BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 10/30

Monday, October 30th

Google’s new Emoji is all wrong.. it is a hamburger and the cheese is under the meat patty -  Bruno Mars canceled tonight’s show in Denver, he is sick.  – Jamie got some love on Facebook, She refused to participate in the Black and White photo challenge. Bj says he can’t because he doesn’t have any B&W pictures. -  White house drama and former trump Campaign manager Paul Manafort  turned himself in this morning. -  Kathy Griffin says Andy Cohen offered her Cocaine and gave out Harvey Levin’s form TMZ phone number.

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PGA and Jamie but there's a huge controversy what's true. Google. New poll. Google what to Google just get out with a new hamburger in my OG and they did all wrong you can now. What's that that the cheese under the hamburger. Oh yeah they sure and well. It is good that she under the ever and be our best how does that happen. And apple and cheese burger didn't write that she's on top of the hamburger. Forget about this Washington DC indictment this morning forget about Broncos Monday night forget forget the fact that proto Marxist canceled at the Pepsi center for tonight. Google has really screwed up the cheeseburger. Did the amount you have got rock it all started when this guy named Thomas about this yesterday. I think we need to have a discussion about how Google's hamburger. And Modi is placing that she is underneath the burger well apple puts it on top. Well they added led downgrade saying while the oil oil oil so then the CEO guy that big Kahuna of Google wit and twittered to address it. And yesterday he said this. But the yes trumps fault. I would drop everything else that we are doing an address this on Monday on. Today via. Any any did and we TI Blake and a it didn't like. Yeah I'm gonna get right to that idea that we're not super busy did change the GE U was intentional. To put the teeth into the burger just to get notre saying get all the talk going for broke. That's always. Are thinking. It's not like Google needs exposure and rogue Google I think it's Twitty currently in some things pleasing to the I. I think it looks more pleasing than the other. And does that she's like dripping down. We are looking at right now things Wendy's should matter. Guy like that she's underneath that's that means is he does it exposes more. A tomato and burger. And blast it on top of the apple EC more cheese and put let's talk about apple person who puts a little does underneath it that Berger are. So on you need to sweep that nearly brought that up via new. They cocoons I don't get right on that you all kinds of problems that led displacement it right. Actually that's if we get anything going into week two sons are like tacky. OK he's that he's like CEO of you know if from Yahoo! I just come along and get it right. I'm looking Yahoo!'s still around isn't a just say it isn't I don't know yet Yahoo!'s still isn't yeah. You can go yeah of stuff Yahoo! yesterday when you get into Yahoo! yeah. Did Yahoo! grocery shopping with your girlfriend now I. He's I don't know how to hit a wall. Who did you paint so she would think you're sexy and I didn't pay our 20 that's right did you did you think that was high. Good hearts that if no did you roll around in that clicking around like sweaty and Cheney know. It in our grocery shopping mall the groceries away with tire. Did you reach in the band together and team. Oh. I will go home I will go home his home Paul kids did you reach around and that the food away huge. Now now now national reach around and a with the book. We do it her shopping precinct. Here. Peak tender. And like recall look different. Ringing I don't you have a job today with the did that music play like you guys there there was some music was there that lets get it on music by as a shop owners don't just get it out Hinske is no move. Neither unique deal when Grady. Little good good good good you know. Hewitt tax NATO you screw up I like. I argue its Sam's Club did you. No announcements of the sites and caught fire with the oh. And you know the only problem here for you Sean has to stand. I am all controlled camera control who's going. Apparently so I I can easily eat. It. Call him. For me you know. Advantage K okay so I'm a stalked yeah I'm. Yeah. Out of the back that's okay yeah well I hope you guys work it out on. Your meant to be. Issue. Can't moving. Let me move on you say ish but I. And I SA did not know what I think today I disappearance of that unit amount. Estimate well I don't love bug me not. Dudack a pull out that should not I may OK let's see here and I don't Myers is canceled tonight we told you that it's very sad everybody's very unhappy about this. Super duper sat. Also I have to tell you this year it's all your support for them agreeing with me yesterday on on our FaceBook page about. Might not stretching testing is for the first time ever I get kudos and yeah. What ends on face this is huge why why is breaking news. It's never ever ever. And what happened openly religious text Haiti by the way you guys looked really happy and giggling yesterday at the grocery store. There was no giggling I heard giggling there was no Gigli. In all fairness. It says there's a cap being decreased. No. Yeah there's no happy no Gigli it could kick the can really get in 19100. Feet from. I'm not get blasted the shot I don't know like Jordan. Why didn't come out of this. We'll. Me and yeah it should not be so. It does for your fired. And it doesn't want you me and didn't let his kids. We know it's. Only handle. Yeah. Can't say that this is the absolute worst tabloid trash I've ever heard how. You've together this is deemed worse Haitian martyrs. It's so sweet too much to map should not should not days. When it. And what they talked about how do you I let FaceBook after only got some good audio and getting what happened. So I wrote and I refused to do the seven day black and white challenge what is that. I know I don't know what it is it is statement. OK so you put up a black light photo in your like seven days. A different black and white photos I challenge you BJ heiress. And then you have to play like I don't think I have any. No we challenged him. I don't cavity black and wanna take a picture like today make a black light on you make it on your phone you can do there. OMG and Selena. Yeah. Why don't even like bunny ears and scuffle and I know you could do you like he has to duplicate using your thing in the had to go final black or. Yes I would like well yeah you don't that's what this applauded. I don't do it that's. It was the what it is. Change. How does that begin making mark read tea or green can't balloon you can do all kinds. You need to. Hell I did he mumbled GMT mobile phone I do. You can do all kind of things yeah. Explore much. On the phone on the final yeah I just take a picture and then post it so I'm does change it. To black and I've never done though like the that cat whiskers and end the what is usually. The day ears but that's where comes from the so confident that really got to get include any idea who. I thought the ideal I was like gold shares closed. I don't how does that challenge wore a bright well yeah it doesn't matter who you feel like gonna be looking for. Furyk who could not modeled the Ford model deep into failure didn't teach me how to do that. You don't wanna be apart of this. I don't know so like today I'm out to fine him and challenge I'll put up their damaged it you and thank you know coach I'm challenging I'm tired it is going to be a. Google I'm too tired to do it don't I don't do. What's the purpose what's the purpose I don't know I don't know. There's a purpose it's like I challenge you be day to seven days a black and white photos and then you take a picture like does that Coke bottle I have right here and then. You know you make of like the right that you don't have to do but it went and then that'll be and you might Galen and you're not allowed same thing you just like do run. Known. Hannity and go there and then tomorrow we'll take another picture will make a black away and the winner in nineteen can't you and then on Tuesday. We'll take another picture no way to go to net day. Some degree not necessarily the black and white debt. Would somebody challenge you from now long painful war. Is it wrong religious right back blank you. I just don't wanna be part of this becomes a bit. It simply says I challenging the seven day black and white and right back ranked USA. Head. Why does is replied that way and yeah yeah you see that. My girlfriend Bridget she challenged this girl could see and I wrote Chrissie pretend like you don't see it. A Brian L I didn't see an animal and. I etc. Or or right back I never saw this and that I. That's that's the way they're right back I never thought and so I would do it yeah it's just another of the pain in the butt links. I out breaking news palm manna for. He has been arrested or I'm. Here right well he says turned himself in it yet that found he was indicted he was indicted whit what did he do he god got all kinds of. We like when you. Of that so you see exactly I need to. A good guy that was he was part of the trip campaign horrible like the four days or so on can and did they found out they use it the most as she deals going on does he love Russia. Yeah I guess so Nash I guess what they were accusing him of and in so now the truth campaign at that time then let him go. That he's been under investigation this whole collusion thing with Russia he looks guilty they say year. That man of birdies twelve counts. Camps. Them the full tanks. Good to move. Is conspiracy. Against the United States of America. You know off off all tall are you don't listen to these crowds and you got to play Dracula thought. So yeah. Dracula. And the Coco. And oh yeah street alt. That was certainly need to you've only got this area again you know accounts chalky look a little extra seat for this thing go all components like I. I had a conspiracy against USA. Baseball bat and Smart money laundering and the tax fraud Bobble in and more of what yeah about ten or just says that the anger him and the and higher. I don't know. It says here that actually calling I. I more than 75 million dollars flowed through offshore account. Under manna for its name. You know overseas wealth doesn't everybody do that that's got money that was hit Manuel that. Now if he's found his sign your name and they need to do that they just moved in I put these Switzerland. Like Cisco began to them they'll get off on her. Is drunk today or what that's been vaccinated. Yes now. Yeah now the FT five hour energy. That stops delve even when I know our boss that I should stop taking I think should tip you sent out when he stopped him. Lisa what time do you take five hour energy and I said 5 AM. I'm an hour but that's not what it's important it's not meant profound AM to get in get out of bed it's an injury when though is how. It's Clinton did so it's not called 5 AM energy's gone a bit. She gets all worked up all over the stuff. Is there anything that works you. Know I think it. It does cause some energy yeah and it's productive. I don't think so you don't know you know of the Dracula thing like as a those whom solid. And arts serial. It was the wrong Dracula. And. Let's move on it'll be my last story are you happy news that almost no. Think the city killing our eleventh he your week oh Cathy she's that it. Prompt you to treat me and say you wish I would go to watch what happens lie and you like I showed you think you're great on the shelf Wednesday about. I actually don't watch what happens live with Andy Cohen twice in that continues to spin on. And it and her sister for obviously but both times I did the show right before we went quiet Indy going privately asked me. If I wanted to do well. Yeah I don't think there's yeah happy. Now he says that didn't happen. Yeah and I made I don't know what I don't really care I don't either. I don't him and I think Kathy Griffin right now she seems to be on this quest to offend and attacked every person in Hollywood she. Some every other day she had somebody that she's complaining about. And it's not Andy Cohen it's who you know she was after Anderson Cooper last week yep. When she even gives a Harvey Levin from TMC is so brown elm. What I ask you this voice mail today I found. And argue and argue that. Let me after. A minute call and let me whine. Can you do 001. More I'll call eight. An error acting crap yeah whenever ruin it and edit that with we just gave up the phone number what about the -- different theaters. And. Act. You know. It is grumble. Yeah I meant to take. The that maybe you know this better than me Jamie. And as they got away there credits because most of on the cutting room floor but nevertheless they get paid for even the outtakes you move. Knowing Hollywood I do know Hollywood well. What I saw this Kathy Griffin's story of her and Harvey Levin thing as a mistake. That's what I thought yeah I am so nervous you don't mess with a Harvey. Hard we can carry only he can bury you in Hollywood this guy is a former lawyer. He knows he has some power he will. He would put his clowns on you in these people follow you we will track duke they will investigate you they won't get the goods on you and he will publish. All our. They're decently fireworks what they will never speak of her again. Which is far worse in that town. And RB doesn't speak at you agree feared and been great. So he might do a little worst thing ever nab even talk about. I think the Anderson Coopers and with Europe's yeah I don't know what he can do to Inco and I don't know its power. Well pardon her Harvey and. Yeah and backs aren't ever and Serena are. They do but they're. They are you know slipped again isn't Hollywood man beaten man if you knew to Cathy Mann I'm telling yeah. Because it's a little posse. Yeah I think she's barking up the wrong tree right now I think should have like a little posse she already can't booking gigs. But she's you both here and she's she's out of work from postpartum. And now she's she's causing these fights for the all these people what's good Reuters. If she's not already we need right now what is a beautiful song. And we. Oh yeah. You have the stock. OK do you hear me. Thought. I guess I can get your free hold on a second you've got to stop him. On the reasonable. You. Chairman John. Are you about you do one more time. I want Honolulu McGregor yeah shattered foot inflated 45 sat there looking. They get a tablet state blue dotted so Bart. Well the longest that would trashes there were others that can go. Into the importance on Alex I.