BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 1/23

Tuesday, January 23rd

Oscar’s nominations are out and James Franco has been shunned but not Kobe Bryant he is nominated for a short film. -  Tom Brady’s has its own security – Super Secret Super Bowl Half time show with Justin Timberlake.. no leaks at all. -  couple from show Flip of Flop as soon as their Divorce was finalized they both took to social media to slam the other one in secret  -  Bachelor was last night and Jamie could be a Glam-Shamer!   


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Vijay endgame there is scandal in Hollywood yeah. Big scandal so here's what I haven't friends that Oscars where announced this morning now I already that's considered spears seat theories all the stuff. If you get a list of the Oscars put up company's current. To me it just matters denial of the awards with. EM and really only three categories several look at it is actor actress movie. Right yeah exactly on. But and so there they announced they here's the thing. James Franco. Has been shot. The Oscars he wasn't nominated for an Oscar. And they say there isn't as shadow of the doubt the reason is that because five women have accused him of sexual misconduct. And confer. They say it's a stunning statement by the Oscars because Franco won the Golden Globe and a critics choice of words for best actor and huge. Usually that says you know when you say it's issue and if you win the Golden Globe the UN the critics' choice of words your nominating you let that. And you are automatically in everybody's heads. Nominated for the ask. Had no idea if these allegations blocked you out of getting a nomination how he found enough movies even not. I know that's a good everybody's in trouble. It says that the voting was partially completed before the allegations surfaced but obviously there were enough outstanding votes afterwards. To make a difference and people are shocking not now here's why and Diebler even. Because Kobe Bryant. Was nominated for best animated short for I had little movie called dear basketball. Ian he's got a passed in 2003 Kobe Bryant was charged with raping a woman in eagle Colorado. Something he denied claiming it was consensual the case was dropped. After the alleged victim refused to cooperate Coby settled a civil suit with a woman and gave her five million dollars. Five million dollars to for some of her that this is guilty to me yet is it that person or not. I have heard that a male Narnia that was up big big pay off. It'll give somebody five million dollars. Young. Ranked in beauty and doing things. Yes. Oh what do you think about that. Like I said if you use every allegation that's out there I don't did you have an Oscar this year. Because I don't think you'd have enough men to qualify for any of the men categories. I felt like supporting actor Kurt act dirt you know. I don't know VW of foods they'd have to be all women well the thing is trade everybody every you know look at Stevenson goal. Everybody in Hollywood is accused somewhat. And Tom Brady's Jersey is on completely locked down. Oh yeah remember that yet I think for a big theft last year so I guess they have special security. Just for his Jersey the Jersey gate is its stellar play in Elizabeth did. And that didn't fit in depth than like Mexico Ursa. I guess some like hanging over Bart cantina in Mexico is out there that it was worth like fifty million dollars or doubly. Via a written that the feet. And pig I go overboard but yeah it was crazy. And remember the filming and does not get it there in granite gimmick built bitten by yes they have private security they have hired private security do. That's when you know your huge superstar. Private security her shirt Bershard urged jurors he. Somebody standing right now in the 1847 with who and that shirt which they share a glass box. Standing there and we didn't. But the duke it is completely he read out the like you know Dix. And been by a Brady Jersey if you want to mistake and Tia Tia I. I feel like it's when you know you made it like you really Siebert made that is untouchable even for an A list actors and actresses. No man has security flourish. That's been a big. A big outing and queen is that no memory of the using. By the way super duper a look at board to just in general taxing enough they AM. Have time to make earn their keep an under wraps yeah you know we knew a few things that Lady Gaga was gonna do she can and I leaked a few things that we're not hearing and and they say you might shock cannot ask you said you heard a rumor about Janet Jackson yeah I don't know if that's going to be true. Well yesterday. There was some a lot of betting sites they came up with some of these political prop bets in these are all the side bits each can make the on the game. Itself. And what are the vets it will several of the bets have to do with the halftime show will Janet Jackson be there. You've got odds on will any of DA and seeing guys being there how we can now as the Pentagon analyst keeps going out Rihanna picks on the list there's there's all kinds of bets. And up to the myself buddy. This if you let the inside scoop on this you could make some money. If you're part of is they've got to be rehearsing somewhere. Yeah I saw one little Booth. Smith bit where they were rehearsing inning that like this. There was if do live here. Going to be good show. But at the glue that they don't and you could see how I was amazed that we're in Korea but that's solid scene is an illness that's. The balloon. And here's what mark I just have to keep that under wraps. Like PR that that he can actually then on it. You don't see too many people are involved to get people to pick it up these people look at a hotel and their rehearsal. You know there's people that are human no click the image that overthrew or just just cut. Duck duck Justin Timberlake women. NASA this is tucked left Rihanna yes Israelis and right in that person could didn't go bends. That tape rod is going to be there we know she. Can make you make a good number and a little action. Can't do that lute. Could be creature so dad here's what. I don't think he's gonna do what. And I'm worried because I think it's what he should do. I don't think he's gonna have Chris Stapleton and then I'll tell you what has Chris Stapleton outshine him. In this is his one and only chance to do the Super Bowl Chris Stapleton totally outside them like I can't drink you'll remember and Tennessee whisking them. Best songs on the planet wigs Justin Timberlake singing them together with them. But it becomes that Chris Stapleton show. And it just adds a new album out he doesn't need that crap. He only has certainly on a drive to promote that new album in that little. Here's what I think he's. I disagree I think Chris Stapleton will be I really do I wanna do I think he will be here's what he should it. I'm Justin Timberlake I don't go back in time. I think that's a bad move I think eat don't go back into a hole in sync thing negated and the dancing again you're forty years old. You know bovine. Bring Chris stable blew up there you Google backing have Janet Jackson come out again it's it's that's that's history it's gone. For ever and leave it there. That's what he doesn't. I understand that I think every other and it is a girl a stable and joke. Woolsey EE white UN the spotlight. Wouldn't be I take the currency did all her stuff through the end of the Arctic and gently brought out the all of those checks words for a minute notice. It was so sad she did one song with them are what really Destiny's Child yes. She wants with image that. So yeah you know the exploded. As they like melted on stage can add himself as Google is like you know let you have one song I barrels. I doubt I'll bite. I didn't. Yeah what does it tell you know what you don't really know back and you know Christina and Tarek from flip flopped now. She is not blind he's the guy that ran with a gun is improper slip up. She is. Well really it was he has. She's hot. She's. The chick that was married to Gerri they flipped and flopped ounces. And then Terry Terry when a resilient and remember he ran outside the house with a gun and Arizona's suicide watch and like crap. And it was like this season coyote or whenever he's Aaron where anyway they've officially gotten divorce. And guess what they did I love and couples students with. Did they do. They did little jab the FaceBook messages. Towards each other level couples do that one didn't do this though everybody down it's already over one isn't it right. How many people Dina you know people I know people they break up they do those fleeing are jabs at the Janet re very they break hampered their divorce live is clearly. Anyway here's what her she okay. I'm life is too short for this right after this finalized five minutes after a finalist in court they both. Took to FaceBook -- knife is too short for negativity. I choose happiness over negative people. It's time for my life to just now start so I could be happy again that's what she. He ran out. Tell stick with somebody that lies TU distract the disrespect shield and pitching down life is too short to be happy he. And now. Whom. He had a problem though because she got flip and flop it now flip it's going to be hard to exist about flop. If your weapon when you go and you hear a new rig an ego slim no blood Elkins also a little old floppies who thought the guys and that's that it ties or is it Clinton probably eighty gently they really did. But I am a big fan of that couples. That post in gagged me dose that messages to each other trying to talk to each other through FaceBook and some I'm Mormon move on dot net. It's like you know. The worst break up person on the plane and I it's not the blue bought you is likely won't look back here so dumb but the. I have ever seen any diet and at a bowling gate agent on that Blake and he goes like this as an out and do whatever. No socks okay. I mean who ran. Out of lanes. I'm heartbroken. I have to. Think yep and I use terms like I'm glad it happened now. That there voted six to death. Like way cheaper for the seven now. That he used the cheaper than you did the saints super gene are. Much oniyama realist. I don't I don't have to bathe in the PD in the end I end up in the words you're reading there that's on these book is how analysis tied for me to. Reach for the brass ring it's they could go to any ocean. The care of it worries that the ocean is she again please. Believe that crap. You don't think it's you know because of those. They do go bad in a story you know compare and apply it to grains of scene and did not hole. You know I've never seen you actually post a quote. I don't even know quote. But you have to Google. Talk with INS and Abbott and dad and then finally I just want. Slavery is I have to wrap this up really fast but it's my favorite clip of all time it's from the bachelor and apparently friends Susan new thing called armed glam shaming. And it's when you sound like let's say I saw some in the hallway looking in the mirror and I came back tee and I said. Oh my guide. Tina is totally tripping in the hallway there apparently that's called blame Jamie prize Angela. I am ashamed that I know someone that you bug or am ashamed. I don't. Because she's her. Her pictures. You face her all home and her whole existence is turns for senator shooters. You know we're on the same page used to work here. Okay she doesn't work iron and EU. Glam do you think Gil is this Jamie you have this condition is real and you've done only because I've never seen a woman do so many photo shoots in my life. With professional photographers and it should post Ali's amid a beautiful pictures ever but that's what they are you there really. Or what Al blocked by her office and she's like. Analyzing all fairness they lose and Ellen it's a plan. So yeah I. My current blame shaver. You are glad have you are a glam machine where you should be so I the show I wish. I should. But you know I we've played as Clinton and would get them. I had kind of wind conversation with a married and stay home and told him that he was using my compass and I'm Mary you know just like people like Chaman. Body teen people really good and shaming me. Like what is clear she aiming to yeah. It's never an IG's ending anti Graham I am and I. Former model I mean that was part of my career is you can clams I'm you further record and I am and have to always been in the program. By the fury and tiger and I am I know I IV here I brought him yet because this person this program she loves to see yourself. But you orient tiger enclosure glam shaming her so he should feel bad this morning. Managing remembered the other Danson I only got a feel like I'm only woman I just went to go eat and. I wash my hands I never looked into the mayor. And you said. I should ever really flush really adds up fast that ran outfit. But for the song and I never even look I've never to check my a look at the mere. Sean. Shannon I've done art. Do you mean as you're walking out the door while your peace not just a. There are no luck it never my speech and we see more on Alex I.