BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 7/23

Monday, July 23rd

People are getting fired for their tweets these days and we don’t understand why they are even tweeting it. – At one point it looked like Tiger Woods was on a comeback then he chocked and lost – Bristol Palin joining the Teen Mom OG on MTV – Real house wives of Atlanta one more year -   Buffy the Vampire Slayer show reboot – Lindsay Lohan now has a reality show on MTV about her in beach house – Roseanne Barr did an interview and lost it.

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Hollywood news in DOS shell Hollywood isn't gosh he's tabloid trash and analysts 1059. In the. The violent. There are doing tweets that are getting tired now and guardians of the galaxy inactive tired. This comedian that is. Nothing that can have fun. And they are just yet. What is wrong of these people you know in its. I don't know fact question the fact that they're getting fired. He is like what do you think you would you please something like I don't know how they are are you thinking he can just. Offend every word and but then again you know Eliot there's a thing called freedom of speech. It darkness and time. No I agree I think we just that he's about children yet I did well. That but it but it just era it's not Smart. It's disgusting. And it's eighty Brad has not he's a child molest and are pretty sure another reason to step because it is disgusting. Buddies and I am a proud Metafile. We need doing moon and the things that he once little kids actually that's a good way to get investigated. The first share. And also an actor comedian Michael today Ian black he also talked about child that's crap and so. I don't think that's what putters or. Neither I think all of these should get your head examined. If you don't even know anybody on the play well and emailing at three that would bright even as. On them. I I don't know why you'd have a handle it doesn't mean at all and a little right it it's really pretty out there for the public's need. I'm having said that they've been sitting in traffic on I tweet that I meant to tell you that that's right and I tried I northbound and Jordan has been close but they aired get laid open. Really yeah there's a motorcycle accident with a budget car how old should get great openness so hang out an open in the loop. I hear about this but I shot just now on Twitter because I just needed doubling and check for 38 minutes. The world not Tiger Woods had come back. Hear what happened me and he took the lead in the British Open Scottish UPS's rates the open. Over the week yet he was behind by a three or four strokes and I did the wind was blowing it tiger shot lights out yet. And always does that mean Scotland down lights out meaning that he did really well well yeah. So it and the other guys stunk it up. And they started moving back which he started moving up that before you know it both by the tenth hole on the last day of the open yesterday's tigers in front. And I'm telling you I was actually on a golf course yesterday when this was going on every body at the golf course was watching their phone. Everybody who worked all my gosh he's about to make the comeback. That's what they slid 38 minutes. A shooter Tiger Woods now I mean I had people texting me powerful he was opened up and down in his chair and home. I. This. So then what did the lights come back on them what happened. He at the end any double bogey in the boat in the starting on backward than any loss. The finished high K like are you finished fourth. But we fifth where adding a guy that yes it did great. I was pulling for tiger you know and tiger is one of those guys that in the golf world. You know Lovie Marie Haiti there's nobody in between anymore you know it's kinda like trump. It tigers were those guys that most people think or a lot of people think he's pompous he had his problems drugs in all those hookers. Bottom of think it is more moral compass on point yes there are a lot of people that you know hold all that against them personally I'd like to see the guy win a note. Because you like men that go to hookers. Yup. Yup as soon as the only reason there. I could care less about golf. And you're I don't think. Well there have jobs and drag you know what they need to make a living at med school. It was up people like tiger that support a public at least supported. Well by the way sneak into that so I took my scent of Moulin Rouge you know. And up and parents and agency dredged released yeah which is super excited about so from different inaugural race so happy. It's so I was come the driver on the way back to the airport and he was asking what we did Macedonia lessons off French Luby's. Muscling. You know how they do that and then the drivers said. That his friend has an amazing not. What's his friend who. I guess during the wardrobe changes heated at southern Apple's. That's his job that he's pretty good job I don't call you ice and purples during the doesn't get it changed the little room. Really ask. That's a good gig camino let's say in a prayer get lessons offered them is that when that driver to get to the next level I was uncomfortable yeah how bad. PM with a twelve year old. Pregnant if you elect to think they're pretty open over there and oh my god. Yeah that's his job maybe you know maybe like after this gig is over. You can go and. It it it is crazy the mentality in those foreign countries are remember the first up I went to Amsterdam. And hamster at wide open. You go to the supermarket you're at a checkout line and where we have like cut TV got sued and it got us magazine and things like that. They have actual adult portraits place to place. Where we would pick up you know little thing but that's not fair. You can grab this ago right here in front of a and it worth to me are out. Just my son took a picture of nothing but he's out blasting winners Oliver able like we don't really need. I'm gonna go with you guys from the cigarette that put plastic when he knew. French movies for two weeks you've imposed everything did you can bet no you have to lot of kids out didn't didn't those blueprints for at least. And is going to replace their Abrams I'm teen mom OG. Bristol Palin is by the they gonna get 250000 dollars for joining the cast of teen mom OG. And it was announced last week the daughter former vice president candidate Sarah Palin will replace their Abram on the reality show engine 50000 are not that. Although I did see real housewives of a link death you know this is going to be their last season those girls that make it like two and four million dollars. Each per episode really and they said the not make a dent show itself isn't making any money weren't they just have a there because say they like that it pulls an African American I'm viewing audience and that makes it more diverse but it's the beginning like puzzles girls and make some. Other paying out more than the union that doesn't one person total blows it's like Jill wrote letters somebody. First franchise and a of them real housewife I and I think I think one person owns the entire franchise. I can't remember who it is. As the U Joseph Rogan maybe now. Am I don't know I don't know either but I know is. We need to get a franchise like partly due real housewives of. Little yeah I think it would sell you know highlands ranch would work for sure. You place government. Called snacks and yoga pants and Martinis. Intervals. In hateful crap going on them. And so might be a good fit because they were think and that fair Abrams to she's such a bitch. Being gone from team oh gee whiz mean a lot of reason why I watch it was very Abrams because she's still. Ridiculous. I watched her and so I was kind of saddened they fired her. Because she was ridiculous. Yet. In an aunt Sarah Palin and I don't mean Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol yeah I don't know either I don't know that much about her to begin with a with Indy co. Well that's who I was executive producer I didn't O'Neal I think he'll hold onto the field the entire franchise. You'll mentally he's worth. And I think the vampire slayer is getting every vote you can't believe that many of my friends are excited about this like any one years is being gone. Buffy the Vampire Slayer I never got into it but I guess send to bring in exactly Will Allen Grayson. McConnell and rousing imagery to. I'll come have to do it for. No new ideas and yes there. Never saw Buffy I think the idea wasn't a Buffy fan that never Angela Braly. I loved it really a yeah I don't even know what it was about. Tonight. Initially my boss at the term. She loves section of roof I can't lose on her new. Recognition it will kill you credibility. If you're big Buffy finished. Lindsay Lohan got a reality show she get home. Yep I guess link below and MTV are headed degrees or a re reality series the show will be set at a recently opened beach club on the Greek island. A Mac and host the show will follow her in the staff to bill Lowe in Long Beach house at work she has a beach house. Don't know if somebody bought it four against them anyway so and she's going to be working there and it's her million beach house really want to be exciting yet. I had just ahead and really have applied for Lindsay over him. And then she finally lays out one finally is Roseanne Barr went not against last night was last night's went nuts. Are you noticing I was last Friday's Roseanne Barr went on her YouTube channel Friday and I'm going nicely so explain here just. 188 called and asked me to explain my agreed to yet and I'm forget all week. I told them. I thought Valerie care what the wind. And I also sad and I'm willing to go on the view Jimmy Kimmel are what ever other show you want to go on and explain mapped to my audience. Out and at what happened what's about forty minutes after that might show was canceled or even want advertiser all about and I went labeled a rate that why you laugh. Well the answer is simple it's because I've voted for dog. And that hoddle. Yet. Yeah Rosie singers is pulling her racism on Donald Trump. Lou I don't know she says that's why she got fired she says things down talks yeah sure is yeah. You guys barely got out of Italy took it not being an American confused. I here's another clip from our. I don't. You and and and I. Well I know it's when. I think about it. And and that's why. How to help your cause. Well. What's the video now all my goodness. She is she looks like she's possessed really her hair she sweeter headed she elegant style reload it's great easy. She thought. It was worth it you who couldn't move you know much amateur and wouldn't we are we could drop out of the LBJ at Jamie. And how much has plummeted. I don't. You and and Al. I. Now I know explain. About acting up and ask you. So why and yeah yeah. Okay now okay that's an apology thunderbird yeah. Explanation well now look at her yeah yeah. A you go Rosie I don't know rooms in it does help you could I don't know. I GC record not. Yeah I feel like on the back of her report card isn't doesn't work well with dozens of them look cute picnic things at me. You. And then finally for you. Yeah owner whom I learned how to explain has ever posted a joke about you. On FaceBook or whatever and the people thought I was real like let's say you know that buff body that they put up but and they superimpose our faces yeah. Now know they really thought that was your money. Well mine was the when you look at the picture I'm that that little getaway to demonize those that's that's really a picture me. This is not voted job well this in this kind of maybe sat there are two things a cameo at the analysts. But Jimmy Darrell posted a picture and he said it was my hat's. And on the outside my house there's about 500 Amazon packages you thought. Because he said that I was home in time from my Amazon prime delivering a heap globally to speak. And he'll leave my house is 500 is on packages first of all you'd never post a picture of your house and at right or it. And Jimmy would it would it Nolan would do that either right it. Well I could see it did your house. I could see that dean you didn't get on a prime via did you guys now mind I forgot about it I'd I mean I literally forgot about a you're or another country so. And you just completely out of touch with the I mean I. I didn't you know that wasn't my day on Monday to surround on Amazon. Did you like I get an army ended up I don't. I did when I bought one movie. I'm Bob hot chicks Rob Schneider. But some logic with some of them want a lot for Wallin. We just bought we just pulled the trigger on the dispute but you just get that on lake Netflix there and don't wanna own. We wanna have the dvds so. Why 699 because we watch a lot of dvds in my house not having cable we watch a lot of movies over and and oh. The weed by the ones that throwing enjoyed so hot chick is now on rotation but it will be when he shows up beyond excited it should be here today. William Watson today. And pretty exciting that was an an but it was rewarding. They need from what I understand they blew the doors off on Amazon. You knows. You did didn't like 36 hours something. But it was time to do that and I'm hearing that instant at some of the deals now. That they left some deals via. That and every new insert this I believe I do need a top for a crock pot. I know it fell through for some reason that the ordered it and right now I just need the lid for crop up. I know but it didn't take them and and I waited you'd place. Much of my time you know I've waited for days that you Monday it was gonna show up and then it went on Amazon has sought the order was decline. I've been waiting outside for my bed for three day. What a waste of crock pot that's what you get and patient dies he waited outside. Every neighbors not plot it every day we have to do this that code word OK we'll do after commercial and when we come back yes we should play is this high received. The other chick the other side. On Kiley is currently what's the boyfriend. Travis okay you know they had a baby named shadow were whatever its name is. Stormy. Yeah like you don't matter if 5% maybe Jack Adams Stephen. I don't hold U Virginia. There's a quiz that she gives him on how well he knows her Jamie. They have a baby together he knows nothing about her image. We're gonna play audio out Kylie Jenner and giving her boyfriend quaint idea on how as part of ourselves. I can go back and it makes it that way it's hysterical it's. Tablets this guy does not know he's he's baby mama. I really isn't worth it everywhere I haven't heard it because it's worked because he just doesn't know anything about it. A look at as the that you're promoting that we come clean up. Take it for is disturbing I'm fresh back from vacation I'm not on May eighth game and this is all. Don't care with dear god. And Alex.