BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730. 4/24

Tuesday, April 24th

A man beats his boy-friend with a big mouth bass – Woman under fire for saying Melania Trump is superior to Michelle Obama -  Tom Brady’s agent says that Tom will play this year -  Ellen talked with Macaulay Culkin he says he will not watch Home Alone and will not do the hands of face thing - Former President G.W. Bush is in the ICU.


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Vijay and Jean and you should read the most interesting article I think I've ever read. In the last what's that well there's this guy he and his boyfriend right they went lovers and down and they had what those Billy than big now finished that saying. You know assessing invention that you don't read that have bought a couple of those for Christmas yeah. Who can be no yes I have and so I guess big big guy kept pushing the button on Billy. Yeah the big now Bassett kept pushing it and is is Glover said please stop please stop. Well is he wouldn't you wouldn't stop pushing the button and so he grabbed out of his hands and clocked him over the head with it. Our own no oh PP was Billy. They may battered boys singing. I've blocked off. Everything's a weapon via. And Kelly clay is getting heat for saying that my Lonnie yet is appearing here and to Michelle Obama. Kelly income they said Gilani termed as a superior First Lady Michelle Obama and the country is lucky to have her. Yes she used the word superior. People are now I have read she used Senna ear. But I did people smiling she comes super stoked I think have been happened after the Obama thing where she was seen smiling with Obama and then it became a mean. In terms like Boehner started smiling when you've when you buy me because she is over sabathia and he noticed. Yes I I think it's brought up a couple of media and exited the tournament let me use my pants I don't think they like giving these French people and now. I hadn't putting on kind of face for this you think they're taking yeah I think they're making no I don't. Care this guy I really. What makes you think that's had to go to Alaska did go to Mount Vernon have dinner the I have dinner with a began you know. I got a lot of friends that I don't wanna do dinner twice with. I don't get back to back. 'cause she blocks on the along with those spike heels now. It dipping into the soil there must be some bricks underneath there has to be he had and they have a map that we don't see it on television. But he knows word walk the get any time I've ever walked in high heels in soil. It's a man sent me it's like appeared and they had a lot of rain instead of so you would think it would seem but I think they have a he'll lean. In the grass I think Iran via is otherwise we sit so ironic since. She you has she read those stilettos. All day and night. She was super ma I extinguishing is just slipped on some excellence in Alaska but she just used to get Nathan and Arthur. Is a bit slow but. Error in your furry boots would you like them you think so comfortable now become a lovely company act you never were seen everywhere these jags. Other odds for men's yeah. I'm Charlie and 250. Support. I'm not I gonna pay less no I'm Jason Mraz and about lute. Dumb yeah of the plant that I got the W issue we should take a picture beach Evert yeah LSU win brook dubbed God's. And let's get right show you where you don't wiggle and I. It. Steel toed he had I don't I can't wait it gets precedent out with a few tires the parking lot that worked around here it via the. As weight bench Dylan. Luggage. The what do put together and a and down there in the days when he can do I haven't seen it since Saturday at a once it got together haven't seen a sense that it's a movement but if she sit down and really that's really out there. Tom Brady's agent says he's got to share some of god I thought it was our time was too. Tom Brady's agent dad dom dom need. It. Me said he expects a court back to play for the New England Patriots and when he 88. Said that Brady still remains committed to playing into lays in his mid forties. Who. Last week it was rumored that Brady who has any hybrids seem cheery mood today that pretty bad with it Drury was. So really that's assessing. I know he never that was never a doubt that he's gonna apply he's been saying all things gonna. Play into it and into his forties. I know back then that lets her name and Scotland Gisele Gisele said she doesn't like has brains work and lately. It seems a little jacked up exactly how she said to. There and argue brains Lleyton and you know that brings it or brains fried. Sticks and that's what do you think the baby number three is gonna be named. Baby number three. Let's see out of oh boy I don't know. The duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton delivered a baby boy yesterday weighing eight pounds seven ounces and they stepped out yesterday they showed the royal baby. And I thought it was funny then they just get their Range Rover drag away. It's going to be one of those keen names you know yeah they're gonna put you know language Carlos the fill up or injury. You hear something like that gap a bit they don't go with the like names that we use here like Travis Travis Trevor Noah. Where they don't do any of them. Now they never do and I hate common names one name is going to be like Gunther something. For the third delegates at tasking day thinking thinking king Arthur cane gun there is very famous. British calling cut. But apparently when they could speaking gut I get it out but things that are. Thanks to explain in the joke. Allen had a very. And fly an interview with MacCulloch Coca which never happens because they say he is when hottest celebrities to interview. But I love Ellen and she just seems to have fun with them and so he was talking about. How during Christmas everybody's watching from home alone hearing this. A serious here. The people who want to sit down and watch it with me which is lake both fluttering creepy. And again I mean. We're watching and seeing like I'm remembering that day on the set you know what I'll how I was you know hiding my Pepsi behind the capture something like that Andrea check it watching the same way other key. She interviewed him. We're not at Christmas you and I don't know how relevant it is today and many Ellen normally has people on that are point. Touching something so there's got to be something you have put say yeah I don't know we'll get out of the blue. We'll get a look at a how to end and that he talks about. How fans can drive. You don't watch it known that really and you don't go out of the house during that time so I definitely don't yeah it's late season yeah okay. Yes it's Macaulay is McCauley season so. You actually go out like less of lesser an end here do people come up to you and want you to put your hands on your face it some like us. What do you say to them. No. He rumors about to die or something you have memories like really skinny yeah well he got off on drugs. It will increase I feel like he and parents Chad Jackson yeah. David very odd relationship together you know run together and paying each other's toenails. An instant. Toenails. She painters and he considers. It. And I am getting a big backlash on drugs apparently panels were tortured to how much whose arm. You mean yeah. I agree with a text then we know it's yeah I mean at reminiscent. That's why you should be wearing boots like Murray hit hit hit hit the challenge now. Steele told the but to become a bad thing yeah hurt yeah upper around. Real fur it is Ali what are some ads are running buddy buddy got a buddy on each foot but don't let the fire did you know that don't know any. And when then yeah herb put her into the bunny a partner Derek. You hit him where. Or round or will we know that. Doesn't. Now I I don't know that being. Said I'm still pull Belushi and just. I I'm wearing that bad you'd ever there at that and now as she was tortured. They say that that she needs are and are skinned alive he just shear sheep. No load and taking down. The we. Yeah I have that hello boy. Yes Peter should be eerie moment. All right guys you've pitched in the lab bench. Dad Dan Becker match evidence this. George H bush. Well we got a bitching here is who I'm sorry apologize I. I know grabbed Japanese president and yes the George W bitch and it is so sad you guys. His wife was just buried let today's event she was buried Saturday. And he was rushed to a hospital Sunday show sad yeah he's an intensive care right now what like a swan Lee said. Let you know it was only a matter of top 193 it's only a matter of time really. But nevertheless when when one spouse dies when you realize it's going to be a day later and 72 years and are married and they say that you just die of a broken heart. Us I think it. But in yesterday's do better switches. Are they say that he's reacting to the the medicine's working OK because he has an infection in his blood and but they say the medicine's working in these get a little bit better they think he's gonna get out hospital. Organic anyway yeah yeah at a rapid update a tablet trash welcomed into the immortal on Alex. I.