BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 3/5

Monday, March 5th

The 90th Oscars last night and nothing too amazing from the show but there was some strange speeches. Koby Bryant wins an Oscar for a short film  - Ryan Was on Red Carpet and he was shunned not but a couple stars talked to him – Reports are that Trump has locked himself away and is only watching the news – Original cast for the revamp of Roseanne has returned.         

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Vijay and Jamie. Didn't. It is march friends since March 5 not ready it's the large all right so let's say when the Oscars. I am I grabbed her short time sighed as a whole lot but to add this fine new residence. Didn't move me edit the pre Oscar party in Indian thing again I literally saw like the last four awards that was it. But here's what I do know that they are doing is ongoing jet ski joked. An if you just too didn't you didn't know what they're talking about so I never understood but the jet ski jump was here that they kept preference and I didn't understand it. I guess the beginning of the monologue. And Jimmy Kimmel said whoever gives the shortest speech argument jet skis yeah so that I it. It keep it short. Our shortest win if we don't know that and you get into passive way your leg whip where we're Hollywood that is assuming everybody who watched the very energetic you know if at. It because you're so important yes. Everybody's going to be watching right leg after weeks of writing things that that everybody knows what jet ski has limited through a trip toll campuses and only did you know the always been paid at day's end. Not ICG jet ski and yeah that can lead just cut the jet ski jets went and got I want it. You didn't learn. He was costume designers things mark bridges. He won the jet ski and it's very any team back out on the T I shot and I didn't know that was mark but I saw a guy and a girl come out on the jet ski added noting that where. A wetter than it really explain. It. Sorry I know it's early there Miller Lite but the idea. Have to drink the Miller now because with the add taxes. As aluminum is gonna cost a lot welcome to the way pneumonia when your Beers going to be fifty dollars a beer I know and we went yeah I eap sought from the very beginning in the wanted to know leak have who's who's taking you knew what was going on the erected in explaining the nothing. Area. I will tell you this. I didn't even know about the shape of water in an Irish show in the clips of the ship the water. It is about a woman who loves a big like me and keeping you could be the big. C thank usually finish in a bathtub he loves her face smooth. I didn't know of anything about that movie and it won't as the best as best. A woman in love of the patient. Wins was our best picture. A scary crazy to me just because I hadn't. Seen or heard anything about her best picture shape of water hey you can't see it do you. No I mean there's nothing I saw last night and we can sit while I love to see that show. That's a good movie Albert. I after you know the ending she loves her fashion. Boutique to finish. That could be the next day you know yeah. He got married very awkward at the end when I watch it and it's because. Best picture of the shade and water that go way he gave a speech and then after the speech was over another guy from the you know the bring up the entire cast and producers directors actors actresses. To the holes stage useful and another person tried to go up to talk and it had a problem. And that. Missing Oregon. Why do weird too because he started breaking news from a lot of but at the very beginning of the show Jimmy Kimmel should take this long you want. Church what did you wanna say I'll tell them I wanted to say that the this Guillermo it's a historic and it's everything thanked him for weddings not try Guillermo del Toro everybody is you're. I've. Very awkward and has just been very awkward NDL lay. Went so well and analysis. Of weird. Comic strip is McDormand. Now this is a movie I do and is seen. It's three billboards outside adding Missouri looks like fantastic film. And dab trips is mid dormant she is an amazing actress but she gave away your speech you. I may be so honored. To have all the female nominees never categories stand with me in this room tonight they actor. Did up when this woman was saying please see enough because marriage is lost. Yeah. Had stories to tell a project sweetie finance don't talk to us about it at the parties tonight. Not invited into your office and a couple days or you can go on cars whichever suits you best and we'll tell you all about them but I had. Two words to leave with you tonight ladies and gentlemen inclusion. Right there. So what's that. When he meat and inclusion Ryder. Inclusion. Ryder. I don't know writers are note inclusion party is Larry Miller writer as that and what inclusion partisan or the inclusion parties I think she's just saying that you know. Include everybody in Hollywood especially the women in Hollywood and write the projects there as far as writing and directing of the there's not a swimming doing. As I felt like that she wanted a big powerful moment and then Emily yeah. But she's. She can't do this thing. And noxious talk nodes like she was on drugs could. She was up schedule this weird thing and my son looked at me those little machine on drugs you know and I I think she's just different. And she is little different bird little moved a little. She's great actors are adults that amazing. And then there's one more thing that was an effort LA it was it was about the Oscars. Oh I know I'm Jimmy Kimmel at the end about the best picture and the cheap water he said. It represented the years and in screwed up so badly that women start dating flesh that must refrain I don't have a dramatic and. And up also Kobe Bryant wins his first got there. I never saw this Kevin. Kobe Bryant when his first Oscar for best animated short film for his dad dear basketball it takes a shot addition Upton doubled comet may buy some girl and a other here's my point. Did you what's the what's that dear Massimo about you know. Dear basketball. Is something to do with a pulley and that he wrote about his retirement. And then it became a short she Thelma. Not yet so I don't know it's something duke basketball just a big backlash in comprised. What's that oh well just because who's on stage we know he was everywhere you go. I went with the here's a guy that was accused of rape in in a hotel here in Colorado in the paid the girl all what's he doing on stage. Yellow ask yes. And little weird you know that they had you know they are stripped their new joke about how would you know god doesn't have a 10 Wiener. Cut image of UN play oh yes yes yes. Tonight which means he's probably at home right now watching Fox News. Is here whether it's after. Here's after all the awards given for achievement in show business Oscar is still number one no question about it Oscar is the most beloved. And respected man in Hollywood and there's a very good reason why I just look at them. It's his hands where you can see them. Never says the root word. And most importantly no penis at all. Yeah I hope we onstage they also were out. Am talking about spirit absent a wrenching greatest part ES. Because he didn't say anything he was on the red carpet and it was. Glad you didn't Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet but he didn't ask any questions about Meade to our times up to anybody. He didn't even mention it Diebler like you didn't even mention made tailored ads up you Astaro. Nobody would talk to it. Are they they snubbed him yeah that's not only four of the top twenty actresses in Hollywood. They were attending class I only four of two when he talked him. I did the weekend seemed Dunkirk and I would recommend it as pretty dead. It takes a really long time for that and not plot to inspect. It takes a really long time for a pilot to land his plane on the beach like three out Roxy I saw that movie to it first came out. It's a good movie that's solid but it's not a great movie I didn't thus Saving Private Ryan was much better feel like a war movie. But but don't do it takes her and her a different. They're. Totally in the play everything about the movies just so drawn out I was having a lot of I was had a hard time com. Hearing the dialect so it was kind of hard for me to follow some of it because I would miss their words I didn't know what they're saying exactly and it was a tough movie following us and it was slow like that it really slow but it's okay film for let's say if you have an eleven year old because not blood and guts you know it means there's there's nothing that Eaton. The gross you know it was light sensor good that is the fight scenes when you're in the airplanes initiating this year so better yet in hitting you beaches this up that those good seats. And again they don't show like him as heads blown conference and we're loose it's just it's fine. Came. And then finally you all be happy didn't know well. So there's two things going on McDonald's robredo was some of his inside Diebler same examine a mental breakdown because he's isolated themselves and only watching the news. And they is freaking out he's it doing and knee jerk reaction. Have a theory of what's going on what it's because they took is McDonald's the way in there feed him soup and salad. Makes everybody in the great. But it it makes you angry makes me angry. I give me just soup and salad every day I'm going to be a pain in the wouldn't unlike Clinton button bar with my dad girlfriend and not for super talented golfer you don't look like doubled to burn it punches out. Guess what I ate it lists what knife and fork. Known. To control won't have a bond hearing. So I'm sure hearing. Cheeseburger with a button right and cheeseburger without a button friends anyway it's pathetic. I was angry truck is staying away from fast food for now sores say the president hasn't eaten hamburger and so we eggs. An easy and soup and salad instead of that stuff that's not going to let up but I don't give your press with well it's I Mario like the big jump vitro peak. The HOB. I beg a tablet track. Do you see it did you see the trailer last could render an youngsters for Roseanne. I didn't that they premiered it last other day elegant look great meal fit eat do you realize the entire cast is back. She says there's a lot of people off really via. I don't know why iron as you said she's just it's going to be on at John Goodman's backed she's back the daughters back there all back in what are they the little boy he's back he has kept the entire casts. From the original Roseanne is all backing brilliantly and yeah. They'll get a little. Great may we are really little wind this up premier. I did start school next. Monday or Tuesday. And it's within a week well I didn't think Willis Grayson works coming back at a dead yeah ignorant and narrow and I'm very. Important.