BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 11/13

Monday, November 13th

Celebrity Sex Rehab sneak peek they have a pool, gym, horseback riding and private bungalows  - Bill Gates makes personal investment of $100 Million for Dementia research – Bill Gates is also building a smart city in Arizona – Liz Smith dies at 92 – Blake is hot.  And named Sexiest man alive by People Magazine – Star Trak actor George Takie accused of sexual misconduct now – Louis CK says ya he did the gross stuff they say he did -  Kylie Jenner has a huge ring and may be having a baby girl – Carrie Underwood broke her wrist.   


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Vijay and Jamie. Blue. How are we ready me yeah you know them in May it's a lovely Monday at 7366. In the morning. It's that thirteenth of November are ready to give me crap from a Christmas tree up and all that stuff. A lot of work. And you got longer than a month while I think that it's all fair game what you get past Halloween. It hit us like it is. People argument crap because on my front court to have pumpkins and Christmas trees it's fine come arguing you know that's but that's. It's the celebrities sex rehab facilities you know where Kevin Spacey in Harvey Weinstein have been spending and add 200000 dollars wouldn't there. And sex addictions yet. He turned that down just didn't. It's as they stay an individual hacienda style lodges and now they have an Olympic size swimming pool a state of the art gym. Private Tai chi yoga and more democratic national fund is that maybe she get that classic stuff that's get away man. You can't go on vacation do all that. You know. It says the meadows has reputation of the world's leading facility to treat sex addiction even though sex addiction isn't recognize it. As a legitimate psychiatric condition in the united state are. I said that I we have always said that but I didn't know it was recognized did you. Well I kind of did actually run in the circles not sex addicts I run in this arrangement Fredricka and circles I've run in the addiction circle. And I got to tell you yeah. That I'd never seen anyone in any facility for sex objects ever. Ayman used to ever know like a. Each day starts at 6:15 AM with some private IT some yoga. And then they go and they out Pug a horse. You're encouraged to go. Hug horses a doozy taking care of the animals and stuff is good therapy. Continent it alone what do we do and then they have Teddy bear therapy. Yeah and about to editors there I don't know about that patients are encouraged to carry stuffed Teddy bears had of got that. It get in touch with your energy I'll bet that's almost like the facility is laughing that you for paying 60000 dollars to beer here Gerri this stuff. They're already well. In the background are laughing like look look look he believes those people use like liquid that can look racing again we give us their gaze at that area. And the program is 45 days it's for men only and it is indeed 60000 dollars. For men only for men. I will sexist there. You don't think women can be sex addicts. Given to am delegate tablet business. Bill Gates is such a nice guy and Doug Doug makes you nice guy you don't. So he's giving a hundred million dollars of his own money to buy alzheimer's. Yes I'm hungry million dollars of his own money. It says Doug gates 600 million dollars. Personal investment to fight a alzheimer's. Yep the it's an emphasis here and to mention just Canada's been. Yep so there are looking forward to our treatments. For of the brain wasting away end up. I mean you know if I have like no like thousands spent. He is a hundred million each explainer he's a 1000000100. Million Ole. Here try to find some prefer but it's nice of him though some. I'm not there did you see that community he's building now he's building community. Yet he just bought this I think over the past few days. He just bought 25000. Acres and Arizona now in the eighties could appeal what's called the Smart city Smart city of the future. It's almost like a jets instinct and Bill Gates is gonna build this city on he has all of this much money these guys. And it's a self driving cars high speed data networks all kinds of like. Why stuff in stuff yeah I jet packs. Here and all the snow ice and lauding you know. He's gonna build this city. Doubt in Phoenix with 80000. Homes. Retail space and it's a city that silicone valley you almost have to be really. Yet we are really I guess. Probably wealthy team and get it city. Seems pretty cool I think I've lived there. That that one place where John Travolta lives where they have their own airport movement that you you just fly your plane into your house yeah I mean into the net. Via did you model to do well it's weird because they have run place. And that the runways is they have these you know the jet way said that the are off and the eagle street drag boy. I mean literally get perky pretty house. Silver DIA I see a little community like that too. But I don't know where it is an I don't know where I AM in the air but there's like them five houses and they'll have a run I've seen you often what is not sure. And I think made these crop dusters. And that's what I'm thinking. Oh crop dusting company or something on the seventh when Simon yeah. I am really so super nice delegates hundred million dollars per cent of their. Listen that she was they entertainment reporter forever I know my mommy still lover. And she died today she was 94 years old percent Blake Shelton friends boom boom boom boom they're. I love me Blake Shelton. They're saying that Blake Shelton is People Magazine sexiest man alive for Troy seventeen. The singer and the coach on the voice will grace the cover of the of the magazine. And the annual issue when it hits newsstands this is gonna happened should be Wednesday. The official announcement however will be made tomorrow that they say is Blake Shelton people's sexiest man alive now. Earlier in the show BJ strongly disagreed with this he's very upsetting to convict Shelby in the sexiest man alive and he was gonna come up with a list of a food heat thing else. You know I just give up one count of it and only human put that simply because of the Blake Shelton what he does on the voice yeah. I personally. Ladies I think that you would taint that Adam Levine. Is far sexier than Blake Shelton he's close now blinked them per share. Blake Shelton is not to six is his way okay it happened this last hour and sorry got a headache now. But he he's not the sex. What do you have excellent. Adam Levine was the sexiest man alive that People Magazine 2013 always lost it needs Sony's got on the decline. Where Aikman. When you can squeeze a man like that he squeeze about. And but not let. Up not. Worst things to being compared to that role Sharma and. Too late June yeah. I'll take it I think this should make you guys happy that that squeeze of a guy is this is there live. Gives you guys that are alone you know have election Mino I feel will help. I'm racing. Our laws total long time ago. As far as being sexist you know if you did via you don't think you'll ever make no I don't think it's gonna be part of my trophy case should. Now now. And they Blake Shelton area fat let's hear what else do I have -- there's a lot of her stories I prefer not to do the first stories because there's so many of them. Richard diet Dreyfus says he was a verve. And we know that now George Pataki with the name tacky I need backing George packing packing. Close enough packing. Hockey is just tacking to the stocky. When you say is that the kind and nice these hockey cocky in any way that guy wasn't the ads. Our track if he was so yeah. So he was superb and he would do bad things and boy is salmon whenever and then now. I guess Stephens following about. Let her slot the dealers pretty crazy and that Louis CK came rounds and yet he did well yeah I did it. Which I was kind of shocked about our. That became honestly I did this and I don't I ya know it and let's next up the tick them off of those movies that he's gonna do. That would suck you know yet what some bad timing yeah he had a movie coming out you put all that work into it you know at least you know. He's taking he's gonna cash in Dick term on this and it just chill. What is doing like Windmills and stuff different women. Can do in there. And let's see air. And then somebody earn and read don't I am caddie jitter is she engaged what. I think south oh my god now this is something we got right here Kylie Jenner sparks engagement rumors after sporting a huge diamond ring. Actually I think it's the opposite you know what she's pregnant and she wants the public think that she's that is. Robe it's still going on it's but I don't think they're going anywhere that we never seen him we never see him anymore and his name is Travis god. These disappear I think I would give Shawn the tablet trashing because when I have to read Jenner crap again. Here it. Or. And in Ethiopia. In about it getter you write a kind of look forward to each day. You keep me updated its Catholic app and their respective. Who. Let's see air Carrie Underwood to broker he would it mean when what is my what what is it about a link to. Carrie Underwood it traded over the weekend that she broke the rest. It comes to people who that's terrible. Thing that hit it policyholder I mean he is she gonna tour anymore a lot of what. I thought she was right notice studio recording what's it gonna do to the new CD. I could affect the ball went on unheard of admits that the I don't know that I know. Demand. Anyway yes that's the deal I'm done. He needed a saver light if there's any breaking updates on that particular story can I noticed that yeah our pilots stopped on the music and risk it's what Kylie tilt. I get a better attitude about this can really do care about this crap. Do you really care about this crap oh yeah I can't think Carrie Underwood Broderick that don't. I was breaking news it was trending are you kidding me like I reach pleaded. It looked up at seven earthquake in I Rackers and live with battle errors Don I it is horrible. Underwear brokerage trend Elie Farah rock how we hear about the one on her finger. Deer gone. Right there he's a tablet trash each inch we see more on Alex I.