BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/16

Thursday, August 16th

Angelina is trying to get full custody of the kids so she can scrub Brad from her life. This is why she is going after Brad and court system – Kris Jenner was asked what she thought about Kanye’s song saying he wants to smash his sister-in-law was fun and she loves him still – Johnny Depp says that Amber Heard pooped in the bed once, Amber said it was the dog – One Direction could reunite someday.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. I'm at let's get two of these things out he had any day it's a Friday. Fantastic. Beautiful day it never happened with the weather yesterday I was Lleyton now I would wait no I. And on Monday they said the best opportunity for some three sip would be on Winston. We got it on Dusan. No they don't listen blackened did well today is like. Dose. Again I guess what they are worried about is some math. What's a big word I could use here. Some Blaine can weather over the weekend during that bike race. Really in including lemon did the implement it implement inclement I don't know what the blurred with the ominous. Not love that word dump you if you know for no reason and that's my forever where. I anyway so gather rather worried about the the bike racial abet this Saturday tossing it like he Saturday afternoon I think it is to be okay yeah aren't. Saturday is yeah yeah yeah yeah OK yeah a couple of things. First of all. Real housewives of Dallas kicked off last night and I didn't get dizzy it started to light what's that would do yes. Quaint yet. Yes publicity. They kicked off last night was way too late so it's just wait for me I just wait for me of some prided. And there was another brand new new real housewives of new York and didn't see that neither but I will tell you if you what southern charm because it's hard it's all come part of that like. A feel like if you're in that world with me. And you tight white southern charm as well. Well I guess actually. And I Thomas are officially over Ashley Thomas yeah slipped they have called it quits why. Where she's just a horrible human being he has EST SEC a drinker well he's a bad person to begin Diaz allegations that he did something really bad to the made. All him moved to the me he hands of the meaning if you remember gym locker. I I didn't see her podium patent and see me in India itself all kinds crap going on that day I Miller got its things actually care about. They're trying to figure out. Why Angelina Jolie is going after Brad Pitt so hard and they say hey that she's been true straight. There and sell that thing is the reason why she went full custody of the kids is she basically wants to cut all ties were Brad Pitt and move on with their life. And just have the kids and be like he never existed. But the judge has been like and that's your dad he has to be involved and it's not gonna happen. But she is livid because she's gotten everything she won it in her life in Hollywood. And this isn't going her way. Because it is the right thing that the dad has you know. He's all right now is she gets everything her way and so they say the reason why she's literally throwing a fit got a new attorney is because she's basically like. And they did get me believe that he can't fix it and she expects it all to just go her way. It's what you know if anybody knows the judge like what can we do here she's spending millions of dollars in legal fees just to be right. You know what I'm supposed to give me Amazon today what do you get by team bread teacher you convince the hash tag team Brett. Ordered it on Amazon. Sixteen books. Three he'll get an hour. I've hit the team on this with but it did and team stuff when he was skirt around it with her with injured and with Jennifer EF. You know when he was from Jennifer Aniston and Yemen around with the Angeline a cynic but I don't Mateen thing but I picked him then too but it just Adori teacher because you get beaten up with that. I know but the thing is is like I don't feel like we should bring out the T shirts again when we did before muck but the. There are children involved in this when there are the outcome more passion. Say the actors knows that the he had during testing is a done deal but she refuse is getting septic. And she wrote he knows is still allow him to be in her life Ambien the kid's life. She got. She's. Nada. Pretty person knows she's not at all no. She doesn't work well with others she does not she's bad with the forces. I everybody be happy to know that dad Chris Jenner still loves kind yea even though he wants to smash her other daughter's. What in the mail. Chris Jenner says that she wasn't worried about the song that he came out when it's where he says he wants to have relations with all of the sisters. She said it was just funny. In. Become a mom. You know and my son in law raids. Let's say Kazaa a 9% at my daughter in law rights net song. She went to have relations with all the Brothers as mr. Bobby Knight. A little metal owing on the route. I would be like it was stunning. I think most people would feel that way B Chris Jenner and just in the business of the Kardashian name yeah. He could out there everything they do is for that reason I. I could have done pretty well look that. Who they've done great without you know they need to money accessed. Can form a venture Syria and like I said a couple of days to witness for ski mount the cut Nissan I don't believe a word of it because now we know that everything's been staged. And I. Then we found that out yesterday that we got to do done that I'm not believing anything else I hear this spam. I'm dots. Your time bomb. With the card I am dot I use your map that I'd JD I'm done. There's lit up the can drag me back. Then to that family. I won't watch either show. You know I don't know I didn't know let's get to know so it gets for me. Know what I EAC up by any easy out I won't even look at any more Kim nude pictures that I thought that the you know I know I love it and in god for bit. I ever post another Chloe big ass photo again bug net and done. Yeah in in the shirt never. The best things. That nobody would get Wyndham name and. Our inland. Johnny this story ever and it's going to be very uncomfortable to you guys this. It's weird I think it's the best story of the day you did he had not been done. I. Because she did it that's crazy that is crazy. Is okay so tied up missing this. Divorced he has just come back and it's you know normally and it. Is accusing his ex wife amber heard booing and. Who booked on the bad at it at the to that. Question yesterday. The bully packs. Oh Angela go look good lesson to you directly on Twitter. Moon I didn't Republican opponents in that your fitness person I am I working people the only way it is that the that. Kind of becoming mean now I really am would you have wings still aren't active aren't bad a day on the crazy. Here's one that we do well it didn't happen. We know it happened. Yes because there's truth about that I guess it took pictures. Of the in the back. Story what we know what happened because she didn't deny notes at the spokesperson. She she says it was a doll. Let me read this scoring. Is accusing his ex wife that her of late. Dealing in. Tibet. Purdue and she did it dinky you never dude if you think he's fun but that is a good word yet. Oh god denim. He and. Now Doogie Howser that it in my school do you think it would go to duke I think because he accidentally the group wants yeah. In the cold and for me it was me yeah it was a agreement where. But he knows relaying. But does he do key. Anyway and he says that she did it. After they were starting to separate and he was two hours labor thirtieth birthday. So she ran upstairs and she did keyed in net king sized nice dead. And housekeeper found the Dickey on the sheet. And after he stormed out of their house and he's like I did you do in our. I. And she had no it was me at duke in the bed it was hard. Off hot CE so we know. He was in the that we you know. So I guess spokespersons. Said but now. That the god as a series control issues. There was never joke about this it was something done to be disrespectful. It was an isn't saying it's what to do. We don't have anything else to say about it misses earth is moving on and we do not engage in this non. Absolute but it's a weird outfit talking about. Blame the dog the we would lead dog owners you do things like that dog so when you do Kenya and then he ended up. That's that's a slew of and the and the Internet or via the but the. You always believe the hall. I. And anything that is. Can't live that to Taylor's story alone it's of course you crazy and then finally I have the news of all for you plus of the resort of that story is still cliffhanger. Is it ought to be going on for a few days that we don't know who did it. We are very sorry it's. I have the best news I know that was your best news I have rams can make your day did he go what's best news. About one direction. What about what direction and we know hole I would don't say who what you don't listen to his audio clip listen of that are you kidding me yeah. I just think the legacy used to being. Don't to have back so we'll play it. Plus they have enough salt and I didn't realize I mean you think Adam. That they that when they did get fat together it would create unique event but luck they'll do and then didn't know being successful but. I have a feeling a lot of them I really didn't up. Look. That is incredible news one direction reunited. And it feels so good touring again. Saying yeah serie B all grew Alice Canada. Well eight married. Billy and I am fairly him I don't know. He goes into my favorite finale Harry K enough about for the others you have I don't know the other and that's I mean I feel bad for million. Larry. A let's air it now. We don't know Nile. And we don't know Louis and it. We knew we wish you wouldn't know Louis abuse on ya I think I know denial. You wouldn't let it go I think I'd seen him around. Now. Audobin. Your day today. I know him at the Summers and eleven bouts of some eleven just a couple of days at the same it's not this is good news guys fans at one direction back together again. The world can celebrate. His parents. The world to tell the world celebrate are you could decide it I'd just say that this is a really good news is I miss inside and their manager. I feel he created did he create them I think so yeah kinda feel it was on they were on his label I think he has yet to do with them. I he's got a lot of money should go shoot. And cool there's something that ease up part of that I read a couple of Fo weeks ago. But you which he can remember what it is stuff but it's gotta be with like America's Got Talent. Is that there's something else too though it might be but there's something that some act out there that's launch. And he is the big part of brilliantly easiest. No it's not a fluke I'm being serious but you know what we're proud of what direction. I may be seriously though he was dead girl that a lot of Arab whatever and of the guerrilla saying about leg I don't know what you said about. Anyway that dress she seems really dead. But in the net technologies beat nick church 20 my god I love those love bomb that confession to an end zones his boobs are amazing and ice packs so bad. You don't have a dash. Each in each week day mornings. Alex I.