BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 10/12

Thursday, October 12th

Harvey Weinstein tell the paps that he is not a bad guy and hopes for a second chance. -  More people are saying they knew about Harvey and Ben Affleck who says he knew nothing, now a lot of video of him being just as bad to women. – Hillary Clinton says she will give back 10% of the money that Harvey gave her. – Facebook went down and Twitter prayed – Mongolian BBQ techniques – Andy Cohen is taking over for Kathy Griffin on NYE with Anderson Cooper.


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PGA and in. Fact it's little friend. It is suggesting there's a merger bonded over dad used to bird and I am a juicy burger stay I'll be there around 1030 but he did and like a little parent and well who's gonna hang out don't have a burger at. You know now that I have dropped some weight. Over to have the big. Get dog that did that dog with them lettuce wrap I'll get down there. Delicious. You get into a bragging about like Natalie your skin and. I've never had a change in the half ended up buying in its current form he had beaten and. It is about to veggie burger and Dodd is sixty to meet cellulose is idly by the arapahoe road south niece Emily opens at 1030. Joining need to lay off the beer. Love how old start to show one. How. I agree I'm sorry no I'm socially understand the truth you just entry thanks but he. No hard feelings of no non compete that don't don't and then Mindanao but nobody likes act nobody likes that guy. By the twinkies still okay. Well go ahead but OK. Let's Harvey Weinstein who. Okay yeah yeah I. This is horribly guys members of the Los Angeles police department arrived at home of Harvey Weinstein oldest daughter yesterday morning for welfare check. That visit was prompted by an island golf from Lily Weinstein she's twenty years old that's his daughter she said I heard her dad was suicidal and depressed. Why is seen is dot had been in a huge argument earlier in the morning this is all happening clintonian. And when that he ran the house and start looking firm I ride he's got cars and like I think I get interviewed like what that does big eye strain a trend and our car. And down the Denny Hastert screaming at the house saying you're making it worse and then the PD arrived. They stayed on the scene for about thirty minutes because her everything was okay. And there were no arrests he wasn't the way against it calmed down. But then later that night they showed up again LE PD did that nobody answered the door. So as of and what we know right now is Harvey Weinstein is in Arizona. Who's most clear Beijing has plans he's in the same rehab facility that Tiger Woods is and the network and I know now. It's called the meadows and he's there and the paparazzi caught up with them here's what he had to say no problem. Heard an affront. Thank you men might. We've got to do OK okay. I gotta get help. You know what we have. You all made. Who broke. Yeah. Pretty good guy. Do you guys not to women but I've been a good god you guys you're the paparazzi. Yeah. Second chances snoop. I don't know me and I are out there second chances. Well. You know and because I don't see Harvey changing Harvey is a very powerful ego testicle guy or was powerful. Very egotistical I just don't see him. Becoming something completely different. And Dwight this goes so deep so many people took so long thirty years' worth I don't know. You know it really is a crapshoot if you will about who makes it through scandal who doesn't. You know some people do I mean. They Tiger Woods' second chance really and me he didn't do well you know golfing but if he would have he would have been a superstar again. If he would've you know won a match right after everybody all these amazing. But yet like Lance Armstrong destroyed. That scandal destroyed OJ Simpson destroy destroyed via. But they'll kospi destroy all away but some of them come back and you like. Haley and yeah he did that I mean for example which you well leopard that liberty was that a transvestite. Picked up a hooker. Yeah he's great yeah and but he can. Eddie Murphy. Same thing. So yeah you're right it is a crapshoot here's what I think's gonna happen I think with Harvey I think there is chance that he could to get. Some. Some normalcy back with his life and be a little bit Mora you know maybe get some respect. But if he is prosecuted for these sexual assaults. The Mike why shouldn't it. I don't know Chappaquiddick comes to mind. All kinds of stuff. I'll say what you love that woman to grab it's time to become. The news. And. You anger is so all and well we'll see what happens it's all getting ugly or another I'm wondering how Ben Affleck is thinking right now what anybody singing to Ben Affleck became part of a scandal yesterday. Because Rosen a gallon was his girlfriend. And when Ben Affleck said I am disgusted with Harvey Weinstein analyst of grossly gallant said FU. Ben Affleck union take up for May when I came do you instead you know let this happen to me and you said instead like. She dumps you know. He's very powerful Clinton don't dosing thanked her and so she went off on Ben Affleck yesterday in late. You don't care about winning it will blow when ever since then Twitter shut down Rosa gallon some tweeting feed if you well. And and then. They waited and I guess they reinstated because people are mad because she said the SA Twitter shut her down but then they put her back up. And then out of the blow almost all the stories of Ben Affleck and former like videos had been released in August of started the resurfaced. This what was it easy Elarton on ERL total request live call yet TRE LM TV's total request. All these stories started coming out about Ben. Yeah Hillary Burton she remembers Ben Affleck groping her here's the audio of that the only thing. Yeah his arm around me. Tweaks my. Yes that was actually back in 2003 in the end nabbed and grabbed her loop. Grabbed and in Italy she's explaining it with a all the restaurants that you don't really ticket. That was that day that that you know audio from then not now now she's Ashley's via. And thinks it's that nervous stuff like. She's comfortable she is demanding an apology from. Because she grew up in nineteen business. On and then Jersey eager press video shows an appropriate Ben Affleck. The imperfect and instead in his upcoming would be okay now. I appropriate. Good length and lose your top. That's okay yeah. The idea behind do you think this. Yes you. It doesn't look good we'll know similar. Thinking initially I think. Goodnight guys you don't treating conditions that we don't. Usually show up roughly was this from. Story could play covering an open and I Sunday morning and suddenly they and. Boom. So tell us really drunk there yes he does he's in a video and he does seem to video he is being interviewed he grabs a reporter who pulls her into his lap. They're playing around in making comments about Eric Lee B agent. And this thing is starting to circulate again seeing it then you're no different in the heart views. Yeah that was from 2000 Ford season as lap like said and in England and room and brunch turn bent. So he became part of the scandal till. So I. Ed what about Joseph they ended up all these videos you guys are all these old shows of the of mentions now of RV. And as you know begins and not been thirty years and the so much stuff Lomax. And so here is. Lacked Gwyneth Paltrow had to say. Are you hear of your own free will. As someone coerced you look at it to being fifth or. Think out Harvey Weinstein and of course. I hardly every once in Izzy as I I don't know whether he's in some kind of organized crime now. Like a big powerful film guy right. After I got my movies for Harvey Weinstein that's there you about it yet and I'm lucky Indian in there but he will coerce me to do with it torrential Harvey said it they would go on. And have been for a talk about your move is viewed. So her quote was. Oh he'll clue where she did do a thing or 20. And we've already heard Gwyneth has already come out and said hey Harvey all over her yeah. Planet am and that's that's going to protest. And Brad Pitt is she told Brad Bradley noted confronted Harvey Lenovo man. Scott Larry Eric and when you read all the stories there Scholl many every major player in the Hollywood. Knew what was going home everybody knew. Plays getting help now don't. She where he's going to sex addiction rehab center he she'd just be the nicest. Young Christian man when he comes out going to be fantastic. As you know he just needs an Alcatel needs he's not just up scum of the air speed to them crap. Not no he's just demand but some troubles as little addiction you know he'll come out of there probably forty pounds lighter yeah fifteen news. He'll shave. There's still a little twitch at one but. He'll come out of there looking good it's going to be amazing. Are you don't yesterday I was like what is Hillary Clinton do what they're half a million dollars a Harvey Weinstein gave her where's that money well here's what she had to say. Senator Blumenthal says that. People should give back the money that he donated to them he donated money do you get directly and indirectly. How would you would you give the money back. Well there's no one to give it back to what other people are saying what my former colleagues are saying these are gonna donated to charity of course I will do that I give 10% of my income to yeah here. This will be part of that there's no there's no doubt about. Really so she isn't really saying she's gonna give it all back now. Some thinks it would be part of the 10% give it yeah so therefore if she got let's say million dollars her. Joseph give a few of them. So I eat and if you love firms and I know it's very but I hate dropped so sorry about that and I find it worse because you look at anatomy let me jump you'll get Manning Lansing hey he'd read like. I needed Burton he needs and needed the Bernard. Bernstein three of them here. He's kind of gone loonie. Hit that truck and what it's like man defense it did I yeah. Don really as you know I mean Erin has staying home cooked. And Bachmann hasn't anger management problem he'll see the video he went ballistic yesterday and through Minnesota and somebody. Does he get like no matter what happened anyway it doesn't matter he does having it didn't work for him and that anger management class you know like I took it anger management class. Court ordered them. I'd like to worked pinging me. I get angry anymore. Really it. You reworked yeah I had to take like Elin attend classes there's a little with the cost. I have no idea wasted money. That's like in those court icu I don't throw stuff at me. And you broke the dvd stringer bell there and they all of our angering your belt you do. Big. Help fortunately I've lost enough weight I'm very well and I guess I can get out of a lot of. No I told you yes she lost weight but now you need some arms. Trauma that you need to larger. Hard. Really I think I have bigger biceps in the column Berkshire let's compare. I hope that even more shirt. I have on lectured yet that is. Yeah that you need to get some. We need to that you like muscle trainer a bunch and know. What can you imagine they eviction accident shined the trainer ignoble. Go. I'm good I'm good I'm doing all this on my own I'm good I understand but do you think you should get a couple of dumb bells. I mean yeah I do tomorrow to shake weight I'll take it home with me and sit around shapely. And do this with your mouth. Looks like. Did you ever report to yeah yeah. Yeah I didn't learn. And he iciness yesterday and Twitter prayers for FaceBook people are free get out. In fact two billion people are freaking out yesterday distaste look at the problems and went down. People didn't know what to do with today they freaked out and it was about an hour and FaceBook didn't have it's an old beat up people were shut out. Only it was and where you want they spoke to went down to you and I have no idea again. You know I wouldn't win and we Tibetan Mongolian barbecue place this could calm and actually it is when downtown. Now excellence in in the Bogut it's really good idea treasure of all food in the bowl in them. It's like a game and in the teeters yet there's secret to I don't remember what the secret is that there is a secret to. There's secret to Mongolian barbecue okay yep it is I forgot what it is a forget if it's vegetables first meat on top that packs down knock at the makes or did you reversed I can't remember what he did it could just the me first. But if you go back and start on the other side is right because once you start putting a veggies and they start falling while so you reach your limit the meet all piled up like my guess is just in the would kinda go through. Yeah yeah and a yeah is your secret. Now I I use the meat as a wall. In the bull like it don't yeah I put it all around the bull to create higher side. And then I throw line vegetables inside there in the tavern right created because you've seen by the bowl and then more me. Outside legal amount you know Mongolian barbecue is them that at all like the more people than you realize yeah I don't know judo tuna yeah because you. They're very pop. Over town city you put all the stuff you want it done again by to grow into big bull. The F that it and then yet again because the ball is what you're paying yes it's purple it's not necessarily how much is it in the bowl it's a hole. The bullseye via. Though the more you give pat but it's a bargain and sent. The secret. Yeah I think she acting at the idea of vegetables and the meat I'm not so it has slid letters between then veggies them. Let's ask picks it up at 5 o'clock I think if you know the Mongolian get hired the question we've ever asked not much else. This is a public service announcement guide for people to go to Mongolian. Cain establishment. If you do the secret text that insists he's 5105. Now. Anyway I just you know I got really confused when I was up to spice area. Yeah but they've although spicy Asian as like blue. Militant group suffered salt. Feeling I despise them yeah it is all weird like crazy you know if you don't tell if you don't know what you're doing you can ruin gaffe yeah I was worried they say. It. I like his story and I got to wrap it up by now I like his story lot in eagle and is replacing Kathy Griffin has closed on CNN's. A New York iron you know New Year's Eve special yeah I humor I like he had become and I do. I do I think he's not like to over the top I think he's just perfectly funny. I feel like he and Anderson Cooper do it. It is yes I do because I think Anderson went management said hey in my ability and I think they have sex. I know it's been a the hello. How I went up I've nine. I felt they know we're telling you about bill we have these questions answered I don't that would out there. I think it go in and day in you know Brad banks out of five night. You had been fired and about this Friday up. Abu addressed each inch weekend mornings on Alex I.