BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730. 10/20

Friday, October 20th

This year the Starbucks cup is too Christmas last year it was not enough Christmas – Actress Sean Young says she has Weinstein stories – Pink did an interview and may be violent – Ellen says #METOO – Monica Lewinski also posted #METOO and she got slammed for it. -   First Transgender woman in Playboy Bj was hoping it would be Caitlyn Jenner. - Mariah Carrey’s home was robbed, the thieves took hundreds of thousands in purses and sunglasses. The alarm did trip but the guards slept through it.  – A woman is accusing David Blane of sexual assault – A Basketball player’s flight was late so he hired an UBER to drive him from one city to another and it was a $600 trip – is 2020 we will be able to go to space in a pod shot in space.


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Vijay and Jamie. And I am still just out in the British press OK then you stretch I am stressed Larry a lot of go and I and I love very busy. Right. Cingular isn't like going on to slot has been the swapped. Seem to bring. Not me I'm put loosen any trigger here. Everybody stressed I can't seems like the with the changing of the weather and seven a got to kind of just seem crazy but you know what I'm excited about what's leaving the show early this morning for what I'm Leven and now about an hour has a good up to level and I got to be first chair. Oh yeah you I think eight dogs already there. I think Nate. Going to be. Now that we don't think so yeah. Bear he's done it for 22 years in a row and he's going to be that they can I don't think he's going to be at this like block Nate Dogg hits the mall he doesn't stop its ace and he's a keystone ease at copper he's everywhere. Just one and I just want to achieve one goal in life. First team first. Summer if you are first tier can predict this to account if you make first share this morning and I predict you'll also make personal. That is champ pro ball hit the ball. I think you know I can't judging die anyway and I don't have a problem getting on the left that's fine yeah it's not a it's not when you have to ski off of its mood. That makes me crazy alcoholics don't fall they'll fall don't look at you with a lift the stock I've caused so many collisions are there and the list does not have been next when coming back but just pile on the I know I know this is bad. So you just can't go go go don't although filed and gotten in over they get in get nervous I don't. All. And my son yells at me mom. Pit stop the west there's something to being the first wiped out of the seasonal yeah I think you're right I'm only a tournament that Michael. Well. Everybody has not to bitch about don't they people yep of course they do well this time it's the Starbucks new Christmas cut design. Did last year everybody complain because it was Christmas see enough yeah a sudden death. Remember exactly. Would she say it's Christmas Day don't know if the design of this year's Christmas cups from Starbucks has led to a social media frenzy and feud and a picture of the alleged cop Zion was leaked online this week. This year it's festive thing capped features illustrations of Christmas street. Jackson Christmas presents to the turtle that was a black and red ink and essentially. I guess they say they it's too Christmas Day. He just put pictures seen because on the and to the easiest non DH candidates on the pitch. Why is everybody find something to complain about on his plane into a day am cocked. At the upward but that didn't just the way people are team. We're all wired. Just hold his own a Tizzy. Who else is in these are some the comments who else is am I mad about the new Starbucks. Colleague caps hash tag triggered it. The Starbucks holiday comes this year are just Sarah Ball. I always feel like these things over just like a handful of people thing hit it really is an outrage you don't care I don't get Jon doesn't care now mr. nobody cares right. It's just a handful of people that always of the troublemakers. Amen to and they get all the the you know press too early and all the publicity for. Let's see here Katy Perry was stuck in the air last night. So you know Katy Perry's tilting his GM Eleanor concerts she flies over the N double. The whole audience there's like Saturn or some planet up there and she's flying around and last night Nashville she was just got there she can give apple. Well not so she's not a writer voted she's like I have never ever. And then they have them they have video overt as she stepped up there so long. She stars sing and there is no hope and that's like Sheldon. That's. Been finally got her down. I'd been relatives and left up there here if there. College he would just to have played he says she's been a fantastic relationship. With their husband Kerry art. I mean I stabbed carries tires ones that I'm never cut him. So did you status tires because he cheated now home thanks to hot I don't yeah no that wouldn't go off for him right. And now now that's not what I can save my previous relationships were very dysfunctional but this one is not. I don't know pink it seems like to me if you're stabbing her husband's tires. Not the best relationship I don't know items is just me and I. Indigent to not only that but if you got that our record the east stabbed the tires in the end with the audio that you're about to play its. Looks like the common denominator here is peeking her attitude in her anger. I don't know well you know. I get passion for somebody you love like I tip get under way she talks about the feud that she had with Christina Aguilera. Actually she's strong on me and we had a car. If I say the I'm like what's happening right now what do you what is what's happening but now let's try to sell and senior years and years and years and we grew we became moms we grew up then we hugged it out that's simple I feel so good about that. They almost came to blows. Like I feel like pink and take Christina Aguilera discusses little scrappy here. I'm like to see him I don't know. I'm. Christine I get my least I don't know either but anyway as back in the day in they were always fighting about that little girl. Who wrote pinks music because in Christina Aguilera ratchet that girl knew that when Leslie Mann is in for non blondes lycra. And so they got a huge ripened and it seems like they've all grown up and Elvis fine. When it comes to a fight though I mean I'm gonna quick to still like boxing and in things that you would pay per view to see. Usually of somebody. Is in a heavier weight class. They have a huge advantage. So I think that have to go with a heavier but the two. Who's happier. And the secrecy. And she lost on the way this year national and if I don't think it and it's like paying anyway so I don't know. And Michelle young claims that Barbara Streisand shamed her for dealing with sexual abuse. I auditioned for Barbara Streisand for the mirror has two faces I think as. And when I went to my addition with her she said to me I think it's disgusting that she talked to the press and what I had to the press was I got I was asked. I was sexually harassed by wearing lady and she told me she thought that was disgusting and I that you'd you'd think it's disgusting. And she said. I was with Warren Beatty I'm in my. Might might not and I said you like what am I the only actress is is that this. And it is not a mean that can't be true I admittedly be with Harvey Weinstein right up crimes which we did. In the end up being a good movie but. I personally experienced employing as you know what out of his pants and hundreds of shocked me yeah. And my basic response is here now are read and I really think he should be pulling that thing out it's not very pretty. And I'm sure you wasn't nuts this would be a great intervene. But by the way that interviews from the Dudley Bob in match showdown in Austin to. Real Dudley. I haven't heard Dudley whose morning show before earth have to check them out one day if you've. This should have so much more credibility but Shenyang is crazy and then and the pound. Delusional news in any dishes black hair she was. Seems quite famous for while the that you went off the deep end you. The way I am not speaking out this hash tag me too stuff well I guess now that how these poor women. Monica Lewinsky you know she is the ultimate me to in my opinion I mean she put has had major and I get a girl. Well now all these other women are coming after because a course so they can just put me to without it being left alone and say yeah yeah yeah yeah I. I guess the 74 year old woman Jeannette add broad Broderick. Who am I was molested by Bill Clinton says hey. Hey you Monica Lewinsky Blair wary when I need you to speak up on my defense where where yeah don't put ash stagnate due. Pollinated you I need need your voice all of us need your. Voice in the nineties. And that woman though is her name is why Anita. Broderick she is like the First Lady that came out I guess Bill Clinton. Back in the day that's what she's talking about that wouldn't when I was out there preaching that this guy is abusing women. You'd stayed quiet. Well actually I only. And saying things what I am saying is you know you're shocked that they say Harvey Weinstein isn't them. Conforming since he is his therapy and all the stuff. You know no any. Has gotten Bill Clinton coming in May end. Literally was booked an intern that was so young and it was so disgusting. He was our president of the United States and they didn't have what you know related element and then we'd find out later he did any MP threes. They can ease in the Oval Office. When he does. This worked so don't think that army Weinstein is it crazy to think that he's gonna get out of this. Because he had his mentors like that Clinton that in marketers. Peace. Just went off well then did you yeah yeah yeah and just. I don't know but I don't know it would does sell one at a broader girl I just don't know where you get anywhere becoming vacuum shaming somebody else for writing cash technique to back. Actually officials like letting go I mean it was thirty years ago nothing's gonna be done about it. Playboy features its first ever transgender playmate and she is hot. Yet coming issue of Playboy will feature transgender model as playmate of the month for the first time ever. Had do we fill about who. Well discount gas amongst yourselves I don't feel like we can't hear. Pummeled this point. Yeah can I say that I'm okay I was hoping it would be Caitlin. I know this lady looks great and I are not saying she's not. It was rumored that Caylee was going to be on it I know that's what I'm saying you're saying I was expecting Kate and if you are supposed to to help and it didn't happen soon. It's. I have to tell you from Poland and beyond. Taylor and still throws me off. Not being fully accept it really is. You know it's still throws me off I don't I don't know what it is because she was such a great male athlete and an end. And that's what to I don't know why throws it throws me off throttle I'll tell you what made me fully sector. It was when I started seeing those photos of her playing golf from the women's tees and that's when you accent OK again. She's officially a woman. It's her big shoes that throw me off him she's a huge. Too is very big shoes. Linked. High heels. Like this big the big shoes. I don't know that at three really hadn't made plenty of wouldn't they could be used in the eight me today. Heated slippers and a new card that yeah good to wherever she. He way to died for you didn't freak you out with a big feet little huge feat no room for them. The weird in away trade gender or just maybe that's what you're secretly attracted to. Well I wouldn't well I would because I mean think about time that women with big feet love it you know from like this is I think in my haven't. Yeah I'll. I am disappointed he owns not to cover see that's what I mean I don't have that opinions and I think that you. You as strange and woman. I wish to be a man in Korean and overview of what offensive. That's fine with me actually accept it. Totally except you excepting what. You have another story so I am I care hasn't broken into 50000 dollars in purses and sunglasses were stolen. They even trip TS silent alarm but there's security team getting another. This is such a bowler for the crooks in our combat fourth completed yet because you break it to Mariah Carrey she's worked. It's dollars you break it to her mansion and all you can buy and his errors since the sunglasses. So they says I am transgender and let me Tyson and Caitlin is an insult to the wonderful transgender. Community. Pay. And then at. The lab they that we accept her what do you. Whom. What you. I texted. She art weird Jamie yet bitch I wears size thirteen and I am only 594. Days you go girl what we love big fate and I cannot. I you other bugs kid didn't Nat. Went through boxing in the dead. Big big threat. You get them. And the ball. New Hampshire. And I'm gonna beat Pete women you don't I didn't make trying. No I said Caitlin has a big threat with a big compliment. Big computer news and boom boom boom boom boom boom boom pulled. Final accuses magician David Blaine out. Bad things so yeah. And command of the woodwork now. People that are the fashion that need to do and that's why. Isn't this another bills player. Buffalo Bills player dropped 600 dollars an override. After Buffalo Bills quarterback scheerer Reese sorry. Some guy got stranded at the airport and called Hubert to take him from Chicago to buffalo for team activities. A member of the girls practice squad is at the same thing. His name is Brandon Riley. He's an undrafted rookie and it was an emergency. His flight was delayed so he's like my got a can't missed practice again listening of the staff so called the loop where. Because he didn't let it rent a car and drive all the way through the night by himself and them and that these super duper tired for the practice so called an uber. It got there on in time. And it kicked in the airport was 650 dollars for the trip that's a man who loves his job and you don't want anything been done. And on him that's teammate. Oh. This and he's cool. A Las Vegas hotel mogul is shinning inflatable space hotels and Orbitz. IH money 22 that is sooner than I thought it would be. Warning 22 will be able to get into a hide and those shooters open space and will float around in orbit and humbled to be like yeah oh. Yeah. Obama to get in a pod you know shouted displays for me to from a little capsule that made two may possibly may bust like circus circus. We are gonna go. I think that our great great great great great parents like I never get again until the applies in the air with propellers. Well I'm just saying that that the makers of this in the people promoting this is our biggest hotels. Yeah I think if it were NASA now maybe I'd have a joint venture actually the Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Pol authors is so we'll tell you know how do girl bigger like a joy ride to Vegas I think I would do it I think that sounds awesome a hot in orbit. If our share of units are targeting among neighbors. You know run. And he is really irritating that you wanted to send everything. I am you know when you first broke off your engagement not accept you're really out there you are doing stuff yeah movement shaken I was super brat you like. And I you know like like it's too little button down here yeah belly button cold Jane you're on the las I was doing that charitable yeah X-Men who have like ordered currently write your body and Paul and I bought a mirrored ball for miles. I have been delivered and what still there's a tie senator. You've exhausted all the way and then my it and just to launch it's to get your show me all the text from these different women into thinking their names straight talk couldn't. I could it just. Uh 01 Dora out the other in one door. The entire even talking about so what is it about. These women I mean I know leg that one woman had some issues and his locker room. And I NATO is not mad because you don't just your weird like you do when it offend anybody that you Davies. But still nice person who's more but then we also don't let women with kids. In this series. You said that is going to be and comfortable night car city it's not a knee so all they are seen in your car. While I got rid of the car. No I'm ready for a person nice to have Carson. He'd yeah and they don't like Jack Jack the speech into the importance on analysts. I.