BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 11/8

Wednesday, November 8th

The two women who say there were lost at sea are on the Today show and their story is full of holes – Election results are good this morning for half of the people – Rocky Ford Colorado now has pot – Dead MLB Pitcher in plane prototype – Sean Combs says he was just kidding -    Big CMA Tonight even Pink is going to sing   - Dr. Phil made 79b Million last year, Ellen is second and Ryan Seacrest is third -  Wendy William’s husband is still seeing his mistress and Daily-Mail has pictures from a bush – Paris Hilton says Harvey Weinstein tried to get her to do sexual things when she was 19 – LAPD is investigating Corey Feldman’s claims of child molestation ring. – Taylor Swift brings 500 fans to her house for a secret show – If you see Jeremy Hubbard on the street tell him to date Jamie.


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Vijay and Jamie. A why are you freaking out on yes I hit it just some. I'll love it remember those two girls so the ladies that were out on the sailboat lost its city. And now everybody's saying that theory it's a big fat lie. Or there'll Matt Lauer right now these ladies are shopping a book of their common rule out any pitcher I just a few minutes ago one of the ladies on your they were talking about that storm that they say hello. Hamas ruling for how long three months home like that five months I meant to be here. So this Europe today the two women lust is seeing K she didn't hear the story five months then the Coast Guard they found it now. There's some clearance to the story that now that are making any sense like they never used their SOS. The owner I made their satellite phone didn't like seventeen different winds of community they venues that then they said that they were in and she. Stole him and and then the National Weather Service said. There was a huge stone. The storm supposedly. Lasted for over three day yeah now one of the ladies that Saudi were Matt Lauer he said what was it like during this she goes well. The odds that you I would dent in the home and sleep I didn't realize. Wait a minute you were fifteen to twenty foot seas and Uranus sailboat you don't even realize the storm happening. These ladies don't even know why you the book come on the show. Have any have you ever been on. The boat you know if you have fifteen foot seas it's easy to go to sleep. If you have one foot seas on jet filled Reza bore you know it's it's so we don't. Boo boo you give a ripple the bad W no I. Have you ever seen Deadliest Catch. Up and put the light of these liquid that yeah. Yeah and that's a huge. I am again I'm surprised nations and the lack Beasley he's back on because it's like okay what is connects. Craig it anyway you got really solid yesterday's winners of the last ten. My school district has to Bradley Douglas County about who they got okay. All the teachers and like PA so if the teachers are again and I'm increase teachers' day. They must know what to talk about Wright Bosnia. Minera in the press and we don't know the mother and the systems are offensive they want an answer them for. I'm eating noodles so that. So rocky out rocky Ford dead at someplace in Ghana and they got hot. And. And every heard of that rocket toward what that was on the bottom like kind of at field it's like rocky Ford probably already had thought well I think you're right I think all these citizen OK you can keep it you can have some more and I can have some. You know I noticed president Caleb some watermelon. Rockport yet to speak farming area just so they need. The character of watermelons on the day of Eckerd stores in the truck. You don't eat locked. I'm just a sad story and Eddie Kelly or heard it it's Roy Holliday got Holliday and he was from our bad at West High School. Colorado naymick native one of the few people that one and Cy Young award both and that. American League and the National League and M he got a brand new airplane that they are seen as a little suspicious people on texted her saying. That this airplane during testing. Pilots crash and it. So I don't know what's going on he was super excited to get the plane. It was called the founders edition and we have the audio of him talking about. Getting this airplane. My dad's a corporate pilot and roper on airplanes and always wanted to get my life but that didn't happen and I ended up playing baseball also wasn't one of the things I was allowed to do. I just couldn't be licensed pilot Tom Allen when I was tired that was one of the first things I wanted to hear. I'm rating how I am right like I didn't grow up. The way right at any grew up with airplanes or comfort level like he did in small airplanes she's spot in the whole way harmed tight spot. Hot I was very gets it. Coach. Yes he passed yesterday that crashed that plane that brand new plane in Florida. In the water in the water there that it was super shallow brook wasn't it. You know it appears to that he was trying to make the landing just got disoriented in some way in just got completely flipped upside down because this aircraft what's the video of this Erica actually Lindsay takes off the water. You in an icon jet ski wings you know and railing yeah it's Brando or new prototype. And this thing was missing just scoot across the water in these. I know you have the putt on two planes that this was different to people have died in these plans and it had three crashes so far this year. And we look at sampling. On the he leaves I and his wife Brandi and his son's thirteen year old Brian and seventeen year old Braden that's percent right there let's hear what a staph Aureus. John Kenny comes to set the record straight he did not change his name saying god here yes. Children I was the blue eyed Burnett and black slaves who ask you Los Angeles at Nick Jonas oddly Jonas you know cardiac they're junk shot Sean Diddy Combs and. Joke. Okay into hey. It's just part of one of multi. The policy goes as love. But to set the record straight because. Have a lot of press doing this for Luis YouTube address me by a mile and all the names and we still don't call me. Maybe it of them corn. So thank god let's not do it we're done with your name changes OK it was way too much are ready with a Diddy. I forgot about the guy world opinion usually now data took what may be all about right now because we really hurting thing about it. Yeah I'm excited about tonight in not a huge country music fan unknown problem not both of them out on the show but. I grew up with country music gets solved its southern Illinois people listened to in fact it's pretty funny because my niece and nephew even when they're teenagers. Like my suddenly go there and have a list pops up funk and is little iPod and that the kids back home. Southern Illinois all they have this country music and other things we have. It affected me completely the opposite because I wrote in Nashville home of country music that's all we had now accused of it. And now completely the opposite if the if bad debt and the far out weight. Feed did Jed. Our clients man from the eighties. And as I've done. Before I wake up people Nadal millions feed my adult. Since the beautiful. The women remember the other thing if I have is that unless some some kind of toaster Burt tight Bert. For her bread Canon toast I remember that and not want you again but yeah I don't remember about some well that first part of every time. Burt is on the burnt toast and a dire. Well I'm really bad liar on the birds host candy guy brilliantly McCain have their wealth and continued its deep it. It's there it's. Right there for them. Am I hope he went so I hope we went. Entertainer of the year is up for grabs like Garth Brooks. Look Brian Eric church Chris stable and they're Keith Urban who will be moon. Did you Garth Brooks always wins when he's on the ballot for anything but this a trick the big lineup so we'll see Wednesday night also. I'm Justin Timberlake is performing again with Chris Stapleton. Hopefully things those two grates on some other you know you have to admit you like that Tennessee whiskey so viewers. Smooth. As Tennessee whiskey. As slowly he'd. Like straw there we learn of it's a really it's more like it better wouldn't win JT Alitalia. And I like him better than original version. I liked him money he gets down a man so good and then that right after that so I can tell me it'll away indicates only criminal. So he's gonna perform again tonight with a stable then we'll see they still sing the same two songs Keith Urban will perform live. Brad Paisley Carrie Underwood they hosted again it's a 51 annual but I wanna see who pink collaborates with tonight can she's singing tonight on his teammate. And she's gonna collaborate with somebody. I don't know who I don't know who. Secrecy for deep received. It keeps. And it's made us. Wendy Williams husband is still singing his young mistress oh. Wendy Williams has been discussing his young mistress. Am I guess Daily Mail was in the bush she's. And they were in the bushes and their like. But he can be done when you do and there comes out to young massage girl right. The masseuse. The one with the big fat diamond ring in the one that we have 800000 dollar home that he's been secretly living lit on an often because he has to separate houses. Two separate rooms Wendy Williams house. His wife and then this other woman. Ten years this is really like this is really dangerous because I got a feeling at some point Wendy Williams stood. Well for either she's the kind of person that you're gonna be asleep when I bit. And she's the company's chief panel tone you mean she's gonna seek here's one for the other wife and here's what the other payment. I think windy at the windy could take him out. He needs to cut this off now call an end bears bad gamble at all goodness I would hate to make her angry. Laura she can kill you with their boobs thinks so. To come out hot tubs Forbes list of the world's highest paid TV knows. He takes in 79. Million dollars. I really like felt I liked him a lot but now it just seems like he's always. Exploiting people Letterman in them really horrible places. Depressing yes. The person cheated why dressings and I'm glad I didn't few times it's got it used to not be that but no it's been appointed that you feel really bad person it's on there. And he really doesn't really give a rat's you know watch the other really it doesn't feel like he does it just. All about reedy that he wanted. And then it drove me now I ask him where he loves me was when he started slept and his books legs it may be bawling and they be like yeah. It can't live anywhere in need to elect but here's my book. You think like she. Are and you just pulled a book and we're asking at Newark. You've Muirfield and shine boy she is right there here Bob doubled. The best predictor of the future is what. The path. Slots right BJ always lived by that it lived by that the only good thing that Dr. Phil McGraw Everett told me. They can feel it. Also the other things I mean that's about Phil is that done. Yeah there's going to be crying right or Lysol and our people bug out 200 but given to her and then as wisely they're horrible veneer TJ we like. I need to catch it makes you angry and it. Whatever he's soon is working though. These incendiary right there when I hear that way you don't want from him I don't change a darn thing in golf buddy keep going. Ellen DeGeneres can't second 77 million dollars and and that poor Ryan Seacrest full. I had to come in third I know a little surprised that Ellen doesn't make more. That's what I said earlier now honey I'd a I would think she would be number one right now because she's far more popular. I think it comes because his seventy millions because he owns production rights to the doctor Ers knew. He developed the doctors with a sense that might be some of the money permanent. Plus his books she doesn't flash does she does not happen and I I've got a list was only about what didn't make it I would their TV show that out now. Oh the no bull group. Anyway. What else I have right hold on. Harvey Weinstein this guy is an animal. We tried it on pocono. This should help. Ridiculous is diet. And when she is like nineteen. To get. Wasn't surprised and the hint she is nineteenth and super and you are a fat old Mahan. But there's a whole list of nineteen year olds an adamant he there's a hundred women right now that are accusing him. And there are a lot of them that are like 1920 years old it was an awful. And LAPD confirms that they are investigating at Hollywood had a plan a ring after Corey Feldman filed a formal reports. Corey Feldman announced on Twitter and aid formally filed a police report with the LE PD. About. Being molested as a minor the LE PD will begin an official investigation now. He says things are heating up I'm praying for safety. The LAPD confirmed that they are indeed investigating his claims I'm glad that there's even though it's crazy in all that and you know I'm glad it taken serious because I think there's. There's something going on there. Why got to tell you though of if you think their Hollywood having a tough time dealing with the issues of Nagorno Harvey Weinstein if there is truth to this pedophile thing. I index gets released in name start coming out. Boy oh boy that town's going to be upside down. We should take action pressure. Is to have my entire life who said that. Let's let alone. I would never yes she invited 500 fan store house as she read bills are full song list from her new album reputation. Even dare dressed to play this way too much speed prepared for every radio station a classic candidate played his whole entire album. Way too much yeah that's true went. You think they were really in her house yep. You think so I do get it 500 people that are screaming fans and they're gonna know exactly where you live inside that think she has done it wants to know. I mean I think she has people put away like her Rolex stuff but I ease and it. A minor under the gold records people will be stealing the I think she is such a huge house should probably has like a ballroom. And they were just shuffle them like the White House mailing you don't burn allows the rascals out here in indoors. Good I think he felt a rental somewhere in the call at her house and just pull it off. She dubbed it the reputations secret sessions. She played her album except to be released. And two days. She'd picked M 500 fans to compare home all from around the globe. And then didn't a lot of sonnet tell from. That dream that I don't. I dreamt of Taylor Swift audience. He did army drink. Yet in group he's ill he's in new have you thought about it from. We don't like Taylor. My particular she's okay. Love the whole. He knew he should love Jeremy held up hard. Yesterday I'd like to thank somebody and I till I wouldn't tyranny. But yesterday we had somebody that we like and she saw Jeremy Abbott hovered at a he fund raising event right yeah into what she. And I want you all to do this for me I need your help in finding a husband. And the just let Jeremy Hubbard where VCR and just hey. Jim what should be your girlfriend. Where do you RTC Jeremy Hubbard if he's got the soccer game. Maybe he's had a romantic dinner with his wife and it doesn't matter just go to AG and likes beer pro. Expect at that you told the wife goes to the bathroom no we can't but I. My own kind of spill help the situation and see the wife get up grab a person go to the restroom that's legal and do it wouldn't wouldn't threaten our motto let's respect a lot of here and I can he can. It's good playing in print and so yesterday a woman said in the parking lot. Well I have to help out because you're not thinking straight I say dig that yeah yeah yeah you're so so where every CM just just walked up Tillman mentioned act. And let's see how this could I feel like we have some hope. There's some hope you have hope you're if you open your heart doctor Phil's and it happened. I don't have a lot of hope is what I'll be honest that's how could I doubt a hole and I. I'm bored you know it's that wedding ring gasoline this really throwing me off and I know that I did that wedding ring off of their dad Bo hired at. And I've putted I think that's OK and I say friend not your day. And board has the wedding let's look at this and I hear what they have. A paper awaited release from the regional snack food girth to which you get another two million. Now imagine it's getting bad around you folks. I go to public acts I've read our worries that really weren't enamored Simon Anbar listen to her. This weird down low in importance on Alex.