BJ &Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 3/13

Tuesday, March 13th

Jamie went to King Soopers yesterday and she may try the order online thing – Jamie got a new Echo for the house and the two were talking to each other, Jamie is not really worried about people listening in so what – Report is that Justin and Selena did not break-up because of her mom they just break-up – Arnold  is going to sue the Big Oil company’s because they kill people – Tom Brady talks retirement on Good Morning America – Broncos have a new Quarter Back.


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Yeah. Yeah yeah. And I you know it's funny out of the last not this but yesterday I was over on the kings super which we love yet. We all love kings super here in radio ranked. And they had a swing out front and that's not. How many people go to king's humored by the porch swing. Whom. The kids rosling and I am right. And one of the hot I doubted me I think men look forward to it back up what part to put guard. You know when you tooling around of the sword back. I don't I've never seen actually I won't tell you one thing I have noticed two super it's getting used a lot. And that's the people to do their pickup they've pre ordered yes see I see that a lot yeah really get it you're already at the store. Because chilcott ads. Car but you are you enjoy shopping Z I do I do but here's what I saw OK let me tell you what are witnessing you tell me. I end and I analyzed soon I don't know a lot of people go to the grocery store and analyze people but I did okay. Some in the parking lot this lady vols up she's got an SUV she opens up the big catch. I'm telling you right it had to be 400 dollars in groceries. Ball you have to sit there with a person that brings it out in like two or three different downloads. If you've got to go through item. Item after item after item on the checklist you do it just sort and there are no they take it out of the bag show it to you. Who need it seems like I. Sure I lice. I believe you but my storage sobs Stillman I watch the lady go through you know you might have been the customer making sure she got everything was in it may not be the store's policy I don't know but I don't think in the myself go through all of that rentable Rourke pull for you know your groceries. Which is going to give yourself. Well I explain to you why because yesterday making super. I saw a woman with a big Ol little baby car seat saying inside the middle of her cart bright. And she -- groceries all the wrath of the day because that's all you could do OK I get it yeah and then she added two year old what arrived the day am Tony. Yeah I get that okay I guess that I get if you're handicap. And you you know you have problems walking. I'll I get all that aren't talking about just people like you and I the. Yeah but I loved. Luna are handle Larry. Here Larry. Buy you something nice. You know I got yesterday what I got a new Acco. He did he ask you another win again another and yet but I think it no you gave me the election I get echo it's a circle one. They can talk to each other. Weekend yeah they can send each other messages flag to make a note in that I had really Sunday. It's like to make a note and then the other Alexa be like I haven't no imminent I don't know he did some than than they were to meet them. What if you walk in on them one day they're talking about you with the it what what is the X was saying to elect so like are you seeing what she's wearing today again but you can hot cold what is needed to hockey and a path to look at displaced man it's not seen it. Hitting it forever. What you're walking down that conversation one day again happened. There. It happened. And you know it's funny because it's so many people are paranoid about the election that an echo and all that. About how and they're listening of people are listening to you. Because it was weird that it record whatever your last words were move my son plays with a lot easily. Alexa made it make you know and then she accidentally recorded our entire conversation. That my son I had you know that was exposed deeper than note. After the note was done so that was a little weird but I've talent I. I don't have a problem with people listening in. On those devices if they are the government that big conspiracy stuff because really all you're gonna hear is. Them. To. Order dinner. At. That yes we. Hear a lot of propagated. I am of terroristic stuff in my IBM I mean so I don't care if they listen and I prefer they do because. They can listen into the bad guys as much else they have like that. But yet they've given up the whistle blower you yeah and they moved on yeah. So I I don't I don't know why event like my girlfriend she refuses to get went really well my god what because she's so pear note over yeah you. Well I think a lot of people like that though I think there are a lot of people that don't want devices like hit our house because you know they are like you know everybody's listening and how. I want my privacy. But didn't like back in the day I feel like my dad and I remember my dad's in the listen in on Valencia. Will in time ago yeah government it could be in a I. It's time. Well I think we should have some privacy blood. But I don't think it matters anymore I just don't think big EPA in the stop it now it's too far out of control yeah that's true. But he's crazy. You forget me. I spun his best gift ever yeah a lot I knew he would a new round we love you doesn't it knows how to make that time it was weird. It the terminator star accused big oil companies of first degree murder. At the SX SW. Convention thing that SX SW thing. It's in San Antonio right notes in Austin Austin sorry run Texas. And it's when it's like interactive menus they get a list of what it would Al it. Minutes basically a concert is and I don't know why he's speaking at. Well they they may have black on it's it's almost like a progressive. Our convention. With a lot of concerts. Yeah. Because of seeing those bombs at those people's houses were part of example getting to that and feel that's true that's kind of scary man yeah is especially in this package era that we live in with Amazon. I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger says that listen it happened list them cigarette companies. A cigarette companies knew. That they were killing people he said oil companies know they're killing people of the world what a waste of money what a waste of money Arnold Schwarzenegger paying lawyers to sue the big oil companies you think's gonna win that. I'm so in the name of a waste of money. Am he's not gonna win that he's not gonna. Does he is mobile these are gonna defeat Texaco well I hope legally Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't I am against fracking and so you go Arnold well. It's a waste of money not allowed him against fracking but I am. Which I say crack crack crack it it. It hit hit hit hit it it I have a track record contract bumper sticker that. That literally tell me honestly it is deja on I'll president elect racking it I'd shut my mouth down my customized license plate says practice practice practice. I know that's a lot of letters a the big play in the very big pig played I have the. Two documentaries. Each got a problem in it. Selena Gomez are saying that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez did not break up because that bombed. They're saying this is just what they did it early enough in early in Afghan (%expletive) up. It's just their pattern there really horrible pattern. They've always been on an op and that's what I don't. Some other break I agree it's still there yeah I don't think you'd like mall. Announcement it is a bad pattern. That you think. While he seemed like the battered well that caught in it yeah they love of the roar and they're the ones to blame. Com Tom Brady talked about I hit them possibly retire. And you heard this here this. Why not great that's not retiring Detmer figured if there. Possible oh hope all I've city over that he hit it I was still thinking about that fracking they. But I'm like I should get a smaller plates at my car at the data that is a big play I don't. It is very you know aspires to be a lot of things and she travels a lot you know three kids in the and you're you're just always trying to juggle you wanna be there for them and you wanna be there for the hockey games in the soccer game San. You know which also realize the level of commitment it takes to give as much you can't to the team that needs you so sometimes he gets out of balance and you got to figure out how to. He'll bring it back to a point where it feels great for you know for everybody involved. A chilly he's gonna retire I feel like he has blown here. About what. About just laying the word out there for people to go margolick Tom Brady could be it eased out retiring. I think he said well you may be should but yeah I think he's on top of his game is any. Super Bowl oh here's what they tell us about the younger quarterbacks. It's been such he had great love for me I love the sport I love the competition. I love my teammates I love working with people that love to work with the end. So that part really hard to give up this issue and I feel like I could do it now look around the league and as these other quarterbacks and a big man I could do it they do in. I'm wanna continue to do it as best I can because it's really brings a lot of joy in my life. Boom he's playing. When you look around or Lee he's right there's no one better than he has. So what let me keep going keep getting a paycheck. Of forty yeah how he's making what thirty million a year. Don't give that up those concussion. He has reached. This. Now the thing about those kids trust fund the Norman man and sweetly and loading with sucker right now dead period and enjoy that one day and. And it finally he talks that is Super Bowl losses. Great to be in that game but to win that game is very tough and had a couple close losses to the giants unfortunately and then. Another one against the Eagles so I think you realize the sun comes up the next morning in your life goes on but. You know those games live with you for the rest your life. New thanks Tom thanks. Big deal we haven't. His name is Kenny Sutton case keep them you actually see them genome. Doesn't he will be here it will only be announced tomorrow according to all reports this morning against the free agency is tomorrow. Of the T illegal talks have already happened and they the great that he's gonna can be a bronco I've never heard of them. Oh no this is the perfect fit but. It's that quarterback position still hard to fill you just don't know what you gotta get. So why haven't the guy's career the long term. You're sweating. Might be out of a job roof. Hope that it buys a big house or Brock but mostly they just rented. Or saline. They gave us and I think it's Trevor. By a night to grammar I hate to see Trevor lose you joked. That he would dislike dealing Trevor I know it is that might do well I'd given cordoning Trevor. I I think all out. And yeah I am very good tablet trash into eat meat anymore on Alex I.