BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/10

Friday, August 10th

Kanye West was on with Jimmy Kimmel and he was pretty normal. He wants to see the educations system changed and he still watches porn. – McCauley Culkin was asked to be on the Big Bang Theory but turned it down 3 times. -  Kelsey Grammar says her has a secret tattoo below his belt – Kylie Jenner turns 21 this week and her gift was worth Millions. Everyone was there but Kaitlyn Jenner.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. So. Will came. The football any app tomorrow night I'll be brutally play. Vikings and a peacekeeping zone OT dot Gil and I we get quarterback from Minnesota Vikings yeah and I can't. I so everybody started about this electronic ticket thing and my girlfriend has text me she has season tickets is that there's no car. But no paper no paper for peace. And they processor and one reason they do electronic now as to track how many times you sell or transfer your season tickets. Because they don't want you to sell a certain amount of tickets against nosy. Nosy. Actually her and watched. I likes to get to this morning did you seeing it tiny Wesson Jimmy Kimmel did not I didn't even know. But they're nice talking about it because we are worried that it is gonna be weird so you see here's the thing a lot of long time ago. And Jimmy Kimmel and kinda US got a site. And I forgot what it was about but then Jimmy Kimmel start making funny kind in the got me started going after him and it was Justin Maxwell then they decides trying to. To seal the deal. He came on the show a couple of years ago when everybody has a little odd. Well I Jimmy Kimmel Sagan maybe it's not have a back. I guess he was a little odd again. You know he's just a little has not as bizarre though is he had as he has he been in that some people believe being add that he he got coaxed. Not a bit weird. Have you ever had one of those coaches the not to be weird coach now that public you know I haven't with the they say they might have encouraged to beaches cannon shell and here's one of the clips on display the. This interview I knew I wanted to stay in a calm state because by the time I got to TMZ I was wrapped up so was awesome is that the world catcher. Really experienced someone. You know wrapped up state and that he get these comments back to shoot out like almost like two Rex goes yup. Highs and lows only ally hi you're on a roll here below your well there's some. Chase the bipolar people go well I'm someone that. Goes ha eyesight like Michelle Obama say they don't have it streamed period. A depression. All now know. And you know by boat behind him bipolar leaves open that's that yeah but if you're always up on in your just polar. It took the fifth and hear how it. Yeah your high malaria. Again I don't really know what these clips Erica is not definitely names so I'm just gonna come out there okay. All right here's another I. I've never heard of a class that breaks down how you you know balance the checkbook or how you control your finances which have. My father never taught me that I have never heard of future class so they keep us so focused on history that we start to believe that it. Actually repeats itself and we become overly traditional. And we can't advance. As. A race of beings. We get too caught up in the past so what everyone's saying whatever he wants tweeting and sometimes you just have to be fearless enough. To break. The simulation and let me simulation that's what I mean by the simulation side argument. With me. He's and they can't balance his check but because the history. But at. I happen. The book because there's not a classic time had a had a balances his Jack plug instead. All the classes they learned in high school college were all about history. East also our guest spot looting went out the education system in this country is completely broken. And he needs to be fixed because he does not arm and balances checkbook but I don't know of car he's got to fix. Or should even. I don't know. It Kimmel you gotta figure the kid Jimmy Kimmel think him borders as well boring interview. I just tell you have three more they Sergio were the wet stuff. I don't know what he's saying I don't know what eighth and again. There's been short. They don't get people. Well how did you book content any answers we didn't you don't book kind able Condit decides he's book he just lets you know there. That was then how does not favor clip. Because it sure at the actors in the loop when you ever. And concerned about her being alone in the Oval Office with president truck hit. The quality of the player I think. Now let's get into Donald Trump's player. That's funny and it finally this is a good but you wet dog Jimmy Kimmel talking about it aren't you feel. Like. Dour attitude towards women has changed since having daughters. Not still look at porn hub and this stuff do you look at what category. I lacked is my favorite. But it that in what's the point of being famous to be chant let's break down you know photographers. Lot of black on white obviously. Mirroring your own self your own situation I'll reality yeah. This is sing god it was just talking about the education. And into fifth place check some broad unity and I ice via motorcade admitted he lived educated through porn hub. Yeah. Until they tell us he's not that's not bipolar waist and I it's called manic. You know we listen we really don't know we don't and it's plays out like I got he's talking about PF Al. What's that Paris financial illiteracy. Womb and men. Look at well. He you know if Hillary didn't know alone is blurred some twenty days there is a personal hell yeah. It felt problem and NATO. Then got today's payday and isn't the cures but PFL is today paid a I don't know I think so it's a Friday yes. 'cause UT FL show on nine that I won't be pretty disarmament. Yeah urban national treatment takes up imports crazy yeah I'm going to later paid. Enough by the shall pay system and our sport whenever. It's just every two weeks. Ever in the Friday though and but I am. It. Weird on the tenth. Moving on. And did you know that Macaulay Culkin they really want him to star in the Big Bang theory but I love that Big Bang theory it's pretty funny Burris should I have to say it's it's pretty darn funny. But am I guess here's what it is what is said about it on the podcasts there they. They pursued me for for the Big Bang theory and I said like Noah select and it was kind of the way that pitch was is kind of like all right least you're like astrophysicist nerds and and a pretty girl lives at them you'll links plea you know in the and that's a look adolescent and uncle thinks now and then they came back at me again and it shouldn't Ehrlich and but again flattered but now. And then the the Nikkei Beckett me again in my even my manager was like twisting my arm listen I got hundreds of millions of dollars right now food if I did that get it this time I'd be bashing my head against the law. Yeah you look bad now the Big Bang theories said she she huge monster hit it's been on for years. He'd beaten half so rich. Yeah certain things you just miss out I'm I had it happen if everybody. Everybody feels that yeah everybody had to that one time that if this had have worked. I would be worth X amount of dollars yeah I think we all look at that. For example if you buy Amazon when it first came out. You'd be worth like in any but I think it was they said if you put 101000 dollars an Amazon when it first came out you'd be worth ten million dollars now. Who. Why I was telling you last week about that story I don't think we're talked about an hour near remember. B.s those parents. We can't remember that story a piece of bees so who is that I would Amazon right. When he first came out what Amazon is vacuum like 1985. Or any fiber something. His parents invested every dime they had. It was like somewhere around 70000 dollars. And he would do his parents and said look this is a real iffy and risky thing to do it here I'm not sure is go to work and have them take their money back out. If they'd left it. They would be worth almost a billion dollar you can't. All locked out they still have obviously when they've gotten back in there they're looking good yes but. If they'd stated that 70000 dollars it was the it was like 600 million it's worth. I keep weight as recently snapped like I put in Lebanon at 300 dollars into that start up that pot I think 300 dollars. Internet start up in my psyche going on that's pocket remember that writes that. Main news is worse 78 dollars and involved in the well. We need it and and yet we never thought. Puck go opened spoke like infinite. Did but it didn't food day. I was at Amazon thing you know it was. There's some company that done and what they do but anyway I was I got this and I got like insider trading you know in ball idea yeah. You know tip to tip it tip ID NT ER that tips on US and it. Did she could purchase geeky at the spoken its own pot well you know like this. It was actually some Texas. I got back to waited no text and you know I was amazed at eighteen if you wanna get on against got a good start got stuck with marijuana. Go with this guy and I was like okay cool and so I did it in the Yahoo! now has its NATO where to go text NATO misleading edit it. So costs are fortunate yeah it's. So he hadn't. And let's see here. Kelsey Grammer talks about his private jet team with his wife's name. Yes but not by. It's below the belt Kate at me about whatever getter name tattooed on my body somewhere and I said sure but then we both thought it was better to keep it out of sight so he has not reciprocated at this point but I think she actually work. One is fascinating are glad you heard that I don't know creature that they I don't think he's breaking because Keita shortening. Right after I hit it out at the. As I don't think he's bragging at all yeah this is your second Wiener joke in an hour Catherine if he was you know Catherine on there because if. Who's counting. And then finally what I did not know she's only twenty years old. Remember when Kiley had the fortune fortune magazine for the youngest billionaire yeah I know because she was plagued a move them. You guys she's turning 21 years old today Kylie Jenner is 21 and how. Much are bill as for her 21 birthday. I'll answer. Over and yeah dollar. I was gonna guess about armed fifty. Over a million dollars for your when he first part of me and go to Jacqui jeez well no they didn't put up big no well. Not to that adds crazy we just as since they. Oh they throw in you know started last night against the parties continue today to material like what 67 different clubs after they went they went to each. The whole group went out to eat all the sisters in that Scott dish it came along colliding with met them after the I'd Jimmy Kimmel thing are just a bunch old boyfriend. The feds say Blake Griffin guys showed up they said that's nice yeah they they invited everybody. I don't want the winner treaty. I don't like that you know Elvis just the. That's not cool. We've got Scott DC mayor she didn't invite her daddy her daddy and her mother know him notice and knowledge and it's rumored that. Do the every popular dad still your dad she's still her dead. Yes you would have to say she's still her dad I think so we have the word dad get it now say both sexes on it. Oh. Who really got. I don't know why he had to get up to whisper I'm his liking. I'm praying that they tell you that right out the definition and dad and I'm in my offensive whom. To be like her hands. Is lebed says male drug used. Opting attracts about what well I know but I just want to make sure it's right now I'm reading definition of dad any nowhere in their dad's father. Old man pop pop but does it really assigning gender. So dad is a non gender specific word what does it say that this. Dad is the it just says father this is definition of dad's father. Can't deal deeper than national oh. A man who's gotten a child. Is is that gas and as a man. Because I'm doing is like seven and Clinton Era guy yet. Oh man yeah man if it says man oh we got a problem. The definition of dad his father in the definition of fodder is Amanda. At a time Caitlin and what's an at the party so that's what I found really wrong this ad is. Well she you you know why because that dealt with the mom's name him yet know the mom Chris grant serious at all. But now those days I hate him and I got tablet trash. Yeah and more on Alex I.