I want to talk show bookings this whole thing is after all direct phone like this enough of this and you have to it in the installed wrong yeah. And twelve riders. And to producers began swearing even on the pilots I shot. I walked in and have a hair makeup and I did what they said I was a pop but pop up up up up and then I left. See I can see that being a problem four for a person like you at least so great that he put it he did a problem for us. Because if you and I went in there and people were shot in the stuff that are face but I don't like out I don't like it. Mark. You just blow all the writers and they can't loan let you do that now you know save them. Because the writers or even Nam unions say you have to read the words exactly. I think that would be a pain in the. Why do you block and makes it really does not gave. Me that that would. I don't get happy here yet and yet. And yet and. Yeah I guess is that's a bad breaks in Durham million dollars when you say yeah I guess so when Arnold. Even have a lady vols all these close teach you as well you stand right there it's rolls all the is closed T including. Shoes and earrings. She's is that there like a lookup and she's like a pill isn't today you know and that's. You put it not even your little hearings even your little Susan's. Everything you don't have to think you could walk him with like in your. And they just your legs to robot. And Iran cannot have addressed the queen think you know they just are there and all these people go to compete committed to. Then they walk away she's dressed and yeah looks beautiful. Then they load the audience and you well gimmick. In the UB 79 million all of the a pretty good do it I do know manic everything I said. So anyway he he got in net 79 million dollars I'm shocked a little bit that Ellen DeGeneres is in second place. If she's far more popular than him she only made 77 million. Home port thing but wait there's more or Ryan Seacrest came the record with fifty million phone. It's a shame his career didn't want awful you know and yeah. He's this close to make an attempt. This. Just didn't didn't work out form. Wendy Williams. Husband is still seeing that woman isn't so you won't actually daughters are so this rumor. That the that he still out there are doing this week but now that would ease beat the crap out of my multiple pictures the Daily Mail is in the bush is. Where they took pictures Wendy Williams has and is still seeing is younger mistress. He would be spotted because they were in the bushes with a massage therapist this closed through Monday today's Wednesday. If you're not to Billy the story what you Williams's husband Kevin creature but always been in the studio with us when she was your was before. And down they select a very loving couple that didn't work even a just few weeks ago couple months ago that he had a secret. Yes you are script or a secret easily not just a tick but a family. Yeah and she was wearing a bagel diamond ring and Livan in day at 800000 dollar home. And that they Wear a secret cleanly for ten years. So anyway am Monday that the paparazzi stood in the bushes for how how. Wendy Williams after that story was told a couple of days later came around so it's our sport our house 110%. This is false he does not have a secret camera I would know all about this if it is just that the tabloids although it never thought it would take it would file the lawsuit by now it's worked Peru but have not seen that either but she defended him and now. New pictures. Everybody on set says that Wendy Williams is not the same after the news broke about her husband's affair. They say nobody can understand why Wendy does a good it did occur or if she doesn't neither am here's what I'm gonna say this Imus say it's alimony. Because them guessing that in have a pre nup pensions they have buttons on the money and so she knows he'll take the money and then is say that it that he has naked pictures of. She could be the case yeah she would have to pay you. She makes all the money Greg Craig isn't he the manager love yeah he's her manager. Yeah this is weird this is weird that she's sticking by hermit and as you remember it was just last week it would do Williams collapsed. On stage when she was do or TV show and I said did she looked up and saw that other woman and the family could get the body it said. That's where she fell. I still believe. This is crazy. This is the secret them. And on who knew Rivera seems like a lot of work it's like I can't even have like you know when the dam open now. And how. Shaker it's. Who plays a long I don't know what person plays alarmed as being the center damaged and knows that as high profile as Kevin isn't windy then you know she knows what she's. Well I think that's led comes on their big you'll love finger is that they go diamond ring that 800000 dollar house ought to hush money. Hush money. Punch. Are in an hour I have other stuff but I'm at a time they go tabloid trash. Into the importance on now I.