BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th

50% of Americans will retire broke but Jamie has the list of the top 10 Billionaires – Bachelor in the news Becca is out and Lauren is out and now Becca named the next Bachelorette – Jamie loves ‘This Is Us” – American Idol Execs are freaking out over the Ryan Seacrest allegations – Kendall Jenner was hospital after bad reaction to IV dip – Oprah wants everyone to know that she leaves cash in hotels rooms for the maids – David Dennason is Trumps porn name, Stormy is suing Trump so she can talk about her affair with Trump.  What would Donald Trump’s porn name be?            


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Vijay and Jamie home. UK and the AF some dead and it was just me but I tell I'll talk about this morning first love should make you feel great on this Wednesday morning it is march as seven. It agent. When you have those who paints a community I ask because I get him sometimes he does it worry you that. Does that I'm starting to worry a lot yeah I don't know why but I every doubt and I'll like do this army that blue food that I think oh no it's. I just go right. Just to save because they seem to be handing frequently. It's I cited that's troubling made that my son said it's because I turn on my followed in the middle of the night cannot have a notification. And it's on the brightest setting. And it I guess a bird that your rivals yet and I guess your son is an eye doctor I don't know that's a regular mom you've turned that. I bet you're screamed down that's gonna burn out your eyeballs. He's like a global. And Nadia. Can I did an airplane lands. And it may sleeping I guess a little airplane ride it it it. And need to go to Brooke colleges to get it checked. Rain we got our. They only make par colleges and. That do you know that. I heard that yeah I looked what otherwise are urologist Yahoo! and then it's their underwear and then why didn't they get rid of the word practicality and a real. Yeah because it was too if it took what does this tell you do that actor. Because stood timidly ask them it really was going nowhere is. The good rod yeah lasted for years at the. I'd say hey Ed Smart have a seventh and like I said it's a beautiful day it could be beaten this should make you feel fantastic did you know that 50% of Americans will. Retire completely broke. Yes on that 50% of Americans will retire completely broke but. Yes I said it's not and it. As well. What went wrong for all of us I don't know why so that story too they say they say that most people. Forty like 48% almost 50% of the people that when you retire you're gonna have less than 101000 dollars that's gonna get you nowhere no wire. And it's scary and that is really terrified. I think that when I I think it could. Because I thought about like what am I gonna do after this and I thought I'm going to be on Amazon price petroleum. And of that track. And it back in the restaurant industry. Yes I'm gonna cook like it and McDonald. I love the kitchens when you know they're gonna he is fresh beef for the quarter pounder saw that yeah yeah that's good. I like that frozen that if he were the other big fan of frozen patty some sorry hundreds of people like firstly that there are frozen Betty people out there. I'm want. Yeah I think about that when I walk in and see the Wal-Mart graders and their like immediately on retirement went away yeah. I saw a little guy in this losing another one on bolts is easy for seventy. I'm at the wal marts on Saturday I guess it was in Jamie. This guy if he was standing at the dork clapping and singing it. 01 and feed. We want to. The you see and good morning how are you enjoy your dad that well. Yeah I get it again and again and I thought sweet. I thought may isn't it good fight scenes he's in a good while now Wal-Mart beat a good place good in his fit he's in good places for him. So here's what I thought that we need to do is we need to work somewhere with a pension. Because she we don't have pension yes in this business. Adler how it take it qualify for punching. And I think it's too late it is yeah I think so I think I think our best bet is to work in a place that it would be easy to embezzle. I figured this point embezzling is the answer all organ and here's some free CD right we're not getting anything here I. I got a fox thirty legislation T shirt. Where's that could get me in life. I don't anyway here is big top ten billionaires. Where we all went wrong I don't know. Larry Ellison 58 point five billion for oracle. Is this is how she or is it and. It's Coke Brothers well. I think so yes it's Coke Brothers turned. David did Gerald Goodman marrying and they sit at. At sixty million dollars each. Now keep that in mind that sixty billion each yeah the cook family has our broad. Let's see here 67 billion is Carlos Slim becomes a numbers seventh or American mobile. Am number six is Ahmad Shia or tea again he did something for seventy billion. Mark second bird number five on the billionaire topped a list at 71 billion dollars. Burton RR and all CEO of LVMH. At 72 billion. So an attorney by Louis Vuitton bag just remember the guy gets 720. Million dollars. Warren Buffett. CEO 84 billion dollars he's in number three number two goes to Bill Gates Microsoft founder and ninety billion dollars. And and I lover. Jeff Bezos. Amazon founder and CEO at 100. Well and I. And ship headed Goodyear and so that's in 2017 in the last year. He's made 39. Billion dollar in LA that's how much. Amazon has just taken out why all the they have to now they've hit the road to those treasure crooks left and the stereo audio gain another hundred billion dollars. And other big story is going on this morning is that Ari and Lauren in the Bakken thing yeah yeah I mean it's from the bachelor. What happened was Ari is this not and he'd love to back up and then he said Beckham. Cannot marry you and she's like yeah she can't really put 80000 dollar ring on her finger. Let me isn't. Got like you and they spin on it is critical for the members like. And they pulled up rubber finger and then he gave it. To Lawrence moon and now they're engaged you know it's so beautiful isn't. And then oddly enough pre planned for sure. Beckett is now the next bachelorette. Shocker. I've known the practitioners dissed Beckham was dissed so why not direct TV show let it keep moving on she is the next bachelorette they took to invest in. Like you know in somebody's desk in the next bachelor bachelorette. Like you guys this run its course by now why are we still talking about this show I'm a little confused simply that people don't see this as pathetic. You know it just says that this got personal is a schmuck. And in the second of all if if you're the girl that he didn't posted the first obvious Lauren girl that he proposed to last night. Are you like OK guys here you wouldn't gal too late. Yeah yeah you propose to the other sure there are bringing you did this to immediately did I heard you gonna do it to meet these people never get married they then. Like one person. Every get married. And it's like I said during their meet two or wherever crap whenever August of this. Seem like it's really good look at thing for chicks and he sleeps around uses a mall. Tosses to decide you and assessment. Did you see this is a flash to the. I saw some trending tweets about it though so good and has set. It wasn't ads add it was kind of more uplifting this time I know what I saw I saw somebody tweeting I didn't see it I don't know anything about to show and act as a somebody tweeting. Next week's gonna be a super sad episode. I think it's a finale. We know did you check out yet. I haven't even started. Eating and hoping not to use it I'll never even get a job they watch on and it app so where we are. You need to Jenna and a pretty good injure. The gap again this is this this is remarkable. Acting and amazing. What was the highlight of last night. And little girl that they adopted. She's a rat. Mean. She's asleep so where did it just guessing moms. Who call. Mobs. Yeah I can't really. It's a very complicated yeah and it is actually got that was jacket and last night he come back. Because he's dead. But yet he eat their flashbacks okay. This is well let's understand on the next this disaster. And it shows Jack is an older guy and he's like. I'm so glad to be here what is. I think it's nasty dream I think Sam drinks can be grenades and I know he's a note to me often went. I was fantastic love that show more and fifth. Says. I and it's also that they were irritates me that you don't get it. But I don't get it because I don't watch it I know that if I watched it didn't know agreement could be irritate red seeing the men and a man. Majority of the United States about medi cal watches that we need to deal in. Knew he could deal with me you know ESM is now so. When dale catch up one day American Idol executives are out over Ryan Seacrest sexual harassment scandal. I think he should. Yeah I really do it and here's why because. Of what happened over the weekend with the Oscars. I think that that's a sure sign that people are gonna boycott to show. With a reboot of American Idol because Ryan Seacrest out on the red carpet these women dissed him. Twenty leading actresses only for show to talk to him and it was released yesterday that he is red carpet show that he does had a 50%. Decrease in audio. Person to expand you know 5% okay ten maybe. He's asked the audience. So. American Idol could be in trouble. Numb it says that says American Idol aren't produces or forget that because they do not want to be able to tune out or boycott the show. Due to Ryan hosting however. The problem is she's so ingrained in the show and the entire production so far that there's not much you can do about it certainly appreciate it now that. Does any owned part of the show. Parent thinks and that production company bought. Some rights to I had heard that may be an owner and Kendall Jenner was hospitalized after she had a bad IV drip. So she you know what a lot of people do as they get the vitamin B there a year endeared geez you know you get a multi vitamin drip you. They can get house seats and welcome to your house and give you dipped well I guess at a battery pack them. Olney. Man reaction now she's fine now thank god that we cannot go on living. This I thought was interesting. How. I gave that girl Applebee's hundred dollars to buy a Barbie dream house yeah. What the backlash of that was that I told. Because people are like if you really cared about anchor on the Barbie dream house you would've told that you gave a hundred dollar Steward taken all the glory now that. And I was like why didn't really like. Why say it I just told the story about it because it ended up that she thought somebody else gave the money so that's why in the telling the story can but look Actel. She tells every. Get the money you know. Revealer reveals that everytime she goes to a hotel she always leaves cash all of grab the hotel room for the maids. She's estimated to have a net worth of two point seven billion dollars. And she said you get a real kick out of it to make people happy. She says it may never make any kind of money and can attest so she puts it behind them. The couches under the mattress in the mini bar on the desk in the shower. And she imagined how happy the person is when they find it. One. Well. I got a theory on their god I do I'm sorry I read stories like this idea theories I was just there. I don't think she's been doing this very. Yeah I think the word whether it would have already gotten out to the Pope comes to hotel she leaves cash stash like little Easter eggs all over the road. And I think some maids in some hotels and already we had been talking about this if that had been occurring. I think she just recently got the idea it dated and is claiming that she always does. Actress they would've said yeah. You don't think this would have already made news generosity of Oprah Winfrey would she becomes your hotel that would be out there. If she's been how has Oprah been traveling and staying in hotels. But no I think what happened is she got the idea recently did it end now is released it she did it but try to make it appear she always does. You have. Well I like the first people bubble is. What I do that. Yeah there's only ally and the way I liked our brave young doubt in my level and if I play good guess what that name and not sunshine. Yes Dave and Dan and sent. David dense. Was that the guy and the Hulk. Who turned into the hole David known if I had no idea. It is Donald Trump. And yeah. David dead ends and I guess that's like dash stormy Daniels called him in secret. And in all the secret documents that's what Doug Donald Trump's name is there. David dead and send. Look look look. By the way story Daniel's is just now suing again now. She's porn stars or we did heels is suing Donald Trump over hush agreement because he never signed the agreement rules to reach back. She is back. Let her crazy and a group with the enemy at all thank her story anyway it doesn't matter but what I do love it in the whole thing. Is that he's secret name in the documents and she said is lovers. Was David dead and sit yeah. He can't it's catchy though is coming. Like if he waiter was gonna that was you know that I don't blame well in but he had he remember his six day no Carlos danger. Right now are kind of danger that's a great name that is great as this one it doesn't you know David and send dear. It doesn't religious. Knowledge need to be something like. Donald Duck on this. What. We will don't got is he like Donald Trump Donald Duck document Donald Duck on this. Just off the coop yet that the best art that a song like could have done better. Stop it at that you're giving had died very young tablet trash here we go what should indeed. President Donald Trump's dear god how you know coordinating how narrow 510 my god no doubt we'll go to text NATO world. 51059. This team isn't good enough stormy you're not creative. I think our audience is more create this is not gonna go well my 1059. In the importance. I.