BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/22

Wednesday, August 22nd

Nikki Minaji goes off on Travis Scott about his album sales -  We love old Video games – the Ratings were really bad for the VMAs only 2 million people tuned in -   Post Malone’s private jet blew a tire and had to make an emergency landing.      

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. I know it's Wednesday it's the 22 and Wednesday why is Paramount. But what's he up. He says exacted June ball. He's an excellent. We can be like gym rats together. He wants to live in his world will end and night. Well let president says he does see it. As you remember you when he said nobody thinks I go to the gym blue moon and he said CJ and hearts of people don't believe you when you tell them he worked out every day and then I wrote. You still stick in that story perfect. That's perfect. Because he that we all nobody buys him. Think that he's a June Arab baloney so he's the guy that opens up the dirty duck every morning as a couple of shots of whiskey and he comes to work if we know what he's up this week you've hit trying to tell us. I'm mad that guarantee can bullet to Dunkin' Donuts right now and he's going to cut. Love god love them. Effort dubbed I guess yeah yeah not he went in donate an enemy. There's that Richards and effort into it. We are taught about that woman that was in the AM parking and I and she sets an hour parking effort Howard she's playing some game and I can't figure out what game it is. We have a lot of people there saying. It's really roadblocks another person says it's probably clash of the clowns on the 44 year old mommy. Clash of it flattens. Clients don't. Clash of planes she's and the 44 year old mommy and I hide playing might playing this game and my addiction. Issues. Another one clash of clans and the clash of clans which is classically have no idea. Gotta be like some type of warrior type of the year fighting other people. How many people are addicted to and that virtual reality stuck in his ears and some people. And they're hiding it from there gel together as you know I guess she would be embarrassed though right. If you're addicted to splash of clients. That's like me and my phone plan stronger you know island now I don't know what. Did you move. There aren't. Who have. You know we don't ever you know vices again I tell you how good he's in front of them read it. So go ahead. I mean like. Green and stronger champion but you could tour but not in the heart of like that turn yet they had the money the they probably had it. Your little rusty now you know played I played her wild ad ad that they have an ending masters tomorrow night oh we should. Yes they have front row to get on gas I don't think it ever played you serious. Look look look let me tell you what I played OK now. Never good pet it and I was never good at that. Sin MP. I never planned out like sin of penal law. Dom. It's good you should totally aliens is going to be an. It would write about sent us an idea whether that was a great gains stupid game of skill so fraud on her exactly. No I said as a tacit. To block fraud. Even after I know they have some of those old games to obviously the new games that reclaim Barbados tomorrow night we'll see you out there. The registration is close correct yes however you couldn't do a walk up. Walk up there in the ending really hard for you you know you just problem we'll sit down that's a patent belly up to the bars. I hope we have a bingo card for you. And it gets one right well when there are a bit supply yeah. Lets you play but I mean we're talking about I'm telling you there's going to be at least 700 people where the ads skinny yeah. That's just for bingo but does it even cal what normally goes to David Buss and notes can be nets tonight I so that's my night. Starting I had 6 o'clock. You are so we'll see there. Let's see here. This is crazy sort. I don't know that I should know this but I don't know it. Did. Try Scott used to date making denies. Moved. Well rapper. Rapper raps as a rapper he's a rapper. They cross paths yeah. Yeah she had Travis got ever dated the human errors. But it's like China I think it was blacked. Out on the no. And neither. But there's some kind of beef their beach is. Nikki men now eyes went off like Travis got during her Tuesday queen radio show she named him up Howell then. Of the week. It's hard I can't became a hole in wet hole and then inward all. I come in here here's the audio life again. I was Scott wise he's like that we were getting the number one album in America he had Kiley why love and then he's like me who I love what I do now I. I have a rivalry would babies. You keep it. He had to go imposed and say hey I can't means still ME can't wait to see up. How are you selling something that. Does not have anything to do with your album but it's being counted on billboard ads album sales. While we not only do is have this auto tune man. Come not Pierre selling it. Letters and telling I'm easily happily it albums that he didn't. So she's saying basically Kylie sold out bumps. Boot I think that's what she say. I I think. I don't know it's 6 o'clock o'clock at the earth yeah. I don't know what you know she just said yeah I think she said that Kylie Jenner and cheated on getting him to the number one album. That's what my little things and it doesn't matter is there a does matter of time it's selling this selling consent listening to a right. Yeah and by the way Kylie Jenner Travis got something different hotel rooms after the be amazed Monday night. Who are a rule. Now that's expensive. She's beautiful and a couple ideology artist shack up in the same wrote the. Rocket. To win that she accepts it but yeah that Fred they get to quit I imagine what's. You know them you get one road to queen beds and everybody shacks up and it's are cheaper on him. I witnesses spotted the two leaving the after party together but they headed off in separate cars and they stayed in several hotels. They couldn't share Iraq that's weird ball more expenses. The news comes just days after the reality star shot down rumors that they were breaking up. Who we think. So on purpose. The name I don't believe it personal they might have gotten rooms and different names but he. Tiptoed over there. They just looks so different together at the V may Ciena and a white suit that was like maybe Chanel most of them really nice. And she looked all buttoned up in and then he let doll like I have golden tee than diamonds MIT is our hard act had her iron. They did say he's. This image. You know she's fortune 500. She looked and he's right but you got to look the party dress up for the Delphi are hundreds and is it ray erect his image and his world. Is to sell to sell music you know I remember when we played the audio where he didn't know anything about her that's true. He didn't know the name of the dog and he lives there issues quite disappointing the using instant check. Who here really heavily yeah. But he has not dated sneaking out. JR from the road said Vijay is thinking about space invaders not senate heat. But but but but it's a piano set apiece. I don't know what it was a shot maybe it was caterpillar was. It BJ Penn head Senna. I just remember he shot decent but that was space mayors start Mark Kirk herb. We wouldn't shoot aliens who shot acidity plumber to show acidity that. I'm just say it was gonna put a note was enough there was an do you have sitting in the space animators sometimes I've only done that floated across the bottom of the screen. Hitters. And then it went and in and that their same type game though. Look at what had a seventy. You think in space and I'm with you people I've backed you up. Here's what I did to Florida. Complaints set apiece that's but now plays now play this is it. Now that's what I'm like no place now pulling the and played. A space invaders sounds a lot like. Yes. They do later you know it looks like it's a guy that. That walk across our our our our our like that Billy why isn't Jamie now I'm with them you always go with the nickname is listen you play this. Yep nope yeah. I remember that at him that's it yep it was the first to know he played up the back to send a beach don't even know the back you know it's not he claimed to. I thought that's not music to my ears the other winners. Back in the day may not that was my game right there he had to and to sleep you know game with women optical picture of it tomorrow Dave and busters get. And I'll show you in fact a rip through a couple of games where you feel you still have the talent. You don't play it tough with the I'll show you. If you don't agree I think now this is Gary I. And I admit that is. That broader. And rock. Needed. Snag on the lot of it is Aslan. John we work to do this is hard is it and you can. Astrid was content. Or her coach. I drew whenever. And he was leaving the video music awards the rates certainly to me about them ratings the ratings were hole or global. Listen to this issue you're listening to right now that Marxist Debbie mace yet is pretty. They had two billion. This country is 320. Million people who really. There's all suited for the vehement. It's the worst ever but it is it's absolutely the worst ever even last year was bad last year was almost six million. This is a third of that audience that's sinful and tell you. These awards shows have destroyed themselves by being sold political. In you can take the Oscars you can take whatever once a lesson mussina reward showed that opted ratings there. All the death and now I agree every one of well let's say they were on the plane we're like you really yell billionaires we don't need to see winds and went right. You won life. That's that I. Unity he got everything you want yeah yeah you expose small loans private Jack's. Totally win here. Tim easy face time with post Malone who described how nervous he was after he. The two tires on his airplane this is crazy. I don't know how people survive led to two tires that are out asking but they did they they'd they'd circled for hours and hours and hours right to delta deal. And then they landed and TMZ talked him right after he landed here is the audience. Edmonds she's the one thing where you were you nervous. But it. You have anything that kind of a pirate pilots the one. Eight Agassi. Yeah oh yeah they read. What wrote Steve an aircraft. Here on. Beer and he. But that he's such a nice guy like I don't watch him on this debate award show he is it doesn't seem like an ass he just seems and a really really nice guy. So all these people they knew that he was up in the air to flat tires and they all rushed to the that. So hangar nothing near that airport because I mean people platinum sixteen people on board the dizzying landed safely. Are not so great we sell have ended Travis. Oh what's his name. Now the drummer. We have with a little while you know sometimes. And you. I sent back to him he was married to the playmate. They did a reality soon. Text Nino will help you back. Here's what I don't understand the I saw the story yesterday in the near frantic so barker. They killed Travis barker via. The airplane takes on that and I didn't and that they'd they'd let the tires when I died in the airplane crash kind of spark and I did no life. He's right so is messed up. I saw I saw this a story yesterday has started unfolding at this point and take him off in the tires and got punctured so there in the air and they know they have a couple flat tires. Why don't they use. On the easier please what are they use those tires that you see the commercials for the should with a bow and arrow. And is still go another you know 200 miles on the tire because it doesn't go down sport they use in tires like that prayer plates. Well first month they at least the times. So you can release these hardly entire weight thing. So my guess is going to be too too heavy to get your your radial arm of the golf you know with the steel I don't. You know under the tires at that if they approach your car has. Let that if the Qatar punctures you can still drive a 150 I. Commercial that yeah they don't make men who knows what goes on the air I just leaked to the I don't know I don't know you seem to have a great point felt. He. Is probably have a better point than text. I'm innocent so wait you always side with textainer that really bugs. It wasn't just have to do you believe that America's 330 go through it 330 million people you pitted head I didn't even take that I could read that. Well that is 330 no no it's not. A what you guys count but around 32325. Whatever it takes. And Ed why you why don't you know I don't know what it is today through these is whether. Jamie is right those tires are extremely heavy. Shot. You don't know you know out they now and okay yeah somebody else is trying to get my aid going you know I was I was still on speaking terms with my sense is that the failing. Almost brother in law he was an engineer for good idea. I get a call at ten show. So. He did talk to me and Boeing doesn't want to look at these my son's dad's brother all eaten. That tried to me. Is it. Hi how. Do any night they are yeah. And you're right. Thank do you have the such and the head of the Korea and they Ito let's just leave a couple of audio pieces of luggage behind and put a seed higher on the. So irritated that time. This is where I felt like post below news and world of trouble and I'm trying to land that in the future we actually have. Have the air traffic control audio and the jet communicating that blew a tire needs a land here this. Well we might have blown tires are we go to our leaders come back here. Area where I. It. What I did it declared emergencies or. We like his at bat. Return. For your sport and Atlanta went to order. So we decided to get out of her whatsoever. Orchestrated it's okay get out we also heard it person you'll actually out. And a half hours of fuel that we I think he's sold on or don't want to order. Was it be honest could be you know a daily talk and when Tyre blown up first they don't do that they went back to the airport you know. Well you just keep don't you layer somewhere. How well they were little I let. They didn't land one particular place say they actually didn't go back to where they were. Because they didn't have the kind of equipment that they needed a catch on fire they landed at a different airport add all the equipment where fire. Hello BJ Penn and just ask you. According to the audio they were headed back I'm just asking it no scrutiny like Saks. Says and. Get you crowned. We think what is that it. Strawberry and apple that is. I didn't win the girl doesn't know pen handy guessing I did I'm just being yeah that was that was the actual here again. Sun yeah well what is your opinion on Internet as a character from an eighty's horror movie a really via. From hell raiser. It and so what it means right now you know that's dispersant can finally drive it great and that's what I think I would drive people crazy way yes we can. And not make weak this report and eat your import it may not knowing stuff I yeah I hope you don't. Yes oh my god yeah that pinhead that I mean everything in general we don't know. You've got Travis with bill wherever barking Travis was was dead. Travis barker. That's a slip up if he weren't yeah that was a slip up. Small mistake it could hit the. And some they said I can't believe you guys didn't tell the truth about the story. What story about the airplane I guess they're saying that post low low hung out on the side of the airplane and fix a flat and those tires. OK but look where that it. That we're done we're done we're done and we're. You know what I'm I'm unplugging a walk to know where I'm gonna look at. Yeah yeah. And hot with the. We'll be back. In weekday mornings on Ellis nice nice.