BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/14

Tuesday, August 14th

Lisa Marie Presley is broke and now she Is going to do a duet album with her dad’s songs. People are slamming her for this. -  Denise Richards has joined the cast of Real Housewives. - Steven Tylor gives positive thoughts for Aretha Franklin, she is on her death bed with a Hospice nurse  - Stomy Daniels is doing a reality show in England – Kim Kardashian is super upset about Kanye’s new song XTCY where he says he has 4 Sister-in-laws he would smash.

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Hollywood news in DOS shell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis one fund known and unknown. Out. It. I have them let's see we're gonna start there's just so much crap to doc about and I'm saying crap because it basically is crap. Missile segment sometimes guys need bat crap crazy really it pool once the aircraft let me get this is meaningless you know to me it is just. I offered nothing do you keep well I offer enough Craig I'd tell you. I think you're wrong argument I think this is very important we do I think this is the way people like to start their day they need to get be updated on what's going on all these celebrities really you know what's what's shaky in the world well the first well I have you know Lisa Marie Presley is it's crazy guys it's easy that she's broke. I don't even if the matches broke. I don't know pub by. We think she's just high net because that guy wants it. Barak's. Yeah well I'm would you know I can't fathom how you can be broke because arm she. She still owns quite a bit of the Elvis estate right. Not quite a bit at all like 1520% or to that don't believe make like sixty million dollars a year even he's even though he's. As we read that her expenses she says are like a million dollars a month or something wrong. So she can't afford your lifestyle. A million dollars ammonia at the summit remembers some or did you actually darting out. Is self put RVE Livan than anecdotal campgrounds small well yeah racquets. Connie hopes and yes tiny sect. So people are giving a crap because I guess she is done and decide to do a duet with her dad. And people are saying the real Elvis he owns that Kansas saying well it's weird that all of a sudden nationalist and do a duet with her dad now that she's broke. And they're saying that she's just cashing in on her father's name. In desperation. She's done this for us yes yes she is if you go on the line. You can find these different videos of all the soon Lisa Maria how they got it you know you what do they call that item of Ouattara hologram right what exactly it is but the they do a couple of bud duets together. Like in the ghetto I think is one. Lisa Marie Presley is sunny act talk show in England I believe and she was talking about the new Elvis compilation and duet with her late father. Lisa's been bowl. Stick by fans after the interview saying she just cashing in on her father's name. She's Borough I don't blame her we F you the FB secured debt Kenya. Okay he would want you to do it. A son has a little bit event. But the move anything. I. The whole. We. Do. He turned on the Hollywood being. Just. Much. He. She added. As he is. Bruins. Move was to take a while yeah. They show what do you put him that the deer when you see her coming in OK the welcome back to. Look back. A look at those equity in the air and later I'll just quickly there I'll just quickly turning back up again Dan Boone when she gets in the right now mistaken for it was putting me sleep and then they look at the way. Me being. Even even. It's. All my. Yeah that's in broad. Lebanon's nine. I didn't notice what he would want her to sing with them issue with a banana a year ago and though. When I was nine. And Danny Richards. She he is the former wife of Charlie Sheen. And she's the new cast member for the real housewives of Beverly Hills here's what she had to say. You know but a fan of the show and Weezer and as a very good friend of mine love and theft. So yeah I think it'll be a fun a fun ride and something completely different then you know I'm excited actually about it. Edit ensure happens that are out. I'm Italian Denise Richards is to meet at the BM does let the Beverly else she gives me and I'm now in hand was all PLC should just sell and should I get nervous girl you know it doesn't move. And no offense to you nervous girls the in that weird nervous girl type. You could put no offense do you weird you know national parks. That's what did he says he picked up but yeah I dated as. I am not looking towards it are. Well like I said last week I think part of the reason she's going to mirrors because I think Charlie's gonna make some appearance yet that he does that again that will be. Awesome Alice Charlie tinian what first year. But the that intrigued you in your car loans. I am. Let tears Steven Tyler is real real sad I guess everything of Franklin is at home on hospice care. Which is by the way thanks Ali hospice nurses and tell you they may my mom's last days amazing. If that can be said that's a tough gig so does it ever Chia. Yeah but I mean that they know what there they noted that this is the last moment my mom would laugh so much with our hospice nursing. She was just so fun and awesome and and night. My dad loved there it was real. Currently in the roadway but let. In not Jess. In almost what you just said there if it's not just a patient themselves but the hospice people they work for the fans as they are ossetian they're amazing yeah. So anyway and she yeah. She is at home being taken care by hospice nurses and season cause the scare Stephen Tyler sent out a shadow to work. Prayers. I think I sent an almost all the time I should listen to the stuff we are playing you keep forgetting to do its and it was the key here it. You know me and I think he said prayers to her outlook. I notice the shot solid B but stormy Daniels is going to be on a reality show what. I think all right well here's the good news in the UK there thank god. She's could be on a reality show it's am. It's cast members ask for forgiveness for past scandals. And other celebrity's son on the season. This reality show is princess Diana's former sidekick. A also a former broker named nick liaison who went to jail for fraudulent trading the cost as bank. Millions and millions hundreds of million dollars and and money angling. Like. She's going to be the actress yeah which is weird to happen. So I guess stormy is gonna compete on this reality show in London. And we're all really looking forward to. I don't know any of the others are stormy obviously would do in the news for Kirstie Alley a little surprised she's still would nations. They'll get slightly. Well what is her and risk. In fat I don't know. I don't know if that's a scandal. Well I don't know winners in the would be though amid a story he got in the I I don't I knew I guess he cheated out of millions of dollars I get that I think. Is when she did the Weight Watchers scrap. And she act like she was skinny and she really wasn't as finance the superimposed turnaround scheme about it. Pneumonia at. I think that's a scandalous. Who's been. Can't figure it out. So I say I know where is. Her own familiar type them with the and so pretty you know little nervous girl I don't listen like a nice text. Yet. And then finally. Heading into that this can Gagne. What I. Can't isn't. Yeah. I've been almost here on camera card action is furious. Overtime it went gross son. About wanting to have relations with her sister all know she's furious she's furious she said it nobody bet timing never told her or her sister won't know. The song's gonna be released where it says you got six lots. I got more of them you got a sister and log he would smash I got four of them all mineral that's more and then at at that and the yeah and made out of so Kim says she is live at that he didn't run the lyrics by any of them were dropped the song. And everybody's grossed out the family by it. And then ultimately shocked that he would sex lies them like that. Oh yeah I would not just shy. They didn't sexual artists would ask families that is sold wrong isn't. Here's the clip of the song. There you go alone they are lit the oh man. There are so old man this morning but but but but I don't buy this government does is it Cooper he's in his car draft you're right that is a pilot gravity and over there at it. Exactly right. There is no way that there are upset they've been sexually. I want witness like like this with the assault. This album has been out what a month. And all of a sudden they're upset they can't hurt his yes. Yeah Audi than yesterday Kim Kardashian comes out the other topless picture oh she's been centralized the. He has been sexual isolation in a condition yet now. She put out the season victim and Aldridge is a victim well not any minority issues over the and that she was up to how good she is so upset and Zeller and she she she's got a topless picture where she's lying on the bed she's laying on her stomach so you don't really see. But he's got a long. Where ever but stuck up in the year. I should just sell life but I but it's a centralization. Obama McCartney song that's got upset lab. Let me read these lyrics against the aisles because there there are there remains a deep. But you've got six knots. I got more of them you got a sister in law you would smash. I got four of them. While there tablet trash speech in weekday mornings on Alex I.