BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 1/17

Wednesday, January 17th

Crissy Tegan standing up for the abused. -  Matt Damon says sorry for any insensitive remarks he made towards women -  Trump is not sick he is just chubby -  Kim gets her 3rd baby – Dare a Driver is a new thing one nic and your collage is paid for, Tide Pod challenge is stupid too.


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Vijay and Jamie Lee sent. It's time you rectal lies. CT and what about her I want you to love tar and it loved her for what she's done Christie warts she doesn't. Amaze something amazing aren't so you not this cloak reaper. This Larry Nasser who is the on the United States gymnastics. Doctor one of the biggest creeps on the planet and need big yes yep. And so he and molested all these little gymnasts and when and 150 some of them and me. 140 something whenever we even took her life and is just discuss this in a holding his ground. And it's in the news now but this guy he's the way already each guy like 500 years in prison which he deserves. And I was more allegations coming this way which he's gonna get more time for this but it. It just completely out of control. So what the judge has done is allowed for every single person. To come up there in the stand and just basically saying there. Stay everything to this piece of crap. I mean to say at all and it's been emotional but it's also feel like it's freeing for a lot of these women to point at him and say you know let. We are now older I love the one moment she said you don't like you never thought we would grow up you all thought we would be little girls that would be terrified W. But now we're grownups and were strong and we are here just relay you were entire world. And you just it was moving and she said she pointed at him and he has to sit there thank god and just listen all these these people that are. You know like you so disgusting you're the smallest form a blank there as any. So one of the things is that McCain. Maroney believe this or name. Well a long time though she complained about this doctor and she said to the United States in mastic federation or whatever it is she said this guy did Elvis. Well they basically. Settled with her for one point two million dollars. And she hadn't had yet to sign a non disclosure agreement that you would never speak of it never testify against him or anything like that it's got a hundred and in a million dollars go. So Christie TV and said wow. I can't believe that you gates gave birth this. This penalty that if she speaks of it she asked to pay a 100000 dollars a penalty of fine right if she ever speaks and that's under the so Christie. I couldn't understand me and helps up and went and this is why you should love Chris he. And you I heard her sister lives and treat it right and we I've tried to find that the path of love for you for Christi. So if that was enough it's now forced the hand of the United States and NAFTA venerate rally. To say. Oh no no no no she did not she did not we won't we won't. We will. Finer a 100000 of your right here right now the Olympic network saying they would want to truce to come out so we're going to espresso anyone. That was all because of you know the secrecy tee and off shoring. And you know. I don't understand something though and you know what I'm not no issues of the almighty judge but I can't say it I can at least have this opinion that. I don't understand why you would take a one point two million dollar settlement just to shut up. I don't get that I don't get that when you know this was going on with the perfect. In not only you nobody was doing it to other people we would got a 140 something people that you take aren't you could take a million dollars just clam up and say nothing. I don't get death. I don't know I was involved in all of and I think sometimes you know instant it being a messy and out there and and sometimes you just I don't. That's not my deal I'm just can't get it to. CT I think you know she's gonna do something though so that's gonna make me mad yeah I know she will. You. On the path she's on her and tiger go oh well happy that I. So brilliant so brilliant. Right now let's hear it just I have Loria well see they and talk amount to sexual harassment stuff. I guess it would on The Today Show. And he had to apologize for his comments do you know what happened but he's tired of being attacked every time he opens now people about after what grown. He's not stupid about sexual harassment stuff. Well EC said several things and I guess. If I don't know I have not really sure what he said but he's to the point I wanna play I don't realize he said listen don't you think. He said something like this this is pair phrasing. Don't you think like a pedophile and a molester whatever you know should be treated differently than somebody that just grabs a woman's but. Bending over the commitment that the board. Saying the sultans and solve them slightly here's what he said on The Today Show. Well I really were such listens a lot more before I wade and I'm on this and you're good listener and a man no well not not in this case. You know I think ultimately what it is for me is that I don't. Want to further anybody's pain they with anything that I do or say and and so for that I am I am really sorry. And are sorry I feel like he meant it. Yeah. Again I'm not really clear on watched. See I thought the whole met Ted Damon controversy was that he was friends with a Harvey never reported anything any new role. Well that was one but in the other will was the interview he did with some weird magazine or some weird talk show if any said that add person and as I hope so but should be treated differently than some of that. If if you're gonna do an interview and you're gonna go on record. You know saying something about all the allegations are going on or is this current you know culture that we're end. He's got to be careful what. He says he because it can be taken in many giveaway is called get Keller Kia day at the Palo. And here's another clip. You know the Salt Lake time's up this all mean a lot of those women are my dear friends and and I love them and respect and support what they're doing and you know and and wanna be a part of that change in wanna go along for the ride but I should get the vaccine close for comfort while. All she's can be real real platform. Do you buy you know blaming. Yeah actually I'm Donald Trump not the that then montage. But the actual report what they gave a physical game a little prost. And and and I here's there report. Clinical data indicates that the president is currently very healthy. And then he will remain so for the duration of his presidency. You know welcome the president now you know he's not chocolate he would he would like to lose over the nets I think a reasonable goal over the next year socialist ten to fifteen pounds. We talked about diet and exercise a lot he more enthusiastic about the die hard from the exercise part but we're going to be about. LC Donald Trump on a stationary bike took a looked far yoga or both let the bodies of both both pro flag is if I don't say yeah. Jogging can give meg not jogging a lot of weight blue route. Shot easily to 39. CF so people are buying in fact what you say it happens and I said. Guy that's a director in Hollywood is changed teams gun and he's already offered to donate a 100000 dollars to a charity of Trump's choice which trump can pick it. If you'll just get on the scale on live TV. With this picture we have played tennis at the old. Big but. Some time I didn't book and I cured. Donna but it does America gray had all. It looks like the way showed swallow Cilic has deployed Ted I. Rough is about Lonny and she asked Sanford says a plate that sitting in bed they don't compares it appears like we want your accurate weight like OK or scoop here. Way. We wasted 39 or 93. I want him to get let us know scale else we have Tom Brady who is. Forty years old and hit a game is six foot 4245. Pounds he got a picture bit next to drop to 63230. Dugout you compare the two are they committed the same ballpark. According to this though they would not be easily say trumps doctors lie to cover the heavy relaxed like six under pat life that. The no now well I've seen it on but I have never watched through an entire episode is kind of grosses me out so quickly via a an ally I would say this cable so it is the highest weight I've riverbed. Is it to a 246. Pounds. I now weigh a hundred ignited thought well I'll tell so 246. Pounds. At 246 pounds. I don't they got this or that it's. As this picture of Robert. I I I think he's bigger than it was and I was 240 and I only five. Peace he's flagged ten. Oh my god you are now. It I don't correct upbeat and pick up eleven and and if so this yeah being six what curry and believe you figured five to end the Paula joy it would measure were remembered it. Illini can. I don't think I ever looked as bad as he looks at this picture of. I kept me let you drop them a lot in common with my kid JBY like you know I'm 57 half. Okay yeah you're short at. The same I did he go to would have been just shorter. From. Yeah like 56. You know shrinkage in older. But logs. Don't you have a job to do. Yeah I have parents split I have. A all this. This is a big day it hit the targets yesterday it was a big day big day you know. I Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their third child. But this time Kim didn't like get so she hired some lady carrier. That's pretty cool when you got that much money he can hire somebody just because you know some people do it because of health reasons now I get that but she is good morning it's mark's utility of that. No please make it easy I mean she said she at helping he I don't know of a shoe rental womb. And so what rent the womb. Ritual. Written loom up. Red rock. But no you just say it yeah didn't he hired somebody to. Like a ballroom a different rate and large. And she may be announcing on her app yesterday (%expletive) In. And saying the Sergei gave birth Monday to help the little girl weighed seven pounds six ounces. By the way she let's listen know that she didn't have a third child can share a life threatening condition. That created serious complications during the birth of her second child say eight sure. Nobody buys that. And are you. Know. But I know am members Sonny Aaron Aaron I'm not saying bad things about people. Really. After a whole think you've already said to me do I not count as a people who. I said what they do about just for men. Do you give it an Angel to devil inside the. Right here and just do me a heavy on the right from the it and I don't use it that it yet and that. And and then finally here is a warning to all parents. Apparently there's a new member of the tide hunting that was going on we have another another ethnic. What's that it's called Barack daring drivers. Daring drivers yet it's even happened yet mountain ridge middle school which is in the highlands ranch. Attempting CA SE you as a daring drivers it's where kids lay out in the middle of the road to see some hip. Bullets real Smart Internet that's a very Smart move. Again it's having a middle school also. And even in college where I am some kids allegedly to swear in school and Iran they TP. Oh I just game you're laying in the road it. And it's this is somebody who hate you. His friend. A part of that down highlands rate connection or something. I got some mom wrote that I am a kid Ed mountain ridge middle school laid out in front ever and deceive she'd run over. And she's stopping I want I don't know I'm just reading what they say that forum. I think she made it up. She was wearing all of the pair started kids and then another woman posted under her and said my daughter goes to CSU and the iconic daring drivers where the kids say. Hey just if they look to me a little bit of my college we paid for. So they can enjoy about from a car. But you Kerry neck brace in my car I know you think he's an agreement accident and a single person to talk to kids that's disgrace. Well I think they would you want I. Thai side that's. Also wacky. You know I told my son and I got from the Internet lets us replays and did you see that tied podtrac on those cameramen don't get I never do that you don't have to have a talk with me. Mike why do what I have talked to the about stuff because stupid and jamaicans they eat out here in chick did a year or loser if you don't Sheila as he goes and be a loser if I did it. And Mike good answer right answer. And I said here's what we do with tide pods and I should've had to do the laundry. The tide pod challenge is kids that are videotaping themselves in the post new video some of them eating the tide pods. Putting him in the mouth chewing them up eating amending gagging and throwing it up and everything else but in the post is so it's a challenge now and it's just really don't well it is a great. It's terribly. Can like I had kidney failure and I'll add stuff isn't what he is grab a Gallup poisoned during a. Don't do that don't do that he is getting he was getting but that's what it's equivalent to having an easy Healey he has no home don't be stupid that we get this. Because social media they all in my gut is that in most it extremely that was a damn bottle slipped and I was the one thing. The big spenders. All of its day but I think temperature. And more on Alex.