BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 6/25

Monday, June 25th

There was no alcohol or drugs in Anthony Bourdain’s system after his suicide – Chip and Joanna have another baby – Sarah Sanders can’t go to dinner – Kim Kardashian says no more selfies - Ed Sheeran had to stop show to go to the bathroom – Roseanne very emotional phone call.  -   Modern Family actress posts post ER photo. – Joe Jackson is not in good health.

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Hollywood news in DOS shell Hollywood isn't gone he's tabloid trash. Now this 1059. And. Son selling me this compilation of people pass an out and the chaired that don't really can. And it's scary the and he passed out that's scary yeah I don't like those some of those that make you dangle. You don't have a lot like the terror Jack Dolan. That rollercoaster off the stratosphere. Is it again you know Vegas yeah I did that would who wants as a big thrill for me. Nobody likes to angled they. Holds over the edge and then they don't tell you when they're gonna hit the button that I. But when you got a twelve year old who just can't wait a night he seemed like a big wuss yeah you can't do you know you. You're an adult. You gotta go but I don't let pass out there they're. I anyway wow let's get this morn saying. And first of all I would see parts unknown guy what's his name up parts and knows it's keyboard day no alcohol no drugs. Really I didn't see alcohol yet know how we saw a narcotic though no alcohol no drugs really work you see that looters. Why I I saw a report this morning invading even mention alcohol yeah I was all over and readers is somebody else reported no alcohol no drugs. In his system and M which is really shocking. NetSuite dot maybe he is handsome beverages are some limits announced a result. Plant CIA eyesight I saw where they said no narcotics which I thought was a fishy love report did put out because they didn't mention the BAC. Which is blood alcohol content and forgot to do what he did and as much as he's right. I mean that would be a shocker to me. Close are you and I. And yes so and yes sexist than. You know it was when I saw no our alcohol known narcotics in his system I was like ten of the I know this is the right thing to say in net punishing talkback but I was a little like it even more sad. Begin is SLA each. This was some election to really been helps like you know decent job to get drug addict or an alcoholic or whatever they're going to be and that that crazy mind where. You know it's it's something that we can't fix or help but I still like isn't so sad because. You know if he would've gotten the right kind of help we can have been OK I know it's it's just my weird thought about it that. As like it's really send. It's more stabbing sober. And oh yeah man. Encouraged. And they have the superstars welcome and new EB. Maybe I have as a rise of detour fixer upper stars chipper doing gains. The couple made the announcement on Saturday to alien to get this agreement said RBI. Crew. Is here I likening crew. Mays here and we can be more in love I guess he all of a sudden she was just he was due to who'd kidnapped weeks more like he's supposed to make a little longer. And memos and she just act. I guess those really quick and that chipping Joey and they have an all they really did though that now it's just not fair and then they are in Waco Texas. What how do so she made an apple. What he called an impact. At a wake up in an NGC hit form they bought the team remodeled. Several years ago yes you have been working on again for a known to three years as we do these other projects to I've got to be excite those they converted. Life oh that yeah that Silas that they needed to rest drive and battle to have concert arena at all. I like you said at a higher. Today it's crazy. Tape. Instead done you know what I went out to stop bad B and in politics you don't celebrities you don't need to stop being a politics about shortened. Pretty Smart of him and a bit wet quietly Alibaba what does he do it plays advising people about the. Don't ebitda does politics don't get hurt your career and thankfully still that says yeah. Single where does that involvement. And I are right I told you I'm Friday that Kim Kardashian is given a self please I did not believe it. But I guess it's true because I have the idea we go ahead of Kim Kardashian known or sell B from yesterday's balloon once it by ear there we go. You know I don't think SE anymore I don't really like them did you did you do that is to. Pictures. Just like an America like it's not all about like sitting and taking healthy place to spend so much of my time taking and I just like Phillip and re out time a little bit alarming I. I don't think pictures I just I'm not on my phone that we that I used to be. Did she says she's did take so much of her time Denzel plays. Initiative. She did. You okay I'll tell all talk about this for sag it. Doesn't take it take a celibate. Well it's according to heaven you're taking yeah I mean every movement around my house in the kids in. In your boobs and knows boobs alone and that's work that's telling me that she's photo shopping him so much. That one shelty takes like 1520 minute you end up by of that calculated this correctly the last sell three she did was about six days ago so I wanna say you've kicked the heck. Your number time for fun. Love it you know I don't think about it anymore I don't really like them did you did that do not ask him. Pictures. Despite an America like it's not all about like sitting and taking place to spend so much of my time taking and I just like Phillip and real time a little bit far. I don't think pictures but I just I'm not on my phone that we that I used to be. I don't know her do more almighty guide and he's a different person well let me I don't know her. It's like you said it's only been texting him blocker but I'm not gonna get yourself in here and I don't want to know what act in and it's a waste of wide. Twitter this isn't to say it's a life time immunize and play. Like an anxious at like like I have time and think she's. The U really think she's important now I. That's what she thinks that she is important has made a difference in the world and we'll continue to. Load boy anyway. I. What I asked every at this is weird. I edge here and had boots these guys really yeah so he was doing the show in Wales and and who. You know listen everybody gets some groups he's done that yeah that well this Schaub sucks when he would prove skis during a concert. I guess that he had stopped the concert twice a day ago. Is the stage you know against them it really is now you make me guess yes it did yeah well the show must go on and always heard that. I and then that this is going to be traveling to hear everybody around because it's just. So emotional Roseanne Barr is in tears about talking about her racist week here. I'm a lot of big of a lab Balco and I'll back up but I'm not do it for god sake and I never would now. Wittingly called any black art and they say they are key to you and I get it in bad. While some Valero wrong there sister could. And here's an the next. Of people that I added. I didn't do that. Although I'm thinking it and think do you think yeah under. Don't sorry but I don't. You know what's so. Aren't clear view that I'm very sorry but I don't think that I ever would do bad. Looked one killer app for them and could. All won't look good on the right maintenance huge error. Nor. Is to pick me up Jamie Monday morning's UIRA it's very food in the lord this is crazy. You know I think at some point she is the stuff apologize until an ethnic and he's he's done. Several times now weigh in it might just be best and he just shut up and stop. But you know if you follow Roseanne on Twitter she's not stopped all she she continues to just bombard Twitter. But all the savings and all these different. I guess opinions of hers in its like I don't think she's helping your situation. But the you've apologized you've done this in this in this EE set the right things in motion that the people forgive me to school. This. There for one night and I feel well yesterday. It was Roseanne Barr says she's lost everything. Why is she well and I don't. Think it cheap because of people say she's worth eighty million dollars I don't think Jesus riches. Is that I don't. The so I think this was a blow to. Her yeah there was some good money you know. Our right to governor except she know. Only as modern failing. Modern cut no Iverson he's really cute as a it's funny but one of the actresses that dead daughter on the show my cash. And her name is Sarah highland she took to ensure Graham on Thursday evening to show an excruciating. Decided that after being hospitalized due to kidney. Displays via heavy ever know. She looks awful poor thing well I think. I don't know exactly what it is. So she bragged today in honor of them Chelsea day where you know camps may concern herself is perfect. This girl Sarah is taking awareness to it in a kidney. Displays yes. As a child she was diagnosed with kids who didn't display Zia which as a condition that occurs. Win one or both of a fetus is kidneys to not develop normally. She had a kidney transplant in 2012. In May she revealed some of our health struggles including how are we had dropped to 87 pounds. It was a celebrity just a few weeks it may be a couple of months ago. That that died of this oh really taking place who that person laws but that was the diagnosis. It looks horrible. Such as docile should she she at least doing awareness taken. Took some pictures say look this is. And indeed they raise awareness cameras showed their goods in raising awareness over herb herbs such a couple of pick me up stories a row you know really it's. I mean I got to third but for what is Joseph Jackson. Yeah he's misses a terrible idea Joseph Jackson patriarch yet at the man who started it all of the Jackson 5 it appears he's dying. Yeah he's in bad shape but that guy is what nine years old Disney. I had no idea I mean life his and a damp and it takes some time during this next song and have fines of PS store if she. A look at stories. I don't think there already know you gotta get old doobie about a Monday. In us weekly and more on Alex I.