BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

Cam Newton is still in trouble for his remarks to the female reporter, he is now saying sorry. This is after the NFL, his team, and some of his sponsors are pulling out.. so we are moving on. – Kathy Griffin’s neighbor has filed a restraining order on her because she is a bitch -   Harvey Weinstein is an old school pervert.. he asked one of the Judd sisters to watch him shower for $100,000.. Sean said he would do it for $2,200!


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Vijay and gene and some pretty heavy weekend expense for the guy. And look how beautiful it is outside I'm telling you this weekend folksy guy get out sad all we get along because. I just saw the weather overcast and it's. I mean this weekend is gorge. I was joking about it being beautiful outside. Very cloudy are looking acknowledged that maybe it is beautiful because it's Friday. Yeah. But I think the weekend's going to be nice. Said then all you know what breaks loose the adamant that weird snow it's even going to be eighty. Does he. I. If you don't know Cam Newton is global player and down. Well first tee he said he said these things he said. He says like why is a woman's stupid he stupid woman why you ask me question about the ball. Yeah that. Do. Well received this is it. It's not a lot of I didn't bring your sooners play around then there's this thing really embrace and believe how do. But perhaps it's. They can you. It's friendly to hear Teemu talk about Ralph. Slight thank keeps doing the sudden it's funny. Several web parts funny that. How many Clinton. What aren't as funny thing is hard to describe it's funny so I can understand because I know you kind of taken a form. Study hall law. If she's funny ironic funny now. Oh which is surprising and funny why it's very surprising because she's reported that its always on a sheet interview to steam all the time she always covers them and why is that funny well because it's the first time he's been asked by female reporter. About rats he might. So yeah it's kind of funny that that we felt progressed to this in the NFL. So it's funny because he likes it. Yeah see yeah I'm like it keep the question that's great that's the way I took a while okay well his sponsors didn't Gatorade said it was a little bit outrageous and that. And in the NFL also condoned it saying it was completely sexist and may have hit. A yeah yeah BC condoned it in and they can be and that's nice other sickened I don't know what. And condone it. Be like this that's what I thought you may be added that met condoned. We could bid. Didn't do that didn't agree with you. But it did he feels good my pills is still shoots kills leaders take in my hand you put condoned in my head in Remington did in the and you did that. I'm blaming you. This from the very Rick OK anyway. Remember when you didn't believe me that you said down to the Arizona Cardinals were playing baseball season just like well just like. What was I talking about Kim Newton right she's about to apologize yes and so I'm now guess what that dad. Is it gaining yogurt yeah yeah outlet like. He is what a lot of chicks love the elder. What a lot of kids don't love it the Texas let a little bit. So were Yangon all our money. And camps and now sand mixed. A deterrent at all understand. That my word choice was extremely. Degraded and disrespectful. But to look beyond his that was not my decision. So good this soon what I see it I sincerely apologize and he's. In super sorry never do it yourself and don't attempt attempt. These are. He has Salim and enabling them I've said it from there are getting heavily OK so I apologize to do not want from last year you know like I hit really odd. I don't wanna give into this game because I see this becoming another laying in the NFL deal and it which dealt with the sold merely think two weeks ago and now this is gonna consumer weekend I don't wanna hear their car. So out. The guys slip up and said what he's at all cake he apologized it's it's all or just get slipped up instead condoned and I met condemned because it made me like I love sex and pigs. It's so hard when you snort admit. Beloved. A good all are very young and it is they act and that's yellow lab. And yes and it's yeah. Where you get a date with her dumped me for music I love that not to be much of an eagle and I. And it's their home of the cubs game but they think that path I got and this it's a homecoming what does make deals. I don't know a don't know. I don't now. I've been thinking about this quite a bit I guess is he doesn't know yes I have Natalie Healy what about it and I have not put together a game plan I'm happy that the drop might. But what do we talk about just next what we've we've talked. But if somebody deal out what's he gonna do what you gonna do well and it didn't play well I think he's kicks in because every interest in the no no no no no he's been taking about this you birdied he's been losing sleep over this. I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know on our side. Kathy Griffin who. We can again I didn't get Kathy Griffin's neighbor or piles of restraining order against her. OK so he called her a ball like Eddie blank blank Siewert. And then that he he was and not not a nice neighbor and so she put a restraining order on when I spoke one on her. Believe and engines would biggest stage then give the seat up no less cyclical over the walls here fluidity. I don't know I got a feeling if she were my neighbor had put restarting your order runner to he would idea. And then hurt it can't tell you something weird is happening with not a friend of our Stephanie. So Stephanie who lives in port. Yeah now don't say too much. But every nice treaty takes a picture of her neighbor's house yeah which you would think twice often take the picture ever neighbor's house that's weird beach is. The neighbor's house is all the windows are glowing red. That means some say it's a guy who lives alone he's changed out all his light bulbs in the house to rent rent. So the whole house it's not rallying doesn't have any Halloween decoration about nothing like that. It because been going on for months and months and months and months and she moved in even. Yeah if you know I it's 7 o'clock at night what would your house look like it rally I'd see white through the shades right. Little white Russia and some maybe some TV flashing you know maybe yeah that would more than likely that's what I would say yeah. And mine as well as solid as well but indeed receive. Let's Goosen Brett. What does she think it is she's seen people come and go what she sees a guy I'll buy himself. Some weird sounds like hookers. No he's dial by himself now so tight and readies its steel red light bulb went oh yes you know it is a little disregard. Change these estate blush could be that. All glow you know G gets a red light bulbs are crazy what do you think it is shot. I think it's a weird person who doesn't like glowing white lights because of the tracks bugs. Who have. What color you guys light bulbs no minor minor yellow OK I've done. She don't like the white ones but I think there are those people I have known people who have changed out other rivals to yellow and red. Because it doesn't attract the bugs and maybe don't like the butterflies right now or something and if he's a third of the below the fold and above above the above the fold but Bubba. But it it's a tanning bed. The Palestinians every yeah. Would glow a different continental would be read or know them. And we would like bright blue. Would it be I don't know anything about who might who haven't put that fabulous body and bed no and I know. Got that we're gonna cost so we ask that you do. Tell an off it's like every time it's the same smell when you sweat in the F minister and a good thing in the round. Spray tan on the beach. That's OK you just get all naked eye and a lady as a as she has against breaking pains. It. Think heals my collar. It seems to work for hasty works yeah beloved PC video kind of Taylor Swift rebuke. And let this as goofy as he lacked a U what I have yeah that Weinstein guys in trouble he likes operatives. And and he likes to have. Told the woman you won't come in and he's like he he had. Page dead and they submitted a stash in Connecticut remembers the big gender of the little dead you. With that chaining Kazaa and let them in the big and Ireland then destined it was to an agreement NAFTA but that's okay. But you know that's how some people identified and again in the end only you. Whatever I don't think I've never heard someone on TV six by the way the big jets could be on the showdown at how our. So. Now everybody knows there is the big Jack I don't think that's not true well my god it is so identifiable. What a 59 if you kind of big Judd. Again and I'm ugly groups that I'd. Media I have decided I need a robe I don't like it really do idea wrote so I don't know robe and Harvey Weinstein character and now. I hardly hear so tidy than that no don't know who put that would you have they're being gone and he wore the road all the time you have like in the road and that was an ever representing the row I've just saying that he Jed needs it row. I. In the Larry Flint where he added color Assad that. Pillars of the community where groves six Gulfport to start Monday morning come on in your room rove does are doing life in a row the output of looking here and just hang it up in here and that would when I get your more than just trauma rope like mister Rogers yeah the change your clothes he had done here for a gallon of the end Monday with a robe like Callaway guests. It is day is it takes a lot of good new name is Cologne kahane's components. It takes a lot to say hey and a little Jeff. Can eject. Them over to my hotel in March we shower that's very comfortable in your own skin you know. Well yeah I don't see you ever saying to woman I know I come over and watch me shall know. Is spectacular. I know the answer already so why I had. What. Handset that don't know so we're entitled me exactly. I was like you're a double world owes him. He had I don't know I don't know what is mentality. And sort of body shame gambit is one big fat. Ray when he's not the most attractive guys so we'll let you think I was looking at naked put some soap everywhere. You among them in Atlanta because he's going to be 100000 dollars to do now. Not a big role in a movie eat him by me oh. Yeah. There's no idea that. It if you go and hard. He. Kind of went the extra England so he'll look you have to be a main care of the extra disputing the mixture. What's your price on. To want to Richmond shower he'd accept. Fifty bucks us 100 this. Imagine what's your lowest like what's the lowest in the particularly. Men in Ottawa hello baldness it. Guess there's anybody out there an update at least point 200 play it's OK to you don't have to do anything he does legit I thought this Watson you have shot and a hand to sell the picture them the option to stand there isn't a silent observers. And grant. Greater drop 200 out there what are you doing tomorrow afternoon. I. Make it grant this. Okay this is gone way too far. We gotta stop I just thought I do enable this is a great way to get canceled and he would not yeah. How I'm not. They want you then go out today. I wouldn't let you hear those kids. And indeed. He didn't made any right to it by about Inglewood high school. And so now I told what does guide me or my gut and yeah. Tablet called by yeah so that was not meant that you got it right. In the importance on now I.