Bj& Jamie: Tabloid Trash 630 Shia Labeouf is living alone in cabin, Charlie Murphy dies at 57 4/11 (AUDIO)

Thursday, April 13th

 Little girl in Az missed bullets sitting in barber shop, in drive by shooting. Shia Labeouf moved to remote cabin in Finland at part of art project. #Alonetogether is the name of the project. Bj says that’s good…doesn’t really like him at all. United has refunded all passengers that was on flight 3411 involved in the witnessing the man being dragged off the plane. RHWB, Kim Richards claims she dated Donald Trump.  Miley Cyrus nude pics leaked. Charlie Murphy dies at 57 to Leukemia. MTV revived fear factor! Ludacris will be hosting the show.

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Vijay and yeah. Yeah 88. Me and I have access a little girl in Chandler Arizona needed easier in a barber shop they did almighty god so there's this little girl in Chandler Arizona. She and a barber shop waiting for our data I think says to get his haircut. And she just is moving around and they have you know inside videotape. Elson shots are fired inside there's a drive by or something. How that little girl escaped injury I have no idea a miracle of god right there. She's sitting in this chair which is by the big display window there at the front of distorting you clearly see barbershop. And these bullets start flying through this big plate glass window. And this little girl is the smoky don't see the bullets obviously with the shattering of glass we're talking inches from her head is set later. Unbelievable and it's some of it's it left and that is since she shot she looks around and gets up and takes off half I thought I was but it. Unbelievable. Yeah they should even dating game he. I know it's crazy and you'll see it's going on. Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf. He's moved to a remote cabin in Portland. He's good hits a let alone good that book but I hope he states. What what are you and it's. He's just he's a pain in the butt kicked in a picket this guy's a pain in the but did he get the big fighter somebody at a bar in our French Fries over French Fries just a week ago or so all he's been causing fights were these video Kim city sets up. In these different public locations and just east trouble. He is so he's going to move sorry he has moved. To remote cabin in Finland to live below for a month as part of an art project all here we go again remember the art project reset at Peter watched his own movie. You ask and you could go on line him watching him sitting there watching his own movie. You have better accomplished a lot but. Anyway. And he's gonna be there and it hash tag if you legend that is hash tag alone together. About the project and it involves the two members of his art collector of will be staying in other cabins in the country. For a month only deal to Texas. That's the only way that we can never talk to shy and didn't shy he's exactly get a good round who knew he had a movie that came out just a couple of weeks ago the opening day in the theory was only had one to her. Opening day is sold one ticket. And have never heard of that before. When ticket. United Airlines has decided to refund all the passengers to witness the man getting dragged up the plane. United Airlines is continual continuing sorry it's an apology tours what they're calling it. For the violent removal of a passenger from an overbooked flight the company is now going to refund everyone who is on board flight 3411. So there you go. Also it was revealed I know they don't watch real housewives of Beverly Hills but you know I love nationalist right now we're in the reunion you. And we did reunion one now we can do reunion part two and it's been sick or dead. Will Kim Richards on real housewives of Beverly Hills said that she once dated president Donald not. If you picture yeah I didn't. Fledged reunion show host Andy Cohen asked him I heard a rumor that you once dated Donald Trump is that true. Tim Richardson replied. Yes let's not go into it I had dinner with them. And then Lisa Benetton said did you see him naked. Kim Richards sat idle talk about Preston. In that she bragging Hershey complaining. No I think she's of prefaced that with that cute yeah I think that's just what your adding that clay you know like. I don't talk we upheaval in our past that we didn't where I love the let's not talk about you ever feel right well I know Kim Jessica. Yeah what was her name. As a man. Rabbit. I know rabbit and in what's her name Jessica Rabbit so what Jessica and say that day is that DJ dated. Is Jessica. Rabbit and Jesse dated demagogue on. There's a few in the past that that the game we don't have or not. I don't remember who who has. Waste and an island an evil way. Let IG didn't think I I'm not. That is not a happy look. Now and I now know your place how the application is rather. Demure and to it does come on. And that was wild. Wild and Willie have you. Yeah but if it but that didn't mean the public art. She dumped me for just Sam Kennison then I. And it did she got four. Recently added a bit odd candidate. Some groups Miley Cyrus and her nude stat this snap election with the Burton well. Dude what. Her pictures are nude pictures leaked online as she falls victim to the same Packers as Emma Watson and Amanda has safely freed whoever me. So I guess there's them and some naked pictures online well you don't normally when I see one of these beat stars. They eat the hacks in their nude photos or solar for the phone yeah I. I gotta do investigative reporting here so I'll run to the web is now certain look at the pictures and I'll find them and Google little bitten just won't look at who Google Google. But what Miley not so much now I am hitting a service this morning from the alliance. Well I feel like that's grown to. Have lunch it's like look at them a little boy I feel like that's a girl. I. That's what I meant. Comedian Charlie Murphy is died at 57 after a leukemia battle Eddie Murphy's older brother Charlie Murphy has died from leukemia 57 years old. He was very successful and popular standup comedian in his own right in his managers as. Telling had been undergoing chemotherapy and died yesterday morning in the new York city hospital. And the only if you could tell tired of being I have like Edna knows thing we have to be dumped more than Easley hit a you know if you are. The league I guess that I sneeze so hard to clean the paint you know tomorrow it will. As a target information to. Serious. No elements at play and like it was like almost orgasm it weird sneeze you know and not about. No and I'm sure. I've never ceased to be defense not on the PR yeah you never know where it but it also have that we feeling like. That thing aren't you now know in a row you know I don't know yet. On the three. But every time. Consist of. Right. Both of life I that. It was a time it's Charlie Murphy think yeah Charlie's been here in our studio couple times and dodge at great got it just sad story that's young. Well not only that but what's even worse is that them prior to this his wife. Tissue died in 2009 from cervical cancer they have two kids. So. That's let's add to that ninety dead of cervical cancer and now here we are and he's died of leukemia. Can to shock and it's just terrible MTV but it's a factor and that's no need to. There wasn't a fan than me there played touch your face and roaches. And I hated Joseph Rogan. Yeah yeah I like that I never liked him. You know he's about the time. I'd be happy you guys he looks at because now you does boxing or the and anime stuff right so so when he gets it rain with those guys he looks really small. Yeah I tried to bulk up by being aided in where. They go what they're shortly go wide here. Well it didn't work and a. And TV is bringing back fear factor around and rapper Ludacris. Has been chat supposed to reboot. The fast and furious franchise star will also be the executive producer of the project which currently has a dozen one hour episodes. Episodes ordered. Ludicrous said quote I'm excited to gift pick up my partnership with the intent. You don't do you ever watch in TV. Yes team arm but I don't think I've seen MTV in coming captains. I seen in years the two guys that do the captain show that's pretty interesting here which did you like only guide you don't know that that person's real. Advertising that's and then the teen mom I know I shouldn't watch it CF but I do. In the east girls can get knocked up more because Hillary celebrities. But what's her name path to air oh my god she there's enough. No affair no. From teen room I don't know an affair whom I've never seen the show. She's horrible just seat teen mom. Now let me first I thought Sarah it was all parents tall you know petitions for about a month but mom is not mom is where let her mama like 72 like shirts in Africa and if he she got. Convertible debt. Her and she is she the Farrah Abrams yes does that hurt yes I've seen her in the tabloids didn't end in on some of the web sites but I don't know. I've never seen the show yes yes like yogurt shops just as a furniture and still do this do adult videos she did that yeah she married an act. It was like forty years old. Yeah no that's around her and I don't think that's her shortly after it's been hinting that Stoddard lady you are. But thanks. We appreciate your employer pay any time there's buddy you it's not like you don't have Google at your disposal they're okay I'm. I'm something I'm thinking of that thing like god saying EU. Right I'm done great a tablet to each inch and more on Alex.