BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd

BJ started a you tube page – Youtube Star under fire for his joking about Suicide – The Bachelor was last night and BJ is worried about the show due to the #Metoo – Carrie Underwood had an accident that will leave her looking different – people were slamming Jenny McCarthy for NYE look and Mariah Carey wanted hot tea – Travis dumped Kylee Jenner on Christmas day.


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PGA and yeah. Isn't so. Yeah everybody when he teenage here it is something and asked who. But the drop. I just I'm just trying to remember what Michael Bolton was born when it's all ABC. It's unsafe in my. AB CD ears hey. He'd be CDC owns in the open but. Still I know. Started have BJ Aristide to jail. I did yeah yeah so people can go to BJ heiress had not yet though not yet let me or guidance. I'm not exactly the best when it comes the end then you know. What comes to especially to technology that it takes. I start YouTube channel beyond and tell and not just on his face out there. I'm old enough now. Held its eleventh no. He's handled the ball well all well remember we care reform an indication remember we have that they kits like what 34 you're easily the there parents have made him a millionaire advocates like three or four years old if you don't know storage go to YouTube. There's this kid on there that the parents have him trial toys Spiegel by toys are toys are now don't you because so popular. And he eagle achieved by employing within you can see if it's worth it or not. And so it's reviews that you get from a three or four year old and in the kids making millions of dollars on YouTube and they don't have a problem with his mug. Announced. As we always say every time we're driving in the car racing incomes were so ridiculous yeah yeah I wish you to jail mom because you are not okay when you sing in the park. And I get really into I feel like entail let's hear it here do you go to the you do that I put the here's what I'll say oh yeah that the feeling that rate roughly would be hit. On YouTube I teach the kids got what it takes at Tiki skeptical he's very tech's Eddie. Yeah I can eat out yeah he he's he's got he's got two major things going point. He's tech savvy which which that I'm not okay so that's my big hold up right now. In the other thing you see Barry in her teeny he's a very irritating eleven Euro. And I'm not too and I know you're a there's still accept it let's got two strikes. I stick to what Florida about the so yeah there there. Taping you for your YouTube TO I'll take you year. And they're like well do little song and dance I started my first video already a warning that a gonna put on the channel and eventually a go to channel but as soon as open the microphone. 23 you were to do this report yes. It fell off the and it knocked us almost off the air. And and stop the the picture yeah back on again so we're not working out so far are able unless you give it all together in the not helping promote okay. That's what is that let's get it going down for you it's going to be can be he did die each shoot that guy got in trouble and that's why I'm bring Canada oh yeah that is exactly what I'm hugely Hispanic kids think I also while we were on her break out looked into doing YouTube TV. Getting rid of cable. Just watching YouTube videos. No they have a TV a service they do which they piped in ESPN and different but I have I have to go through and simple all the channels and I walked the only drawback his. They don't have the crime shelves colony of the the crime show that's a good I was thinking about get rid of my cable to going to slink. Yeah I get about it is they get a lot of people are still demanding and getting rid of cable you see today. They. Made it well and the bottom line is this if it's it's all about economics. When you can pay 25 dollars a month and have everything to do you wanna work instead of 200 I cable services are great don't get me wrong cop can't seek treatment they're all great. It's just too expensive. Into that DVR or her yeah yeah bush I think YouTube TV actually the. DVR or do. I think Jason yeah that's why I've run out the set list because there's this huge you do too dark and I know that my son watches them a lot of kids and adults watches. Logan tall he's huge. And down. I'm fortunate. They he really screwed up and I don't think that we're gonna ever you know there's another YouTube start to get my son watched you. And he just went to jail for trying to entice these little twelve year olds to send naked pictures. Yeah that's bad. That's you don't wanna start channel when you do kids think you don't know you don't start didn't know that's a badge and yeah. That is not detect these and all I'm computers but this story on computers this Paul lo and OK Woody Allen. What I've seen so far he was out in the woods into at a place called suicide grills or something like that right there. Like Forrest Forrest SuSE forced. Keep it dead but yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah I didn't know we laugh. Yes that's where it was Spitzer. And so there's this place which is so sad and and that's called suicide porous. And and so allegedly haven't seen this what I read about it is that he was laughing and running right and of the body. The scene for sure to simply thought that audio will I don't know. I mean we will listen to ourselves. Just the audio itself to just to see if we. If it in morning Sean if it goes over the line that is now. And we should you yeah you're under. Well it's not over there now and they're. And let me add my two dollars out here for diet cokes on where. Yes I. Thought. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It's almost. We've been looking for audio she do this morning and get did you have any audio forming. Yeah Marcum that is at seven now trying to win line. Disheveled it just wait till tomorrow at this point. Yet you keep this is it polo didn't eggs worth fifty seat because when I first saw the story I thought that he was out to a documentary aren't. He's out the woods is so set forth place and and and that aired. And I thought. Is it really that bad at it means there it's a YouTube channel solid broadcast television. It says he proceeded to see a young man who appeared to have hung himself from a tree lead then let closer to the body. And and they apologized to viewers for what was supposed to be a plan that block. He also said that the video is close to focus sons of supernatural aspects of suicide four's not the suicides. He ended the video by urging years to seek out well from what you say you know what I'm reading but then. Haven't seen it. So I've read some of the comments some comments like they want this guy done that he was planning laugh saying. In another girl posted no he wasn't laughing you need to watch the video he was in shock. And he didn't tell people not to do this I ate and not being fair winds and the clintons. Yeah so. I don't know the true story but if if he sought market laughed at whatever okay did what he'd do it here's a person that's. Paying themselves but if you look part of accidentally. And you get edited out you went in and aired it on YouTube is it really. That that. Evan is bad but is it that bad that it ruins everything that he's built it yeah. Sense and raise the video I apologize dumb last night he wrote this is a first for me I've never faced criticism like this before. Because I've never made a mistake like this before. I'm surrounded by good people believe I make good decisions but I am. And all you GM. OK well anyway he's a Paulette I am I am. It's huge it is I assume the you can see anything on YouTube still I human being. I can't be wrong. I didn't do it for views I get views I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the Internet. Not cause any monsoon and negativity. That's never the intention I intended to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention and while I thought if this video saves just one life. It would be worth it I was misguided by shock and all has to trade in the video and I stolen so. Well again it's it's it and I. I didn't see either because it was taken down from what I say he is the bachelor. Yeah. Last president. I might feel like something you said earlier this morning. Yeah I think this is atop addicted to at least throw out third tics data I agree agree with this or not because I I've watched about ten minutes of it at the Lou. Is little bit a Harvey Weinstein. He showed BJ's theory and thoughts and whatever and I I happen it I didn't think of it I wasn't comfortable watching the bachelor can let that happen. You girl told us that they. You're worth more in the S leg at a not so bad form they were all crying in the eight inning get it should or amber I wanna just hugged her she's a mere. And and I think she was more humiliated that she had to go home the first time. Her mom was here in Florida had everybody baggage Detmer jeered for it is like art and owner as a guy right. And I'm with BJ do you think in this day and age of the whole Harvey Weinstein being whenever that this is like fifteen. Volleys 25 women like I like you thank you like tissue like is it over. Cheers the way retirement kind of draw the analogy for you from Harvey Weinstein and what he's accused of the water all happen over the years compared to the bachelor. And I'm surprises things back on ABC I really am because you got one dude go through all these what are these women are looking for showbiz. Start a bright they wanna see on the show is long steak yet it helps them if they get kicked off its dramatic for the how you just get Michelle Wie you gotta suck up to this guy being literally suck up to this guy right. Are you got to compete with other women in you've got to get his affection. That's the key to the shell get his affection make you hope our New York. Amazing in the bedroom okay everything that is Harvey Weinstein. Bit the casting couch every. That scenario fits with the bachelor so how is ABC getting by with the hash technique did little. How are they getting by with Eric English. It does you wouldn't think the criticism and him telling you I've not heard this anywhere. I thought this watching ten minutes of last I'm like okay this seems out of bounds right now. I can't believe the election we'll show. You a man no. On the hash tag me too. Well you never gonna change that or you need to change dad that you're hash tag need to because now it's hash tag time's up. So that times and yet women in Hollywood have responded to the sexual harassment allegations that rough the industry into play seventeen. By announcing a new project. It's come the time campaign and that that the kids and running abuses of our work and promoting equality in the work place. Term Reese Witherspoon England Gloria Chanda rhymes Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman are among the hundreds. So am I guess it's now. Taylor Swift gave a 100000 dollars to it against them. Justin Timberlake. Is is an on and Susan Rice I'm Suzanne. Membership is NASA national security advisor and all these people. Have a look at yourself. Because I didn't read the whole report are on this hash Chad what is it first cut and Asher and none from time's up time's up until I know I'm sorry but again you should there. I hope. I hash tag at times up are they using the money for the defense fund for the east for lawyers for people who have already come out. Or are they using the money to pay people come forward because it is the second thing people come forward you're doing a lot of fake allegations. It says it's the times a legal defense fund group. To help those facing sexual harassment in the work place. So after it aptly. But EEC from saying I mean you guys have lawyers at record jumping up and out of this. Who's in the world's gonna get the money for it but you got that legal incidence of. Stubble at sorting this all these people learn. And I'm. They show I don't think about the bachelor again can you be the audio of next time on the bachelor. Vijay is so sad really it the whole clip of next week on the bachelor is like thirty seconds of women just cry and really it's. I'm saying this passionately to movement that's out there and in this movement SJ and hash tag but first timer. Why and how does not take you to rent hash tag time's up. Those out there how is this on any piece. Don't get it. Anti delicate heat I think eventually. Especially if you listen to our show. Initially the movement let's hash tag nowhere bachelor. It is up let's work to be heard the votes were gotten in a good idea there. Has snagged the bachelor's seems like it's run because of bad sectors that actually yeah senses the. Yo you and to some little you know in some small I'll definitely a sense of national. Couple words knocks it out you know what I do sometimes to make people except. So lobbed at like. Snag amber Denver which I did after the actually yes I felt really bad first packet of the island but it up staying. Amber amber are we love you why you still reading list hash tag it's way too long. Really it's a bit. Yes yes that's a lot but his gives you try to figure out what all the letters are gotcha yeah our guys. In. I heard a story on the way in this morning which of and you will investigate this may be give that to a storybook Carrie Underwood. Hold on. Remember before we went on vacation remember she had that ball she filled out of limbo and remember she broke her wrist yes or something like that yeah. If you see the report did cheat sheet put on Twitter over the weekend that she is so disfigured. Right now that her face that when you see her again you'll be shocked. When she fell and broke arrests yet. Fifty stitches in her face. Oh no that's what they're saying she is the one report that we can on Twitter green fifty stitches in her. When you get 45 stitches across cheek or four hit it leaves a scar can you imagine if she says that it is so noticeable that everybody will realize what happ up saying is that terrible it is on call woman's. You know what people were really be mean about over the weekend is a Jenny McCarthy's face. I don't CN she'll grab did you I don't see it beautiful woman. I think she has to be there and I guess what crazy and Twitter about her plastic surgery. Did you see I ditto watch the New Year's count to get something else to do yeah. I'm sitting there IC. Kickback recliner or in my life. Not a got Ryan Seacrest in the whole lot you know load New Year's Eve thing on I will say this. Day I don't know it to qualified to be on stage performance to New Year's Eve countdown yourself on any song you performed. Had to include the word bitch. Oh did they do last song to get women are unbelievable. Britney Spears did this on. That. It was her biggest performance against. Jamie the whole thing is eight he got to build it that I know I know that song yeah yeah I mean you got a work bench. Yeah yeah and then after that the next to solve same day. That that song is but I don't you got to work as I noticed it but like reach some general all had the same word and yeah repeatedly and and Adam it. That's how you qualified this year the dinner you guys have a very popular song with Pittsburgh again yes I. Did what submit to Jenny McCarthy think. I didn't I didn't see where her face was being criticized how passionate he. My guess on Twitter at went crazy about plastics or I didn't see it was three degrees. And that's I think eventually. I've grown again and then we have the audio love Mariah Carey. Yes it's and then again it is yeah. Some are right caring whom she tried to redeem herself right by singing because remember last year she had. All of those technical problems it was a horrible thing. Would think she might you not eat. Okay well we'll just have to rub down let me just like anybody else would know hot team. He speed and her that she would be vigilant eight. Somebody should take into Google couple hi team just. Splash and our boobs. I'm just saying that if he lowered and that I you know. Make amends for them hold the buckle that happened last year should really give up there and just bitch back ET listen again it's a lot of did you ninety. And that only day here's the way I saw it because I did see this you are in three degree weather. You're complaining about hot because your free easy but yet you where and what's equivalent to a bikini. I see a reason why your phrasing it. But it was cut way down to her new cable her boobs hanging out. Hot day. Here you get black sure when this kind of ridiculous it was crazy enabling it again. On behalf of prop. Okay well we'll just have to rub down I mean just like everybody else and no hot. Clean it. You imagine what it would be like to spend point 40 boo her would you wanna just killer too. I do feel like she's not find what woody it is what it is here with your plastic bat for the late. Eric is not for an at a cult like all right after being hit everybody around her has to be. Miserable. I'm sure all his gun conveniently. Hey you know she's goes off final. Thank you she's got her bouquet of flowers they're right which she sipping wine it what cattle fell off of a rose somebody would be too polite yeah she'd say tightly Peta likes eyewitness would be. The living hell she. T and then finally last story cart action than those that you guys Travis Scott and dumped Kylie Jenner I'd win today. Yeah Brad and. That your. Well literature you leave a pretty big girl like grizzly de Lima pregnant woman Christmas did you see what's given a but everybody's given her grief work Kylie Jenner what. So she's taken this LC about her new lipstick color right and she's like a guy. Near lipstick kind of scam how. And it's fantastic where in the background. Unlike CNN a woman is lying about losing her house to the wildfires. And she is she's oblivious it's a lipstick it's promoting your lips. She's promoting their lives and on that TV right right but the women just like has lost everything. That's my twenty team English institute Kardashian go away like back. In the importance. Alex I.