BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 630. 2/22

Thursday, February 22nd

Ellen had Bill Gates on and he has no clue what things cost – Wendy Williams has graves’ Disease that is why she is so strange. -  Billy Graham died at home with his family.   Jamie says he has prayed with every US president.. but he did not he was only 99!     


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Vijay and seeming. I am really troubled things. Gates is very odd to be history is very odd he was I'm alum Allan. And I what's on the computer. I didn't hit real time but he is very awkward I think as the rightward and Philippines can't really. And I used to work eccentric. The idea yeah he's out there a bit but. Yeah. Sounds like a beloved clips he failed at the grocery store price challenge how much do you think. Rice ceremony would be within a dollar. Five dollars. Look what a bargain. Oh OK I because you've been hearing a lot of no's lately let's go 1019. Now. To Tina's pizza rolls one bedroom. Home Tina pizza rolls. Bill would when he threw. Now 58 campaign. And this. While. Completely out of touch. A eight. It completely out of I think until it that we did this to you lad George loosely played on the millionaire the F and that we asked about a two liter bottle plastic box. Yeah. Andy said ten dollars it's yeah. They're not including the his people shop floor the latest green they had no idea. New idea it's crazy though that he would dig a two liter bottle can't you just can't even in this on this plane but at the gym. We were ten dollars a day. He still talks becoming the youngest billionaire you'll like the youngest person to become a billionaire guy in terms of my own earning it on my own right okay so what is the most important thing yeah. So did do you when you weren't kidding you care about money or you just care about technology and that's it just happened. I'm also I'd love software. And I was stunned when it ended up being so valuable. Really. Yup because I always had to be careful that we would hired too many people I was always worried because herbs are so what do we don't get plead I was always very conservative about the finances. Yeah I shot flair that as I said when I was. Eight years old. A heat does not yet but this is like one of the first times have really heard the guy he was not party and he sounds just bizarre. He doesn't sound like shark. And what it was weird what I watch the computer is that and she would just be talking and he wouldn't even say anything she would literally like most feeble and have a normal conversation. But she would then have to look at him and ask him a clash donned the. But think about it Bill Gates and if you really go back and look at the evolution of where we are with computers Bill Gates was the beginning. This guy this guy changed the entire world in the way we live. Eddie he did what his team of course it Microsoft. But Microsoft windows changed everything did invent in the computer but boy it made it applicable for all of us. It's she loves what he was agent for these cells like and he sounds like a twelve year old he he acted like lead to me he's a kid was really. I don't know he's fidgety kind of Betty. He just get your battery in I felt bad for Allan because she's funny and seven. He couldn't go what did the jokes are you knew it was weird but up close to the ROU but. Then he did today ask them that he got a Porsche. So he did when he when he finally made money and they went public he bought a Porsche Annie but any appetite. To. Korea yeah but the elder OK if those were his big you know footage yet. And a portion. Dish and she said yet anything weird like. You know shark aquarium at your house or something weird that like nobody else would have adding said that they have a trampoline room. Our room yet a room and took the floor is the institute couple dollars or visit trampoline and that's cool that is critical yeah. So they have indoor trampoline. And that was his big like this is weird that nobody else. He'd get out of the shower you go to the trampoline room let's say he put it at a Dresser and it was her underwear and we just. Jump over bigger underwear drawer put on your underwear she joke and then jump back out of the room and get the door. That would be so cool why are you jumping naked in the story then have to say it. You're making your underwear room immediately shower jump I'll be dry well still held up my. Yeah budget little kids with they're like Jim resign jumping. On me in naked. Bill Gates uses it as a grown man naked is okay. And yet the diaries and she loved it when she was little yeah. Heard his daughter that I think is like 21. Announces underwear room she is there she looks I said that it zoom in nervous looks pretty. Yeah yes she was in the audience and and anyway I thought that was Rick is I've never seen the daughter. It's cool little trampoline and then next he'd get that out of my head where every idea that he is an idea and they set. Because you know we delta with really high ceilings and Allen goes. I ceilings that's a good move but. Because he had the dollar was acts and I think we assume that yes they. Right they argued that new low ceilings yeah trampoline room he actually has three kids he got two daughters and a son in Italy brought in daughter. Who has their odor are your favorite yet they are they RO yeah I'm Wendy Williams is taking a break from a TV show I guess has graves' disease was list. What the hell is going on with Wendy. Okay. You know I have thyroid disease my thyroid might hide her thyroid is attached also to graves' disease. Graves' disease. Squeezes the muscles behind the Bible as I feel like they're birds swimming around my head. You know like a cartoon. Constantly hi. My doctor has prescribed for you ready as of today. Three weeks of vacation. You know I'm glad she said something. Because the last Friday. When I was packing up Clinton giving glad to have I had her on you know and dude. Her idols were this big and she was kind of going through the monologue like this yeah. Some things got help her she's on drug I didn't notion graves' disease. The ad that might not at the moment is somebody needs to pull her off the show she is addicted to something I didn't I didn't know our eyeballs are being pushed out. But I really not that I meant to tell you might end. She's had a couple of a different instances that she's had on the show where she's like the fallen right yes you pass the Gloucester balance on a couple of occasions. And now we find out it's great to. I'm glad she's not a drug addict can that really got that on Friday you know I mean I'm sad for that she's sick yeah. I thought I was seeking to lose the pressure of her cheating husband. Well so is causing part of the problem because people thought that Tim yeah but it turns out it's doing it could be part of it but it's not. Just the main thing. Rather that's pretty seriousness crazy three weeks all three weeks out. So we'll see aberrant. And then finally I told yesterday but still sad Billy Graham is dead. Maybe you are really sad about that yesterday they're really really dad Billy Graham isn't passed away at 99. And I guess next week yeah what did you say he's only one to pray with every single President Obama. No he is he would trade with the eleven different presidency could do every single one he read the pre George Washington let's look. At it. I'm sorry and I hope perhaps except that every single thing every day today we that would make it like if you ordered that it hit it sixty years old is several. Don't go to Abbott which. And as a guy who. Billy Graham here let's go to Quebec Billy Graham. Has prayed with every single president of the billions misheard yeah I was telling you our hair that he played eleven presidents in a row that's pretty amazed god and. Lot of not all of them now now now now no Abe Lincoln. And I didn't know that. I created a note let's say you're at a lot of him behind it and he had great. He get the ground and yeah. Yeah this. Way. There are good yeah got a bit that really goofy. It was just dumb and who could lowered I beg a Della dash I hate each inch we see more on Alex. I.