BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 8/9

Thursday, August 9th

Carrie Underwood is pregnant with her second child and she is going to tour while pregnant and that sounds fun – Cher is doing a ABBA cover album – L.A. Mayor says Trump Star is there to stay.  -  Movie Pass has a new deal they are trying to keep from going out of business -  Amazon is offering curb side pickup for some other products at Whole Foods.  There will be a $5. Fee for the service, but we learned that King Soopers and even Walmart charge for curbside pickup as well.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. The question for everyone. It. School gonna do with all those boxes that clean weeks. The school. All the schools so the so one of the things Amazon's list is siesta bring in four boxes a Kleenex for war but yeah per student per student yeah. And that could be a sad gears and I don't know that you know there's like. A thousand students are so yeah and they get into a 4000 boxes of Kleenex. Sounds like a scam to me that. It was like where we wholesome clean activists are newsletter where they get and you have 4000. Of that and that's not desperate bid. Yet you're not alone on the Alan everyone wonders. I didn't do all. Auto. And then you go on to the room later in the year and they're all on the top of the shields up there they've got a statue in their classrooms like already and then it. If that that that it's the what do they do with a now don't know I don't know tour asked and. I know Mike he had never used Kleenex. Let's look at just his sleeve he had his does leave I think the weirdest wet and shine you you knew he'd back then do remember when my son went to. First grade and they had to have. Fifty sharpened pencils yes and I paid that in turn to sharpen them all you know it's that the pet that pet at the fifty. Yeah he's jargon that results but in first grade. You know I think they put that list together just to show their power at a true I don't yeah. But it's just a show like you know what we'll put on the lazy and you will do it hits him. It isn't first grade out pencils and say hey we started out would hadn't worked their way into the fifties throughout the school year I did need fifty on the first day or your expelled I literally gave the ends are back to him. I gave ten matches are investing pencils for the deal it was going to be the. He's happy and we an analyst at different culture and he has to do it getting my. Like their essential thing is my islanders that little. Islander Pennsylvania via. News that comes on we had. They're a little rough out here can't rest. Did some things first Carrie Underwood had announced she's going to be here in Denver on or towards September's sixty. And so a lot of people excited about that remember Carrie Underwood is when that fell down and now the stitches all of that stuff done and getting out there beginning Dyer faces are jacked up. And it is going to be a tour here in Denver September 16 but she also announced. And she's pregnant when the second child I didn't she had won the first job yet they did to and I nor did a little kid yep Gary under it here Alan her telling. Nice and I think and I are absolutely over the news and excited to be I think you know little fish to work fine. I hate this business has been pitching comes through it album. Maybe it is an all that stuff I'm just so excited and just about either it's serious but that's the part that. Well good for how do you really what are you pregnant right grudge or murderer and a doesn't really am. And that parent and seemed like crazy. I am Busch in new mom and me a moving. I don't know. It is I don't see India and we don't I don't know anything about it yes she left at that she was well. And she also is doing a Britney cover album of all of those hits. And as she released a little teaser here it is. Yeah she's seen the error only her. It just should be at. Weird doesn't it yeah yeah yeah icing and right. And chair I think that's her voice just. The very beginning and it's just you know it's just all that you don't studio thing they do with a I couldn't really tell us certain. I don't need to ask themselves. She air doing ABBA. And that way out of the day's lover and they gave low Alabama and K yeah so I think every game and friend I have a B I. Got to get the BCO happy up. Yes I doubt I would really like this guy has a name is Eric Garcetti. And that he's the mayor of LA in a violent employee like because he proclaimed one day in LA my son Tuesday. Oh he did yes it's a good guy yet they sent me a big things and especially at this is day. Well good for him I'll let that article is very nice. Who tipped him off. I'll be used to listen to me you know he market silly game my son Uday I don't know what that entails any given day you know what date was that. I enough to take pictures and sanity if of the actual plaques all you don't remember what your son's day you know every year we and that day yeah and I we never gotten anything but black. But winning that's all you get the plaque but immediately a free dairy queen or anything no you don't get anything good can he doesn't have the power to do that he just gives away plaques. Feel like it's a thing and destroy it to everybody here at. I got a feeling the ralphie sharing that they with a lot of other people sort of saying as you know like kids suddenly just throw the people you today you didn't like them Oprah. He likes to keep track star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Do you think they should remove Donald Trump star Milwaukee and the West Hollywood City Council is in his annual letter for consideration and voted to remove NFL friends and in the neighboring area but we're we're Hollywood were available what is your decision going to be your recommendation have jurisdiction there are some things and historical drama in the so like terror hated you know it's there to stay. Yet it right just stay back. They're failing because LeBron I don't know I don't thinking or feeling. I'm really talked about this last week and the week before that movie cast me in a lot of people bought into that movie pass. And just like that Chinese restaurant. It did they weren't in the math right move and so all these people bought into movie pass he can use it any movie theater. And go as much as he won at what they've run out of money to bankrupt will then I start my friend. Posted that they had new rules regionally go to like. Three movies a month. And then people are mad about that so if you but this movie cast I'm not sure there gonna hang on or not this what the CEO says. Know our deal now is not as good as it runs. But it creates a sustainable business model for us. And this incredible values you know three films in the in New York would cost you 45 dollar you get all that for 990 so. You know but it's not to say more once you get the deal that they got a fraud that the customers this doesn't seem so good 84 I don't care how much you try to convince. Yeah I mean when you can go unlimited movies and pay 125 books a month. That's a bargain. In now to drop it down to three movies a month it's like enormous with a I know. From what I understand you meet with the new rules. You can even go to the new releases until they did in the theater for over two weeks. Oh really yeah well like like Jurassic Park for example but came out and I think that's right. If it comes out on a Friday you've got to wait two weeks with the rest of the public seat before you can usual past. Wow. That's the UB LO and the Dahlia yeah it's no the same deal. Some may just text I'm a gay man and I don't love Abbott Jamie. And just action that you richest Sunnis aren't a stereotyped me or did so sorry sorry. And when I check all my gay friends and really handling different his name is Randy men left him and then he likes he loves armament you know we some together. So I haven't concert really not have a that's and we saw the play. Think it's I was like carrying a polymer alive I think are alive I think I'll give them an even got back together they didn't get it out assault on our Orlando. I don't know about that debated tour a couple years ago because I wince on red rocks. With no life. He made the. And the added that at the end because I thought that at that we gave up but but but but that's that's what I hate that I. Did you get a grip on time. I thought they showed an okay guy is not a good gay guy out day as. AL and I love about Sarah and and a park and I feel like that is. You write moving toward an idea what. I mean. Note that last text if he's gay or not because I didn't agree with the last link like I should Bryant loves both of. And so I guess they're just everything I. If you're a grizzly you don't really care for the maybe that's right you don't save you from. I'm ready to it wasn't for Nolan. Oh yeah yeah I wrote blew a lot of inference. We as a decent. Yeah no I you know that night went through that and their well yeah yeah he's a friend to the presumptive for a man and this but the I think she should break. And then finally Amazon is bringing curbside pick up dole foods did you see that's I did. Shoppers will be able to order eggs milk and other grocery sub prime and on their new app. Know that here's hitting the whole foods to me told lute is more and they. Around Kenneth Lay wondering a round thing because there's so many weird products via I don't know if I can dad go to a links and actually by the well. And not only that they're charging you five bucks. To bring it out your car. That is so a whole foods already has a little bit of million you know was stigma about the prices will play in I've I'm gonna pay you five bucks and then you probably don't want me to tip yet so Yemen to pay five bucks for you to just carried out of the car for. When ha. Yeah I didn't know that apparently thinks so and it's crazy at least 499 for 95. Well made that takes up for the fact that your prime member you get like 10% off silent products bright but rule wanted to say is says that wall march kings who birds and many other players already do what they do it for free so I don't know if somebody can pay five bucks to use this service. And less part of the thing that I loved that whole foods is that whole last style which is nothing but prepackaged meals PI and prepackaged foods. And you know sandwiches in all except for lunches and and then all the hot dude see you're not immediately call and oh yeah I get loves lasagna. I've never been in a whole foods. And sure you would never you would I don't think Iowa as you would. Why because it's kind of overwhelming because it's. It's am that ignites the census rally and it's just really does bucket it's all fresh flowers and then you go to the right and it's all fresh produce an added under any time soon to bar him guy yet another new. You should've seen it so I heartily into like OK if I go to the grocery store if pricey you know putt let's say I'm getting just Rocco sauce. I'll get the did that guess the end distort Brea. It's hit decent cheap. Am I really am a sinking shivers checklist is five dollars per order. I never used to. I thought it was very it is and I'm not gonna use it already is a people buy books for somebody to bring it out of the call are. Okay yeah if you had kids but. And if you add markets. If you had. They don't you know you're there let older. Really I think I greatly in the dark night of my older your I'll have them carrying out district. Because if you have two kids strapped in the back your cart car seat you're paying the 499. Man I'm probably via. But the thing. I think it about the drive by and a drastic liquor store in the suburbs. Where I live. The kids. And there's nothing worse and dragging your. Too little babies into the liquor store to get a bottle wine you know it's if it's a bad scene and in the magazine named Vicki doesn't really reward drive through here they do. Yeah there's nine what happened Broadway you. I am like up on bright of Broadway it's all bankers don't know where to head I did because they used to rent a house there you know and so holly if I would be like. Yeah Sweden have to get the kid out of the car and go right up there it will happen like body armor and they don't judge because they can't sit in the backseat. You know. I feel I told that if by sir easing these checklists thing where you just pull up and and then they loaded up for you and and and you know just me by myself I feel I have given up. I feel lazy eye and Jim Rice really give it up in life when I've got to do with that. Why that's why don't have a cleaning lady yeah or man and unclean person. Because I feel like the same thing it's just me my little kid yeah like really your fat pathetic you have to have a clean person I'm with you so I don't have led him. I will outline. I know I know completely it just makes you feel that it really does but have a funny it's a dodge and if you have little kids it's amazing I buried a tablet tracks. We see more on Alex I.