BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/15

Wednesday, August 15th

Jamie is nervous to start her workout today but now BJ says she is missing something for her outfit – Colorado Classic starts this weekend – Taylor Swift talked about her Groping case in Denver yesterday was the anniversary of the winning the court case, she is grateful to her fans  -  Mark Wahlberg  now owns a car dealership. – A teen is hit by lightning and lives to tell about it. – The People who had the children in the desert in New Mexico all but one has been released.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Kelly Whitney doesn't mean these tabloid trash and analysts 1059. Me. This yoga thing could get in the way of this job. Came out and I'm excited. Try to sign up tour right now. But it's part of the you know the company to actually come down on somebody who's trying to get him to fit exactly and saying yeah I don't think he can be fired. I don't either I mean a person like let's see you leave your job in your gone for a couple of hours that you're gone to work out get healthy beef that. Right I mean come back to work camp fire you for that mean if they couldn't make it higher all the people that go out for thirty minutes ago smoke and exactly yeah well I admire that they're going out to kill themselves they play you're going out to to be a better person. I was company edged hilly pistons if I had employees smoked. And they do it on the clock and time every day same amount of times every day and it's clockwork isn't. I'd you know I just I really really care yeah you did it. OK so let's talk about why are you shocked that I have announcement. EU and put up gardens and yeah. Yeah no it. Indexes ended except getting an inkling. All of it it should minutes. At gets may have yeah its Everett hit that I need it funny that I ever been in the fitness world correct so good to colts yesterday to get my fitness on yet. About these backs and all big cut out and stuff it's so weird let everybody know. What were they Qaeda. Elation. At the bit we're while. Must be a new look. It even more. I guess it interesting about this conversation is. You're cold car works well I had to pick yeah you've paid it all I did all of them because I know they were held in an interview off. You're good in good grip and what your life is turning around. It can act yet I don't I'm haven't promised I think that my classes full well darn. She editing of video blog with the next doping code and get ready food and welcome. Visible now it's not remember I told you say a prayer. He had noticed yeah that goes. Well look look tiger you're you're not there yet he's you have it mated to a flask yes yet for just wait state. Clothes look great don't get me wrong. He looked the part but I that you gone far enough. I'm checking availability. This whole like thing it's called a stab method and everybody sign that it's like thousands of these plays and all across the world. Really yes really weird it's like orange area guessing that you could you can change it. I. Argued that women are I would be yoga are you actually going to a location to do it or are we is that like a video how I go to woods. Com you go to the Jia aunts. There's a lot of people doom of the videos and on minding of the streaming kind of like that Allopod you know they they with a bicycle to view the stationary right they do it on and it's all the idea right you do that's Sean right yes and you know a lot of people do the exercise seem that way. Out of work. The. You are both points the first date. At what. Can't go to and you got canceled last. I did we currently Marlins but I only mark. It cut that he can fire you for that you're getting the help that I'm such knowledge you have of cigarette. No it's actually attend when OK I can make that and it's right there both by the give me alone I do I so cute little let me call her. So women you don't have the look at. Don't have the whole look you are missing some women in autumn Britt sticks NATO aren't letting what you he's got to get her sneakers on I do she's got. Look at these other Sox look at these not the least not to have these pads and I don't. There's you know that that non slip the bottom of the put on it and let OK art so she's got the entire outfit there is one accessories that must be taken to the gym. Or you are gonna looks a little out of blaze in the way we are going to be. That question you're gonna be laughed if you don't listen to me on this okay but I'm gonna put it sticks NATO would see if you can guess. 5105 night you've got one when the wind is little essential. Something it's this. Jodie you know what it is I think I tell them is I'm not in its own and doing well I didn't hear after this break consent leg farmers. The momentum Atlanta. That you're not proud of me I am proud of me and clad. As I'm wearing new outfit from colds I loan will only be shocked on. Richard I mean this out but you guys don't fall over dead. He may be this crap. I know you don't think I know you don't I am shocked the but again I know he. While she knew about the group on its I've seen him do it up you don't use that you simply buying it just to have it does say you did. This is it's a free trial membership for a week political fall we'll look through it. Yeah I get to transfer of waste oh sorry you can't yet vote so few disks are just drop this thing. After a week it's no charge right so you could show up today. Then in the engines them. Were. Just I took I think. He and you've only when it isn't working now you. As you have a great partner for humor in it. We're going to be agenda dungeon and in. I don't work out Sheen may well have rights and oh yeah you bet pellet gun I got the pillow died after he read this dike. Right at you right dead plight. The name one instructor. I can name several. That we'll. Be happy at all because he likes girls have the big boobs lean over the bike Jennifer hot hot hot hot hot. And Israel these reality is real. That eighth street and calls her mail and stricter boyfriend. His name is Curtis I think the dumb name SF IR. Sorry the cut cut cut at that and not it anyway. Isn't tablet trash telling you would like to do that exposure OK okay and stick. I wish I and that's right are you right in the Colorado classic I am not zone down. When. Because I've got to craft show that we're doing this we would sit and listen look we met at you know get a good decorated gay and Electra went around it has cells of tied Isaac yeah. Later riding a bike you have to go to work out I think it's how I. Well it's an arts and crap and it didn't that's why can't ride the bike yamana. Hustle but I'll ride my bike another day. They went to come out classic that begins tomorrow huge all of these cyclist. The big went yeah I was looking to IMAP and Twitter friends who know with all these different them them fire agencies and the like. To show you know there's got to really put a damper on the traffic hit a multi day event I believe it is less domino more I think Dawson bell and down the Denver and yet it is the multi day this stunt to pro ride goes it. No I don't believe so. No this is just there right you can buy into just like other right in there. I mean they go through mail right ya an ever agree is a dad outta here right yes it's craze. Awesome I Saddam personnel had been. In sentencing in a it's not often that's let's get physical. What about the race that's all there are already wrist band no links it's not the wrist bands that's missing I can't multiple holder. Hill is that the two joked I'll read a mall at. Hit it right totally real dissect. We are swept guys best day in and talked about the groping incidents that happened here in Colorado if you don't remember. I guess Taylor Swift I net non I guess I know. Taylor Swift there was this guy he worked at that wasn't the conversation moon and he allegedly or no he did because it Ingram during the owner and V aids and yep group and he did that's and then the jury. Ruled that she was in fact assaulted by this guy. In mid 2013 meet and greet and got to know where she talked about why she did an irony of their eagerness. Yeah. I was yeah. Yeah. Years ago. Its. Earnings. Okay and then he's still so much we're really gonna. And you know I guess it was the anniversary it was here reverser why bring it up. I could stage clinical trial locations we have a long way to the US bank with them blown. And does not guarantee the third guy to come up and grab them you know we all know that the audience. Just a way that they can add the fans more than I guess than ever wrote in Sonoma and my that would grab did here I have. You can't even. So he's yeah. By the way those two clips sir the entire concert she incidents on hot. I want ads. Tayshaun Fiat. And people are calling news that's want to well I guess the column Randall classic solely for pro writers. You know I I I. I know that's on I know there's a pro he didn't think he said he could I entertainment and you can't. And I just into entry fee and it's like a professional. Crying and watch him pro and watch the rose man is the pros but as you can you know the experience. Ian who might take it. That's an idea where all my stuff looked perfect okay you know arts and crafts. I can't arts and craft are arching crap. In cake decorating. Yes I know you decorated cake and one ribbon though it was not so yes I did win re not supposed weapons. Well I wasn't gonna entry into the contest it was a last minute thing as a clutch decision. So I didn't actually intend to win a ribbon but I. Feeling that something weird going. This is why we don't ask. What I told you I I there was cakes that we don't so people can try cakes for the cake contest you need some for tastings and stuff so I thought I'll make some cakes for tasting. I did little or did the design of the logo of the west to welcome we boot and then when they saw this and I needed to entry into the decorating contest. As the and in Canada Germany and that is right and I reluctantly agreed to and that haven't been happy we have been dealing with the two cakes who. Until he was supposed to be here's where I'm get from this. He wasn't an into the damp and it Robin island. I got really have a light injury we'd throw in your cake. They went in and the but the. The UK okay we authenticate. I think the cake yeah I couldn't make any day. They negate it yeah. Hopefully it's still crazy at at at at that I even know him anymore and hit it I think a lot of things seemed all I did but I know you time yourself yeah I didn't hate to put the well shot even I know that guy anymore that don't follow their domestic. YouTube got a lot of weird grabbed dollar. And I yeah. You know where we're gonna Wear is correct you see getting and so it's about. A lot Mark Wahlberg child is out selling Michael Strahan heads straight and a car. This from John. He was on with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America and mark just purchased the I dealership. Yeah he wants to be a car dealer now walled gardens urges that car dealership shared yeah. Craziest thing to do though I say it's part of their investment and they don't include very much money up on this stuff they did it's usually their name. Probably right now as is and he gets in Columbus Ohio's dealers if so Michael want him to you know here is say OK so here this. Yeah sales pitch up on a bike park talk to put you on the reused. Or at least. I just outputs and a beautiful traverse. You know brand new whole package on star. In but you know what. When Nike menu AM low interest rates you're gonna pay extra because you got a lot of money. Illinois got a good idea. I know I about a car dealership Mark Wahlberg any part of that done hamburger joint to write a what a burger now let wall merged wheel of her. That would better know what Burnett and as a whole different camera they yeah you and is there are all here nope now. I never tried it their vicious rumor yummy. And then finally paid teen Ager was the idol mania. You know this terrifies me you know. I guess that it was even seen by surveillance cameras as he stuck by lightening any now can talk about the moment it happened. I let out Superman now they're solid subversive. Like he. Pretty much and elegantly guard my leg hurt here. And it just felt like Eagles in Wisconsin's. Absence mean. Up to god because. It brought the hand. Like I did today. Is all miracle. What is happening. I was the most convoluted. And peace audio I've ever heard in my damn light from. What witnesses. That kid got hit by the yes I sure did until he Eli talked about and I don't know anything about sigh I'm really what it's figure this out. Did you seen that those people in New Mexico. They might be released. I think you were early they were yesterday that give the guy wasn't. The equipment. And there's they knew that was a dead body hair they said they had enough on the guy to keep a dime but the women again. McCain should say neither is it dead body and all those kids where Bertans totally cute yeah. And so I think there are three women write three Y a graduate of Libya. And I think those three. Were able to be to bail at that the other guys being held without. I still get that deal and not well. Did so simply because I think that these three women were there under their you know under a spell themselves against her will. So I I don't know if they actually were responsible I dug at the bottom of it. But I don't know if there at the heat is the ringleader there's no doubt about banner hangs so I can see how the other three could possibly be like go yeah. Are you. They're victims too. You'll know that they're making them still very go to Abu address changed and we see more.