BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730 5/16

Wednesday, May 16th

The Queen is not happy about the Royal wedding issues with Meghan’s family – Piers Morgan interviewed Meghan’s sister and accused her of being a Vulture and trying to make money off her. -  a woman is upset with Oreo’ saying their Cherry Coke Oreo’s flavor was her idea and she is made – Son of Hugh Heffner says his dad would be proud to have a transgender on the cover – Nikki Bella says she was lonely when she was with John Cena – Khloe says she is staying with Tristan because that is where her heart is.


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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. It's royal wedding countdown time and happened Saturday morning a lot of people forget about 4:30 in the morning including Vijay Ayers PSC the royal wedding even more so now that all this chaos is going on I got to see what happens whose little walker deadly is he going to be mob. Will the dad be there are well the dad not being there we're talking about Thomas Merkel now it is said he is having surgery to Kurdistan and clears some blockage. And at 7:30 this morning on moon. LA time. Anyway he Agassi had a heart attack a week ago start having chest pains. And apparently the urge tag and didn't significant DMX. Mega marbles were about as tells the then. There isn't another weird side friends and that is they're saying that he never had a ticket yet. Makes no sense says that the darker the wedding Saturday in the video that you and I just watched it was probably mean 45 days ago not much at all right. But he's got to figure royal wedding you know all the writing to goes into it this guy would have had a ticket if he's got a walker deadly he should have a ticket two or three months ago. And be measured for a suit everything it. I bet they don't rent there have that the acts I and the sound of a and that that the next don't read don't go to don't you know kids now think that most of them they've actually album. Trying to yes but that's bizarre incident we just heard the sister talking. In this interview that she did in and nobody has told them he and his mind is thinking OK at the last minute I guess you're gonna swing in here with. Prince Harry is private jet that's there they're gonna throw a suit oddly I don't know what's gonna happen he was in the darkened city. Yeah IAA did have an itinerary or anything so. Maybe they weren't planning on him coming anyway I don't know did the story gets more and more. Not. Very I did see an article this morning where the queen herself. Said that with this wedding a lot of balls have been dropped in she's not happy about it. Really yes. She says the royal palace has led her down. Ollie says that on the special audio that John asked I don't know me secret audio about her saying the balls being drops a shiny and a secret audio and cleaned. That. Don't know that. You can see an American girl and fattening than a couple. Stunned for a based geo they did you idea and I. I'm not bright idea now is not I have seen in audio anyway or not. Exclusive probably or I think it could. If there's Barton yeah I'm unclear what can did you dig a good show today. Yeah and anyway so we don't know maybe he was never planning on going the singing the Prince Charles the Prince William will walk down the aisle there was some rumors at the mom would lock down that they're saying because of the to caller. The royal wedding they would prefer Amanda Walker down. Says it's more. But a woman has said it before and where was that. I don't know it was so several years ago they got married didn't. The royal palace but they say a woman has done it before mom I think it because he DC Prince Charles walker down. Meat tuna and I don't think he go Prince Charles roll Camellia thing and in the end Ursa Camilla the end it the way he treated princes got a chance of interest. It didn't keep hands off her react Charles. And fry it conquers. And a national trustees. But I will say look I'm not the biggest. Piers Morgan fan but I do love how piers Morgan writ petition read in shreds. The half sister Megan Markel here's dissent sneak peak. They get media balsa wood this wedding then end his head in his Marco. Do you have serving goal on the job on it until about media vultures you just. You're doing a book I told the Dario pretty set but she says that you be trashing a bit sick and killed while jet. It's. Humid chance here for years. You will bolster our. Yeah well. Here's. So that's a half sister runway in case you don't know about that sister and meg Merkel have sister. She. Got along time ago said that meg and when Megan made on that TV show she said she's in narcissus is. She's a self involved and that she changed her name into way to Markel. The half sister did that is it funny she's now Markel again. Sticker name back I do the same thing. Do the same things. And her sister her half sister. It's about to marry into the royal family. Yeah I think I would do. All that and as you can tell it would just what's his other interview that we don't I didn't fully audio from it. But you can tell them that the dad and we've seen the pictures the dead doesn't have a lot of money I don't think the Mamas a lot of money she psyche aid charity workers something in Los Angeles. In the sister she doesn't look like she probably has this they see jackpot a year. The lotteries hit. They really feel that way I think it not think that they're just tried to say aren't had a week low piece reaction. I'm do you have the other Pierce's I am Morgan. Is not as good as that one but it's. Well I think the problem here is just trying to get to the truth would hold this is very difficult is an ally. I do I'm afraid take exception. To use just I I everything on the media we seem to me that make installed a you'll father. Has badly let down by doing a deal with the paparazzi knowing. Noting that both she and Prince Harry would be horrified if they found that out. King sits there Arafat. It's until I don't care. And with a harshly and I think that you don't care if you were fighters suns look here's the deal she. From what we're here she is not really been planned on him being this is a far. She's done it looks like nothing need that guy has not itinerary as we said he has no plane ticket and now he's in a pro heart surgery. And then I didn't say yesterday she was devastated is not coming all stories this many different news outlets and some different things because yesterday she was absolutely devastated by the Cummings a new and even if the half sister. Through our from what I understand he hasn't seen her long time. So it's not like they're really really got a line is we don't know. That's the bottom line items now that's what we have to watch it on Saturday morning that what if dad can swing get it out a bar like it's hard. I. But we don't know what's gonna happen that's why don't watch this circus like nitric it. I found you what I'm gonna watch and that I think you'd be pretty darn good. Michael Jordan has given both his blessing and is full participation for a ten part documentary series about his life it's called the last dance. It I is ten episodes and it will explore Jordan's career and his legacy mostly on them during the time that the that the Chicago Bulls. From 1997 to 98 there's a bunch unseen footage 500 things that we haven't seen yet again it's a blast dance and be coming to Netflix. In 2019. Have a good. Can't. No I won't watch I I will watch. If they they have that thing where around you know it ESP and those that think 03030 from where they profile all these athletes are behind the scenes stuff. I don't know I like fortune played Michael Jordan was the best by far I like to watch him play Aaron. Out here at the legislative. There's a good time here in college grad so that is really. Really mad at the glorious people. Orioles BS evening cookie yea that's a cook your good Peoria rally where she met. And I don't ever named him I'd love to talk to her back and she's here from Colorado and knack. She says that they had a contest to you know make my cooking creation moon it was last may a year ago I remember and she wrote in the flavor Cherie call. She's like I think you guys should be cherry cola Oreo as well they acknowledged her. Her requests in listener a little package like none of the good I would like at Bob Obama. Well but they said she didn't win guess what they come out with just now. Gary Cole yeah. It was a good depth was a good that's the good guess. That is exactly right my friend to cherry cola flavor Horry and so. She said it was her idea she came up with the idea why didn't she win and that's the named creator of Oreo is the company is saying no sorry we already had cherry cola Oreo is in the works. Before your suggestions. Yeah him and it kind. Sorry. It's our you know they could say that about me saying you know they can say hey we're gonna do contests and steal the idea didn't know where he had that would not work out a. You know you gotta do better net because I won in relays when they had an easy thing online and they came out. I. We've gotten no credit now. Great way to steal ideas so run a contest and a. Analyst in London cheese flavored and then nothing much. Anyway and you have signed says that gem featuring the first transgender playmate on the cover wouldn't make a little late Playboy tycoon she Bradley what is basically saying his. I put the first transgender playmate on the cover and my would be. Me it's a decent but nobody else cares. Nobody cares if he'd never held an academy doesn't matter to me here's Jim leaner and aren't that nobody cares about the cover yeah at all. Cooper Hefner. He rents in that magazine now and says his dad who died at the age of 91 last year would be super brat by the way the model is Inez -- Luke. And it is the first transgender playmate to featured featured on the front cover. I've seen a playmate and Playboy magazine and a hundred years neither and Nikki Bala. You know that sort of balance that TV show of the marching for like three and choose my feel like you know on the oil yet. Anyway she was on episode recently and this might be part of the problem about her and John team. I'm alone a lot and I'm alone in these big beautiful homes witness your way. I've seen these homes are thrilled to be honest it's been since we've got engaged John and I probably shared our bed together and maybe thirty days total world and makes it like to sink in a little bit more at how well yeah it will be and how healthy kids. She's grown she's too much only. She's not herself because you know they got a couple movie roles and so now he's never around what can she go on the road with. Does this isn't like the ones are around the end yeah he's like pretty make him. Ms. get a job got a jabs you're asking her hold you back. We will feel bad job like that goal street c'mon you beat you up. I think USB like I am I'm John Sina on set and I don't need an image ignited spotlight yet. Shia and seen. Click our dash in oh my god thank god I'm so happy and we're so happy is my final story I'm not happy about that I'm happy that. She does a tourist dead. Yeah. I'm so happy you know what are you happy well little. Love I don't overcome anything even five hookers you couldn't really love kitten and a lot of. And that is great you know what that's a poster thank you. Love can even men die hard it was five look at woodlands of poster. Often but I got to work all apparently word got. Kim and me and this. Even though hooker scandal with a hooker scandal and hookers. At. Love can men a hooker scandal because I need to make that into poster because that is beautiful and likely have inspirational quotes and blocks as a friendly agreement put it all in all love it. Everybody to come density is it. Can and even a hooker scandal got. The it's gonna click Kardashian is staying the test and Thomson Adam. Because Lankan even. Mend a hooker scandal and that in its. By the league when you tweet sent to her will I looked okay and our new poster that sort of thing. An inch two grams story she said you know it's all about you look for in a crowded room. My eyes always look for him wherever I am highs of trying to find him he plays a Jersey yeah. He's not in the road are regarded share in the looker. She said that's when you know what love is and where your heart block this is it's a compartment crowded room. Unfortunately. I feel like he's looking for hookers and that grounder and not you clearly that whoever yeah. When granted that big buddy you're really stands out the crowded room okay that's bar area around you because they're making get closer and there is somewhat isolated yeah that now he can easily find Juba for some reason he grabbed a locker room upstairs. Somebody said you just created DJ Harris and the way we have a live text Nino in studio five and a front nine BJ Harris you just created the most beautiful homer cart. It. Well I think credit like that Oreo lady I hope I get credit for just. Love and lab containment even a hooker scandal. It. Bumper stickers buttons I've seen all we haven't hit that. In. More on Alex. I.