BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/13

Monday, August 13th

Jamie got in a fight over a bee in her water on Facebook – Omarosa is on tour trying to sell her book that Donald Trump is a racist she also recorded her firing.  -  KUWTK the sisters going to Therapy – The Greatest Showman won at the Teen choice awards – Rainn Wilson tweets some strange things – McCauley Culkin wants to marry his girlfriend and put some babies in her, she is Asian. – Lindsay Lohan says she is sorry for saying that the women on in the #MeToo movement are weak – Grave Condition for Aretha Franklin and she may pass away this week.  

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Hollywood news and gossip. Is Hollywood isn't gosh she's tabloid track. Now this 1059. Most upmarket no I ages I am fits planning. Eight I saw that yeah he just did he just went right now what ever you. Who's to say it's obviously had to be judge and I've never see is they like bringing jazz to. Did it kind of got the end of my at my water into the vagina and became that they will be yea I'm pregnant. What do you mean it's a thing well and Monday even just deleted all his stuff because he got crazy lilies water and it isn't always I think everybody would Diet Coke. This it's like it's a baby in Lula in your water with lemon it's it's only deal folks. If Beckett down OK if it's it's going to be okay and now. I got it to be able Gilliam. And Ira I'm pretty sure this doesn't need to dumbest thing it was instant picture. And then he Melba I know what Al again but with the I Aggie a disappointment in that general of the united food and water going to be in that thing. I don't know people who think smoking is. Finally eat it if yeah. Drug. I saw god today is supposed to be I just saw two just few minutes ago is I guess it's national. Left handed day. Was instant today I don't know I just saw a disorder at a computer day or so that was that was it. The very next post he teaches posted god congratulations to all left handed people are updated so I I noticed that. Then next posts. Left handed people socked. Today show and it's like what does. OK so this did today yesterday when the next boat left handed people stuck at. It takes a legend they are you know I don't know if he doesn't really mean it. It and it is you can vote once the news but I'm gonna watch the bald dude. Right yeah how does what it is too crazy guy that's. Have wired and got to be day it's okay what else did just don't get sucked now at an apt since then let it go. And here. I'm roasts and she had this look out man and it is just scathing ridge is horrible about the president of the United States of America. Donald Trump the problem with that is. Even if you love that she's an analyst crap about trump you know maybe you don't like chanting you'd love that she's saying it she you know credibility in my book she's got. None and all of already you know they Marty claim that you know most of the stuff sell lies anyway yeah she just trying to sell books. Like everybody else detritus to write a book about anything to do politics biggest wanna sell books right. Yes so she also secretly recorded two wind and the chief of staff John Kelly came into our office to fire. Erroneous there's a couple minutes until orders. We got to talk your book the leaderboard. That's got my attention. There's been some pretty in my opinion significant integrity. Issues through which you would use of government vehicles and some other issues that walk you through the legal aspects of this. From my views this as some money issues other things but from my view integrity issues that are serious. And you you're open to some legal action. We hope that we can control. So with that. If you would stay here with these gentlemen building this thing though. And passionate couple questions that the president is that you know where. Don't believe it's not good on the road this is a non negotiable discussion. I don't know cushion yeah. Every time that it just Pataki's competitor so this is my departure like that before an opportunity. Understand this one on the step toward me you know the president. So after that Portugal's performance it is interest. I believe she release that made her a bath. You know makes her look bad because obviously she's taking government vehicles as the money. I have flashbacks from yourself. With me on October 1990 have a plan called into an all of you who don't. Did you take government vehicles and money no home no the record companies stuff and oh yeah a bit blind in our guest at stake each side it. The out neighbor to remember and it's and a and they're so direct and when that. They're human resource persons in the ad you know something's up as soon as you walk in the room you know yen and that non negotiable thing that's what they do. They just tell you shut the hell up Pakistan appear five here. Don't think that he's using fear the deer have been there. Yeah gang. And we've not been there all day everybody flustered don't give it their all logged in Nam and yeah it's not on Mayo Oro morose. So yeah. And tells me depressed she secretly recorded your hiring. I did not have this recording people would still believe the false. Incredible story that I was running around the White House the false story that was told our reporter and repeated by this network and other reporters. That I tried to charge beat a resident of light and has a lot if I didn't have this recording listen people would still think that I was trying to set off alarms so yes I have to protect myself and I no regret about it. I didn't even hear that rumor I don't know what you thought I epic and you know we're here every day we hear all the new stuff that I have no idea what she's talking about. I didn't hear that she tried to sell off alarm I'm a deal I think the recording personable I think John Kelly what he says there's very professional. It's exactly what happened since out of firing you're not allowed to argue with. Because don't you start arguing that it just turns ugly and I am OK so they just walking and they say here's your papers it was you know. Best in future endeavors meant. I love the future and usury endeavor it's our favorite yeah I always tell you they wish you the best in future endeavors in your guy. Don't let this radio station is paying a future endeavors. And every single person and this is hardly the future endeavors. That's like change it up a bit but. I don't they write that Francis didn't look that they wish is monarchy and. Did you see where one employee who left here it's been a long time ago. Who left here on our own accord they because he got a good job or whatever read Dave left a thank you. To everybody here in a building that works with our company they left to thank you to everybody wishes all the best in our future. I go out. Yeah. You can they chose to late into the right yeah it's hard. For them back. Good for them I hear is the third clip from I'm arrows explaining why she thinks Donald Trump is a race. Had an opportunity to go out in Los Angeles and sit down. With the person who actually has a copy of the tape. And I heard his voice as clear as you and I sitting you have heard the two I have absolutely so you know it exists and I know it exists and once I heard from myself. It was confirmed. What I feared the most. That Donald Trump is content and has been masquerading as someone who is actually open. To engaging with diverse communities but when he talks that way the way he did on this tape it confirmed that he is truly gave racists. Now she's confirmed that she's never heard that and that was a lot that was a total lie and here's what president trump says about to calmer. I don't know. Is Jennifer other roses is the low life to me. You know she's getting what she won and we're talking about her we and not matter news or in about a book though that's what you want now. Probably feeling I have about a book catalogs they didn't get into an Indian healthcare out of your instruction book on the button box. Yeah I I hand him. And good. And Sunday nights right. Yeah I think so that the act and. Know for sure that I don't watch. I'm not about since day I don't know if you well I guess they've decided that they're gonna go to therapy together. We're all going to therapy to cap rolled out it's happening why because we all need to communicate with the mediator and we don't have that mediator I don't really think we need to go to therapy to be honest to solve our problems I think they should just talk. You're the one who I think has the communication and show. Just today. We always have such sweep things under the rug that we don't talk anything true that's what this Finley does. And therapy area on your phone back do you give her therapist attention. All of them and they are and who is that music that we're demanding I I. And it and you know I'm all right you say excellent nightly look at them and is under. Since they said they see as communication problem teach ya off and he has got thrown out the equipment. All I can say is that is one lucky therapist oh yeah all random one room yeah that's crazy well. Well before I tell you know what this is this is just future episodes local artists all it is and it's beautiful they're so Smart because what will happen is of the topic that's brought up. In the therapy and then die die die. I spin off into everything else that develops after that before that it's fantastic really it's a great idea yeah. It was teen choice awards I guess in the worst movie on the planet all nominee Friday. One and I saw this movie and you guys it's horrible it's called the greatest show me and greatest Selma really Schulman. It was awful. But yeah really yeah the problem. I heard that yet the critics and a lot of but the public hated it. Welcome Zach S shrines in Anthony's hot. That's really L Ed Gordon for its. And the circus themed musical the greatest showman blended teen choice awards for best movie drama and an I an hasn't. Just from Disney I forgot her name but when you see or hear like you remember her from all that like the Disney shows. So forgot her name but it says she was it is it that makes sense maybe the teen choice awards. She was in as well. Paso and Iran is set did you watch a team sport no. And intensity. OK is your watching the Kardashians Kim so busy. Know what to watch and heart ash it. Rain will sit heat like Dwight on the office. Put him he's weird and that's really a weird story that we all love him is right on the office let. He has somebody to that he disclosed some is weird. Is that text or is are these tweets do you know John. Their tweets. Right and tweet tweet. There we aired. So he and his wife ran a foundation in Haiti for disadvantaged girls and again love him on the office right move pretty well all this weird crap like. What about human baby meet. Which I ate for dinner I'm thinking cost us a little concerned this morning FM blood my urine were not my ear and a baby yearn I was washing my hair wet. A beautiful day for the ritual sad and sacrificing. Of a virgin. How many times does it take to screw in lightbulb 121 does screw it in their eleven to kidnap written show on its human babies. Nobody gets what he's doing in Britain world word is like on drug. Use it doesn't make these new. So everybody is like and of his contract diseases like cracked out. Oh. And tried scare with the causes the weird and MacCulloch populace they have tiny little Asian babies are good for him yep BBP and former child star Macaulay talk unless you have tiny little Asian babies of his girlfriend Brenda Song. He was on to peptide dashed any shared that he's now ready to start a family with a girlfriend Brenda Song. He says I'm gonna make some babies this one's a good 1 I am a good of college but some of them a baby is entered in a little bit the okay I mean would definitely been practicing. And add this plan I'm going to have some pretty baby she's Asian Simon have tiny teeny tiny little Asian maybe. And no. Yeah. Yeah. I think he's jacked up just from the early days. So Mason junior so wrong the greatest showman is the best movie ever and I've seen eleven times eleven time I let. Oh. It was cheese ball or is it about. It was about this guy who but a circus. Yes. Yeah Barnum and Bailey's story or is just a random circuit story. I remembered it's Aziz loosely based on the Barnum and I feel like it is yeah as long time since I've seen. I think you're right Sean I think it is basically like loosely based about the and it's a musical to yet and I tigers get well attend that small holes let neighbor hood. Sounds great. The little watch it sounds that you should be and it. I'm not a good and gets out and stump so a little child's bed. They have played twice over the animals because there is slated fired not him I thought it. Animals go wild crazy for a yes. Smith's name and they grant then the Macs it it's very stressful period with the cookbook then parallel thing is they're very stressful. And then finally found Lindsay Lohan has apologized for implying that hash tag meet two women are weak good she needs to she rarely does in. Are you the low life. I guess she implied and bad that women who came floors are just doing it for attention and questioned why they won it waited for the movement to gain steam before they came forward. In an interview though she is apologized for the comment saying I feel very strongly about the need to movement. And have the utmost respect and admiration for the women brave enough to them warm where. That's silly you make the news. And then to see I think Aretha Franklin's gonna die it does look that she's in grave condition you I'm still in grave means grave. The musical into the grave grave I guess of grave gravely ill in case you I didn't know at that reasoning here. We took Franklin. So it isn't near. Why don't feel good life she really it was a good run cleanly outlook and love them. She was one whom you know very talented lady she sure was BJ Harris she sure was yet. How old is she anyway who can hear me again and it might not any. Seven days. On the emotionally you know. Right there yeah tablet trash. Change weekly immortal John Ellis nice nice.