BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730. 3/22

Thursday, March 22nd

Joe Biden says he will take Trump out back and kick his butt, Trump responds Joe don’t know me I’d take him out. – Wide Reciver from the Buffalo Bills went on crazy episode and was arrested -  No one is deleting Facebook –Mark Zuckerberg did interview and says nothing – Bj has a squeaky chair. 


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Vijay and Jamie. Yeah it is much like Obama and Jose as sometimes. Than analysts that I know that you like trump an ocean on my strap. But you gotta give me a few times where he is vague it's getting a little ridiculous. I. Have a couple parties to blame here though just one. I think. He's the president don't even just don't even this guy was vice president at what our. President and job. I prisoners like Joseph Biden is creepy as man on the planet in my opinion. Like that guy is knowledge yeah. In this he's just so super creepy and drive me crazy he likes to give neck rub. Prove this any guys around via a nasty Assange bite me is dame street are right so he all the time I have the idea this explain. Here when a guy who ended up becoming an armed national leadership that I can grab a woman anywhere she likes it. They asked me what I like to debate this challenge. Us and no I said if we're in high school I take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of. Sony does that yesterday it would take time to give the B bell out of resident just threaten the president he's not said he wouldn't take him back. So creepy Dell says this he says I beat him up. Well in the time of bullying and all this savvy get released to that as the former vice president via. Then as the president of the United States you know what you should do you should ignore him. Are the president you are busy. I know what is drug do they go so well. You know if somebody said that about me I'd be glad that I am I don't ignore it do it don't worry it's too scared you're the president your bit today Jimmy it's pride. So Vijay has let our our president of the United States of America our presidents. Tweet. He says some crazy Joseph Biden tried to act like a tough guy he doesn't know me. He would go down pass it are glad crying all the while I don't threaten me how could. Its outlook. Did he got a little bit arraigned together. Hudson pay per view man adds I wish. Our summit to Donald. Way. Agencies stopped was no joke what needs to get off this battle in him and he took the idea that some movement creeping. Really it is creeping he's super creepy. And I like wind people talked about Clinton going on David Letterman play and that. The trumpeter Avery played the sax and I'll vote there is like you. Yeah. A lot aggregate dignity yeah mid. Yes yes those days are gawking at said the get a hold presidential pulling all Addis is out the window it serious. My dad so now what they're fighting so they're gonna go back up for the that you've Cuba rookie Cuba and video are there fighting. Are they both like seventy Kia Kia mrs. Santa I'm telling you that would be great tape paper view though you get to seven year old guy to Derrick. That they neither one control coaches could hurt each other. That's only days so much fun to watch. And grab the first 45% an idea though they levees. Oh great after they're done hugging all you get tired Joseph B I'll orange. You know I'm I'm not look at the tape and green and I'll really be Mironov and Altria. I guess the other day there was a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. And I guess he is gotten a fight with his brother Annie was bloody and naked and then his brother had to hold him down to keep him from jumping out of a 387. Storey apartment and doing this but he's a wide receiver jade Jones moved. From Buffalo Bills gas. I sought I don't know who he has them. I guess he smashed all of the balcony window of the thirtieth floor of the apartment his brother. Grabbed him because he said it was gonna jump sounds like he was laden bad Salter told the board do you think it's part of the confession thing. I don't know whom I have no idea anyway is his father has now spoken I guess the premier hospital for awhile and you said he's currently at his parents' home he's resting in the trying to figure out what's around you kind of scared. Right. Pass and delete FaceBook that's good going viral hash tag delete FaceBook although we did our own survey super early this morning and nobody's doing it. Nobody stood nobody is deleting please log in what we talked about this a couple of days now everybody. In nobody really knows what it's all about. At all but it's become this monster of a news story for and I don't even think and appear recent themselves. And on Twitter at the hash tag delete FaceBook has gone by Iran a moon then whatever. Mean maybe it's a good time for you guys that are addicted to it it's a different. The good news is Mark Zuckerberg isn't found. He showed up on TV show and did an interview last night so should thank goodness unless how fascinating it is ready we're gonna do. A full forensic audit they look at access to share our. And people don't feel like they receive that payment on a transparency there wondering what's happening to thinking it and they trust FaceBook. That's so what are the most important things that I think we need to do here is make sure that we tell everyone whose data was affected. Rhode Island picnic for the book I did this average days of Boris you do I'm. You don't give. Up hope that our lawmakers and I really started out and then again and half dozen different. Everybody wants you to show up Willie testify before congress. It would help. So we've beaten the short answer is this I'm happy to if it's the right thing to do it FaceBook testified in congress to renew my angle like his colleagues. Didn't. Yeah like two person or. It is is that it may want to look like congress this extremely important job two. How the most information not just announced more yeah golf is like is an activity out on FaceBook but. It's. We may very well to a synopsis he's sorry is superstar in this hour. It's a guy I don't know what he's sorry for he doesn't know what he's sorry for Stephens says himself. I guess we could testify if I knew what we're gonna testify about the yeah. So I don't know anyway I did know he lost 5000000050. Million block 5050 billion yeah yeah. It's a little bit yesterday so we'll see rampant and then finally. Some says that we're driving them nuts because we have a squeaky chair in the studio and they can near. So many of Venice you. Do you think about it isn't much of the. I'm yeah barrel on that. I didn't hear anything less makes is driving and the very day with the thought that the so can you knew chair plays. Now what if we're lucky we have the chairs we add a zero expect that that support would. Can't hear you and allowed senator I feel your feet may look at what I got hijacked. An important. Now I.