BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30.

Wednesday, June 20th

Don’t think we need to worry about Kim being president yesterday she posted some semi-nudes – Jamie is now on Twitter – Next she is tackling Instagram – Canada has legalized Marijuana in the whole country – Heather Locklear in is bad shape and it’s not good – Eva Longoria had a baby -  Starbucks is closing hundreds of stores and they are blaming Dunk’n Donuts and McDonald’s – Selina Gomez mom tells us what her perfect man for Selina is and she doesn’t believe the tabloids.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash and analysts 1059. And. And is what is today winds today is Wednesday yes the twentieth. Right I have not plan my vacation and down. I'm scared. Because it's I don't figures Kuroda one thing I wanna do and his whole conflict that. Aren't friends let his you know it's so much simpler EP do it like I do. I. Don't go anywhere for each department has just. Does the Australia is still planning an Angel hacking there's not yeah you're right incorrect hugs to sit at home. In the dark I screwed up on a date and it is a thing in. Iraq back its hit a home in the dark like I didn't hit shift from. I just think what would think you know. I like that idea you don't like it a lot. A couple of things I don't think we have to worry about Kim Kardashian becoming president want to look at yesterday she got back himself he round you know she did the app goodness where she belongs in your pants a Loni in her bra. Yeah yeah. Plus sick of all the stuff you don't have Leo they they pull pull your background stuff. Yeah imagine what would about her her you know her or her opponent and what they would say and what they would publish and the things she's done the things we don't even know about. I don't I I don't understand OK and let me just color on Twitter so what I don't get is a non BC. So she posted another business. And I'm not proud that I act follower I followed her to try to get that they need a guy out of deal. And when she should picture of like her boobs or whenever. Let me see here she she got like 1877. Hearts. You all already seen her boobs you giving her heart her boobs again. Three of those were my. I just don't have. I I did 3000 for two direct attack hybrid there of between sure it and she is she. I don't get like you lobby scene and she gets all these arts and I don't Wear it deaths for bless your heart. You're drawn largely giant like your heart you're trying our eyes so she did their pay until unease and an air and bra and the like we've seen as CNET I don't know why Jamie. Like I got a bone to pick who you actually when I do I don't got nothing to do tabloid trash but often this segment doesn't. Not a yes but. You yeah. In your current quarter heads. Yes are so scolded me. Over the last couple of years even more than that you have scold me about Twitter how you don't get it you don't like get it now and I'll leave this. Because I'd I'd show on Facebook and I wanna be on Twitter he figured better than everybody else you have really gone after me over Twitter. Now the Twitter and now. All of a sudden it's the coolest thing of the black. It's like you just over the water out of coupe okay sell access. Larry it has its like she just discovered water yet connect posted how to following on Twitter yeah and I say amazing things on here I am I may I saw your vote. I tell you. I added I cannot give a kid I know you did all of say years. Why did all of a sudden the light come walk because I told you trending stopped on FaceBook. And I love to I've been telling you that this is better than trending for years but not increased its look tuned in to move way. After a big enough to understand the love that I now for Twitter because you're right it is a news source it's amazing it's amazing especially it it matters like who you follow and somebody adds up people here's where people I think with Twitter. Is where you bomb where you really get miss. Kind of misled about it and you don't you don't realize what is really for. I think what people do is they go one there and they don't get India reaction let's say you don't get the Kim Kardashian 141000 arts Brighton you don't get a comment or whatever and you get discouraged that you think people don't care out of his aide mentioned Hart yeah that's what it is. They what is is is how you set it up with who you follow that you just have a easily lose speed in Europeans. Yeah it was crazy about yesterday I told I was just I was glued. To the TV and channel 2 am because they did a really great job. And I was Dave Frazier and them Matt Macon and and they did it together about the degree temp but then I found I was doing is. I was going to their Twitter accounts and watching their twitters SCSI riposte in different pictures in different videos you yes it was for Twitter and all they. All the damage and stuff and everybody post L is videos is fantastic. By the way. To now I. For three afternoon for three withstood a fourth three the number of followers you have. And a portrait and I haven't even looked. 3159. You know I don't understand. I don't know 3150. China via its. We always stay exactly 200 hits through ninth that's sounds suspicious to me it's been that way for a couple of years now black. I don't know I don't understand why he stays in certain number all the time itself suspicious brief moment. And you can follow me it cookbook book but add it every day Harris radio and a lot more entertaining. Exactly yeah and I was fantastic yesterday in fact Matt make it's an even. Broke out hearts. You know about the word to me hard. I think once he smoking. Wasn't so I think once it's. Good job man. Although he's married apple all that nasty weather in the area and you're sending out cards are at the end we know where your dedication of these. Don't care about the city they all you want to do which he has hit Jamie on a I thought I am so mad at that there was death and destruction in this city yesterday. I yeah parts of your hearts Virginia and it's hard in his degree jobs. Here's the thing I guess I also started I didn't know I did this with that but I keep getting messages that have instead Graham account I haven't done anything that I had to look into the I I guess I have what I started it when night and I am like god did this and I haven't been so that's my next failure incentives Guidant. I'm not gonna like it meaning. You know what you're gonna like Italy and I go like I knew he would love to win or lose it or a jury for insert Graham I don't care. BJ that happened with my sister what's happened. I told her how great spin class was and she should join it and she just gave me all kinds of crap about it I don't let it ever does spin guy as well Bubba Wenatchee this kid I saw all the dot. You're trying to compare spin class by Twitter at come on. Is that an insult to hit down to this so that you're laughing behind my back. Ben glass. It is numbers that are like oh my god it's big lesson is David you and your stupid she is your students bitty skinny and now her sister's doing it like and she's like a better at it and you know I'm the best Spinner that are. I thought it was a perfect correlation IPs are and I made perfect sense via. Spend at Jamie the biggest slat is slut shaming Kim wow. I can tell you legalize. Slot I am glad it's. A it's hard to do in this that the worst flood ever news I got to go to court and hitting. Up at the Manning now on our I'd pay less than a few things I am so glad Canada did you see they legalized recreational marijuana don't you know who Canada beyond. I'm tire country yes. There are only what the second country in the world idea haven't kept up with them I don't know I think number two re talking among Amsterdam. The Dutch. Eight. Are either all or how much pollen whatever you remember. What the country and to saints. And even. I had even Allen Gloria she just gave birth to baby boy. I saw the yeah yeah that's Korea. Good for her were real happy about that Heather Locklear you guys they say it's not good they say it is like the bottom of them bare all. Heather Locklear Dixie she's been in this pattern for years with alcohol and drugs and am. She just since napkins. Now she's lost it up but but again this is still like. I don't know. Answer they say it's been a pattern for years and now her family's hoping that should get into a long term program and stay there. And in case you didn't know had black players she tried to find and kill herself. She strangled her dad remained intact but she went after him and called police and now she's on a psych hold. They're trying to get her into a program. Her port daughter Ava Sambora which she had with Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi twenty years old they said that she actually is. Thrilled her mom is there. Because it's been such a battle ever unstable they never knew what was gonna happen yes and so for her Indian Controlled environment her her daughter's. Thrilled about this I think she's just an addict refuses to quit. If you missed Elliott. That sounds pretty easy though so pretty simple to me yeah. I visited the set I got to have been with me and orange theory I was average person and now can't get enough of it though. So I always like we know and I weren't here he's not not auto. I should fit the class is what a terrible analogy. I. You slammed these things like I slammed Twitter and now I'm like the Twitter queen orange theory doesn't change your life. Yes it's a very good. Split its. I'm 26 year old woman I feel that both Twitter is to grant and jet jet girls give it. Are you positive or a and well he hit it well you know what yesterday I really did I feel like I watch my phone and on the feeds and all that I'm hale you know more than I really watch TV because I had my hand and they said for the first time ever. And it's kind of worries and the Internet has surpassed. The at the time spent watching. Over television you know great price took the slow and a well there's there's surprised at this quick and LA gather it dated thing you would like this yeah. I'd seek completely different for some reason but I would think that of all it had already happened simply because we all carry a follow. That is the Internet it not all of the scarier TV. Re right now that you would have thought that would've already have put. The mother raise mileage TV is to see the radar pictures so I kept that on but then I was watching the picture pictures of people's videos on my phone so I had both. Going back it's as Internet has surpassed and they exceeded time spent watching and that they thought it was it would be a couple more years but it happened now. You know I took my son he only does watch YouTube videos allegedly used the TV is if he projected onto the TV yeah. Scrapes. Some ways it's like me guacamole. Well look I would need the top of what it I get it okay and I tried it and I did that I thought that guacamole is a great point. Allen is really yeah I stand and trade that's a visual one like autumn while the evidence the way it looks kind of like Twitter. Yeah try that Ron will take a bite a Twitter boom your Twitter feed rates that's what it's like guacamole and Twitter like thousand closest one. I enhance her life and the job she does here yeah. And she wouldn't listen to be in full training were annoyed from praise tendon don't talk about. Yeah it does because I've never tried guacamole. And never tried it it looks disgusting and I. Maybe I'll try it now because of the stepped. Because you tell me how much you love guacamole it's so good. And I don't adequately with. I think about what he's keeping big one that I like crap that I really like that looks like them of the baby poop. But it's still good lead in new tell ya know well it's somber Sandra. It took me. Published comments you've got to get on the Hamas Charlie after that the way to celebrate this it makes it celebre. You get on that that Thomas bandwagon you do it may I don't eat don't you try to read. I've tried it over and over again I tried tried tried akin that he. You need. Sorry. Not gonna go down that road. Like diskettes and gravy let's examine it threw up on your plate and now you love it. It's like I Salant. You don't think you're gonna like it then you try you know. Is there any tabloid trash we reviewed our. I read the Atlanta sic at them and I. And it has to have a big star is closing a 150 stores they say that Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's has taken a big chunk out of them. I guess because Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's have stepped up their game with the copies you know flavored Bobby's Starbucks closing you have so this one coming. Five and fifty stores are closing and. Kinda makes me happy. What has happened and hopefully just everything about star. I feel like that you people that go there just. It beats you are you are only got it when you can brag about your eat dollar coffee I just feel like that Jim and down my throat what. I always get in line and I told you this before unlike which went to bed on which what is at Trenton are anti is it to interventional mostly because I would like to get the green Ice-T you know sugar. Enrichment of anti attentive and another origin of the big and some like large. Net like you inventing. Yeah yeah correct. Me you all of sudden your big dummy. Big guys the way they look at who's your big dummy you're not a Starbucks veteran because you didn't know that they date. You just you you got it wrong you know immediately try to push that birthday pop on yet. That drives me crazy. It's a one dollar per car that put did I push you know I don't safety etc. they pop with that nobody here were red and and keep a flash when here way before you know look it's. And a big problem to get that I Dixon did bird the bots. To say did not try to push and I'm glad you're closing some stores stores. My idea I think pop will be enough to face every day. It's really dry and made an awful he's really come I cannot I was think the birth they pop up on Jimmy I get Atlanta. It's not wasted all Jody beer at a birthday I have not well. In trouble on sixty dollars seed number. One or the other for me it is a copy to stop it's a bite of cake out of state for six blog. Possible I thought that museum in the Arab that if a new item on Allen had been out there. Think the army of the fears. Is way I found the name of that Doug grill that has a hot dogs on it yeah it's called a roller girls. The roller grill called the roller grill. Does he keep colony like the hot dog turner thing we never have a name. The official name is the roller grill Dina and I notice who is a sham is getting gas yes and and gas station a big giant said to roller grill items for two dollar Leo yeah. Mr. we've been here. We aren't that would yeah I'm not know that you let our let story indicate pop when it. That's good to sort of say it was part of a Starbucks story. Right slow roller had nothing to they would this time no because now we know what to blunt what we can't. Ruler rural grew Miller grill we have a name like of the gossip. Giuliani say you know I think I thought spam I'm outlook and now given name I. Not ruin. Selena Gomez as mommy is that is sound so happy that Selena is not with. Justin Bieber in fact she talks about what kind of Mae and she was to see her daughter went. A sense of humor I'm someone who truly understands. Delighted that she lives did you imagine trying to find. Someone who isn't in this business that understands. Their Gunner Reid and she's cheating every five minutes on them as a professional person and I want him to. Care about her. And it's not the Spain. And family oriented. You know what the plot well I get back Justin Bieber. Look you want that I should mother in law. Yeah out of my now Indiana's very clearly now over for Thanksgiving and this year there are. And have those seeing you and suddenly knack. Who. Could move just could not how I could I'm. I want to say too lightly at some point Celine is just an ambulance. Going to be like momma. Love where you more. Is that right M it's true that men actually look at the moms view capsule really absolutely dead all 99.9. 99 prison time. You guys actually analyze how you your wife or did your girlfriend a deep and buying analyze and absolutely. That is eight. It if you didn't know that guys whom you just a light came on in your life. It has a different ad and then daughter and yeah and and in so look it up biological mom it's not that hard. It is because it. As we get the dad brought them a different person inside that got so she's not going to be identical to mom. Trust me guys what the eclectic Bill Clinton. Ali yeah. And they make it on I have one more clip lover and viewing here is Selena Gomez is mother are not believing that things that are written about her daughter in the tabloids. You never know tomorrow she'll be dating you know. She'll be the reason why they're getting divorced and end London you know was innocent in mega mart call is placed none of it you can't say it's a grain of salt some time. Do you love this good move just a good you lock my tablet trash yes Nancy shiny and who knew I am I don't I have a bunch more back to like manage time and I. Yes this should. Don't yes we're our own pocket no we're out of time but we're out of time I'm glad you asked. We are how. Out of town well. Each in each week day mornings on Alex I.