BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 10/11

Friday, November 10th

Bj making Christmas plans – New toy makes children cry – Khloe looks different and Blac Chyna drops her lawsuit against the Kardashian girls for slut shamming her but still going after Kris -   Delivery for Weed could be coming and there are some awesome Black Friday Weed deals.


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Vijay and Jamie. Just super everyone how. Bola. Hello. Or they're sorry. Well let's currently busy but yeah I was looking at since you didn't remember it about Ireland on the Internet unit where eagle in Hawaii where knowledge stuff for being aware or it's. A Christmas. I could always alliger condom now. We'll when you fly your kids. Yes it's Christmas yeah I had a conversation with my son last and a and if so what do I do this for you for Christmas and it's your and that doesn't get them and they said. Is that way. Richard. And you're also getting him some money. No no the no at the zone is their prisons gift. Yes feel how the letter I should've made the deal how come how much not looking good images. Let's see total. About 700 acute. I'm yeah I'm mystery and you don't you. I'm do you think of seven as passionately that this deal in the not a lot yes it is many many many and I just started my search okay I maybe I get to hijack media and get this guy the like fifty try southwest where where you guys I'm at southwest united sand. Regal and when you do that. North. A little it's a little anywhere you know it's them so that. That's Clinton should lose the the. I just think Edberg that kind of money that kind of bank actor Colin economic cash teach I can't be in like slow court. I. It could be in like China that you guys but I actually pretty good and Iceland and right now. With. And other real housewives of Orange County there in Iceland it looks amazing. It's a bucket list yeah it really looks awesome I know but I just have his mental block went with something called isolate and yeah that you think that there's not a lot I I know I know but I have a little block it looks gorgeous. You know the real house at six make everything looks of five a friend who went there he loved the average says green mountain. That's red bucket list and then Abu Dhabi. Beloved new. Abu Dhabi only in. My man made only friend. Who was. Seeing job Abu Dhabi making Abu Dhabi so there has implicitly again. It. I am still in mind that that whole kick about Sean still need to take an emotional role in that should. No please if you tee shot again until we need to get emotional broadly yeah well that's because I think it was at the into a sore spot with the yeah. We all have a sore spot with their kids like mr. you know you just say in the I had a sore spot and he was fined and yet. In school. Anything at 700 bucks apiece yeah. Yeah. Mind totally different theory then. Uncannily. And who. Edmonds getting an out of the yeah it is. Now where. Degree. I'm just happy there is Christmas lists as Suu Kyi sock. Is for progress this decision for. And that that action is sad because. In Atlanta the Atlanta because I have everything I want. He. Started to say if your kid a loan will probably top all real mind combined. And waiting. To hear this isn't listening it would get me. It's a total in its writing children and look it's a unicorn. That since. Jerry and watch what the luck. Gonna be more little kid and it. Guide to aren't any I have nobody here we go here go. Taylor Swift we talked about her she debuted that new song during scandal I'm not sure I yelled Phil about it but he played it Breckenridge cover Melton and copper mountain copper and mountain but copper mountain and keystone. About an hour. If you look at that issue that's impressed how well you better head does some carry this weekend as three count as ski resorts are set to open for the ski and snowboarding season. And isn't there one of those big seals this weekend you're in town. I think Colorado ski gulf. And big deal that really trying to piece this week if it starts today. And their new role under me and move. When asked to have Korea well ugly turn ashy and fans are little baffled at her appearance. Internet's snaps act people are patrolling her saying what have you done Chloe to your face I say whatever she's done it looks fantastic. And listen I'm not a big card dashing lover. And I don't like to give compliments but she looks amazing whatever she did to her face in the futures her. Money make EE no immunity so different so beautiful. It's you evil anti meal be happy and just began the Kardashians. What's your name black China has dropped her lawsuit against Courtney clearly Kylie and Kendall. She's still sitting Kim and Chris for Kelly killing her tell me. And show she hates him she doesn't she hates she hits him so there. Khloe there will be the you know Courtney she's jacked it's you don't literal little books skeptics got this idea and it's dark. Put him in the mall Chris Chris he hates the. Like China is no longer suing for and rob Kardashian sisters. The 29 year old reality star filed court documents against her former partner and is powerful vindictive as she Collin fairly. Last month it matching man and yes accusing him of slut shaming her. Packing slide rule lad I know who. That is so far off base at a shot that I I don't know until they can be edited and and ends but she dropped now pretty and clearly Kylie and Kendall from the list of are dependent however she still has Kim Kardashian in the west and Chris Jenner. Are still named in the lawsuit granted that video that you sent to rob Yuen did that coupled I didn't help matters. But I'm not gonna slut shaming you know you how are. Let things go right at me. Yeah let's see here I like this summit replayed because I just love so much the woman was arrested for DU I on her horse. She speaks out about being drunk on a horse. The poll accounting woman accused of do you live on a horse is speaking now. With a my way down the game day checks and to get themselves non starter. But instead it spurs deputies fitted her with this set of handcuffs. Charging her with do you why. I don't horse. Yet the only weaving a new course where I. Give birthday no. You help if your horse leaves. Love me because your reins and I've. Yes but the worst could be doing it on its own because he doesn't like his owner and produced new years new book Lou which we will leave the famous currently. And finally finally don't forget to Black Friday we deals. Our cal and John is all still kicking me in the he said he. Did to do that Friday we dealers account and teach me. Their rights. Are rights currencies deals yeah. That about a flat track like half price or something. Now to some disk nagged by Limbaugh and get our country. Barack. Well that would be F for. An area that would be low. But all bull prize the week that it's just get a free words are not skillful. Use the united we. Like I thought I know how did. Have you have to find this new commercial that's out it is hilarious how much that I saw yesterday on it's on the list it's a show called the list. And it's a new. Arm to lip serve service for wheat. They'll deliberate Hume and you know the side effects they have an all those medical commercial. Commercials. Will these side effects are all fantastic side effects may cause eating may cause euphoria make my happiness. You gotta find is how they I'll find it where I am also one other note I have to tell you. Guess what the rage for Christmas is going to be this year to be finger monkey finger multi finger are mundane. We talked about this couple months ago I made a joke about. I think demand because the way to try to do the animation makes your kids think it's a real little monkey on their finger but this is filled plastic monkey on your finger yeah I remember that. And I made jokes about like oh my god they're so mean to these kids to make him feel like didn't have a real monkey on a finger. When now my friends she has little little kids here. And it's it's already on eBay for four times the amount. The price he acts the reseller yet. Woody but he never taxables last year you don't loan them the finger monkeys is the figure Monkees sold out became part of what I guess can get a ring now. Anger among game. Do you have the Sean as a commercial do here jerk appeared to Betty. So it's the finger languish. What do they cost. And but we should get them to give away their finger language and down. And it fart. Really the Potomac yet they'll monkeys eating here fart in it and then that led to fart around since. On some aces hallmark who pain others hallmark star still open has the finger length. You know there's still work. No. I haven't seen a hallmark star Brad rarely have ever been in one. You do for the homer and thinks the glory and fourteen hanging. Bad. In the resell inferred four titles yeah. The 2000. Because she can't find the color she lists she can find balloon that got the blue ones. But her daughter of accidentally blew in unison with like purple European personally that and that's a college campus anyway I'm done a tablet trashing. And we see more on Alex I.