BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 11/14

Tuesday, November 14th

 The Plumper it is a vacuum for your lips. – Louis Vuitton toilet      - Faith No More singer dies of Heroin overdose - NBA star Blake and Kendell Jenner getting cozy – Justin and Selena Gomez - The Voice last night Miley Cyrus was wearing a man’s cowboy shirt – Eminem is having home problems his $5 million home just sold for 2.5 million the house is in Detroit – Tom Sizemore was accused of touching an 11 year old girl in 2003 no charges filed – George WH Bush now has 6 women accusing him of sexual assault.. a Butt squeeze.


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Vijay and Jamie and perfect pump are. The perfect lumber in sixty seconds I just posted it. No injections no chemicals I'll tell you just put this little suction device right on your lips yeah. That it worked hard yeah it is yeah. So excited about the says he just puts on his honor. And then she is. It's like a little vacuum for your lips again and it pulls out the blood inside there yeah stayed away or to go oh yeah there's that thing in. Well of course it goes away but hey here's a week ping is if not perfectly lined up to your alleged figure that you'd ring around there. Near fits packed up and I think we have those perfect hoppers for all parts of the body at some of those don't work either. You know fingers. You. The camps. Ankles there's Clinton. And share. The perfect harper is definitely a feeling human. It. Though about the economy yeah it caught amputee who feared did you prove that at old cola via yet but can't. Things I don't wanna talk about first to the story of me think about the rest tomorrow. Okay I see that you upload still live it's not toilet yeah it's I think it's. Then beautiful up my god you know pretty brown in the yellow bag in the gold bull. In as a Freddy the the top the late Ed did it has the actual alluded to taunt of material that can make the person. And leather critical he ended up to the bowl is gold. Yeah nice trapper how much was playing well I think it's what. You would see what's priceless it was expense Ian who looks surprise. Really come when you need support either Cooper via fantastic. I don't think you are that former singer Jack Mosley you know he passed away and now the saying it's definitely heroin so that's a sad when they said that they can on them spoon in all the stuff solace definitely read by his dead bodies so that way a buy heroin overdose. I am a Kendall Jenner did one of the few gender card machines it's not pregnant and that Blake Griffin they say they get really cozy he's LA clipper basketball player. And looks like him really really cozy. Speaking at cozy. You know who I love that love each other photos Justin Bieber and Selena go oh here we go had. So this is a crazy story right so you know I love that they got back together because adjustment to be and I just heard the reason why she gave him another chance even though he was not very nice to her home in time. Is because that was a first love of her life. Oh so she decided you know what it was her first love I have ever had. She came second unions such games and do it anyway listen it. So a while back. Justin is dating like this model add color Teresa. Model Teresa and he was dating her and she looks a little bit like Selena Gomez who they are her hot nanny and stuff well then he dumped her to get back with Selena. Guess who is now dating a model Teresa. The weekend. He has yet. They don't pass it. Rain. The happiest. We need gaining just another exit now did I mean did the I don't know one thing there's a lot of bearded yeah so weird things can't decree this crazy it's so weird till the weekend is dating models Teresa. And who is Justin Bieber Zach and now doesn't dating Selena who's the weekend acts it's just to a. Nationalists yeah it's almost like it's not a vindictive little bit yes it sounds like did you know he's just trying to get back at the beads every team Tiki in the next maybe it's Alan are now just. Current. Crazy. Let's year last night the voices on Miley Cyrus dressed as a cowboy that was fantastic. Am just Astoria and Eminem after fourteen years of being in his house that was five million dollars you'd think it would increase in value after fourteen years of having that house. But it is said he hardly ever lived and he just had like a little many staff and it and on every Clinton visited the house. Willie just sold at a loss of three million dollars that coach yeah. I'll do that probably sustain your freedom to there are certain people out there that can take that loss. But I don't have given them tee and iron knowing. Normally northbound. I'm shot is still waiting on things from top patter but. I'd easily give me an update every day. I'm not thinking to Saturn. I have not received any bigger job hatter I made my first purchase on October 14 and they have your money. They have my money and. Just check and. Have you stopped and purchases. Bless you give it stopped ordering. Old. And hit stop doing something nobody as a. Isn't Aldridge from problem I canceled my. Home X. And our I know this is shocking idea but he is the grosses man on the planet first remember he am remarried that ruling girl which is like fifteen or seven. What was her name. And and oh yeah I do or are hilariously spot yeah I bristling with Heidi Fleiss. Rumored that. Yet many he dated according Stoddard she was like only fifteen and her mom gave her permission Kamerion. Well this is shocking night. Tom Sizemore was live from the movie set for allegedly aiding allegedly having with allegedly hitting that's where you election in the relating to. On top of it. When he kinda general and allegedly dating younger allegedly it's a great word. And allegedly violating four a legislating. An eleven year old girl type size weren't like who said he was removed in 2003. The parents I don't know why they never pressed charges against England their daughter to stay in the movie Osama. When you talk to the cops. And the people who decided not to press charges how did he do that I don't I don't care if you're a movie set I don't commute Tom Sizemore. Somebody approaches the end violates your eleven year. You've got a press charges. And see him. You know that's part of the whole Hollywood cover up on anything to keep the movie role I need. She was just eleven years old when she went to their parents and said I am listen this Mexico. Just tax group mean in my swimsuit area whenever. Her parents never pressed charges. Roast. I have an eleven year old I'm sorry did everything I can do not to get my gun and shoot him. You know in terms of Sizemore. Could obviously cut out deny this particular record it via Harris talked to the cops they know what happens to rent a cops didn't do anything. You know after they annually and she left she had an emotional performance at a New Year's Day on the Tonight Show this is so sweet so you know Jimmy Fallon his mom passed away right. And does so at a nowhere and he he took got obviously set you should per week and he was visibly shaken he came back last night. Well and nowhere they invited and Taylor Swift to come back. Two of the shell and it says that's nice so writer producer like a big on name took to Twitter. And he said. She was not scheduled to do our showed today tennis left but what it's something special for Jimmy's first show back. So we asked her on a complete whims and she was in town doing with as Saturday Night Live. She said yes with zero hesitation. Here's the sweetest part of the story of all at all. So he always talked about how his mom would squeezes him three times. When he was how she was holding and means I love you. In iron for a song Taylor's lips saying squeeze my hand three times in the back and attacks and wrong. We everybody was bawling. They said there wasn't a dry eye in the place the entire staff was volley everybody was volleying. And then at that hour at the end it said that they Hud to emotionally and it was under percent real emotion. They should put everything of Taylor she did something beautiful for Jimmie and our show today were for ever grateful to them. We improve split tees have to be proud of are not bad I think it's such a great stories to persuade you know what isn't a great story it. Is that how that president of ours said and not. The one that we have now but George hw bush yeah I DSM six accuser saying that that he him. India from his wheelchair. That's just rolling around he's rolling around and grab a moody. They stood at Joseph equipment. Yeah the cop a feel yet he does his favorite music petition that even opera is coming appeal pending. You know coax a six woman has come forward to accused George H. W. Bush of groping her. And she was sixteen they have but. I don't I don't I don't mean to laugh it's just so. I guess they had brought in people and Louis he was 79 it to me Georgian ending. It in the manner that emitted nice squeezed then told a very funny joke she sells she says it was a bright squeeze what is right squeeze. Her. Think it's kinda like this here. That in Orion as I've Phil right okay beta. Net that I though the squeeze now I don't know I don't know that you know the range right of how it goes from there on the ground missile issue and that felt switching yeah yeah. Shouldn't let us so flexed here Knapp tracked. It will this is going to be a peaceful what you got to really anxious ready ready. You can fit every current Israel's Iran wow every. Part it was essential that. I'm not hearing the heavy and I. I think this city I just feel like that Donald. Boy that I feel about. I'm just well a man just took a clearer reading I'm not good news in everybody's squeeze a baseball thing. That I thought yeah I'm really below that option on the radio hi I have another tough night on ahead. Then no one touched you loan. And I know nobody cares about that kind of the same make and fund of the whole situation deals Rodney. That killed memo warned it look you know Pillsbury now lower in the end it's a 92 year old ban. In a Lilja I know that hey you shed light. It did that are in it and they got tablets ash. In the mornings on Alex.