BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th

Ariana Grande and her fiancé moved into a $16 million apartment -   Nikki Minaj twerking in a pool gets her slammed in social media – Fran Dresher re-boot hint – Selena Gomez’s Mom Mandy wants a nice guy for Selena to date, and she doesn’t believe the tabloids – Shawn Mendez likes being a role model and being his true self, he tries hard to be the best at what he does – The Man who claims Bill Clinton is his dad is really pushing for the DNA test and now others are joining him – Tommy Lee and his son are still fighting on Twitter – science proves that Dogs are smarter than cats.     

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. This Arianna Friday. What do. When he Yemen against 23. She has moved into sixteen million dollar apartment. Apartment. Yeah. I don't part per sixteen million out there Arianna Friday impede Davidson's new home has been revealed. The engaged couple just moved into luxury five bedroom apartment or at. It's X two and dole or their rankings could be the perfect for a. Besides only. Oh yeah indeed apart is that crazy. Sixteen million dial up. I mean Ella. I was right about that data Weld County. Yeah what about it. I'm very Troy yes I settling right about sentencing at let's just enjoy this moment taken and well Downey is the number one county for tornadoes you know why. And I. Read through the article on each a little bit further out of there because. I. I had no idea Weld County is one of the largest. Counties being in the country. Really yes it's like. Thought he said like. A little thousand square miles I thought is because how the solar storm system comes over the Palmer does not. And then it's right there where collects more moisture. According to the article you just pulled up they said because it's all being they get so many tornadoes how. I'm sure everything has a little bit of factory he had that surge has been my. We are moment if you'll just take that out. At all how James is finally I'd probably guess that you being right about the fact that at the no weld county and OK so here's the deal making a nice feel bad for why we went down. So yesterday she was in the pool. Yeah I saw a picture you did you know Willits a videotape. Also out yeah so I guess you missed that part so she started to fork in the pool she did by April she got a little tired and so the work. Stopped sky and amid working kind of went into a slow grind yeah with a book in the poll in the plural and so it look like he's got real tired. So people start going after like really hit the snake a porn Nicky she's out of shape schemes work well. I think if I started working I'd get pooped. Via at less than death you know that's friction of the water and me that's like working out actual work yeah yeah what does she and they were in the area and Rhonda I've seen her by herself are no question getting somebody else in the whole world not he really did your research and that's. They live with that that's a damn thing over well in nick humanize she got real rim added everybody. And then she treated this with the picture the still picture. Too mad to Adlai Floyd hit two big. Go blank blank leg off my page. I'm having the best life on vacation and bed is number one added song an urban radio this week now soccer my. Blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank it's too good. So it's like she's at a good place yeah really yeah. She did not like me you know if you don't want them back as don't put yourself working on social media. Or finished the work you orphanage that word. Tonight I mean Camara. You know everybody out there's a critic yeah I mean he's gone like this. Plus it's a and then definitely being nude. Loser drops and Susan packed with America should get a heart attack. I don't know it just went into slow ranked. Well basically all that out but that she let her best life ever wish although Blake and Blake blank blank blank lankans doctor bluntly blink blink when blank. She's very. Very upset yesterday frame treasure might reboot that Mooney. Really yeah. I how I saw it yesterday. It's she's cutting give us some hints that she's working on big project and she said yesterday on Entertainment Tonight she's talking to them and saying she asked my friend and I. I could never watch that show she drove peanuts. Friend pressure an ex husband and collaborator pizza Jacobson. Who co created the sitcom with her are working on ABB project. It's going to be very exciting for European she said but I'm not at liberty to announcing yet but it's going to be big. I mean maybe they are every bit because will and grace worked Roseanne marked the network it was limited or one shows going on quite a huge gap. So. That thing is our show would be the same characters funny years later she said and and here's her actually talking about that. Aren't selling they. I think Americans twenty years later we can't just pick up where we left on. But in the way that if you rarely get bids at an animal friends and. And I don't think your way out of this but what we've given everything and bring in Egypt. Newton and things could work though won't admit it it seems like everything that is retro. He used to be taken off. Yeah so new ideas don't work. Selena Gomez is mom seems to be super duper happy that Selena is not with the babes and more that little tour the F. Actually got to People Magazine and she described the economy and Salinas date. A sense of humor find someone who truly understands. The life that he lives his GO imagine trying to find. Someone who isn't in this business that understands their Gunner Reid and she's cheating every five minutes on them is that special person. And I want them to. Care about her. And it's not the fame and family oriented. Oh really. Okay that wasn't just me she says just like. Kick it at that and she's it does she thought I was being critical in my brain but thank you in OK keep the people. The Palestinians ringing and we can't find the right parents and turn it manages some tiny are necessary and can murder at the ride that's. OK and then. I have another kind of cover. You never know tomorrow she'll be dating you know. She'll be the reason why they're getting divorced and in London you know was innocent mega mart call is placed none of it you can't say it's a grain of salt some time. I mean those sets that they absolutely no sense at all. And I guess it was about Alina here let me read it and I shouldn't happen any complaint okay. Selena Gomez does mother I'm not believing things written about her daughter in the tabloid. You never know tomorrow she'll be dating you know. She'll be the reason why they're getting divorced and in London you know as the new mega mart call is placed none of it you can't say it's a grain of salt some time. Make so listen to the world because I'm at now we're talking about how did you become a mega mart one in the room. Shiner Mendez says he likes being aimed role model and Ayers him. I think one thing that I I. Did a lot has has going happen we'll kind of always lived by as they get older is it's never bad to be truthful and authentic and. As long as I know what I'm saying to my fans is what I would say to my friends. I'm Mike I'm happy because that that's the authentic companion what they have and then it's genuinely mean when I'm tweeting and is genuinely mean when they see me on the street I think is what makes them think know that they can trust him. He's like a pre pubescent Oprah via the get a good outlook on life. Authentic is Oprah's words living authentic life is what Oprah said Floyd know that he makes. Knots. He isn't another one Langford started and now I think what I'm always thinking about is everybody and that leaves little al-Qaeda and. Listen this year. Alan I think about the guts to ask you I can't be here. When I first started and now I think what I'm always thinking about as. Focus on what's at hand which is making which is playing guitar making music and connecting people and singing. And then the rest will come to wrestle happened around you don't stress about that because what is at hand is his music and singing they act and act as a lot. A sharp picture. John Mendez everybody knows it. Jack I'm Bill Clinton's young man he's not gone away did you see what he said either in PE yes I did. These. I think bill least taken DNA test. I detail I think this gives his this kid is adamant man. And I think his mother I think his mother knows. That bill is the father this kid's been told that all his life and he's ready to love. The only big bill at least. Own up to it he says he doesn't want any money. We just weren't built to own up to ease the Clinton. The man who claims Bill Clinton is his dad is slamming the former president for abandoning him. He pleaded how can Bill Clinton had the compassion to care for so many immigrant children being separated from their families but lack the compassion to care for his own son the abandoned. In now. He had also put a picture of a Bill Clinton at the same age as good as him. And boy they lookalike it would seem this picture over the years end. I don't think you can do I. Narrow. As Mercury like. I mean I'm looking at all the features than knows eyebrows. Oliphant and I I didn't look yesterday had to Ed because this report started flying around everywhere and Bill Clinton really. He does it not yet. He just avoid. I'm just like he just stays away from the story totally. Doesn't even know this woman is lying I never know he does acknowledge anything he's not deny it just or I haven't seen anything that he did. But he just. And other. You know what is not cruel and that is a add dad and his son just like this story. Tommy Lee and Brandon. They will not not only added again yesterday did that yes time I leave me spied on social physical fighting out fighting. And social media which is ridiculous so I guess yesterday Tommy Lee from Motley Crue and his son Braden who he had with the Pamela Anderson. If we don't know the story they over Father's Day Braden said you know you've never been air bubble plow white showbiz up on games. And you were never round and then Tommy leaves at a but will in time really came out yeah yesterday and said. Rehab for my son a 120000. Dollars. 21 birthday party for myself and 40000. Dollars. As somebody like school colored or whatever 5000 dollars. And then his son went on and said. Yes they stat for paying for my rehab it is true because I guess to keep it quiet here that he's out again his son that he went to rehab. He said thank you dad for pain from my rehab I've been sober for two years now and I've finally had clarity in my life it's the best life than ever are living and now I'm willing to pay for your rehab. Wouldn't know would you have been dead what these two do it and it's a big. I don't need to see it. Was it a good Father's Day it was then what's good solid day on those dozen army Leo was he had not doubt on Father's Day. I just I could feel like these two should maybe take it somewhere else. Now. Yeah Ali Pam Anderson helps and in. No she's she's got to throw fuel on the fire with a son story yes she supports and that's true that. And whenever it's Murrah. And then finally some dogs are smarter than it's very tablet. Pumped added already and dogs are smarter but we don't know that. No we didn't yes we did tell the study captured know how. We see more on Alex I.