BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 7/11

Wednesday, July 11th

Movie for the Trapped soccer team is in the works and  Yesterday the pumps that were keeping the water out of the cave in Thailand failed and they have to leave all the left over equipment   - 21 Pilots dropped 2 songs early this morning it is called Jumpsuit -  The boat neck dress is the hot thing now, Meghan Markel is bringing them back – Game Sonic the Hedge Hog comes with some Curry and it turns your poop blue – Drake beats out the Beatles on the Billboard top 10 – A Buffalo Bills football player LaSean McCoy and his Girlfriend are fighting and she is still at his home, someone broke into the home and beat her up really badly and take her jewelry now authorities are thinking LaSean had her beat up. – Another Football play was trying to take his moms ashes and the TSA opened the urn and spilled them all in his suitcase.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash and now this 15 million. Hey he is Wednesday 7-Eleven don't forget three slurred speech today and to have to work if you near included near the Greek PM that's content. In boulder. I don't know if he's solid and it's bad to yesterday at the as the spring prior to them. Those people got to go back to their houses and now the firemen are all driving through town and they all stand their implied that a woman begged him I was socially that's pretty cool knows Sokol an incident really really cool in the aspired to credit they. When he didn't. Wing sound like this I don't see them letting up anytime soon we need some yeah. And I DT I came movie is in the works. It's official. The movie company is not the rights to it and I by the right stood his who has the right I don't know but they're working out a deal with the Thai government and add the movie is in the work. Well I guess you'd have to cut a deal with the families yeah and so a movie crew is already over there at the testing together to get him a fascinating story. It's going to be good movie I got a feeling it's gonna be a blockbuster. Used in Easton you know. Well no you have so many different things ago would this with the miners' story which from what I under Steve and turned out to be a pretty good story of those Chilean. It was awful movie. I I saw yesterday I was reading some stuff yesterday they said it would be did pretty darn you know really considering what it was 88 it did pretty darn good. But this movie. There are a lot more aspects to this that divers are spread out within our personnel watered only the death do it in the death and and and visionary Dylan did you see what happened yesterday I didn't. This is I mean this is a movie. So yesterday they get everybody out of the cave right. While the divers they still have all this equipment that still inside decay so they decided we're gonna go back and we're gonna get it. As soon as they go away and the pumps fail. The entire Kate goes underwater. And they rush back out left all the equipment in there and said screw it we're not going back he would hump pumps if if that putt. The only and yes. No I Saturday or Sunday night. And how horrible we because they were planned and them actually are slim that much no. The entire Cade flooded. And they want to stop for oxygen on the wade in the metal right yeah and watch reality they could have gotten through the didn't have the equipment to do. They have crazy so it's so I mean it just in the nick of time. So yes Michael of those movies from the rock is running in BC get big explosion behind me. You know go go in Goosen I don't. Does that say that that movie looks Canada at the rock skyscraper it does doesn't. Mean I am sure why I. I bet it a little exhilarating even the trailer is a little exhilarating to watch our anyway and I just hope that is. What. We now denies the link between them pilots forever yeah. They finally this morning released their first new song after first how are their album. And that everybody all these big clicking kids the click. They don't waiting for this album for year. And not only that 21 pilots has been teasing this eyeball little bit the eyes shut didn't shut for a year I don't know I just don't have they meet what's inside for a year. I don't but I guess their fans do okay. So the I start blinking slowly opening. And I guess what yesterday was today or this. Morning this morning it dad like thirteen minutes ago it open now but here's the problem where my son is yes. But with the. So whole horrible time at this you know I'm waiting for a year a couple. And Europe before we act like it when the eyes finally open and the songs released technique she cheated a little bays. Think victims Kitna definitely. I know the ticket. I'm sorry to me that adds about. Anyway I can't have a little them bid against. Us now ears and just his name and I know live via fans went I went pilot and no allowed you to waiting I just am. And who said Iran namely. Okay critical jumpsuit. And where get a call jumpsuit. And talk about putting on a jumpsuit. Because that's the name of the song it's a jumpsuit so it is your ticket and that it time to time. To tell you can. But it and well. And that's it and hit it. That. It was a bad idea. 022. So that's good not great fairy dust novel is jump suit an imam part of Mehdi says he was deployed on his jumpsuit. So he doesn't I think I don't know if you watch isn't just -- I have heard the whole song but is a lot of things with the dub city dusted up feet. He puts a dime. He iron six. It. Judge I mean I don't think that song in that may needed a bay he did Obey maybe it was meant to be. I don't think disdain it'll be it'll be. Butler or that girl Alice would still meet you in the middle. Yeah yeah so you know what works. You know somebody needs to meet her and oh my god in the middle. So that she can stop meeting them at this. Right now he's bad on my gag begging people to meet her knew that they she really is an every time Vijay and I look at agent like king's image as leader. So we can get over that plays a reader tip. Yesterday in the senate could stand there and the warped thoughts and our what what did. Anyways not that's not I am so we shouldn't set. Are you know what do you think you your little closer to the scene that I am. Do you think the fans of 21 pilots. Are gonna give a thumbs up to this. Yes. Yeah I'd have to be. I don't know if it's a hit and a look at expands their base city more but I think their fans are gonna say why. Yeah road jobs I got the jobs. And then guess what happened. What when they go right to our hollow bulb clicks are going to be in jumpsuit out here and are gonna be selling jumpsuit yeah yeah yeah. Out there AD I get to hear that at the alone now it is now. Well I have a thing that people are up buying up like crazy because of somebody because of the celebrity. And that is the bulk net drafts. The bill net debt is we have V neck you know I've connected via you know crew neck his crew neck now Bartlett just kind of goes right here to children. It's like a boat. Yeah. I act meg and Marco has brought back the boat dress and people are going pretty. Low because the mega Markel. Good for her when she needed something like a channel nine she's wearing a boat met him she needed something she visited upon publicity at all I I don't in our name we don't yet we did receive or to lose. But if you just look there at that channel TV that I drive the boat neck and a wrong. Take it to you owned a boat that I don't know why I should be for your vacation yeah yes you can vote yet in Italy. Well maybe I'll buy the boat neck and is in league that would be cool logo because you know it is the home of fashion that it rates. Move down and they're Reese. And this is a weird story explain this and coming from okay so there is a game. The game is called Sonic the Hedgehog. And it's by Sega. And damn I guess when you but I ate. Sonic the Hedgehog but. You also get a box of blue curry. Because I guess trying to hedgehog eat curry in that game you are until you get a box occurring within it. And that you make and it turned your clue bright blue like a bullet. Yeah and it. That's when you buy the video. Of I could have FaceBook page that explains it fared better than I did throw back at the box it curry looks like just like the game and then you that you. Curry at night make very annoying who experienced nuns from the is that new adults. On her he. Really should know it is spice is at the powders and I cover spot maybe not to maybe sprinkle and stuff that make your food live. Make these I don't know let me ask you questions here and let's say that I go by the name my target Currie. Are sprinkled on food alienated the Bluetooth and a booty shelf. Hot hot hot hot hot I. Didn't rate. Are we didn't do did you kind of kissing. It appeared on my biggest fear. Yeah mood he shall make her. Those are legal to begin genuinely seems like did. I really didn't you write group yeah. Yeah it's almost it's out I was in a hurry is it's nice basic right really. That. Paprika. There it is. Did you get it and I so it's a box it looks like get a box he's Cleveland. Asia cable. Who warned that are all boy here even played just a little bit of it if you don't mind. That this is the guy explaining. It's really excite are gonna get some. Out here on the main issues. But because those out of the box. Whereas on the top of the Japanese buses and the America. On this well assists and W microwave. And which hospital who that's that's and that even goes as far as matching up yeah trying to. It's me is when I'll defer yeah. I doubt if I do it because a I don't have a video game consoles argued by in the game for no reason and I'd only be out to blue coat. And I don't know Voller brag like that. Yeah. I wanna did show up places go to these ice you bought some nice groove and I. Shall I do for fun yet we tip at beat him that I would I can't happen to black and I. I certainly wouldn't you know put it in the Casey you put an enemy a commercial a little right. Heck it's even don't plan. Is petrified blew blew the but the fact that and it error river back Victoria yeah I wish. Does your grandkids you know they collect. OK let's he's a huge story right now while his beaten up. In Billboard Magazine. This is amazing. That jury hit no walk in a sense that the has been able to pull this off how do you get seven. Seven top records out of the top 107. New loan it to he did yesterday. Yeah yeah and I'm not sure I know I'll make some of them don't. Be honest within the. We about Rio because these three I wrecked race. The others that it really recognize that the kind of what features Michael Jackson I had no idea RT here's what it called God's plan and I think you've heard this when. Yeah this is played a lot. That song is number or full war in the billboard top 100. Now remembered Drake owns seven. Of the top hit. Ari and he's in and then when. This thing is now number. This is number one number one in the country and they. So are you reduced. I'm here at our sister station lot. Panel time do you not old tires and it didn't listen to be put a lot of it. I have that's a that's a number one song. It. Forty Jamie embedded carton Obama's self take a look at. I came from a year chanting yes. I'm always. How much how big the number of golf given jobs out some awful. And there's an edit their drinks empire did I think supple yeah ideas on the OJ is on fire. Beating The Beatles I mean that is unbelievable. Yeah that's for free break he go buddy IRA and then finally this they're really a really awful story and I am. Eileen went to augment so awful but there's this after a ball player and his name is. Live shine McCoy. And I guess she is in a huge fight with his ex girlfriend she lived in the house and he lived in the house and he wants her out of the house well. He also went back on George. When she's going to court and they're trying to he's been trying to get her evicted from his house and they've been going to court because they you know that they were there together and she does Libyan street whenever. Well last night I guess. Should they broke into the house. And they beat the tar out of her and I mean this school girl is gorgeous and after picture ever it's just simply disgusting. It was scat it it looks like a home invasion that's what it was meant to be okay home invasion go in beat her up because she's there and rob the place. But they're saying now that it was specifically. Targeted because. The person instead I want dubbed blue. And Arab medicinal when the green emerald and diamond bracelet like it was specific. Things that this person one in which wedge in contention in court. OK so. She is now saying right he's the one saying through her lawyer. She's saying look these guys knew exactly what I had. Only LeSean would know that he's behind this he's the guy who hard these guys to break into the house beat me up and steal. Because he's wanted it anyway we've been to court over this. In the lawyer now is implicating that this NFL star in this guy's a big time to start and the daily he plays for the Buffalo Bills that day and age does play for I didn't Isaac yeah all he's he's a great running back. This guy is in world trouble. Because I think they're gonna prove that he is totally behind this. With everything she's telling her lawyer that she's not seen anything because our personal she's beaten up pretty his iPhone. Faces off follow she is horrible and it ice. From both our eyes are swollen shut her lips serves are swollen. There's blood all of her face I mean how any man can that in my. Don't know lol if he's behind it or not the boil boil it sure looks like it. The police are calling this not Avery and an incident now here's what her best friend went on Twitter and said yesterday. And it's is gaining. It says you are the devil you are an animal. We didn't say anything about how you beat your dog Henry into kidney Philly failure. Let's not talk about all the times my best friend this is from her best friend my best friend had to stop you from viciously. Beating your son for small things like teen in a bet. We kept quiet about your drug use all of the illegal steroids and the needles you're using. But we will not keep quiet any longer about any of the X your karma is gonna be so real. I would guess that. In May be today we're gonna hear from the NFL yet. NFL they're gonna catch a lot of heat if they let disguised slide into those court date. I know you're innocent until proven guilty but there's a lot of people we get implicated in a lot of things may get fired from their job DN FL have to ask act on this. Because when you see these pictures of this girl. She see she is like I mean it's almost like he killed her. Its debt but bad. And I think he did it I think he had his buddies do it all of the hard Sonia yeah there and then the accusation that he beat his all the big key for you. Yeah. Zone. An animal a savage. And many beaten soundly wets the bed so if you're the NFL and you got to sit down with this guy and his agents I love. New big problem for us shrank. And of killing her awful. And then I have one more it's also awful. It was. So I guess there's a New York Giants defensive tackle our name is AJ for France's. And he was taken as much. Well he's taking his mom's ashes to simmered a spread them and the TSA when they went to visit bagged it knocked off the lid and spilled his mom on tightest in case turned his fault. You got to secure mom. You can't just walk it never would your ashes with a lid popped off at any moment. I VE Denise to put dead lock box and keep that you know and go to a different way of thus securing this. And he said this they actually put their hands inside of his mom's axis boom and they are feeling too good to see if there isn't anything any next time you blanked. Holes feel the need to go through my mom's ashes for no reason make sure you close it back tight. They did. It was in his suitcase in the open I mean. And put up little sticker over the top of that your bank has been gone for. And says moms all spread out all over the sand whenever it got him Samsonite. Should give it a conveyor belt. Well mystery machine. Who issuance to the in every. It's a person came to mind. And you know what this moment. Maybe at TSA checkpoint without Doug can you step docking in just push the button topic speech in each weekday mornings on Alex I.