BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 630. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

Space X – Kylie’s baby name is not Turnip.. – Steve Wynn has stepped down due to sex scandals – Katy Perry says she should re-write I Kissed a Girl – Lana Del Ray has a break down on stage because her stalker was caught out front of her concert – Wrong Tsunami warning in New York was better than a Nuclear Attack – John Cena is a monster star he is not only doing movies now he has a kids book series.


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Vijay and Jamie. Out and you want to be Turkey. And then a Brent and beat her I saw what the weather sorry the winner now the that's that is a good story but it's expensive. I got some beef jerky here did you bite out of that they end up in nab Al Estes Park it was you all and don't close it was home late by god and Dave. You know can I take stay thank you both labor and. It's spicy slash spotlight. That was exactly what kind of meat it is it could be elk could be anything. We are in today. School about beef jerky digit there's your little herb girl and him I sent it gotten. Some bad slim Jim's a beef jerky whenever and CF bank. I want your son thinks. So but. A school he jewel in the sausage so she lives in Jersey me Jews to chiseled they'll work. My son is so funny B kids. In the Goldberg's. Know a mechanized so funny so I'm a mom in the Goldberg my son is commenced that they wrote the whole script based on me as the moment the Berg's. So it's like. I'm you Dublin but before you go Bergen but that's all you guys cop and I like what happened because this Carol is so weird. I was eight I beef jerky and tonight. I night hostage at the like who well is bathed and she said at the way you're saying yeah and it he yells well this beef jerky. It seems she's ruining Maggie I can no one there's something else and I said what did you tell the teacher Eddie goes I don't want to be the kid mom that tells the teacher. Natural once my sausage a bit. Did you much to say that again like I finished Libby yes what she's the daughter DF the beach but more than that the that's a kid and she could actually get that third kid that's when the dogs yeah that's that's the talking brighten the. And then I guess that's it had to go with the creepy girl and he goes oh my god she didn't again. She walked up to PNC go. It's. Easy to read your sausage. Fortified you and I just noted the still war and gets in my dignity and set them up at that time she asked just. Flag. It is then hit a go at that but. I think it's funny he can't go to is TJ yeah ski saints were three songs that speaks. And I can understand brand but if the IV income yuk it up yet. If I'm the teacher. Well I don't know how to react if I don't think she's RD the teachers radar and the other guy. I don't know I was cracking up and they're not right and things are all we robbed we been wrong it was not turn. All that baby's name was not heard you know once they did reveal the name yesterday I wrote back to them by a tweet back to the Kardashian isn't in it if they have an account called Kardashian training and they've got so I broke back to all the Kardashian I'm very disappointed he knew stern turned that was a great day my game will go to name. So yesterday and we thought it was going to be butterfly the baby Kylie Jenner Bradley is the return. I can't Jenner had a baby girl. And we thought it was gonna be butterfly but it was a butterfly and beach today named it turn and if we all loved it. And it is a story yesterday after do an early did not and I'm looking for Kylie stories but I saw a story when it seemed like a bar soup or something. Soupy. Stuff like that that that it is so good to deal with it. Butterfly in a different language. And it turned out we stormed remained after stormy Daniels is stormy Daniels gave portals are important name Matt's door. Story that builds in aimed at stormy day could. Steve has officially stepped down from the wind groups for Goldstein. Wind the wind. Says Las Vegas business mogul. And Wynn Resorts founder CEO Steve when he resigned from his position yesterday. It's as the decision comes as several. Accusations of sexual misconduct travelers leveled against him remember he said I've reflected on the environment that this is created. I guess he feels like it's all mess and so we had the best thing for him do justly. I agree. Because on the stock are slowly came out just a few days ago that he'd already lost five milliliters so yeah. It in the being the CEO's and yep that is done to step out. Steve and I. It stated that when. A bomb yes we deals. Oh that's right well not with me when you rooms and floors in the thing is to influence you issue an athlete at connecting rooms that you're at all Mona. It's heavier lacks that video of him as talking about when you look at the wind resorts. It was on the TV and just play all over and yes but I remember it gas there. Everything about his place he thinks one of the kind yes most of the things that is Gaidar and probably the most expensive suit the world per share in this video. His hair is jet black everybody knows should be grainy. Stupid idiots get this is so tight it is all so tight eat you don't even get the message he's talking about the Dodgers staring at him up and it's like the Mike but god what did he do to himself. If it takes away from it doesn't. The ad agencies over the top the guys didn't so much on plastic surgery are. And it didn't jacked up in his nose and guys when guys get to be 6065. Years old. Don't go jet black and looks down it's the dumbest look on the planet everybody knows what you do OK. We. It Whitman pull it off Whitman can pull yeah I really kit that. Not meant it it. It's repulsive. Hey Carrey well why I've Katy Perry audio I. Remember I don't forget to listen. Katy Perry said she would rewrite I kissed a girl if she is is fantastic the 2008. When it came out and we really changed congress usually in the past ten years we've come along way. I actuality wasn't app talked about Pacman or any type of fluidity if I had threat solid and I probably would make an edit on that. Lyrically it you know hop a couple of like Gary types and it. I don't know why lately I. I don't like her. Yes I don't know like that was a big fan this year and I think I kissed a girl with. The sudden roar may be the biggest so you were head of the agree write anything. Yeah like that out a flying new Japan hasn't ended its continent that plan won't completely disarm. You have it I don't get ready sticker was number one right the only big baby is I kissed a girl was probably the bit might or might have been bigger. Yeah. I really did change something somebody told me. Remember when she started crying about her hair. Yes and she's like I'm coming. There red light and I understand. Public criticism we if we get it every day add text and it does it now. Then you just know who cares whenever people have their opinions about my hair that await what you don't care anymore. But she is crying about people in gutsy yes changed her hair and she didn't really know that you had to be Katy Perry anymore remember that'll give us. She in Nashua became somebody said the reason why is that she had a color hair office 'cause she is. Caller that so many times in process that so many times that was hauling out just yet sterile over. She birthed yeah the crowd ever ahead. While. Membership that woman to break can you imagine. Well let me put it this way I can't even imagine for me OK I can't imagine what my life would be that be like here in the studio. If Jamie white cried every bit I. Every time news disparaging comment on NATO. You even imagine how I I couldn't work here. I'd have to rule book and I'd got to go on and she decried in every minute of the shell. So to Katy Perry I don't steal your. You paratrooper you don't actually I was that's a compliment to a bit but you handle that I would like Katie it. When data is at and am I bar I know that talking I was at a I was at a restaurant a five needing establishment. Was at my girlfriend and I just posted something silly I know it was something show an arrogant. And I shortage of my friends and I showed all of the comments below it. Dealer does. Me out at their height and length of like how do you not just who. And we're immune. You have to be yeah. The immune to it you know what I can understand your girlfriends not being able to see it that way yes because it took awhile you get condition that it does. But do you think somebody like Katy Perry Lily here on the right about this I don't care about your haired people making comments about your head. Yeah you could there and those speed ball yeah. It's that the anywhere thousand there but the on a day that it. But it goes away and against so quick zap is just. In the money. You content. Now and I don't but at the medical. Noon and well. Not happier note this is happy at all and tackle on the Delray I really like her music I like her Adam. She has that creepy dude thing happened I said oh my god there is this guy right an east kind of didn't. Am posting weird things about how Lana Del Rey and and him are supposed to be together. He was writing all the stuff on FaceBook in anything I've given up everything he quit his job he quit everything and he's like I'm going to be with you. So finally somebody said. Does like one of his FaceBook friends the way be alert and listen mr. Dryden crazy things about them and the so luckily somebody contact the police and they said listen I'm worried about my little buddy. He's right he's really. Savage crazy things about Lana del ray he says he's gonna go and finder and they're gonna be together forever so the police. Started trying to find this guy you can find him well on her last concert he was a block away he had and not eighth he had all the stuff. And like a letter to her and he was gonna kidnapper. Yeah it's he who's been kidnapped earth and they wouldn't know all this they know Nancy arrested. The and a yeah for sure. Yes a block away from our venue and he was planning on kidnapping. I guess he's a nut job to get this out. And so anyway she outlets on stage. And she fell apart here. And it's. Let's hear it better and actually. A little bit nervous. The public a little bit country. Guys. The report says he has 61 felony convictions. Well it's just different different crimes chartered in judging novel but that seemed like. It was a joke about that was a one liner joke. Are you just read that quote any city anywhere. I obliged concert was on the sixteenth and July realized she was coming into town. I asked the universe to move her now she's coming on the second. Yes this is our queen forever liner down ran. In both worlds I love you so much longer I can't wait to be back in your arms but. Never matter. He's mentally ill gather I mean there's evidence about a talented guy he's delusional this isn't somebody that she's being. And am yeah yeah it's not like she's intentionally Worcester to kill or anything of that nature. The guy wants to be would there in his head he's arranged yet the issues and on there each year for you put him away and not necessarily in jail put him in hospital. And and Amylin. Institution. But that's that's the east Austin that that's the mental health as she comes and I mean obviously. And we we can get into this that he needs help instead of instead to she does but I see that completely with you can just see it from statements of everything he's done. And yesterday I forgot to mention that yesterday it was happening while we're on the air too I think and the tsunami warnings. Yeah. It's the a long he's closer all is she not me warnings and nobody knows where they came from or how they came about but they went Albert what television text all the stuff. Yeah it was set up by the weather service wasn't I don't know this but I accidentally did it look at. It was an it was Texas. Brighten up you know Prince Philip. There is a dumb to know in warnings on the East Coast and the mayor talked about this. Warning of a nuclear attack. Thank you AccuWeather for not going that far. I play. And even. So he's joking about it yeah better than nuclear. It's not funny it's tough to bestow upon 08 the but better than it has looked forward go to your head from space it. By the way the guy do that and then finally made and no Evers sobbed Essex that's a giant CNN gunman who. Out here doesn't seem to have been the WW he's married to one bella twins. And then he Auld a Sydney was on like Good Morning America as a regular host now he has a movie out where he voices down a movie character. This guy is half that charge went with it the host asked the awards and all this stuff and now he has a series of children's books out and. It's going to be huge I snuck that in to your piled. Because I know that you when your son big John scene of fans. Well he never let you know my kids never let that hey you never played with that run though he was. And. How did you look at them and because I actually bella twins well here in you chest admitted that it right here at. How do you feel to me how you feel about yourself. As that kid that with a fake I don't or haven't back. That little my bad my bad I I thought it was yourself up mirror seeing what is your son like Joseph the like John seeded doing it on the front I mean a whole OK okay art mud that's. This children's book focuses can take off. Few shots and it's been you know what can spinoff it's got a cool fuel Khartoum caller on it. It's going to be a muscle a.s this if kids are gonna love it and it's gonna go to movies yes it is that's what I can see yet. He's got a new line of children's books being published by random house and the book will center around a failing a monster tracks tracks named elbow grease. All flash crash and change. Canada who's doing this buy stocks now Smart. Find out the company by stock because this thing is contain costs via. By the way it's about a monster truck was smaller than his four Brothers. Own. I love this story. The. He kids anything is big monster drug Brothers can do. It's brilliant. Putting John seen his name on it and it's not only is this is a home run he had no hitting it well. We haven't shut down the park. Quick India I would go with that it's making me crazy I very young tablet tracks. In the importance on Alex I.