BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 6/22

Friday, June 22nd

Over the lifetime of a dog you will spend $15,000 – Johnny Depp did very bizarre Rolling Stone’s interview  - Is Demi Lovato off the wagon? In a new song called Sober it seems she could be drinking again – Tiffany Haddish says she was stood up by Drake – Melania Trump went to a children detention center at the boarder but she wore a really ugly jacket that said “I don’t car do You?” – Kill the Kardashian shirts are starting to pop up – The Roseanne spin-off is coming it will be called “The Connors”.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on analysts 1059. Just it's an event after all together buddy. Does the right thing he's done degree at Bradley announced that the dog give you brought to work with a it's taken dog to work day I don't wipe out. Yes it'll all come together as we speak of dogs it cost shield 151000 dollars a dog. In your lifetime more than that. More than that I've got one dog because we more than that. Let's forgot the editorial on she's sit 151000 dollars per dog I am over it like to and not per year. I thought I was like a year that's a lot because of what ten dunks in Helena didn't. I don't think that numbers right don't I at these numbers really high. Plan I I would most people. Over a lifetime of the dog though you've figured that's what Portland. There's an estimated foods expensive food and a learning is preventing the eagle on vacation I'm super spent just not good to do the math overlap like gadgets so I think maybe that's fourteen years times whenever a team what is 151002000. Dollars a year yeah snow and need figured he'd go on vacation hours of constantly. Nothing in the panel. A lot you you know included in offensive unit flea collar. End in my view more than it's. Good grilling you get a group ES. I'll see you forgot about them as 4050 dollars a dog him so every single time right so I think are great if you think about it which might be more than. It's depressing I didn't think about it Johnny as it Rolling Stones interview you guys and it is buzz RO. Now this is Johnny Depp who we are all little straight out of trite because he'd looked really going to. And now pale and everything the other day I haven't seen the actual pictures from a suit. From Rolling Stones but they are giving snippets of the interview and this dude is what is picture looks pretty good though. It looks better than those pictures we saw a couple weeks ago yeah I don't know what they grabbed status from I don't know if it's a Rolling Stones interview or not. And so here's some of the things that we learned during. Johnny Depp is Rolling Stone in Serbia itself. He basically said he's to take bootleg quit eludes had arsenic in the okay yeah this he said the high it was far more immediate. He's so sarcastic and does of these can about them as great as he seems so odd. I don't think you take bootlegged and lately it's with arsenic and thinking. You know act and he also says. That's that reports of him spending three million dollars on his best friend who had passed away and putting him in the canyon and shooting him this happened in Aspen. His best friend passed away. He wanted to put him as a firework and she came up into the sky during his big party. Well the reports were that cost three million dollars and they asked him about that they should know is a million dollars I feel like you got ripped off on that what. Million dollars and your friend to acquire what I think I could have done it for much cheap what did box if that is I pray to pack his friend inside Michelle. Illiterate. He said out the reason I was so expensive is because it when it's issued a higher than the statue of liberty. Five million dollars and yes just come right back there are rightfully his ranger friends via. I don't look up know your I knew. And they also asked him what about that other thing where it said that Yoram your business manager said that he spent more than 30000 dollars a month on mine. And he said oh my god that is insulting. It's far more bars more. And 30000 dollars amongst our minds he borrowed line though that you don't 101000 dollars a bottle now yeah at the idea means about a 100000 dollars a bottle of your god the worth you know sixty million dollars. Yeah maybe you mistress collection maybe it wasn't during. Maybe they really maybe he wants but you did this I'd say he's turning the collection and now go act. Then there's another word Assam about apparently there's a rumor going around he asked him ear piece in his ear. On the set of his movies where they feed him the lines because he can't remember his lines and he said that's not true at all. Instead I have them feed me the sound effects at the gonna plugging into the movie so I can really do a better job tracking that's what it's. Like his interview though. Kind of crazy guys and it seems like he's just be open and honest about it they says the most. Are as he's ever been during an interview he's really easily coming cocky and Edger. But he had fun with that he was being honest about everything. He also tried to pull is OJ is wants out at a dinner party he was with Stella McCartney and Penelope Cruz and his team to a certain M generation trying to yank it out. If I feel like we've all done that. I support your life where were you attitudes it ovals though was out you pulled yourself. Well like when I was eight that's what I mean I mean as it as a grown Maine yeah yeah I don't think any of the symptom are. No not recently haven't but but they did when I was a kid I had to hold the worth paying you know. He once and gave his roommate screw up this. While reflecting on the started as Los Angeles career. Johnny jet talked about catching crabs after a state of Venice Beach motel and spreading them to everyone in the is house. I feel like this interviewer what question too long. But one question he could easily stopped at all in the tenth but he did. So that sentencing another person is being very bizarre. So you don't have a Demi Lovato it's amazing that she is been sober for so long as she did a documentary about how. Being sober is is the best thing ever she doesn't go to party she does seem like the temptation because. In her business it is all about parting can hand down. So she says you know I've been sober it's a great life everything's good read what she just released a song. And it's about not being sober anymore and people are freaking out let me read it to you. In a clip drummers on sobered Demi Lovato seems to reveal that she is relapsed after six years of being sober. Summer thinking it could be about her past and doesn't have anything to do with recent events so far no expertise. What do you think. He's just a sol you do yeah I do OK who here I have a Clinton here her. Hands and many in the and Andy and give me minded things and it's. And for me Celine yeah this people Minnesota's. OK okay. I'm so we'll. Anymore. As a way to make some money off him daddy I don't think she's do produce it and I'd go you know she's so talented though yes yes she really saying. So everybody's got in about that I Tiffany and these studies Scottish Scottish niceties had this. Says it dry stiffed her on a date listen to this. I'll opt. Out of it left that's. Yeah. You aren't if I am. And I am I'm Michael would probably can't argue that in the clock and Wear any light on me how bad and the emergence. I'm in Canada right. And I play. I. Since she is now happy with second Drake. There's was glad she got out ready now as lenient than he cities in Canada she's actually being in Florida dear dot. You have a revote and maybe a little embarrassing moment yes you know the pipe restaurant and now you take her somewhere else. He taker of any time. That went out of the L is like it's in Latin groove yeah easily be a little higher. Yeah I know we talked about yesterday how we don't talk about politics on the show but I have to tell you no matter what side you're on. I appear below drop out here he loved Clinton what Indy. Well Melanie not yet not Melanie and her friend is Melanie maligning it's not where Jacqui all like is easy she did it. OK so if you did see yesterday I was so happy. Need Atmel audio went to dubbed one of the border places I was like good job because she never gets out she never talks and out and and I I was like how is such a great fantastic little. So she went down there stoked about the well being of the children and she's so happy that her husband's and that's saying everybody east super stoked. She should get it should install ended their without him. On the inclined to cast great. But. Yeah she. Is a packet that said I don't care do you know why would you put on the I don't care do you jacket. It's so not it's asking for all kinds of problems it has done for this it's ask him for me to talk about it that's brought us the dog back. Well done jacket and the media jazz know. You know it's led. Have not ready but wait there's not a First Lady on the planet that she ever Wear that stupid jacket about immigrants aren't. No no no way to make an old but what if what it first of all I don't think it was even worn to the distinction center. Airplay. OK it's adult upper and that's what this is dumb no I'm just save this one about what about the explanation. All of all of these people have been attacking her. And that's what did Jack so. As a matter it's stupid it was the dumbest call. Drummer designer arm or stylus and you know what do you block an up to immigrants to go see I don't care do you is. It. I'm stupid. And of the ears were like oh it's about her husband she doesn't care about is it's hard to just me. The person that you weren't we all out of you until these like nice little children and word about children don't statement jacket guy in fifteen. The first light. Wear that jacket and she's aware that teachers as kill the cart accident I would Wear that jacket to work with. I don't poke charity youth. We have enough First Lady and a I don't so that's the thing people are wearing the kill the Kardashians T shirts and her passions are not very happy about this. It. For the deal to guard actually all he'll look at them when we and I don't even get upset and go into the current issued and filling came kid to the airport hired to the way out that that. Yeah it's Kendall Jenner actually ran Yosemite with answered honest and until the Kardashians and she did instant and post about it. No word on the guy is that this is not percent assured has been seen. Guitarist Gary whole war on stage during concert back into it fifteen. After Kindle was not out wearing a slayer shirts and it's getting more more power to kill the Kardashians. And it finally. The Roseanne spinoff is ago you guys yet this is going to be a dud you feel like ID in high dominant tell you right now this will not work. ABC has decided to rebut the sitcom spin off and it's going to be calm of the Connors. The network says it says working title is the Connors and it will be India Tuesday night slot 8 PM. ABC says that they reached a settlement with bar exam bar as a side note fighting Hitler created stake in the new chick I'm. And the only thing they don't know yet it's not gonna writer. Yeah it's you know if this has been tried in the past for big peaks shows him when the big star goes away and it's never worked I just don't see it. I don't see where your audiences. Because the people that watch Roseanne like Roseanne. Yeah interesting isn't it I don't think he's got got it together for this with I think they're just trying to. It's almost like they're trying to spit in the face of roses at this point you know. Well I think they're just trying to recover that. That money it was the highest rated sitcom in over three years because of Grozny I understand I'm saying that trying to do anything elect. And done what the highest rated sitcom after three years you know. And maybe even counters that it. Can't be funny do you think it's gonna work I don't know. I have no idea this I don't I didn't at a note going the way. With added a tablet it into everything and more on Alex I.