BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

50 Shades Freed – This is Us is the best show.. I guess. - Kylie’s baby name is not Turnip.. they are naming it Stormi – Kylie also put out a press release that her baby will never have a nanny. We call BS!


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Vijay and Jamie. Okay and it looked at who they I'm all wound up with nothing to gain IEA euros I really helped her put. I do listen you guys I wanted to tell you this hour we're going to be doing in this sold fifty shades freed things. It's going to be next Saturday at the draft oust the Alamo draft house and that wasn't the best place to see movie ever. I mean amazing life love that place. Until we're gonna go there we're gonna see the movie until it's a play about it includes Mitt admission to the film in Gaza get a Freeman most of good Allison a 59 and to not come. Q click on that fifty shades freed page and get your tickets. Also thank you to Tito's vodka. I. They would send Tito's lobbyists and Assam in John takes exactly we oversee and wish it was accidental. We never see it but anyway irate and speaking of this movie fifty shades freed which again we're seeing on Saturday night or Saturday morning sorry. I watched an interview I don't know if you outside to align not Entertainment Tonight yesterday. It really disturbed and disturbing that Dakota Fanning is her name I'm not sure she's the I don't know that much but the movie okay publishing the actress has been an all the series. And they start they said earn a did you take home anything from the movie set and she's like. Only like my dark memories and my painful the painful experience or something like that which serious yeah it's a joke no she was serious. Really my emotional scarring. She said that in an interview when she's promoting the movie only my emotional scarring. It's tricky promotion and they all looked like. And that's like why did we had a sack when after that was that didn't go well how and then she said. You know these movies are really hard to do and never gets easier room and it's really uncomfortable avoid. Whom he can't what is wrong with her she's phone apart and then I guess that told the costar forgot his name but he's seen brought. Leg. He said he can't get sick and known just for his body. You know out of it. Yeah cause you know rights of quality and do it for years. Because he said is basically don't put a quarter with a series of movies and that you know it's always just taken out Fisher it's always about his body's own is about as ads. Apple moving just about his ads and he's like kind of burned down on that but I've got news for you whenever he used to. You know you always get barge out a little bit well yes you know everybody is always coming up wanting the road grabs. The eagle flex sporting and. Daily intake of your shirt all the time it's great down it's been that way for years. Well I guess she got to go to a little gets dumped this he still whimper. A man ask yourself and from the senate are set to give doer yeah and she analogous at all really. He goes based on her reaction I guess it was a really bad idea. But it's it's not like that I want to use this odd they would wait in the movie set it's more like you're some memorabilia business from the movie of the product we did. Gathered that's the way I would see that he said he does any funny and he said based on a reaction Sheehan thing that's funny. If something happened that that the show split up tomorrow. And you brought in and say some underwear in game two. Excedrin could. It's a Peter. I would look at you as a memorabilia from Michelle why wouldn't look at it as a this army are under my garage. Ticket probably got. Where that might take some pictures so. I've got planes Dakota Johnson made an anime nuts and what you see that Dakota Fanning the hole because it's on the go to. I'm sorry I make it every crazy and raise the idexx NATO like. It's I don't think I'm sorry I'm sorry I am sorry I. To come to. This group. Yes it if that's true this is please give away the tickets. And what what do we saved those. Snow are just say it would Dakota big gull like scars. It's the movies and T yeah I did today then maybe you're really better view yesterday I. I don't reduces patient when you have to sorry keynote so it doesn't get to next time in a minute sorry did it adopted its pick and authority. Dennis in in the Dakota pain. Actress you think. It is and now. Can't have a in my hand iron to go I would use that I. I didn't get jury and if you couldn't solely and I'm glad they got cleared out but it's just sweet innocent. Yes after what was she like this is somebody or something yet but Nash. Right. Yeah thanks. How are only eight well look what. We how many mistakes only when you read they're daring me out. Exit exit healthy and I know that can give away tickets come and soon I'll take sounds fantastic. Who's not just last night. I didn't oversaw. Because it was an encore. Edition right. Yes I didn't know is on guiding tones aren't eyesight Entertainment Tonight not like we're giving you a specialist and look at those last. Tonight humans like way way. It's eyewitness in my DVR and shared half that was I'm last night. People. Was it the most and nation oh my god. What happens there's a funeral. A funeral for Jack Nash. Yeah I remembered that yeah because I watched the fire out after the Super Bowl it was too lazy to change channel. So Jack had his funeral. I felt weird world. Is when they spread his ashes. It isn't like best is yet to get a chance. For an. And in sheet. My right finger and continue as she she's like give seniors I thought that was a weird part but to Doritos to yeah so they spread into ashes right. There's an. Image she eSATA and. It. So maybe it's maybe it's dumb thing that we just don't know about I know dad I want him inside of me on dubbed into an ash spreading you know. Cash and cash. Ever never been north. What a good. Jones stock that's and and ash spread is not thought it was revealed she'd say it was emotional as very and everybody in the viewing your car stop laughing yeah. Not a guy. Isn't doesn't got a bit around the blot. I mean that I got I. Either but don't let you know it's still alive could help you know me I don't let go of I've thought about it and it's spreading. We hear you there at the zero that it had no idea Vietnam and it went okay anyway. And yeah I took the anyway as big. It is very much like it like every single time Q now so I go I think excellent. The commercials would go on I do like some laundry whatever lied I go to the bathroom and clean up the sink and do you know that some busy work. And then I hear go back and come back in and I start to cry. Every single segment. Obama. Or are below. Let me ask you question because I saw this yesterday. And that's what brought up a point about this is actually OK. You don't ask a are reading text mate I did such a topic OK I got a question before if we're. Understanding I don't watch the show only saw that fifteen minutes of the fired him Saban copyright. But from what I understand the show they go forward and backwards a lot of Michelle yes so he technically is not fired from the job because he's he'll shows up in shows yeah. Yes because when they go to the past he's got to be the actor there as Jack and. Happy because guess what out focus impediment right yes it's coming up the next season legal all the way back to his life in the military but Torre has kids. So yes he's still employed. That would in many takeaways from B said this in the core feature because you know Jack is really not there. Because he's gonna be on future episodes. It's going back to his life like he's in the military as a young kid. We're watching and the militants free as children. Oh. And computers after that column but he's not fired from the show back yes it but because they need him for the flashback scenes and a so he still hasn't job. Yeah yeah I bet. You shouldn't feel driver anyway because in real life he's not dead I know that. But I try to figure out why your cries. I'll be okay because that you bought into is so much it sold the story yeah that you really do think he's dead in those flashbacks are like. Memories from heaven or something. Mine mechanics. It's good view of their whole life that are so it's it's based on really the life of did that three children right. Okay and how they grew up and then they're having flash back and then. Here so I don't think yemenis are going to. That and is an incredible person. You know he's a crack at that he's an incredible dad and show up now he is Wilson that about ourselves with the fact that but he really is isn't really. Mean. It was on last night folks and yeah. It was and we give away any spoiler alert there I don't think about it licking your fingers with ashes honor in this spreading. Well. Because denied. Why are you going to let you I mean if you newly was dead animals and commercials on the Internet you knew he was dead you knew they had to bury him. Right yeah absolutely they have to. Rumors spread hammer whatever went about his favorite tree that's what I oh. Yeah. He lay about I think this is candid shack that held to be honest with you will do they'll fix everything looked at Kiley. I'm a little bummed on this story as saying. And news. Oh Kylie Jenner did not name her baby turn up. Which was boys suggestion yes which we tweeted to her yesterday showing you tweeted Cheney meet with all tweeted. She can go for. She didn't go sorted I'll and so am. Instead the baby's name is stormy with a Mac and I agree with you that timing because that record just gave out. You know why would you name it's stormy maybe this stormy Daniels a porn star it's been you know been linked to trump. Continued bigger baby store read that was bad little hole. Out of you well and happily shoot. You've got all all they shoot. All the it's just this is just got to turn my microphone lies. And you are right there and back. And your name is stormy. Order you to army is at Webster you did that bad tide beat them Q well I guess. Her boyfriend. Baby daddy I guess he came up with some music just recently and is somehow stormy was in that tied. Oh and so because of this project. She decided to use that day not because of porn star. Now god what was clearly a day yesterday he'll make clear it up thank god that was convenience you can be due out plus. And then you know what I said and if you believe this and what they made a statement that she's not going to use any name means. Bull. Ball. Cheating she of course get its media. You know like she's gonna breast feed the wait what. I'm doing and nobody she's got to the go to go ahead dire. More than likely. Get it looked and a nanny did you. I'd say she won't there's a theory. On why you guys. And did. Do it and barely wouldn't it well. But what it. I. Yeah in the immortal John Ellis nice nice.