BJ & Jamie: Tabloid trash 730 4/25

Wednesday, April 25th

–      Bj has to go to a funeral and is having a hard time picking a flight and hotel – Meeks Mill the rapper is out of jail and went right to a helicopter and court side at an NBA game. –  man gets 50 years for Fajita theft – Miranda Lambert has a new boyfriend – The world didn’t end on the 23rd now it will end next year on the 23rd  -  Jamie reads some funny Text. And Sean still can’t spell.


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Vijay and Jamie. I have a friend just like you and his name is John. Will he mean just like being. He gets really frustrated and actually degette. Well I do get frustrated on the world's worst when it comes to certain things. But I can't nine to book a trip. So I was highly in the guy is struggling so much of that is champ BJ as. That the site and can't and just let me just. Let me just I got a friend passed away and his services memorial is commit a bond the fifth. And I I just I can't even I can decide on a hotel. I want cheap. But they cannot even find cheaper but yet wanna be here and ray is certainly that cheap there it's a quiet kid do that then I don't be here that's an hour at a Tel. I have to make Obama I now and the problem is that you've already searched at all until. They know about you and they're just gonna Jack up the rates at steamy steering it is right there in the feeling coming right once you go in and let's say you go to Priceline or any of these places now or there's nothing confirmed here that's her theory doesn't like me that if you log on to three times for airline tickets say to go from here Los Angeles. On the next time you go and they're gonna Jack up the price because they don't you gotta. I don't agree with you and adding makes a lot of sense. So but you and John are just it likely keep does this all the time makes the crazies like. I. Yeah have a Sloan a bit and I know that Qaeda. And something I haven't found the. Maybe don't just take the bus maybe you should take a bath. Greyhound. Up today where you're done does not seem to get there no known it's done it's not the red roof and they ticket through. Enough with this are really good but there's one good but you have to fly from here to buffalo. This is gorgeous and today I got to fly from here to buffalo. From buffalo to Charlotte, North Carolina but it dated to sit today. This flies in the Las Vegas. That's why. I think that the that there are you go to Las Vegas to go to Cincinnati I like the flight take heed to. Hours and twenty minutes to get there or that's what it's eleven out of it. What good are the Greyhound bus will read a idea I think what you're gonna have to do is take Friday off. Here and not getting. It would get it I met and we don't have those friends it can't come back. Mac and where we don't wanna ask for help. We just make it seem so impossible has that you're gonna help just to shut us up and we do that he accepts me I'm just like. Are right now let you have the and I got the Carl Lewis and done with the UAE a year like I have I got a lot to talk to you about this morning personal I wanna talk to you about. This. Uh oh what's his name Meeks. Alia. That no makes Moehler. No just mill was that it isn't just mail I think some random element it front right and as Millen. Makes Millen. That is. Right as an idea I don't knowledge it's what you think mill an Meeks Millen. So on. Democrat principally. I don't know who it is now or email you what you talked about it we Dodi but not that it's not your right out. I don't know but I think it leaves milk and meat no no no list might not okay and the draft is Thursday. And corrected everything. The draft what is your Saturday to it does. Not passable neatest segment was on Saturn could day I don't know pressure. So that's last and I not possibly need the draft partly on Saturday. I note that the draft starts to. This address our senate Tamar Mamas and it's JoAnne and not Julie. Why can't guard at the. And his things chipper at that at. I got me off guard but isn't it crazy stuff this week no list right lets not let this guy who. I have that kind meet Maria intermingling. So here's what happened. So this rapper he's a rapper right and I guess in November he they eat little them capsule to gamble but Matt Cassel again. And I got in trouble. In St. Louis Cardinals helpful. It's the right where scuffle yes you know with a couple of airline people but it was no big deal in and they thought it was fine. Unfortunately it was a violation of his probation for so he went to court and the judge is really really -- that day into night. Now I really believe that your drug tests are clean you've probably used a wash out get league you know and to make should be Boehner so I don't believe that drug tests are are re. And she sentenced him to chewed up four years in prison. Even though it is like wait a minute. He should be in jail at all. Luzon probation I bet I mean it was a just a but that's silly probation works yes except for this is a little scuffle wasn't worthy of that and he had passes to attacks. So our world extreme for two to four years. Well unless you look at the drug charges in the charges that he had prior that put him on probation when you look at the drug charges in gun charges. That's serious stuff you know and in the judge said he got to stay out of trouble any debt he got a scuffle so they put it to the incentives that was originally there. They they heading due you know they sent this in that. Yet she is where he has which many thought that was absolutely and rational and everybody was upset senate so so others. He finally his day in court came I guess yesterday. And the judge over ruled on that crazy for years of jail for violating probation thing. So what happens isn't ready guys so we DF that's with a guy that owns the Philadelphia 76 yeah. He like best friends so they daily managing it right there and they get on a shiny shoes helicopter. Like Arab double 07 sat out the helicopter and then they fly. To the Wells Fargo arena for game five at the NBA playoffs any brings a mock liberty bell and that freedom bell. He gets a standing ovation at this crowd is that if he wins in two hours he went from the clinker death. From wearing an orange jumpsuit. They're looking Mac daddy man ready at center court ring a bell and a playoff game now that's a move up. But I mean that's that's. Connected right now it's crazy is what it's. For him right in the forgot to change issues he still had the GO slippers only thing moments. Didn't have didn't. They didn't hit him that it brings shoes that have issues at slippers you know them. Real slippers. Chile's eight it would show was 30 yeah. Math it's a crazy story a seat everywhere it's a viewer winner Lebanon it's a rapper guy and and that's what happened arm and he got a here's what I thought as you know jail time was crazy. They guy he's still one point two million dollars worth of when he does he was sentenced that fifty years in jail. Roll over for he is. What was he gonna do with the fetus. What do you do when I want to point out six billion dollars in that he does I'm pretty sure he resold them. As his own little company that fifteen years in jail everybody saying this is absolutely outrageous. There was a bus driver who allegedly was under the influence of alcohol and was in a car accident with his bass. And he killed some of the children on board healing got twenty years that's what they compared to yesterday. He there are children that lost their lives to this guy here and he got twenty years in jail this distill some food. And he got fifteen years of prison. Now let me inform you of what goes on behind the scenes here at the PG and Jamie morning show. Couple days ago when this story first came out of the sky stealing all of these have they need us. Jamie yeah I have a big question we couldn't seem to come up with an answer either maybe you can help yourself. How do you steal one point four million dollars in theaters. Win fajitas are assembled that your table. I know wouldn't it just deep she can't like let me just say he stole a budget Jake and wouldn't be just door he does. Or piece of rags like Artie he's already get all of the problems did you will understand you put it together your table. Patty is still a plea this. Think about that they work. The poor guy who's now been sentenced to fifteen years in jail for sure he'd have fried unit of said it was selfish and started smile and then it just got bigger and bigger and bigger and that is at a good luck you know if I knew that I couldn't didn't show led Dublin is still in that made as. The GAO should just give him open he'd prefer the heat is for breakfast lunch and dinner but that whole fifty years. LTT so let's. Art confusion Wednesday at 800 pounds a heated delivery. Showed up at the juvenile center where he worked in the air light weight limit widows survey it is at this juvenile center. Because he missed that day with sickening mist is. To. Death to ensure he acts in the Alley. And I needed to. A fifty years fifty years at a preview charges seem a little I mean again this announcement outrageous blogging. Some community service tried to pay back do the crime Payne died ears. And it. I'll let here I'm so happy firmer and Utley averts what why she finally got a looker. But I'm the last guy she was dating for awhile after Adam Blake via you know Blake Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert they got divorced in the blink when out with Gwen Stefani you know and then a rare and I would have -- ugly guy you know Alec he's hue come my gets them she's got a hotline now she did come I got the good for her. His name is Evan tell Clark felt her food well corruption good we don't know who we haven't younger. He she needs a name. Lay's part of the turnpike should doors. I don't know the heard quite a True Blue doors I guess he. They opened up for a couple of time. You know the way she's gonna give back at Blakey she needs Brad Pitt. Yes and that's what she need him she needs a bread there Adam Levine somebody at a bed be great because they're on the same TV show how much would it deadly -- I am not only the super no she EE is not a decision. That's where she needs to go not some troubadour. That's not gonna work doesn't turn I troubadour who. That does it late Blake jealous solved you wanna make me jealous that you're jealous because it's Quinn's stealth Bonnie you get it. But his view. Anyway but here's the controversy so I yeah this he's an opening up a few times former ended during her tour last year but he's been Mary. Did. The entire time. So she ran there's some. She's the parent some rumors. To say but it's his why did filed floored him over Boris that the beginning of march and want to get caught up. Veranda. Home record. Say there's little controversy and it's not. So never mind I tilted my son's school ever Rezko crazy and then found. The the world has been in some had predicted I didn't really know Macinnis and now I just don't I said listen don't worry about it because. We every month and it seems like there's a world an in thing. Well it was the Christian meteorologists name was David Meade he'd predicted April 23 was the big. But here Rea. Are they is 25. Ideally we went past it a day but he said no no no no no no no no you guys are wrong I said of next year at a a oh. Oh are. Well all the IRL twenty million snow and he's going to get back he said no you guys missed printed it I shed 2090 Coca itself. We have done quite differently in other years when these guys these days somebody's union right guys they are going to be right out of their meal the exact date. Not gonna happen. This weird story Allison Mack of Smallville gets a five million dollar bail who confinement. And so she's an actress that's involved in that really weird. Sex cult thing she eats mainly dubbed should really good run as an actress. She blew it and pleaded not guilty on Friday to recruiting women to join a secret organization called Nixie him. That prosecutors say treated them as slaves providing. Sex and financial services for the group's leaders. She will be confined to her parents some in California right there is lake. Yep Staley parents. Yeah but. Here's a woman that's a part of a coal it's. Trafficking. Underage. Kids basically you know they even went after Kelly Clarkson. Yeah I saw this yesterday she reached out to Kelly Clarkson instead there's just very powerful women's am's group that I'm apart Evan I think he should be part of it. She tried to recruit her yes you device of their trafficking young kids. And she gets to go longer parents and a port got its steals thing he does gets fifty years. He's. Seen the injustice here. This all but accused of trafficking girls brew this cult where they she. The poor guy with a pre heat just you know I should start doing a segment on the show where we start reading our own text he gets. Because people are all over the place on her text NATO and I love oh. I did that tour and I is attracted them all come on you're better than that. You guys are so stupid they have pre made but even mixes. It was a joke. How do you still think he has the assembled a that the canes but that's a joke well look it up without. He for an answer and it could you don't have the tech is that true answer we don't need it. It's it's play along and you go hunt. Net you've got to embarrass me with your football knowledge of the draft is Thursday through Sunday. And gray parrot next. It's male Jamie got that's not that's makes valid. The Meeks militant. I is that the show needs a personal assistant what knowledge it should be made. We have shown. Up at. The anyway if its good name I liked the way he spelled dandruff on this audio video and your. Buddies told dandruff died. DA and the DR IF else. Dan drift down. It's true. I think he's crossed the not definitely it's as dangerous yeah there appeared a light day injury. Within groups that I'd go to that guy. It does the news out if I get dangerous. That was brought an idea but I and it and I find it. I don't know. I know I only know that I. Have fun with it that's the point here yet just let yourself you know to be like Pena. Yeah you know jackal it's time of night I see it was followed up on your side. Hey they they list and I truly did not know how you steal those cleavage and settled. All about the outlook on top of the day and drift. I thought here's the audio clip it's embarrassing our yeah at the United States of America. Just how light up the D'Andrea of the French president. It's a great honor predominant view but we do have a very special. Relationship in fact I'll get back. They compared his perfect. T I find it funny. I'd like. He is so Joseph points toward the end of that makes people feel yucky and dirty really again at the end of is not pretty. No matter how do you spell and now but the Patrick apple cup. And I and it's in the that the that the I could be added that I thought I got an inch are important. I.