BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th

Papa John’s is in trouble Peyton sells his 36 locations in Colorado – Tommy Lee was punched in the face by his son, but the son says it was self-defense  -  Stormy Daniels is suing Trump -   Jamie loves ‘This Is Us”  -  Bachelor in the news Becca is out and Lauren is out and now Becca named the next Bachelorette – Fox Special could show that OJ really did kill Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman – Megyn Kelly is in the dumps and costing the network money – Jennifer Aniston is offering Justin hush money – Playboy mansion was going to be torn down but the city stepped in and made it a Landmark and it will be fully restored to its former glory! Jamie went to parties there.


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Vijay and gene and. And Manning hasn't usually sold up this kid 31. Denver area have a job. Stores I wonder how much money Thaddeus. 31 stores you how alien like well I am 31 stores Papa Johns is in trouble. I guess when he got all these doors Bakken 2012. They crashed in the first year. They said it was beat Peyton factored it was a sales boom. He first he acquired 21 locations in 2012 and then after shields successfully got ten more of the years. But just last month that Manning decided at hang up his apron and leave that pop up pizza bid is yet. Once he lost her contract with the NFL. PM. You know. Much ears says somebody else just spotted out lip the franchise that purchased the market is excited about the future of our business. And assumed ownership of Bob Papa John's locations in the Denver Colorado Marquette didn't. My Papa John's gonna business. Did it on your I think that owner who's in all the commercials. I think when he made his statements that that a lot of publicity and that's good publicity not. I think that killed. Yeah got hurt them bad I thought he saw that a stock prices dropping. In Payton knew it was time to whom mode to early. The it. I'm sorry I did the wet unload the pepper and though the pepperoni bright yes I think that's what he decides to do pull. Because I know it's perfect taking in terms that. Peta people understand. Todd Lee's son Brandon and punched his daddy in the face. Let's argued kid no bags if they if the story from Brandon is is correct Brandon says dad was drunken punch him in self defense. Either way it is a horrible story. He and dad got an invite Tommy Lee and the fight happened Monday night and out of the police responded to Tommy's Calabasas home. Around 1045 no respite officers took a report. Tommy was transported to hospital where it got checked out because he had a busted busted. Well at. He wrote this my heart is broken you can give your kids everything they could ever want in their entire lives. And they can still turn against you you and good job Brandon grade son. It's zero. Yeah. That's bad that's bad for the dad. Branding game left fat lip but he but we've learned. He said he was defending himself when he went down he said dumb by dad was drunk and saying bad things about an. You know when you get VH your son can beat you up. It's a sad day it is sad and everywhere they have that problem when you have a kid give a son there comes a day where he can take human. I had a friend that did that to his debt. Indeed as they had a roof yeah. While his dad goes like Tommy Lee was pretty much intoxicated it died but that was it there was no confrontation from that day forward kosice on one. We know what that's from me as my son now shuts me out of the shower and lock the door again and I told just an exit you stay at different we. The best days of my life was he'd taken the bad and I wrap them up on all these towels. And then I'd I'd grab them and I do like guide to worldwide to three and the bad. Do. Is. We. Now I just I remember one mice and certain lauded the door in his twenty I think. Lewd joke. Have you noticed a light up the mood and. And also Monday Tommy after India after he said and the real good job Brandon great son. That's disturbed little things disturb any kid gets in fight with your dad or dad gets him by the silent in Fister fly and somebody's got a bloody noses out of control it is that you don't need to also write about it. I'm just say it all plays out of petrol but everything at that time lately to guess Chelsea it. And rested on social media. And says good job branded traits I mean it's like Tommy Lee is that a child as well. In this. Out of Kendra I'm also a mandate coming into the shot at him was a recent interview with piers Morgan where she talked how Tommy abuse her. When they were in a relationship he responded. Think she tried something new discussed it's. This gas instead of rehashing old asks each. And then he broke piers Morgan you're in a visa Donald Trump and my ex wife are pathetic. She has nothing else going on and needs attention moved. Its ugly over there there still have gone on over there. Hey we have great apparently hot bird. Which aren't you aren't close ish to be in the voice of the drink we got the talent. And job by the way your job. Investigative reporting yeah. And chastity follow. Yep investigative reporting is what I call it. And you did a great job John thank you and we have the numbers now the visually all right so tell everybody what the official numbers for the voice of the train. That DIA can enact. For the man known. The total number of votes was 42311. Total votes. But the breakdown was Allen roach and 111586. And our friend Jeremy Hubbard at 8000. 782. For a difference of 2804. Vote. So close so yeah he sent. Ian flatly yes. Island Renner will ran away with this community and be AME really did think about look at the women numbers in this number Allen won pretty big dilemma numbers wondered if one and two Kim Christensen 8193. Votes and then and Trujillo 7000. 515. Only 700 soldiers so yeah. Separate them. As tight race and Roche to QB take. He's on fire he must of voted for himself a lot well. Not that he lives in Minnesota century and now the Minnesota. Should drink yeah. Plus it was over in South Korea he probably low load the lobby for votes of their. And adding nobody was the are two reasons. There. Jeremy Hubbard. Did you get to the bottom of that but the political it's all about. His wife Nicole and I told her I I I called it actually answer and it's and I caller today and the way to them Mega Millions. He did in her bush called me in October you were in Hawaii that act. Thought as cover for yeah settlement that. Insurance on it probably why I in friend I mean. Like some like if you say you furnished up my husband. Now. Owls he's inviting you card night you know played great actually. Reach I didn't I. And David didn't send. Stormy did hills is suing Donald Trump and in the paperwork she cousin David dent ads and she says that dad he never signed the paperwork so their tour. The offer that of the money in all that limit the terms and conditions of the hush money is all void because he never tried it. Silly story garner all around me. And let's. I'm not a fan dump Donald Trump and a okay. But can we just move on without lives with all this Russian grabbed all the stormy day in your stuff all they can we just I'll just. It won't know he can discount on that you know it's not going to have a way I mean you know it it's not going to just. Armand and that's the best thing to do is what I do I just ignore the actors who bought just move on with the yourself. Don't worry about the rest of the world just blowing itself don't pay any attention to it just keep going. How many people saw this in the last night. I. Never knew the back story of the a little adopted girl until last night. Show is written so well and let me tell it a little adopted girl I don't know her name as she has name. She is and and aging actress I mean you believe car. You believe that she slept at all these different bad Ollie is different buster albums like. You wanna holder hunter and then you realize doubling each little child star but she's so good acting she draws doing and it's amazing issues doing great she's an amazing actress. Let's see here are you warrant are officially am engaged from the root from the bachelor. And I grateful that is trending last night. Yes it was boy that was big so Ari first asked back add to marry here and she said yes and then he got a ring on it an ailing. Weekly you don't turn the mayor. Known that remain are still in the middle my. Not that he changed his mind and it took. And he finally got an offer finger and then on the war. And she said. I know that I can even checking it. Am a steady growth street asking and the less than 24 hours but OK okay. In she I was in another don't ever walked in the I think he's just all for TV. Yeah I happen to agree with that big shocker that Beckett isn't next bachelor new. All just you know. Gene totally disinterested on TV rate. It is buying into this. Does none of these workout notable. Cars but now or for a closing get the ratings can sell it. Today C board George sentinel or rather. You don't husband's back on what it'll tell you didn't that's what I do every day I get home girl writers. This never before seen video is smoking gun in an upcoming talks special. It's called if I did it to and it provides a reason OJ Simpson went to Nicole Brown Simpson tells the night she was murdered. Simpson is interviewed by book publisher Judith Reagan who collaborated with that OJ. On the book if I did it and the premises OJ Simpson's hide it well. I'm how Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were slaughtered. He said it's very difficult for him to talk about it hypothetically. I think it's a good year. If the whole thing is weird. How would you always like would you ever hypothetically talk about how you killed some money Arie you know and not enough. No hair in this thing was recorded back to what 2012. Or something it it's been a while. It it it came out a long time ago in the date squash. They didn't Eric. But did the book out there in there all the excerpts from this TV show team sport. And he literally discos and describes exactly what happened in according to police department in LA everything he described as a witness. And what's on the court records it was stuff that wasn't in court. Many days they confessed he confessed. So they would not run it at that time and now these many years later they're gonna finally run the story or run the actual law interview this. Shall airs Sunday night at 8 PM on fox know William island large and medium London Sunday night Allen again keep him on Fox's raising. Met Kelly Obama. Is now working its network and friends. AAA three year 23 million dollar deal. NBC erosion of charity. In BC has now announced that Sunday night was making Kelly will return. Because they say that there to scale back on her daily talk show because it's not really working until they're trying to figure out how to Nagle at without calling it canceled. So they're gonna give her the Sunday night Megan show which probably is away benefit for her. How much should do a fashion show the other day yes Kelly is not done fashions house. The Sunday night shows like two of you have seen it it's terrible. Up but the Dayton literally NBC has a giant mega ball and chain attached to them right now. There's nothing they can do what he's three million dollars in debt per year when her contract obviously it's a no cut because they have far harder. And they they're losing their butts. It was a bad business. But now she's doing fashion shows and that's not her Forte and it's a really bad placement for. You do not Joe's a couple of days and I'm a Little League and cooking segment she. Didn't she was do not Joe's got Julia and she likes him with dollar opinions. That's what she said what's that actually cheese. That's not in keys that you can use. Violence. In and talk about has to do not to accused of and Ortiz and what is. Island and Taco Bell long time. I didn't go. And I Jack I'm missing it snug and Jennifer Aniston is offering Justin zero. Cashman saying. They say that. This isn't in a pre nup but I guess he is open to discuss their relationship and that she is giving him money to change and. He wants to talk about those letters that he found Baghdad Fred yeah well what's he gonna do. He wants to talk about her obsession and still love for Brad. Yeah and that Brad Pitt is secretly writing her texting her Youkilis to talk about all he's a scorned lover Jesse. But just app and got to write a book and it's one hole. Jennifer Aniston is gonna buy you instruments. Now. And see this Gammon cost. You know anything and I know that just it makes a lot of money. And missing compared to her and is like ten million. Slowly. Stood at that price again thanks in debt dished to us she's still she's pretty activist and she. How much work out in Hollywood I movie career. A sack I know she has dry eye syndrome and and and I also know that her skin is not dry in the market she is of the you know. You know so those are the two brides I know that she does use it her eyes are so. There are some movie trailer just the other day she's at night that it didn't. Knew that you something New Haven. Well and there are also still in syndication with friends so. And yes. I am and then finally do I have a kicker for you do and I know anything exciting. I know I like this this idea the Playboy Mansion is this shade as stay intact and they we're gonna use a wrecking ball that now. You have there's legendary 100 million dollar party house will be restored to its original grand view. They did an agreement with the city like that I don't think it should have been an owner what do dared tell. He did as an Abrams you have dirt you know I think the guy he had seen enough parties. It is like OK all this. These shenanigans that went on in that house and he said you know it's conduct. That's our guard down. Down. And in the city Cuban said this is a landmark in his wife here we do this what do we pay you millions of dollars and we leave it up we refurbish the place. It would make it to worship trap. You know there's two things in my life I think are pretty cool to have gotten to do in my lifetime one is right in the Goodyear blimp. Oh cool Seubert at Wachovia is pretty cool and then the other is go to parties at that. At the mansion you also cool also uncle just weird you know everybody has those weird that like you played bass mould will spell yeah weird thing is you have. I would've put as much top to go lower top wind but my top one was. I got to ride in the Oscar Mayer hot to Obama and who got you yeah that's the caskets and yes I guess since late I have question. You gonna drain that Wiener and I wrote I will really. Hot dogs and board yes. Should get hot dogs are abort guess who I rode with it and it did make man. Ed McMahon of the to two dyke show at that died Johnny Carson and he was in the the car India Wiener mobile. And I got in well I have adamantly anti upper. No more than a Wiener mobile U yes I. Did but I just don't think that's possible. I gave my mom. A Santa Claus cookie holder for for Christmas cookie yup and it said. Merry Christmas love Ed McMahon you know where I got whipped my Jewish boyfriend. Because that's his kids were a word going to the orthodontist my boyfriend. And so and gave my boyfriend I am McCluster silicon east. 5:1 o'clock night which is the better Eds story we'll we'll be cooked you know there are no ended management is what the Jewish guy. Does anybody know Ed McMahon in him. All are and not hit big man when you get inside the Wiener mobile their he sits eating hot dogs in stallions he take Iraq you take it 5105. Let did you get mechanical lots of June 00 bail it sits. This. But now but what nobody died. In the important now.