BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30- Hoaxes, Blac Chyna, Ben and Shia. 7/10

Monday, July 10th

Internet Hoax there is not a guy on Facebook that will take all your information – Blac Chyna is on GMA this morning talking about how devastated over Rob posting nudes of her – Rob is seeing a new girl – Ben Affleck has a new girlfriend – Shia Laboufe arrested for public drunkenness – Bill Mahr in trouble for Asian joke – Actor dead at 39 due to heart attack.


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Vijay and Jamie I quick question for yet have you looked at the deals on Amazon. I'm just looking at some of the stuff right now but actually done this I kilos of lift and tax which is them. So you know that virtual reality leg and I rare thing yes that I Wear thing virtual reality and has motion controls will not even part of the Amazon prime day. This I keyless rift in tax but they're discounting their prices starting today at 200 dollars so they're hold packages 319. Can you buy it through Amazon now. And I just and is not part of primed and well I'm probably not then yeah I looked up so we should be a leg right now would you be in a virtual world with. Peter 21 of those don't get an English fiction yeah I'm never tried. Exhibit presents its Mir again because you believe it. You believe me there. Amazon prime day starts tonight at 9 o'clock there are running through tomorrow yeah I don't know. I wonder if because a lot of times you. It all of often nothing seems to be weighed over hyped in the deals aren't as you say this is better than any Black Friday any Cyber Monday anything I've. I heard that you didn't hear that. My immune. Know it was on the news goes yes I heard that so allow access starts and starts today at 7 PM eastern what. 7 eastern 5 o'clock here so Alexis starts at the 48 rolls for how much 4821. Dollars 21 dollars per SE. For 48 rolls it's just paper but that's. He rolls 21 dollars is how I. That's good neighbors who are excellent and I remember I think Wal-Mart and for roles were fifteen bucks. I don't know this is forty rolls towards one dollar John what do you search utility performs place. 48 rolls by the way for twilight of his 21 dot I don't know I didn't next and that doesn't feeling. I don't know the ability to do and that's okay ask how ballad here a home and then they guarded. The garlic bread 25 anniversary edition song is that it the whole album is two dollars and sixty cents. Two dollars and sixty scenes with regard to Ford cars for the whole album out that's against acid in salt and I'm Garth I'm like what day. No idea how much input into this. But yeah I can't product is sound Alexa order outlook for baby lately. It's only seven dollars. Baby you wouldn't be neck and maybe should I. Did my yeah I part right now. They find his own name implies that the day that is. I think toward me and this is just what all these other stores need like target and Wal-Mart but you see Amazon to have a terrific day so they just put another nail in the coffin. So that's what this feels like it's like Amazon has done enough damage already. To the stores but this one seems like he's going to be the last and they don't talk. I mean you love gummy bears he loved gummy bears now you talk okay all right so those Kelly very original golden bears' 5000 packages packaged well. Nine dollars and 78 cents a man from. Now we're talking to the I'm just saying oh this security cameras went to get a security only one street yeah those are those are also even a hundred bucks. Borger let's again there's another album for three dollars. This isn't some some pink I said well is huge yeah no it's just feel like yeah previously lesson young right right right. At 7 o'clock PM which an unassuming man. Doesn't have the schedule when the real prime they kicks off so that would be but he had is at 9 eastern yeah if it isn't seven he gas so and then that's because I thought I TV's last year yeah. And I think like a thousand dollars or some on this for a parent of a simple. I don't know what you say protect. We have got a great deal because generally huge oh my god that 75 inches yeah your TV power never turned it on yeah half. It's too big enough and the second set the box for like six months because it was day again but we finally die on her death and it's we both England little kid. We agree it's a big. It it honestly yeah for that room and they can say that TV can get so big when you set it up to your living room. And you have sued to see the entire screen you have to move your eyes around the screen that. After I find certain parts of the screen that. Today it is to make it because you're looking to screen you see everything in just one vision in one shot is big but it. I don't really big ones I'd find myself like going from corner to corner. Who was my eyes on the. The picture money even on AC and moaning Phillip the whole TV and they see. Really in that base for. You can format that eleven drive. Exactly I. Learn Amazon's prime day Jamie's excited about it so far none. I don't see how you iron is there anything you hear about that knew how I found her limp. So listen this you know that day you an idea that he. I thought it was a mutual gathering. Oh Angel gathering that you paid for anyway and diamond earrings one cared dining in carrying out. For 500 dollars. As it can deal and we were hearings but she does. There's no chance that didn't want to burn what she. Heard this thing when we are coming you better. Ruby and we're really prove me but don't particularly love right now I don't know really know and. Wanna go like hey I don't know Noah it's. Nothing I. When something inside all of she's bald little woo. American holidays hit yeah well color grace. No it's not grace really oh look at Wal-Mart you can get 24 roles in the toilet paper for fifteen dollars the business 48. You know I mean I can score at 36 rolls got nailed for only sixteen bucks yeah though their deal wall I'm. If it's safe and talking lacy doesn't seem like a great deal for and being in Texas is something called Amazon prime Derry and put my daughter hey Jared. Today can you find at 48 rolled. You don't know that he consistently special Amazon just kicks butt. I love him and now they're gonna do so he Elian to die any group. Tomorrow it is what tomorrow same time now I think it's I know you don't I don't know I didn't find out and are not so let me answer we get by grace. Fund great saying that there's so. Are you shocked are you shocked I am I am really shocked me he moved pretty little shot did you. He like also super sad sad but I simply say really got to get under you get to know exactly. What apple over a then this does sagging reality gear albums. And it could well it. You heard a 55 just at the top quarter lab to reach around you know little auto the little little speech in weekday mornings. I.