Bj & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 630 Chris Cornell dies at 52, Katie Holmes tired of hiding relatioship with Jamie Foxx. 5/18 (AUDIO)

Thursday, May 18th

Chris Cornell dies at 52, rumors of suicide. Fox news host Kimberly Guilfoyle will not take over for Sean Spicer job doing news updates for the Whitehouse. Katy Holmes tired of hiding romance with Jamie Foxx. Is it a baby or cheeseburger….Jessica Simpson is having her third baby. Forbes richest self-made women


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PGA in June deals like deja little hit and hurt us I know but I appreciate that today you need to. Have read what he called reboot how it's done me as you'll you'll use YouTube it's all about you viewed you do here and folks. I have put up a little spot on our FaceBook page BJ JB and feel free to post your patio pictures. People who love now understand it in and I'm stupid. Why is it that patio measurement is an act. Yes poet you know I was reading it right and maybe what's right questions and I was senior dissect a brilliant again and we need to bring you're handling your kids are now. And I can. They. I I. I I know what video pictures have become such a big hit because I'd know from my own self experience. And then I heard somewhere that patio column inches. Are not accurate that's my question as well. Don't fall yeah I don't know. I've never really had an I have never really compared something else in the yard and the reason I think the popular is still have to leave your house. I don't know dark take a picture that's that. Right yeah that's great and yet that is the I don't think that the snow level on a patio photo is accurate. That's just I know I'm agreeing with you I don't think that is why is that Sean swallows our producer of the highly rated PG engineer morning Joseph as my theory is because there's nothing underneath the patio so there's nothing to insulated. So that he can become colder which will allow more snowed Kyle. That would still be the red menace now. Well it wouldn't be the same amount of snow would be on your grasp why not well because the grass is insulated so as it falls it's gonna melt. So we'll let Bubba Bubba Bubba hey bulky thing and a second. But what she's saying is correct but she's in his seat. Actual amount of snow without melt eight. Will. Willow because they measured the snow right here that not gonna measure of the road because obviously the road that is exactly why would you put out the measure gonna it's something that's colder that shows the actual amount of snow out of Val. I was not snow totals were the ground totals in this mania. That you're not why I'm gonna say you're not right yeah yeah. Neither Riley's immediately as well as well let me ask you this will be limited even deeper. Did you purchase why is the measurement only at the airport accounts. I do not understand thank you. Good question. His and we yes crystal said you know the patio and death stuff why does get we also asked after finding like when those leather belt. We're like. They give my tablet generation no I you know I see him put him out there all the time when he an official parties and people would ever dreamed selected lunches that you ambulance official people I wouldn't. You've seen is indeed it is on the inside on the. This tablet trash a couple things like I said I started out with Chris Cornell found 52 years old. He was from salad garden I feel like it's on at the camera went to different and that you don't have an idea of militarism and if I remember rights. I mean we had to cut deals that I I remember right he was amazing he told stories about his kids. All that. Mac. In an amazing voice just. It just an unbelievable. Vocalist. And they're saying it might be apparent suicide and you know how you say like open sauce money or Maxima Geary did that. You know he is cracking up I know this is last year. But he is cracking up and I even tended to be can't relate what are the great storyteller what did great happy person and a father and. He says his concert he played last night in Detroit but it that the world famous fox theater. And they said his concert was phenomenal he was very Joseph be on stage kidding with the audience even put out a tweet last night said Detroit we're back to rocked this city. It was very upbeat very positive. And didn't then this happens later on that suspected suicide. He was in the middle of ice sold out US tour now a lot of times he's rock stars get. You know really depressed when they're rock star and then Derrick Ward is just plummet right they have canceled while this through. Let's sold out war. I am gonna play you just after seven. I'm gonna play you a version of nothing compares to you from chained O'Connor which Chris Cornell did. Now this started out really circulating on no YouTube after prince's death it was like the next day after prince died I don't really recorded it but that's what started circulating because of the song in the association prince. But wait till you hear. This version with Chris Cornell who passed away last night. But it is amazing. And it's like a perfect snow song it's perfect you know during the snowy. Will play a forty right after we take yes sudden 25000 dollar high low game. Dear lord we are busy can I know there's a lot going on so much so much. Let's hear Fox News host Kimberly hot this will not take over for Sean Spicer. Now here's India she came out yesterday instead. I don't swimming team have been isn't my legs. And I am so fantastic and I'm gonna bit spokesperson for the way out. And then. What did you like I have a guest like I haven't really big contract and I'm. Moon and so I can't go out there and so she's not going over there and she even backtracked yesterday saying I'm like I love bots and yeah. Hang out there but you know what happened somebody from the White House called. Because Sean Spicer guiding nobody told daily news out of a job right somebody says hey that's faster sugar loaves. Not so fast look at the who made the call what you're gonna be appeared the White House just yeah you know what sugar and Judy just get back to fox will call you when we need to act. National hot. Despite this. Odds are that was offensive and I know the other word usually isn't gonna move slow and cracked me up inside. This to me just texted me while I can you remember drink with you at that Chris Cornell simple actually. Quite a few people left. I guess he's also supposed to be here in Denver on Monday. Meanwhile I don't know let me I'll check on that question and that is crazy. But don't go to Sean Spicer. Think yeah if I'm not Spicer. A present partner. And with. Style little body. I'm Tim Spicer in Alabama at. Now wait. And then. This. Today my you know do you stay in it needed to quell quiet and that point why I don't know if you quit because split but he's certainly think she's going to because William and her. So you're taking that treacherous has been married now I'm meat so we met for guys to stand on a milk crate that could easily give up his feet. For you at. I. These auto creaking here's CO global summed it looks like our very own Kim John and you beat us. I don't kids the American version. But it. I mean here. It's awfully early to be drinking. It's a forty for uber. In a forwarding. Lot of beer. You. And JJ. It's. She is tired of hiding her romance with. Started. To god so tired of Heidi. They had to do with their premium income groups. Really yet that she had to keep and for segment I'm willing to do to shift to keep hidden room she can keep didn't review. And who did keep the hit for maybe you won't get any hidden from her mullah. Unless Beijing and I. Who think you are that that we cater. I'm sorry that attitude I'm sorry Katie Katie I'm so sorry I don't like this weather in May not. It's got be angry if I. Heard much up at that got to do is we can't your bio rhythm. I thought. I hit it higher car. Waking up earlier than normal yes OK unbelievable my. I don't know what's going not what are you give us I don't know because I thought Richard Murphy. He said he's been awakened at 321. Every available kidnap a 328. At every every day every single day that's funny you should say that. Because I was telling somebody just a couple days ago I walk a bit like 130 core to what Monday morning. It could not go back to sleep this 1:30 in the morning racquet etc. and worked at four hours okay. But ended on Tuesday I woke up at like 230 couldn't go back to sleep. So it's exactly the same time this morning same thing about 320. Weird when I. Same thing I'm waking up early in the middle and I I typically wake up about a quarter of foreign it's not what he's thinking I don't know if it's all three and Richard Murphy. Russians probably Russian rushed up its run smoothly. Who I think put some kind of electorate. That delights what it electromagnetic well. Well I Richard Murphy he caught me yesterday he thinks it's these says the spray that they're doing it that way to go. Can trails trail that's what he thinks he thinks that went over and sprayed the wee weed and there. But that's OK and Jong. So I was getting the Eagles BJ you've been sprayed you just don't know what. Which. I might know it may. This could be part of the cam trailed duke the conceded the clouds. And then now what causes that. I can't take that I just can't take. That and can sell it yet I recognize there that the and I got to turn his microphone and they make snow ball again. A. Yeah another case that is an up and be isn't. Let's say let's day. All is only yes I don't see the picture I'm Jessica Simpson is she hiding add cheese burger. Our third baby the mother of two showed off what looked like a baby bump while celebrating her friend's wedding in Palm Springs here's the picture moved back. Cheeseburger or maybe we held a moment ago we Saddam. Until they be maybe. Yep yep image here's Warren you don't worry she's a real free. Because John Mayer says can move turns d.s glory and so she has right I think she's got all freaking crazy. Well well well maybe it's he's targets Stevie if she's standing at the dinner table. This should be her third baby she's at a restaurant so. I don't know if you get freaking after their baby. We had enough. I mean you had a wife he had three kids wish you forget the third when. Them. Or second. Our first what. Movie expecting I know too much. I think year. And goat cheese burger. And finally this depress all of my girlfriends. All of us. Did you see this black and white again do this too is about the list of the richest self made women. Yeah I saw this this is pretty cool little World War I as a vehicle. Dwell on them and you gotta. Give it to lay out of the world looks at it it's possible. Okay. Thank you. Pretty motivational wall that's so everything's what that you don't Hillary had become president it was looked at is for girls it's odd ending because it's possible okay. It's possible in anything sizable and he can do anything in this world is anything. Anything you can do I can do and that's. But from. My fairly soon and in. A full release contain a list of the richest self made winning I'd say to America and see there's need to pay docked. Co-founder Marion. He says we think about is people pizza. And point one billion with a B dollars. I didn't know that'll senior guy was a jet to me I mean there. She co found it with her husband we don't think that's crazy guy hit point one billion without. I mean. I've always heard took the pizza as the biggest market it in the restaurant business they do it's that frightens. But the pizza doesn't super cheap in the cellar for you know eight dollar supply and and they make a lot of money. Caesars math. Integrate content. And suddenly dried up to the wind is not ready yet and hydrant. And using an and I think if I'm not mistaken the five dollar deal right. I think so little wouldn't you get a full pizza for five blocks hut ready I've done. Five gallon I think so pizza. Not ready that's for their. Yeah I think your right. And come and they have a girl that's a mask. And she spent this deadline as the day and he asked you know because we're home of the math none that he. We have one in our neighborhood tune into our Internet Bill Curry is session at its normal traffic have a I think I shot I was can't. Delaware I sat and I watch it live back home Eads at Easter shift hit that I would come backer of the block of Butler might sudden. This when you know that your kid is like the parent mom we don't need to come back until her. Just keep going to grab Obama. I thank god that eighteen year old talks since you. On many occasions. Like he got a little banners that she's worth how much I put one billion. Name. Of she'll be okay. Diana Hendrix. Who she. She is that co-founder and chairwoman of ABC supply which is one of the biggest distributors of ripped siding and windows June. ABC is big east ABC supply moon. I will when I was in Cincinnati they were everywhere. They are a wholesale distributor of roofing siding windows she came in at five billion as well. And doing well see it's possible folks anything is possible the girls anything's possible girls and in a finally of course Oprah. It's funny to me Oprah is only only assumed she easily worth three billion. It's weird to me is somebody sells roofing. Is worth two billion dollars more would be answered is of pizza is also worth two billion dollars more than that I think. Oprah has gone backwards. Because Oprah lost a whole syndication date with her when she moved over to Leo networking she started the only network. Which is fly. Not done that well so she took a lot of money how to end I don't think it's been great investments for. Yeah I feel like she's gone backwards when it comes to the the most powerful richest woman on the planet. And I think her idea for only she was gonna have her phone. Programming at different shows well it hasn't worked out and all you know and so she had to die syndicated shows which costs a fortune just a plug in there. I know I agreed buys undercover boss at the Yang and she plugs in undercover boss on only play for seventy. She does that she does so a lot of crime shows on the network yeah. Don't know what you're gonna get on that network to be honest with yet you go to what it's like you can be anything a crapshoot it can be gained shell could be anything you're absolutely right. I got shutting get to get to the Bieber but I'll do that next all right so are able let's mention this though coming up in just a few minutes gonna take a quick break but we're gonna do a complete reset when it comes to the owls were 059. 45000 dollar title cash team will give you the range it's a second game because somebody won the Cashman. Yesterday. Insistent. House 6142. Dollars by the way that was yesterday's 6142. Dollars and Kristen when our cell world could do complete reset for you will give you the range date and will take Ed yes. You've got a chance to win the jackpot that's all coming up next. Important.