BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 3/13

Tuesday, March 13th

People are upset at Jeff Bezos because he ate an Iguana while in some other country – New Study says the Doctors should stop giving medicine and start prescribing Exercise -  Arnold  is going to sue the Big Oil company’s because they kill people – Hillary Clinton falls down stairs and BJ says it’s from the booze – belly dancers on Facebook and BJ had to share.


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Vijay and game. And it is Tuesday. That he and I did not realize how crazy. I'll daylight savings Inglis from twosome my friends EB. Apaches. They're using that as an excuse to sit and listen I figured it out I tried to figure out because these are really strong women and Aztec you and I are so used to not. Sleeping like normal people. All of you know were still using that since I do you think it's it has. Sometimes we even split our days sleeping like sometimes if you you know Kagan sleep you sleep three hours at night and then. Then in the day you'll sleep for three hours is that you know we split it up yeah programs art. Our schedules are always met yet. And I rarely sleep. For a period of time. More than six hour exact usually it's anywhere between four and six I'm about five yeah that's right that's me. And so we're used to an Arab guys and have overtime just it. For people had to literally mentally we're not an hour earlier and it. At noon. You Shahzad had realized and I know that T a time change really affects people with low T. Look at this I've read that somewhere women that he will not adopt about guys I'm talking about it got crowded. You talk about the women I can talk about the guys in what I've friends posted on her face the page in addition to stopped at that time changes Nokia. While there that he's angry statements are merely. New military mission not. But we don't see it can't we just are so jacked up yeah and everybody else when they're on schedule they woke up an hour earlier and it for the cranky his two week of the year. Well what ever she is you know supporting. Either the old time that we just came from or. I until the daylight saving time out to the one that we're on right now like this like yep me too I'll likely to beat daylight it's 730 at night. The only thing I don't love is that the kids are canister in an ad that you know less bus stop when it's a little bit dark hi kids are tough. Of I'll let them know again this is about money directly hit you oh like you when it's 730 instilled daylight. You don't we meet the brave or friends appear in the stock market that this whole controversy was death base those doesn't affect him Amazon's stock. Did you see everybody's given crap people are mad he aided an iguana. You did it. So here's the thing because people just see immediately him eating you know blot it and they think of their own home you know like he ate my pet yeah. But you have to understand yet to read the whole story to realize this was an insensitive. He was at a convention and they invite shafts. Because different places have problems with animals for example Puerto Rico they have a huge green iguana problem. I mean like huge this green iguanas are just taken over Puerto Rico right so that people the residents of Puerto Rico have found it waits it. And it just okay and so that's he was doing. He was eating not. Act but instead agreement glad to have from Puerto Rico showing that that the its feeding the people that are starting there. Who's upset with him a lot of people real almighty god over the water he's in a different country would you go to a different country whatever they're closing this is what you eat I. It. Back I don't think I'd like blizzard. I do. I've stayed away from blitzer all my life. Cheney and other and I vice who I don't. And we used to block it reduced to block. The law. I. Anyway and so. And this whole thing with the end of the green and landed it's a nightmare and it's gone against Japanese as I agree with you let me go differently is he different stuff Ryan Wright is like with the Olympics remember they had an old dog and South Korea yeah. And you know I mean because you could walk into a restaurant order a taco. You don't know what kind of meat they're using enough hot dog was really a Don. That was good thinking that was really really. When we. Anyway we'll see I told you end up in France the pigeons that. It's on the menu to Delhi to Dylan it's saying to me and. And went to France once huh. I heeded their food. That was all hall. Really before Mon oh man. He took me for. Cameron on the McDonald's. Everywhere well not not these days out of his back and yeah. I felt like 1991. Or so actually it's my duty was the Olympics. We'll see what have a whole new study came out just done a minute ago and this is really amazing you know not everybody's and we'll put OP Lloyds and painkillers and fighting depression honest evidence this crazy now they're saying that doctors need to think about prescribing exercise. Real yes because like for arthritis. Exercise helps and in you don't just. Sat there you know you move your joints and it's as exercise helps if you arthritis also if you have depression they're saying exercises. And today there's not a pill for exercise. We take the pill you have the same reaction in your body is if you exercise for two hours I think that's a great thing that's called cocaine but oh. I think it's never tried it backed by the arm having to match him maybe it's mess because those people are really skinny yet they are. Course they tell their faces often have no deeds. But man there skinny run you can I was over that now it really did it's a new study that came out and said that. Doctor should be looking at instead of getting painkillers and depression and med and all that. To say you know. I let it go a block the block. Three times today. You adopt doctors are gonna be as popular though no doubt that exercise is there reason that you're gonna pass out if I did see this of the week it would it would be open oatmeal eggs and stuff. Is that now they're saying that that the painkillers that are being prescribed are no better. They've taken Tylenol RI I growth on rat you see that I did. It they're full of crap I agree they are full of I trustee I take it for our date the appropriate I don't know does its job Ed bill that stuff. It does its job the it'll it'll work. He would still painkiller. The painkillers do worry that painkillers work they do work it and I don't know whether saying that. Had half of them miked and once. And that is long time ago. I was at a man married an added that any Asia via. This is a long time to join you've taken painkillers Beaulieu. What do you say in this study came out painkillers are no more effective for a relieving pain than Tylenol. I don't think that's that's true but it's. You know it's got to. I'll try to get people off the pain that so I understand why they're saying it. You know you get people to think there are a lot to do this but the fact of the matter is there's nobody wants the dog got paid I wanna pay man. I don't want Tyler. I tell you have been when they're big MBS spinal block or whatever. No they're gonna get me in the injection in my exam that. You know stuff in your neck yeah it's all jacked up anyway met and the doctor was gonna give me. A shot and I Sonoma I got in my neck I need like a painkiller. Well I Avandia yeah. For one I just want 1 for the morning and get an injection is like I never written or blood. Until the floor now not only got to give you a whole model and I'd like once helped a lot line. I don't get that I don't know if there's a kickback from the pharmaceutical I don't we I just would do this thing on this Thursday of last week that would into the doctor. At that place cutout of a mouth and put four stitches at. And they gave me painkillers rented it to it for a to pick up afterwards well because I am I don't have a good does this true painkillers. So I didn't take I didn't get up didn't take of nothing OK and I took Tylenol and goes to bed village. It didn't help the they had all I needed the painkiller but I'd never took about just dealt with the bank does it back. Odds of me said that he had a meth addicts get the money for their drugs. It is made it. Just very. I now live with that I felt like I tell you are serious look at it city to pick up that. Arnold Schwarzenegger as says he is going to sue the big oil companies for knowingly telling people all over the Harold. He says listen this happily tobacco industry we knew for years that they were killing people they knew for years and years decades that smoking would kill people. And would harm people and create cancer and they were hiding that fact from people and denied it he said so this is the same thing that the big oil companies are doing as well and I am going after them. People. But the oil companies and I'm not really sure obviously Arnold knows I think it's big waste of money on his part to hard these lawyers and go after the oil companies. I mean it unlike tobacco which is completely choice. Is this. A little thing is not a choice. It's a part of our daily lives you've got to be able to drive to go to work it's it's the way this world works but I think fracking. Well. And yet how you can prove that nobody else is approved. Let me check the they take this really horrible chemicals they shot into the ground to make of that what ever rise up and it's awful chemicals and I'll bet you million dollars Arnold Schwarzenegger does not need the oil companies. Lesson they said it doesn't really make sense because he has three homers. And they get up for miles per gallon if you step that's going to be an American. Flag T that he would even go there boom he. Take I know until companies really I still think it's weird every time I see him I don't know if you do this but every time I see Miley think. He then. Maria and never knew that he had a whole separate camera yeah if they didn't and made. Susan Manzi sleeping with yeah there may need. And the aggregate twelve year old son she never even that's crazy is so weird so I. And they have their own issues is the headline insiders denied that Selena Gomez mom was not to slip a Justin Bieber term they say that the two broke out. You know I love them. Selena Gomez just the bigger. It's turmoil but it's that the relationship is just absolutely poisoned at times. They love the navy. They love and an eight. Isn't that called passion and it's called the world it's crazy it's the way love goes you love making eight. That's said the insider insisted that they have always been like this on and off funny enough on the up so. It has nothing to do with her mom I don't think about it. The F ninety bought think they're gonna have felt he flings on the side via and then they'll try to you know try to make it go edited yet. Hey haven't Hillary Clinton. She yelled upstairs. How easy that video can I ask you some if somebody falls down passes out or why do you always blame it on alcohol. Well. Yesterday from the experiences that. Camera drop has got I have theories. And when he was in Dublin in Ireland they're known for their booze there OK they drink 24/7 with there Hillary Clinton isn't really known for being the Boozer as she. It really yes applicant yes. Don't you remember it was she'd lost the election they situated on breezy that day she was flickered up and she is going they know the word is she drinks every day. The word is yeah the word on the street yeah. About bill according to my sources are telling. Going into the video -- I did all my goodness looks released he he looks she first she's got some this holding her arm she's coming down the stairs she's in India. And she slips in big picture so another guy comes in now there's two people was she picks do doorsteps and slips it does this play. That's yeah pilloried doing the splits. Those kind of time. In. Yeah. In Iowa. It was nothing like a by getting guys so I just posted his belly dancer and I lock grad and like looking at and BJ as it. You can share that that that can be just held for you you bus you can share that with the world pretty stingy. Not that she's hot delegates that it did. Her pop her boss and she can pop snap she pops serves Arabs like today to 22 it took them yeah. She puts stormy Daniels. It's important.