BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 3/8

Thursday, March 8th

Some people are texting us to shut up about the Treasure truck its better when it’s secret – Jamie had a dream about BJ last night.. His 23 and Me results came back in her dream and he was a Mexican Stripper – Clothing store ZARA is coming to Denver -  Study says men that wear Skinny jeans are more likely to be attracted to men – Tommy Lee 911 Call, his son punched him out - NY police are ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault – Mc Donald’s flipped the Golden arches for Woman to look like a woman but they look like boobs!  Blac Chyna on the beach. – Colorado Teacher fired over Sexual allegations that were a lie!  


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Vijay and Jamie. Just leave everybody by saying we make dreams come true which he thought of lives yet but yet treasury truck worry a lot of crap now on our text in a way Texans anytime we see live in our studio all three of us have screens and whatever you Tex we actually see it live in the studio time unify what is the problem. Here ruining the Amazon and treasured track expands had a rash and that's. It's way better when it's private less people know about it you are running act. We don't like or what it is what it is actually you're not gonna keep the treasury truck silent we're out we're not our area. In the driver jaw and has no problem being a part of our show them. It is bad out here so shut. Goodwin that's solid shove it via the revenues while yeah I don't think anybody has really. A new it's the equipment you have a usual bad old school does. Jamie reveals to me lower in this song that was playing lovely sort element. She had a dream about me glad I did to restored com I'm awaiting 23 in meat. From that's the deal natus because I want to see where where I came from me in a what a note the that heritage here. Jamie had a great list. That was found out. I had the most real dream on the planet that BJ it was a Mexican stripper or put with a look. I got ready got it was good buddy his dream humor so that and I know people in need to hear about dreams this it was good. Because he was so mad. Add and it came back to weigh three me and said you're a Mexicans server or. The well my dad's always says. There were part native America. Some waiting on this kid in a good server and that kind of sites that you're somewhat but I mean okay the next thing you could come back I don't know I don't double find out and let it doesn't tell you are 23 meet your DNA does not tell you you're a stripper. Kids now they care it NJ and got a boo yeah there are high or he soups. Look up up up up up a putt. An epic that and it that was like. So I decided jar is coming into DeVon. But it's. Who's coming. Desire what's our. She's a singer she's coming there shouldn't be sitting in. We talk about. It's a clothing store you won't care about well you have me and stuff and only as good look at Scott's arm yes ZAAR I am sure dancing around it czar and and they hadn't what I lived in LA they had him I guides is. Really great stuff and it's affordable publicize it's like and and and HNN can correlate better yet it's cool stuff. Anyway they just out session they're coming to Denver so we're really excited about the is teach him stuff is is good stuff 'cause it's dirt cheap. It's music good stuff does that last. I think lasso far everything's still did it. Move because it's really afford I mean affordable yeah. You don't strike me as an agent and got unknown candidate but I did and because my kids when I was out in Los Angeles my kids who wanted to go get some shirts or whatever. They love that place because it's very affordable for a twenty year old you know. School in yet million. But it's like me going into forever 21 unit despite. Ending by anything and many. I mean Hugo and an agent and would be like me going into a forum or Whalen made it seem it would take a lie it's gonna take more than czar to get me away from the polls mark I. You love well love goals alone the marking of legal actions yes love scarves script. It's a skinny June 2. As skinny date did you saw you can't be that came out about skinny jeans but about it. That men Wear skinny jeans are more likely to be attracted to other men that's not true that. No I've never put up my skinny Jean as a safe almighty god look at shown a device. I I. That's what this study said the studies have you army and the wears skinny jeans you're more likely to be attracted to him and that's a dumb study what I'm paid well. I've got to study for UT there was one that was released yesterday. We'll get to it later it's because it doesn't fit here. Did you see where if you don't like somebody at work or you don't like your boss. The answer is a voodoo doll. That's women records. I think we try as. Well again I think we get this voodoo doll but Lisa who works need to work we'll just we'll just get up. Big all it called powerball. I won't do it takes to every CD conceded could play. I hurt ambulance call Pete would be instead Ned Colt Morton yes. We should drive okay he couldn't see it works with the Arab company. If you let me how about the he'll be at bar business I am not just what I -- by the way there's a good chance that you could be a part of the lottery written with our powerball lottery because there's a dutrow ointment on Saturday and is 385. Million and that nobody take your five nobody won last night so I'm sure he will take your five you'll never hear from him again Anbar. But he likes to come out to Barbie doll and tell people it is to act how thick it. And in his career of probably as a man was there. That's not big. That was about it. Then about a mile and hour debate that parents about Pete and pat pat pat. While he told me he told me that if we did bring it up on the air that Ayatollah people though he will sign an autograph. Without. Its present and I hit it. And this is awful to hear I don't like playing but I'm gonna play it probably an inside and got into his fight now is his son 1718 you know I don't. And even though it is you didn't notice he and Pamela Anderson pay him they had two boys and them. And I guess the oldest one said that it was self defense at his dad was drunk any actually knocked about here's an finally got. And I learned a lot of fight and a Christian I work. Try to tackle me. Weapons. Aren't at that I bet on that continent around and I'm Rick I just locked door is cal and healthy eating and it. If he don't contact you've played that are coming. This term success. And it sure protected. Them. If it's a kid getting hit with payments can be older and seventeen there's no matter what's it together like mid ninety's. A Cherokee seventeenth but I don't know the day two lately it's Brandon is 21. And be here I thought glory 96. And out of the antibodies. Deal in. C news twenty. So we don't know which are yelling to a grand am grand. As sprint and BK has he had then Tommy Lee posted a picture of his bloodied mouth and then you give your kids everything and look what they do. It's sad way to go Brandon. Oh. So I think there's a problem in the home. Gym and there's and there's a problem and I was so Tommy Lee was tough. Had a tough guy. It's kind of kind of bony. Need to be do and the scrawny but one year old police say I love to obviously he's the nicest guy ever it's no matter what's. One and they don't seem to love is kids it all adds up to sum it really robbed you know who knows maybe it's again I don't know. Let's let's talk about that bachelor because I'm kind of over it what do you think. Jarrett you know it's only about all I'll racked. Yet cheerfully everybody's falling for this thing to soak in July it's a contract in Iraq remains at a rapid. On the other girl she's now going to be won a bachelor re add that that was at play and playing and in on Alison I'm gonna love and now we find out that he's got like four women and four different cities currently yeah. Back in. You got two greens both valued at 80000 dollars keeping peace broke for those who know. It's all laid out yet. Made up and it'll open they made sagging Luby's let me explain though McDonald's was try to do get things done like. We should women it's international women's day so they did this whole thing they took that eagle and turned it up on its arches to make a W to make W with the port of women women women but instead it made shaggy derbies. What everybody's always say instead it looked like boobs. Yes sagging boobs the even though they can do that that and the screen know. How. Allen to make yet he. Really good yet in. Earth Day. And then be sent lives so you give somebody who has seen that different it is or what somebody's butt. Yeah and me we see everything is booster but today we did Harold we do blooms and. And it looks like Harvey Weinstein is getting ready to be arrested looks good but it bucks. But Beckham to bust through here before we Harvey Weinstein obviously good six. But. Did you see the picture. From this past weekend of black China running into the ocean from a book report but do you see that and you've got to look this public an old mine gothic. You've got a season. OK Regis he's in I have quite a long swimsuit region over the weekend. When he doing I was doing and show trek online guide to sign. Information for this show. We got a shot all. In Chile JJ and. Yeah I am going to have it. And act. A vehemently the. Structure island sound. Good at July jog put it on her FaceBook page again be a real this. That's not me that's her that make Obama. No god did not make them back to what you think that is Photoshop nobody thought shops are used to look like magma lap that's real. Is that. That is how you haven't applied to regular. Regular. I mean. Well leave it to be to bring things of the show the people are asking clocks forward. A couple of backwards. You ample things that would of those backup. Alarms on it and doom. A weekend and shock can see it. We're gonna put it and we'll put it up right now I just imagine two gigantic. I don't know what ball finished in this like it's not basket it's like what's the next ala all day this is like it was exercise balls. The fact that the if a pet at. I think you'd go yeah about the big woods that you like Roy Johnson yeah that's it's like two big exercise balls in a button them. So he can be real around. It's real no I mean the picture I met she had to have ass implants all don't you think. As Alex and ridiculous I. I now it's just sitting there isn't. I. Might see it looks like folks is getting ready to add the arrested. The New York police department is preparing to arrest Harvey Weinstein that's what's of them are being totaled. For felony sexual assaults. The NYPD has been investigating five separate sexual assault allegations. Against Weinstein and in one case it says to be eighty particularly. Strong case it looks like that in the laughter I would take its long. Is there yeah I mean listen to ignore it up for how long months now I think it's going to be a fool most of national laughs from the side. Well must addition. I'm just makes me sad and worried for our society and that is a theater teacher at a high school in Colorado I don't have whips. Comment high school was suspended grabbing relationship with a seventeen year old male student. And that's not what is going on the fact that somebody called this an as a anonymous. And got the teacher suspended is what's worrisome. The kids as I have no idea what you're talking about we've never had a relationship what do you say there's nothing near. And ask them they just did pick and Rainey hanging out the losers and winners extra Clinton and she can be. Suspect and probably is gonna be a parent with a grudge because that teacher probably gave their child asked. I submarine deservedly so something's made that the parent man in anonymously they made the phone call in that is personally ago. The 47 year old woman was suspended Wimbley started investigating accusations she had an inappropriate relationship with the boy after it and not just. Did you call the radio ready to just say some guess you can just make any accusation you want to and somebody will be a fire. The boy was pulled from class and questioned about the relationship and he has no idea what they're talking about he said he never had a really out of. With the teacher as this teaches gonna be reinstated if not already mean if the kids come forward and said nothing's happened I don't even know the teacher. Yeah and it's quite obvious they need to Trace it find out who made this call. That's what you need to do in this person should be a rest at the gap in charge for bad this suit. There isn't as scary where that people could just go on to say stuff like that. And finally finally finally hears from text NATO which we get again live in front of us subprime loan of 59. You know what's great radio talking for five minutes about should not as good. We you can go to Finland Turkey and he alleged that a lot yeah Beckel he had hit a Smartphone you're intuit look at them look it up LO. In Texas 51 of blood done in keeping with. Of I'm just and I tablet crashed. Into the importance on Alex I.