BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730. 3/19

Monday, March 19th

Claire’s in the mall is filing bankruptcy – Toys R Us is done and selling everything and the top execs will get $14 Million in bonus – Shia Laboufe is going to star in a movie about him by he will play his own father -   The big breakup boobs were not that big and we were disappointed – Pickle Slushy coming to Sonic.


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Vijay and Jamie. I I like that it snowed. And now and then everybody needed it could I was little I was little word about these while. Buyers you know I'm in the wind and all that so this helps a lot you know I wasn't pulling for the show did you really want it before it happened but looking out there it's beautiful and everything and and I know for a fact that good looking its forecast for later on in the week. We're gonna beat your 75. By Wednesday so then what is still voice to some waste so it's it's very temporary. I did did she said gee we come up to as a what do you look at any said. This is scarred crab bright here yet but he's the S word encouragement and look at the trees it's like those guard crap. Well a lot of times after a sell it doesn't really hanging into the trees like all the trees or won't he like Coast Guard grabbed a postcard crap. Yet to be yours is weird is that as so. I'm like that music I need to. It's odd that we should just have that right urologists. In the data Monday. This is the saddest story I'm ever gonna tell what is. Players. Players. Players players players. But players. Each player ranked players just like. Ice cream or errors what are. All prayers of the ball players TJ IRE. A passerby asked what you all my gosh it's your accessories superstore. Yeah all the good little her body dead. They pierced my ears and it's like a whole senior you know in the third hole you gotta have that little gun yeah go. And I thought I was gonna I had passed out right their players and I was like twelve and twelve is well and is not a teenager like. And she should have bullet to my ear and I thought I was going to do I. Yeah that's back when they just use a staple gun all I guess they deleted wrestler who's like Graf. Bryant and then she loaded it up wrong on the other side and it shot her and limit them. Had a bad experience with a your picks it clean Claire's from the seventeen year old that was working there. In doing so -- you I'm Michael. Edger accessory superstar Brett accessory stupid stupor pillar. It's filing bankruptcy Iran and trouble. In the gonna become the could be gone you know. Maybe they're just restructuring that make up these players comeback win they had some problems when people found asbestos in their make up here that kind of. But the contract is always something in the ruins the party million pounds to the littlest Estes and some looked lost in what problems similar and those. Those. The bad ear piercings that did it know it did you know that players. As pierced 100. Million ears across the country. That's misleading number of them what I would really fifteen million people. Now. Yes no to here's a person. That a lot of people got the first ear piercing and then they wouldn't go get the lefty or Duncan hurt too bad that I don't I don't know what the number is that I. We really don't know. I saw some kids added to blue dots of ink on their ears to line him up perfect. They get the blend and they Wear the so bright red in screaming that their moms dads and come back and a couple of weeks ago. And that era all stable and there's guys like me who with at thirteen and got only one yeah. I don't know the number of my appears to. So sexy so now pretty. You know those little girls at it and perhaps outdated I was third in line. China. And all manner that when 300 million ears and a lot of fierce. And anyone that. No I had I'd. Don't know what the real number is the way that's a lot of people here aimed at the hope they come out of the bank first because they Grubbs he's got like the announcement all stores closing it was just last week Toys 'R' Us. They're done. And now they are dug there's no restructure there's nothing they're selling everything Toys 'R' Us will no longer exists. I know did you say that is you see the ads song that narrowed. No. I mean it could go wrong permanent Verizon has been going through this. Little. I remember my days at Toys 'R' Us and to think it doesn't even exist at a child born today won't even. What is the. Don't even know but you run rampant you never got troubling in there like I would brag a little scooters and and that strikes and I'll add staff and they've. They put stuff out for you to demo then yeah they go and play at Toys 'R' Us forever. Speaking of toys arrests. Fourteen million dollars in bonuses. For. Judges agreed to seventeen top executives of toys are asked will give fourteen million dollars in bonuses. Wow it's called the umbrella he asked the total package on the way out you know. Those women are with me when I do with all the inventory I had a friend of friend remembered sports authority went out of business you. We'll pregnant friend of a friend of a friend of mine and that missing any names but they worked there. And nobody cared that they were taking the stuff out via a back door if you nine inning. Hello can they hadn't yet I am itemize sticks. And I got to be really gamble but that's funny is a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and a friend. And they had an itemized yet come in and done inventories this is severe and life. Right back dollars. Did you see the video of the guys that are coming out of the Costco back door say same situation. Where there were a stealing know that they they he would play in these two guys to play in the going into era a Costco. And go to the bad you know that back area that's got that like the rubber the workers that just you push a parking act and act error like you regard him like you're employed right. So they go into the stores customers they go through those rubber no worse. They go to the back Nigel Utley in the play handle this we'll probably see it told someone I guess one of the employees. And was going to be one of their you know assistance with their robbery all the police waiting at the back door so you see the back. On dollar so you see these two huge back doors open these guys that are out of box at center there where it. It is good pit just go on. It's a beautiful little. It was such a good idea at the moment. He's still the boxer in her hands were to get handcuffed and that's not good movie out of jail now. I guess guilty. You know my greatest highs of all time I looked that my greatest Tyson isn't let me stealing anything this is just me getting in does a bit so my governor holing and I weren't Alley and the fourth season finale we weren't staying or where stand somewhere else but they had a huge New Year's Eve party will weaken to name. I don't. And we won it in Ruben has yet so we went to the double doors like you were talking about let's let remind me up for the laundry room. And we win in there and elves and there's all laundry I mean hotel laundry everywhere and this guy goes. Excuse me can I help you we'll plant it right here on colleagues. She goes. We just attending the party we came outside to smoke and weren't totally lost he wants is bright and that two under all all learning I had. School that's awesome yeah that's. It was to give the dollars a ticket and they blocked us right into it that's how you do it he he's just got to know had a we'd hope I got she was so quick as I froze there. The laundry police was like what is good here. I just rose Holly's yeah smoke we got home. Yeah see I could see you looking at them. Under their pressure and say hello we're tread this weekend to a large that we don't let tickets for. Brackets. We were in there we. Tonight we owned the place like a little too close to the throne. Oh proves there. At the party yeah she's yeah I didn't see evidence says Oprah fan. Doesn't granite chin in Hollinger connect. A couple of at. The end he must've been an ex was bad movement. The list that. Anyway I would have to have Gloria should have LaBeouf who move and Scott Brown there. Shia LaBeouf is am going to start a movie about himself but he'll be playing his dad in the film. The movie's called honey boy and it's going to be a drama about young about the growing up with his troubled father. And so Shia though is going to play the dad in the story. Alia. You and he's weird kind of see a movie about him doing it well me and me back. But even get financing this item to do a movie about should I look look and then Israel. And he's a sure sign them second baseman Jose a bit long name. Brad and I think the million dollars. It's pretty. Turned the game and baseball. National bad because I see all these parents. Apparently. Travel teams put their kids in the baseball camps. Pitching keeps catching camps only hitting camps spinning out thousands and thousands of dollars mean literally and all their entire life like the kids don't get ago. Then go fishing or okay and being there to mountains I think every week and their on the travel teams and I think it's optic it's. Read stuff like that's. One day a 151 million dollars everybody feels like the little kid that 151. Million dollar in insured and they do. It's the richest contract the Astros ever given a player. And does so. I beards 151. Million dollars. Am I right you know a woman has been changed on that ride at universal's Orlando and she went money. I guess she went to get on the Hong Kong ride but. Thanks in chuckle and listening. Switch to get on the Hong Kong ride in one guy said hey you're too bad to be on its stride. And that's not how it happened at every though that's not how it happened to go that first at the it was King Kong I don't think it was called golf. It was in copyright CI a causes said he hating on her. I can't talk right I'm not even close and your story he sits down in the rides and he'll talk and end all bullet Coastr tilted sideways. That's what I that's. Are either. She sits out OK yeah those bench seats okay. And they tell her but still how are we got to get more people in here and she says. They said no ma'am he got a slight to the side and they act to more people in the energy said that the gene. That's not because of her size she deserves to have the extra space. I read and it's done King Kong right and it tilted right you ran home car. And it went to the right. And I do that you are still fat you get out here. Fat people out of control with a machining stuff. They are you accusing people like he say something in people's is that chain of machine change. Yeah you guys to it's now time to eat. There you go and example and you guys sound ever bet it was stability like fatty fatty fat Jamie thank pants you know that date on the Fed opinions. That's that chaining. It does. Not I was just it was John. I lost the game goes you know it never happened changed his fans in. And patty tuba for a ticket to the bathroom do and if you do before when. I don't know Aaron that it's kinda we went into the back we didn't do that their children and they abuse them with a no I never learned that happens. Magic shot Wendy get rid of your boobs. Well I don't have a specific date on the boob move but very soon wills wills a very soon and I had to boost Lou the blue move to incur net. That's back on the agenda. I don't either I heard things on an awful I've heard things. A lot of you know linemen the end of next named a member of my only the only thing is they consistency there boobs you know my girlfriend they got the break up boobs. And slot beside this I'm at the floats yeah. Hit a very very disappointed and I think there have they had this idea of what breed yeah look like yeah and she dressed very conservative. And people reps. That's not what I was expecting. There's really not his to be honest and you hear break every tree in your head shot big up there people are listening doesn't does that wanna hear that made the fatal the atoll blah yeah that's what you're expecting and I ain't got seeing your breakout move citing some girl and out there and just got. His Yuri quite disappointed that that they did the cool night. Stunning though Sean could sound like there oh my god I did this. Islands. It's like the so now you're you're disappointed. I was expecting. Those are disappointing break a bodes well I just thought when you got break out boobs you Whitney a UN like. So I thought out and and therefore you were discipline. Say oil oil oil it's a little deflating. But I. A movement. Why because they look natural. Days and when you blew it just exactly are they desperate and silicon. Thought they would lead to for a float but I didn't Portuguese welcome our roads as a BT Jamie afloat approach yes yeah. Boobs from space yeah like that you know. And so I apologize WW. Where they go to break up boobs that wears those big gargantuan gloves accident and happy and that didn't happen. And that I don't you all about it let's talk about the shot at pickled use slash K. I can't really my head around this when friends not that big pickle juice a drinker. I might pickled used to pour on my hamburger young but I don't drink. Yeah don't just sit and drink and now now now would never think of freezing it to have like pickle juice ice cubes now. You know and saints are. I don't know where this lets you kick I think it's more of a PR thing. It's as it's coming out in June to be sweetened hanging now I I like the squeeze tube the little juice or that they're coming out so it's a tube of pickled use Durham who who and that you can put all of your stuff like your French Fries and a good to. But the sludge. I think this like she'll be good but it's gonna be too much slice there are small little slick she might be good at this pickle shots are awesome. They make you might you want Margie you want this ball I'm still think I'm blew our topic of the gut out oh yeah. Artest all unarmed. To say I am done below the outside ECU and I actually got important. And the importance on Alex I.