BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/20

Monday, August 20th

Bj’s mom called him and offered him a plot in the family cemetery and he is not buying – Al Sharpton misspelled “respect” when talking about Aretha – Gene Simmons gets emotional over Aretha’s death – Keeping up with Kardashians, Kim wants to do mortician makeup.  – Kim also posts a video of her and her security guards walking next to her car to protect her – Drake Disses Kanye in concert says Kanye flops with his back packs – Charlie Sheen talks about Denise Richards joining RHW and he will also be on the show some. -  Denver Was so Busy this weekend.

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Hollywood news in DOS shell Hollywood isn't it gosh he's tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And I am the they they have five. There's two left them. That's funny because my girlfriend as she put her great until they got to fight about it could really pay my mom calls me over the weekend. In a gives me like a last last chance to blockade. Up plot. I at the cemetery that she can be buried at my mom to 85 years old will be next weight and I guess he's got a for general marketed as. Bet she COLT we over the weekend. Okay. Our guys got to guide the fact that two X reply to walk and I did very cheap. I don't know but wanted to talk about this mom I want. Be cremated. Well yep me too real and yet it is we hear again a body under the ground but I don't would tell my mom secretly lot. I think she's she's all about open casket and a horrible words. I mean we were were middle to the same antenna you then there's insisting he cremated that's a crime. Really do you burned body. Well I know that hey this is what got my grandparents are and they're very die each other and I guess that's mostly stuff but my mom was cremated and I think that my data be married buried by his peers but. I don't know I don't know skin on top of somebody and yeah weird it's all weird I. Body and I don't think he's. I bigger problem gonna be cremated and like put the ashes on my mom's grave she'll feel like I'm piggybacking on reply yeah it's not a match. It bodes I would so you hear is blogging about business she's in 1985 he called me because I guess some Nielsen family won't puts. You called me about a plot but the well we'll. At all do you want to. Affordable. Option but to pull out yeah. Only by. And I think it goes a lot of polio model so they call latent Andrea as Anna winds in the famine it's called icann doomsday hill yet and I guess the family by a whole hill. And nobody likes to be there because the way every diet was so track if you. And I mean literally like my one friend to her mom a dad in minivan this is crazy and they are going to go get more propane yeah. And it cars might just Tebow numb and hold minivan exploded 'cause the probate at all. And he moon yeah. I'm well off all year. You know the I was hit by AM militant propeller my boat okay JB were you content yet. SS did they know it cannot go by blood there but a body moms. I know that's what it is like cattle being reviewed by my diet but don't I have not died. Jeeves and it's so sad case of death this is embarrassing Al Sharpton and I used on about Aretha Franklin. Did you see this I did have posted video. Well take a listen at Al Sharpton as he talks about Aretha Franklin song you know what they say about pay back it's a real. Well you I'm sure you know the word on think about sort of words. Of my latest threat every different couldn't show some RE ESP I CT. Upon opening it now out of its Al over here. He guards we have to guard you know it's the most famous song ever RE SPE CT. No it cannot. I'll change it if I hear on the timing and what the white says Aretha Franklin know what they say about pay back. It's a real. Well you I'm sure you know the word dumb thing can go so in the words. Of my late friend Aretha Franklin. Show some RE ESP ICT. None. And and I. You see the video about now the videos you'd better because he does it will when he delivers that he delivered to delivers it would lock competence I. But yeah it's like show. Show us a RD ESP. CP. That add up add it you can tell what it's based like how. I got that wrapped in a look at a I did his best setup and well yeah it felt good looking at things you can download you know he's like I think I didn't lose. I haven't been gentle alpha. He had I asked him everything Franklin I guess Gene Simmons she got really really emotion. About it Aretha. I'm I'm an odd choice to be on here I know strikes may strike people lose. Sort of bizarre but I loved Teresa of like tens of millions of people. Search your little choked up. My my. First. Sort of image of a reach those were miles a little kid I came to America from Israel and I turned on television so. And it was a New York destruction in Murray the K. And he's an hour here she is Aretha Franklin and this young. Short of what their backs straight up. Came up and looked at the TV set and started singing arias p.s CT I just one little respect Emma I wasn't just stunned. By the lyrics I never heard women talk like that I don't watch. Jeanne it's RE SP I CDT. Yeah. Hello. Or gene know your big we need to do he can score yeah no kidding right. Have to ask somebody. For so yesterday. I am come on Mac hunkering down for the ethnic right must islands. And I saw that it was new episode of keeping up the Kardashians know him like. I was Stewart because I had like my recorder sent on basketball lives which are really liking and then I had some announcement and drama. Well that housewives of the atomic. You okay that reunion. So I had a lot going on with the DVR and in real time so I'm just it just for a second to other shows comer a titan. Scheme came to watch that stupid try Sheehan. You'd. Into humble lord. And Kim is now fascinated with dead people right. So her and her make up person going to a morgue and delays like now we have to be used that for dead people. Well first I was pretty sure you don't ever get to show real dead people on TV ever. You know that's leaking it it it's illegal. So they go into the market there's a dead person dead lady there and then they have the pictures and should look like alive and mr. Clinton make about. Like paint debt. Did her siblings. Did. She was like real actor like it was a bit dead birds and while she was blinking. So I just watched the clip and I thought I saw her blinking well they still get people on TV okay. I don't show real dead heat here you can go into a more even in film did you know you can tune in and use it in the park actually. It's disrespectful to the heart that dance in Los Angeles and while that got you can't that's why the cover that. Well listen what that's like the cover of the people's heads and they did. Last year we learned that they didn't do so badly would that first episode there's nothing to believe the Kardashian turns. Everything about the show it has been all along but somehow we got sucked in a couple of weeks ago over the speak like that they were at. Between Kourtney and and how she was ugliest one of the bunch and all this and and now I'm due I'm done I'm done I'm. My not to because I had to tell I was like why people saying paid person on you you can't film dead people on I mean can't and then secondly what are they going to eat. We're not so stupid that we don't see her blinking iron numbing periods. It may mean. He said she was a model and pretending. To Albert. Maybe they ran one of those disclaimers at the bottom which you what you need to model with protecting I never heard they should not Allison pretending. She didn't crap job with it but they're blinking that's. And so much time to continue it was so I actually mr. Kardashian but when I watch it please. Big island much like ten minutes like okay. You know EC these things all the time of the cable companies like Comcast. You know and and a and you go to work or they block out TV station here in and they say please call your cable writer if you want this went on maybe we should all call to get this would take and I agree so that we don't have to be exposed to the Kardashians on the guy anymore. Just in case we accidentally land on there. When he's taken away. Will ease the way I think when I see that that runner has please come Comcast and you look like I job you're about to lose spot television. You'll never see another bronco didn't. Seems to disappear we get allergy LA yeah ever added that doesn't ever happen but it. But they receive an update I'm never gonna call it by that's not my jobs pizza I pay for the ball if you guys working out. Irish US to get a dirty we're important but it's. Hi my guide. Multiple times she was a live on the show pay attention Steve bid now now I think he has a different. I didn't think we just wasted three minutes could shift it to a little we have the audio we have the actual idea of them doing make up on militant and don't worry son hasn't form. And you got it yes my thank you heard his name. It's the maggot is due to. Just mention that Peter Allen. They even think gonna help. She was saying how the person that. Looked like different. Even membrane. So win. And I actually don't know typical of the so he's the peach not use a piece on your impressions of the content under. So if she loses her claim yeah. Otherwise I wouldn't do. It went Clinton's. We just gonna boycott the troops hit the yeah as you log out and this is what I entered an upset. I am happy in and like that mark and in my make up have I ever die. And hard and I don't know what happened. Speaking of Kim Kardashian does it right. She takes just at the life of what it's like. I am when she has her security has to jump out and hold people being so I guess it was at a stop play and listen what happened. They don't it's number one. It is Lady Gaga. Because he gets to create. Danny has to. Says Lady Gaga I'm Bradley Cooper. That's not them then why she'd do that thing with her bowel all. Bull is again Nash gets. Cream. Cheney has still. It's so hard thing. We. And it's his children to those syllables for most so long. It isn't just car. No it Carner. Well. And so I learn and keep it separate it into the okay back. OK I guess Drake who was onstage Annie did tiny eight Weston concert inserted singing and then tiny drops. He said then tying it flopped listen. I. Yeah that okay. Turning your mark and I've done. It. Again. Or are they a war or something. I don't think they like it yeah you have to slug BC why curry puts out his CD and anything just takes off he put out his CD yeah. And then Carney can what I miss is that ad is okay see that picture cut is it's and they track what. Eight BC cut and able wearing his slides at that wedding oh yeah he got he's got a slight dug in Jamie. The slides are like six sizes too small. Gone are his whole Gil comes all the back of the slide is are not paid yet. He Bloomberg yeah. Like you cool that's where a man but I'm telling you. I was ahead of the curve or what. Now I've got some I had you know it doesn't matter if you hate that I'm talking about the gold it's. I'll say I don't Wear Mao and Brittany where I like to go out to the garage he multi no. Go to the ball count why a lot of. Might like you. Fly yeah like they pick up the back and slapped by the Akamai heels properties these op they and their and their values so. Kinda like flip flop she had to get used to that they between your toes. Yeah that flop flop flop would retract it looked at the stupid you know I'm I don't know why is everybody and leave the time. When he within the stupid now. Got a mezzaluna the time sent Uma Oprah who did this or plastic new brand mineral other. And nagged on the web by the damn thing they needed seven absolutely did I and flopping here. Flop flop flop issue lies. Slides floppy June. Stupid. And finally too early talks about Denise Richards joining the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Now my I don't really watch that show. I know it's very popular and and and and good for her true it's going to be a ball you know. You gotta give you props on this engine. Went momentum perhaps. Kyle Richards. Who lilac. Because Charlie sheen's comeback yeah it's all geared to through real housewives of Beverly. I finally. When they announced this yes I will get some. Well I won't watch Atlanta or Miami. But I will watch Beverley hill like Charlie gone for years I'm just saying I don't know New York whatever they are setting New York is dead I'm just. At Potomac love Charlie look Charlie he has that tiger blood guy. And in Charlie talking about it and I said it from day wide Denise is there for one recent Charlie's got it. I'm so happy that you're gonna finally some real housewives of an account yet again going to because new term that their values and Ian is right. You'd see track. And seek. A seat which set of its new term it means I proving it right. A school so like last amber how levs at Potomac on the yen. Season whatever its pilots and the recap the husband came out mail slot he was homosexual who read some homo sexual experiences in that England. Because there are pictures that relate well he held up his passport and said. Passport I would need England and those pictures were released and they're like who he brought his receipts. Would now. Yeah I think hey yeah are working it and it's a thing. Won't mean did you the big bicycle racer over the weekend no plan. I'm about is my girlfriends they were all do in this cancer pub crawl. And it's like. There's so many different things going on eight and downtown right now there's like the most may. Athletes on the play and raising their bikes to victory in downtown to the right district and as my good friends. And part of bar for cancer yeah. That to happen didn't said he. Does like. This picture. In drinking for cancer but. I don't know I guess I guess until we get people really protest they really participated yeah it really you know life. You see the pictures. Snyder. All the Schneider is out. Shouldn't we pitted with us tonight and we get. Yes they did pub crawl for cans any really and did they say it fit Hamachi raised I didn't I didn't get them for the last thing I session was kind of reclaimed. Off the problem well I think it is I stayed out Deborah Jackson. It's important.