BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730 5/23

Wednesday, May 23rd

Capri son straw wrappers and making moms crazy – The Voice finally last night and team Kelly won – Danica Patrick is dating Aaron Rogers and he makes her Giddy -  Sean Penn saw a preview of the new film A Star Is Born and he liked it. – Meghan Markle is now wearing pantyhose, Meghan and Harry are going to go see her dad in Mexico  -   The NFL is thinking about a new policy on the National Anthem but we don’t like them.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. In. I have hit. And marriage current with every mom on the planet in. About the caprice and straw wrapper. That caprice and straw wrapper. That. It does to me one thing what's wrong. By some caprice doc everybody's drinking it all I got it for years image I had an idiot on that stock. Somebody agreed with me sit at this thing is as. I may say I can't stand there when I was little and just like leave a caprice and straw wrapper on the on the tape I couldn't do that because I have guilt. And then everybody's saying it shouldn't kid guilt. I actually did this is that. Couldn't figure out okay and what I have which looks muck and wood floors stick. To put in the heel is that. Pick up my right. Yeah it's a Capri suns rapper stepped to the bottom of my foot announcement. Didn't really -- pre rapper is stuck to the bottom of your shall rapper what do you do at that point. When I hop over to myself yeah. How and one should leave that one rightly know what you wanna leave it on the how well they got from point and yet I. Was sitting kick ball. And had over his face. Any peels off the bottom of my foot enclosed C. Realize it until he said. Who see seem not to I'm sorry no law yeah happening at a I know the desperate problem. It's just groups who eighty. They keep my towel. Hulu can. And sense of compressed mommy hop on the way over here. Paul see you want to show the state your nose and at least thirty. I don't think so that is all that but yeah I wouldn't go twelve that Tarek outlasted laughed really hard to know it was an impression that I'm not that far. I mean I should the whole house you don't move don't. With a detonate a dramatic night. But it could resent that straw wrapper is the devil and Sammy just taught me this and I'm gonna try it with my kid so they taught their kids to pop the straw. Out of the plastic club plastic still stuck to the caprice and yeah that's. This damn plastic thing is still stuck there what about the straw others does that become a problem. She doesn't match is that the rappers rap product yet it's like draw. Because as trustees of the container you rightly throws that away guys inside don't think it's free it's like. It's a get out of jail like this doesn't really count because she threw trash right. I don't know what this. I had no idea I don't know but it pre world. No you don't but you will. Maybe. So they said they have brown with cheese steak rappers. She's or should I think you can get so my gag it yeah. I didn't bath I should start a blog called caprice and straw rappers. It's a little wording seems like you would take off notes hit it right everybody is ready about. Let's hear the passions have fired back a black China saying they are legally allowed to call her all sorts of names about getting sued for defamation. However a judge says but China has at some point and so she can move ahead with her lawsuit she is suing the guard actions for defamation. And depressions and going whatever he wants and he or whatever is at. And them but the judge is now saying I don't know what that back. Bone of all yet this guy at least some stuff that were Nazi. Because for a judge who ruled that he can move forward because everything I've seen especially with this revelation of exactly what she was Colby Biscayne and I'm a big scam bigs gang and something else a top ranking dumb ass. Yes I operate as a matter of opinion. To consume for that but must be something else but just so. Yes something and those paper Gary I gotta be. Because he said that she can move forward to some interest in the voices on last night oh and I'm supposed to say what's happening spoiler alerts. All there are alert yeah I don't think you're spoiling it for anyone's. Bring the car Kelly brown nineteen Kelly she wins the boys shared this hour. Now you watched the show how did she sound she's awesome. Issue yes is really. If we are really good show we have some idea of nursing and guys like you know which is something else you know what I call an election we can have everything. And it just seems to want we can do that part will break him right here. Which sounds more can I do watch the show but she's hood. Ambushed a getting text about these caprice and rapper yeah. Some said you were saying that I just opened my purse and guess what's in my purse a Capri suns star rapper. Couch cushions they love them to stick to my anonymity gas could sue caprice does then. About a lawsuit here class action and stalling can Sean is finding the audio Beaulieu yes I was stalling. Just curious yeah don't have funded you know there is your name. This is her singing with Kelly Clarkson that part scale Clinton okay. That's very talented. Yeah. I can tell whose move then he's really done it we thought yeah. All caught in that. Achilles really good. Yeah this. Retired. Yeah. They're she's a winner. I blame them idol growing her dad yeah yeah thoughts and yeah. Drink. You know she has to get up and Aaron Rodgers did you know what I did yeah so they faster on a radio show how she met Aaron Rodgers. We managed to ask these back in 2012 as quick but I got his email address and I remember thinking to myself back then like alone. On the down like not a phone number just an email address you know it wasn't until obviously recently that we actually had phone numbers. No. Now that's interesting because she was dating other race car driver for a long time. So she shot Aaron Rodgers at the SP 2012 Russian dating that at the race car driver of the army went. And he's nineteen shabby. Right that is and and then so that tells me she flirted with them all of LA getting injured didn't do it. Or email when she's not with him anymore right. Aaron Rodgers. She's still curious yeah if I didn't know that there had been awhile. Yeah in fact she says he makes her feel giddy listen to this. Isn't crazy how you get older and you're like I feel like a child right now like he can't like it's like this child like excitement in like giggling and you're like oh my gosh that John your girlfriend like look to spend it you know. Look and injuring. Door volleys she's so. She. Usually. And let's hear a Sean bit and Sean Penn talking about the stars board if you producer auditors and I have no idea irony of that. But John did and just said he saw it the movie star is born with Lady Gaga and here's what he's. There's a movie coming amateur is coming up that Bradley Cooper directed which is what would be called a remake of the stars wore. Was he in late Lady Gaga story and it it's. We'll have the best movies I've seen in I don't know how many here and it it's not be area and typically. You know jumping you're going to see him when you just love story. But I got so excited and so because yes things brilliant. Both they are astonishing and certainly. He was impressed. Yeah that would have to do that twenty sit. What's she up to. And they did just honest Izzy didn't like the movie does. What he's doing he's going to the movies a lot and its fiscal and then. Which Wednesday Siskel or Ebert. In Britain. As a basis we'll Google I think the vote today. Here is to be a lot of question yeah yeah I was you know let him yet via I don't know what John into two I don't know about those reviews guys collide who's been I don't know any of that okay. I don't even know Danica is still a lot of dating Aaron Rodgers islets in a lot of people are mad at me for just tell me when the voice I guess a lot of people work nights. In they have it then they were gonna watch it today and so those are our brand wins. To it again and wasn't already out there just could save me some time. Markel okay. And Marcos where are beginning I was now. You know everybody that she wouldn't follow the queen the queen is demanding that Al royalty don't compared to you know barenaked leg out there kind. And now Megan Markel what she did during the announcement of being gauged it. She blocked out without paying any helps I don't know an event like. General Haig. So then. I guess the queen color is it. But these are actually have the audio of what the queen's has yet to. It's a hidden audio wet wet the clean and well. Can you don't have to cover up beyond. Minute ticket put the parenting moos. Hague court they don't they didn't I didn't own means. That could be at their pencils creepy and gets worse but. It just doesn't feel. Hot hot hot. It was felt that for awhile. Yes fifty you don't think they she threw her a pair of her own. I'd say the quality was you know like it xxx cells yeah I should probably sit here with these until we can find your side maybe she did so they probably little baggy per start yeah. Yes so she thought that prompts are oh what's his name you know. The creepy guy what's his name's Charles state Q how good I know creepy. So sure that his birthday party and she work Haney knows their eyes like of slam you know well so she got to talking to. So nice when he goes back burner and Prince Harry are gonna go visit her father and Mexico poke good for them now you are talking about there's some controversy about if he had surgery or not. Yeah the controversy this morning is so. Cordoba dad because dad was supposed to be in Los Angeles and to watch the royal wedding and because he had surgery in that stents or something of that nature put end. And but yet they've tracked down the RV and the every NB. That he stayed at was actually in Mexico so he really wasn't in the United States so. They're now saying that the surgery would take place was their heart condition. Is that why he didn't go to the wedding or loses something. And so I guess it's big conspiracy that I really don't care who win or not is. And then finally let's talk about this and I think it's something that's kinda crazy I don't I don't know what I think that this so I ask you what you've what's that. The NFL is considering several options depicts a National Anthem policy. Including. It via the home team on whether both teens come out for the locker room for the anthem and should teams come out a fifteen yard penalty could be assessed for kneeling it'll never fly is crazy attempting that that's freedom of speech. Not only that it's not impart the gate. It's not a part of the aimed at cause a penalty penalty has been infraction at the during the game. I agree with the been active flag that's where he's gonna do okay here's where the fifteen yard penalty would have to go right on the tip off. Presidential hasn't happened before the kick hoping that happens so that would mean that teams would basically say okay give us fifteen yard bill we're gonna Neil and that would that's where would go the digital duke nationalism anywhere else in the game. To start the game with a fifteen yard penalty on the kickoff. That's down. I don't think you can do she you're supposed to be the NFL. Or Roger Goodell. Excuse me and these other high officials supposed to be very very Smart about the game and this is what you propose. Does Donald like that principle and some town I don't know that was it like we're gonna have all the kids carry rocks in the about that. If there's ever an active situation they can throw rocks and a yeah. Who comes up with how to get it comes up at least the but I do and they and it felt it never gonna let his flock astray you know. Mostly this is like fake news. You do it it like. She's so nice I trending yesterday I just say it is I told you dumb but it. It almost has to be something that never was so considered in the meetings in somebody just leak that out there. Fifteen yard penalty to be assessed for kneeling so what is you are what do you think that they did. I think to see in the locker room I like that until it's only added yeah just everybody stayed in the locker room until after the National Anthem if we all can get along. To stay in the locker room they'll do the National Anthem and didn't you guys come out on the field. And we knew what you do yeah they don't even have to I don't have a I have to put the nationally the Montel they should do you have to air that part. Right and the controversy go away. I like it actually sing and they usually isn't that good news of some of the flyover but the only do it for playoffs end for this Super Bowl. The most part. A lot of games C you don't even see the N National Anthem. Let it shuns job managed his game. Let's take away is gig well he doesn't want people kneel in releasing him well I know they also doesn't take enough television in case the house. Do you think they'll ever call. Enough. The NFL the prompt us we'll call him well they're never. Gamba I don't think the Broncos will. And that Rockies. But I think he Broncos a little bit more snooty. More selective. You gotta have big name the nations are and should know you know. So I actually that's Saturday and Brad and volume but they. Sunday meets Lou I believe now how to we did it had a we get your name in the hopper. Let's see one here I submitted. The request on their website I believe they have would you like to see me and them send us audio piece that I did in that never heard back. We should deal and using in the piece and then look at that and from visa and gotten weird like reverb thingy you know what's it called. Whenever auto tune to him. I'm anthem he saw I can't be a part of that didn't. I won't. One whose job. I I don't think that's my chance at all I think that that would be a disrespectful towards anthem Arnold taught your hard core dad would be on traditional and that traditionalists he had I'm not gonna I would name you wouldn't even need to go any of that fake crab net. It happened it. You know I've thought about changing up a little day go to both say and you see you downs and so rapidly pay the crowd lastly it seems like this I also felt like that was disrespectful so light. To stick with the traditional it's a hurricane because they didn't call you back and went out of d.s of the different for the call back. I don't think that's and I think it just that traditionally donated helium. He might be saying that it was my shaft on a blue moon and sing the National Anthem yes that that'll do I would hope that people that I. On this yeah I like get to sit and do it definitely still do it trek traditionally. Despite like. Like Alvin that it was so great and Smart Alia I carried out. Actually a good luck when that speech in anymore. Alex I.