BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 6/19

Tuesday, June 19th

The Worst show ever on ABC ‘The Proposal’ it is an instant-marriage show – on  the Bachelorette one of the guys try to convince the other guys the earth is flat  -  James Corden says he was pulled over by the cops while filming Car pool Karaoke with Adam Levine – Mtv Movie and TV awards, the Kardashian’s won -  Kylee Jenner is under fire for saying Happy Father’s day to Caitlyn Jenner on Instagram. Caller tells us about the Proposal.         

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. Did I mention my friends and cream gable roof and you did OK yes and I trust them I like them and so if the of them stemming from the mail last night. Call them and we're supposed to do it may be gets a hill tonight Jim. To try to get all your cars and your drives it's worth your deductible. Airpwn you don't have a garage. There are a lot of people would go garage Indy 300 treat all or area. Or you find the building has underground parking rant just sit here and there was printed in the fund to bank. You don't have those dry on the night she actually decent at little to us and back and forth do you park under one of us. We get overhauled yeah we believe that there overnight. If I drive that nation awakened time before they they open next Ayers leg that's out of breath that's of the big bad. I can't I help with something. What sex I need some people. Who saw the proposal to call the show because I need to know what it was about. And they say. It debuted last night I think on ABC they say it is possibly. The worst show. Ever debut live television in the history of television does it work. So from what I understand. Is a girl or guy depending on whose journeys they should get behind this boost remembered a long time ago on my got to like our round nineteen of them. A win that one show came out on its Alec who wants to marry a millionaire yet and that blind girl sat behind that debt fleeing and all those millionaires game around in the George Joe Millionaire. Is that too wound down her and that's the river and yeah the blonde girls and I kind of playing and then these guys talk to her she couldn't she didn't seem at all. Is Joe Millionaire you could see him yet but these guys you could see and then she was a nurse and she married him right on spot link right there. And it turned out he was a fraud do you remember that and not know a cable I think it's like that so anyway listen. I need people who saw the proposal did to call us because she can even find clips of it I think it was so bad they took it down real quick yeah. And it debuted last night he started sure it debuted no. Yeah so I am I would think there would be eclipse is going somewhere I am I am sure debuted Boca I am and let's get interrupted by geologic. Now I didn't I just watched. I watch. And they said it was stadium tonight so you have a person that's searching for a partner in life can end you got a bunch of people behind some partitioned. And they ask questions in the and you choose one person who used to open and go away Luke yes they're right there. I guess you get married like right there yes on the spot without Tina and it sounds dangerously did a really days. Add some headline that the worst show ever. It's nothing to it's the worst show ever it's literally the worst show that is ever ever yeah I think it's the instant married shell. It had gone at that instant married show. Because he's girls just like bares her soul to some guideline a curtain. And many ask them some questions. And then he comes out the Indian proposes to one of them. And then the rest they don't answer is that I yank his boots and it's awful. But I can't tiny bit CNET and we can't finding clips from yeah. On the actual website. This the season you know shows that it's prepared. But there's no video attached to it there's nowhere to kill lots. And then people got into like well don't don't marry him don't marry him. I estimation I saw it was terrible these people are crazy they got engaged after sixteen minutes. Trying out to be married. DC. I'm going to see that there was so much healed now so excited you need a cup plus up of a plea. And see it I am and then if they called about that on of the socked him yeah presents treason. So let's say the bachelorette was on TV and M is that when is well backed. You missed perhaps the best audio on the planet this is Lincoln he is trying to prove to the other guys that earth is flat. And into the earth is flat Lincoln's on the spot I just because they think I mean. I just traveling friction when. Fictional creation. You know why don't want cannot slip of the which is first yes. Americans are comb. Are we here. If I'm the bachelorette I don't particularly can no doubt no amount of Pasadena. Yeah you don't have your life than I know like link it's gone for near him. If people out there that really believe that. Really believe earth is flat. Yeah good to. Yeah are you even. It's friction different it's anybody's deep friction on the space everybody's seen it. It's friction and that why. Every part I think it means of the house. I don't know needs Catholics and stupid. It's it would identity and I don't know why people still believe that another. Very odd. And James cordoned this is pretty funny. I wondered if does it ever gonna happen I guess he was doing and that carpool karaoke stuff with Adam Levine and they were pulled over by cops and they promise it was not. It was not my great here and listen. That was completely real. And something that's that's really sad Clinton and and I argue they set up I don't I think I got ready and Helio very content. It was a Monday when we vote but we hope we can get it to him and I've been I have my license only in his actually Mike in but he was great. So it actually happened and I am here's a moment of the audio wind and said the car getting pulled over. We're sorry officer we'll print. With the Libyan capital. FM. So as Ariel but if you. He did the cop he news in the car right well it seems like he knew those who seems like they lead because there's a production crew probably in front of the car exactly you know I am so. And it idol over to that wouldn't you if you're not yeah I'd be like to get on the TV show in the I also it's funny eighteen MTV movie and TV award did you watch that. Nope now announcing that he had a million TV was still in business with the awards. Yeah I I guess it did every year they don't Mina then why the mean they have teen mom. They have that dad cat fishing show I know that that two shows that they have on their super popular best and the. Where I have donated their what they edit the TV awards. You would think them being a network themselves they would be somewhat raked. They did give it to who you know shows that are on their network. Nineteen not yet and definition. I am cam and Dow Trish dinner not gender card passions are they won the award here it is. Twelve years almost now so thank you and thank you for my crazy family bags keeps on going against. Thanks guys we really appreciate it. Oh. Well. Yeah she I did see where I guess one of the Jenner girls I don't Kiley you're no. I did see where they are like catching heat because they wished I'd Caitlin and happy Father's Day I have that right here what what happened there. Kylie that's Kylie wished her dad Caitlin a happy Father's Day on social media and people thought it was really disrespect of the all the photos. That Kylie put up. Was with her dad was Briggs. All of that's what caused numbness. Some people took issue with the fact that all the pictures of Caitlin were pre transition and not one picture of Caitlin all Bruce. Some even said Caitlin deserves better and her daughters have failed car chiefs. Support. The name putter up as a one ignorant as man. But it would look a little weird wouldn't if you Europe there is a woman into the happy Father's Day. So I can see why she would put the father's pictures up there wouldn't you know it was. At least that's what she was thinking in her head maybe I don't know what's so confusing the poor girl he's cool people people she said it in. I mean I knew it I had that argument just what couple weeks ago because I was asking it is she still considered dead or she now mom too. Now she's called to ask. They still colored act. Because remember I told you that went horseback riding and it was like eight adamant and you know. I Katy called and she watched the proposal rivals who he's got to say hey Katie what's up. Our that was the most intense so in the world you have the it was I'll call you watching our show. I'd give two Arlen one it's one part of yet. And hanging out there and each are actually in the world January warned all Allen spoke so quickly so he gets to see him easy. I guess you don't. See. They cannot see here okay I'm planning tell them that he aren't right he made it like well Larry ink well or below the knee or something. Anyway Daryn to order people in the history. And then a lack chair of the way he speaks so he did have his leg amputated. You know people are bringing are. Up there or something I I don't think he was under the threat to an analyst and. That he was looking for a wide. If you look at for a Wyatt did when he heard a relaxed early start to get their. Neuheisel or well Monica is such a good actor and it's we don't know already watching. The room with its. That was a one legged guy I've hit it didn't. Hurt a lot. Real you what are still no nonsense. Hey McNabb you know cardiac I would anyway Jenny is the worst show ever there's something else on a guy that. Though one guy couldn't be seen and there is girls and swimsuit and they picked them and then they get them and did they get engaged. They've gotten engaged and we would actually take you back this issue are they now. Do they get married right there on the show. Now they just didn't dates that isn't really fat and then we'll have not heard god ordered Bob got me out here and that's what they'll pay all of their merry. Didn't dog day as a dog if it was for the permission. Yeah I'm no wonder how he chose Obama told Ingrid Bart in which he said. Well there's two people we need to get permission from and her mom how about the dark and then she went. So the war make you made a couple of got the proposed at the woman who had a dollar. In some GS dog if it's okay to bury the one legged man in the dogs that. And that meant yes or and they lived happily ever entered. Bloody shoot I was young and it actually you've talked in to watch as. Our power it. Your guys that Britain did it the did you know what how do you believe this that wish I would do recap with Katie about the proposal roughly. For. Right I got a feeling it's going to be a short run he'd be out yet and you do what would you start up never I think the do you really have questions well I'm just wondering what they debuted with the. The world lately IU and I don't know I don't know I really don't know if I go template to have says I got a lot of questions. I wish I'd watch a netbook with a. And more on Alex I.