BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/17

Friday, August 17th

Lady Gaga was blow away by how good Bradley Cooper’s voice is in A Star Is Born – Arianda Grande was on with Jimmy Fallon and did a tribute to Aretha Franklin, she said she got a phone call from here once – It was wall to wall Aretha coverage on the news yesterday and FOX News put up a photo of Patty label – Ben Afleck was seen with a different woman he needs to chill out – Angela Bassett is 60 and her body is amazing – Khloe K’s Pictures of her on the beach with a huge ass got so much attention that Kim had to post one of her huge ass. We have also learned that Kim has stinky feet and doctors have a warning for woman.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh Cheney's tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. Yeah. It's Friday thank bell lowered the fact Jesus they're bringing is in the product I mean other and I am. Talk about a total package. But set the Bradley Cooper. He's good McCain he seems to be funny yeah. He's good looking and he's got it all he's not at all. My guess now he can also say well. You know they're dinner remake of the stars board and now lady got dad did an interview about the app movie talking about how she can't believe how great Bradley Cooper can sing. All of a sudden he started singing and I stopped playing piano and I think Bradley used apps such an incredible voice yeah. Minutes down the hill. We instantly service harmonize day and it was just kind of just. And magical moment. He's got an all heart melt in a high. Total log Garth Brooks. I think he was doing that Ted Christopher. Let's hear this Joseph would Jimmy Fallon this is pretty incredible. Yeah. I used to. It's. Okay. Yeah I seen. So. Yeah loved. Yeah yeah and yeah. Oh yeah. It's. And a right so pretty it's so I didn't really so good so she talks about a hard time when she sang with Aretha Franklin at the White House. Knives and honestly have not had and lagging celebrating and knowing her yes she caught it on time but one finally called me. And if still trying and it's a recess. And I like frank. You know. Another reason yeah I think and how are you how do you who didn't get a good you know my. My. Net here. Grant I don't mind the littlest dozens Aretha Franklin on the phone and I didn't know what happened here and should I and I didn't want to send you some music now like I'm not an honor it's a lesson I think he's making me. By sending despite technique technique does MP reassigning the just I love I mean that's on the senate do him like four months later I got a nice if it. The CD player. And I have 45 is. You have out there are also saying that it was like a beautiful as it will if you will. A beautiful passing that she was surrounded by our friends and family this Aretha Franklin and ash was at her home. It was just for 10 AM. And that she was very brave she had pancreatic cancer they were all holding variants which backs. It's so much coverage yesterday. Elena and I everywhere we've seen in a wall to wall and then Fox News they blew it like boy oh boy when you get lab but it. Now. They are doing their tribute to the reason Franklin. Put up a picture Patti LaBelle. No they didn't. No they didn't yet know. Accident yeah. Definitely stuck up a picture and Camilla Belle all yellow car load no matter what he had a bad. Oh my age guide what I do things and that producers gone well. Here's the picture about that you're here on our replay is in the picture she's at the forefront of the picture but in the background. They have like that's what it's supposed to be read the with her band seemed kind of a silhouette. But it's Patti LaBelle. It's not a reason frank. All the civil Allen's husbands who say ads husband that the Dow reaches their INS but yeah I think it's still. It's that it's a match but it's not as. As I thought I was like it was her. Picture though I don't but it's still bad it's open I could have been worse in my head it was went out what I Affleck what she doing. Then that's like you know he had that girlfriend Lindsay actually this for a while right you know any matters she's a writer serving. Skis and and he's been hanging out with her for like you are selling well last night he lucked out in no clue. And which is sushi restaurant in Malibu and they locked out of there was some hot young thing on the whole he wasn't with say yeah. You know when your hand you can do that when your better and I am the county and I he is like all Levy Levy a Clinton. With whatever Labor Day he's a player unions he's too old to be a player sit down and by the Hollywood everybody can play is if he quit even Hollywood you get to all just data bed but I don't think they think so. Let to have leaks in the picture of Angela Bassett. Are yes how is that possible she sixty. You know. I look shall I guess I'll share the picture she sixty years old and when you look at this picture just briefly she looks when he gets Photoshop. Got any right it's got to be photos and nags XP and older something's something's going on here. Will be a bamboozled of this with Derek get that it was a I didn't you know. A and then now finally. Let's talk about these card machines but I don't know what happened they tried out nasty to Rome jeez. So you don't have that picture just came out of Chloe we were like what in the mail yet again and she was an one piece bathing suit and her. Each side ever castings are just battery explode our blood and sticks out four feet and not as his way out there. Well because she got so much attention what happens next gas is gas. Another Kardashian let's go win it can't live. I had him always testy comeback. No matter if you have a Kiley picture here to skip the regulatory picture here commitment Tim's always the one that follows basic and you know girls she can't stand. Yeah well it happened to exactly. Days and after clos. With her biggest bulbous buttocks. Buzzard say. Big bulbous buttocks in a very very tight silver minivan all haven't seen yet. Denied her as a stupid. Judge until I. We take a look at your season. They weren't Milliken Daimler card as well I don't know had a change of heart he made pet. That's right yeah I said that because so we got duked it yeah and I'm Matt Wright and you said I you were not delegate anymore. Card and she an athlete we know allison's usually at once or at which we haven't done on the air. I can think about is how much her feet stink. Only we should do that story now okay are kind Eric so Kim Kardashian has stinky feet. He's stinky and Tammy T hits are going to be happy with what I got say you about Christie you know also has stinky feet. And I didn't know any Aniston now I look at the picture of GM. In her the ball big bulbous. Picture yeah and then I looked at a free I was like I don't know adjusting to feet yeah she does have stinky stinky for me you know there's a reason port till the end and win and they were also to diapers are putting out a warning to all women. Be aware don't buy this certain product or YouTube. Will have stinky feet and it's not hugs. It gives you consistent I they'd have to have a text each inch and more on Alex I.