BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th

People are worried about Arianna Grande, she was in a relationship with a guy they broke up and now a couple weeks later she is engaged to a guy on SNL – The guy still has fresh tattoos of his ex on him, but getting it covered with Arianna tattoos. -  Connor McGregor will be charged with assault for attacking a rivals bus – the FBI agent who shot a guy in a bar has turned himself in to police – Kim K wants Twitter to add an edit button.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on analysts 1059. And. Oh yeah oh my oh why it is a beauty full day in column. It's gonna get hot though. 95 steamy. All that's what he said this morning beginning at Trenton the wet blink well I'm not trying to I'm trying to be just aren't into the old business I was just it's. And get a state and I. This after eight. Last. Just did. And since. We need some rain buddy we need to rehab we byers I see maybe some rain by the weekend. I can barely even see downtown I bled top Padilla on the eleventh floor here is. It smokey yeah I guess a couple more fires kind of. I got out of control yesterday that one that's near Steamboat Springs. It really flared up yesterday and then another. I'm not future with the other and keep up with it. Yesterday I had tweeted about it and them and I mean it literally came down silver thorn they were like now. Let's take you get out now Britain have been sure what the air it's a resort you know they were literally tell people you've got to go right now. And they did and we'll come get your animal story we need the more Easter yeah it's really crazy. It's over the is like right there without them all everyday and see if we hear it's crazy. Right and so yeah be great for some are not gay people are really worried about Arianna kinda open for. So. Here's basically what she does so she's one of those people you we all know this type of person. They go from relationship to relationship to relationship and they fall in love immediately. It didn't shoot jump from some laws similar dude I mean it very quickly if she hit him for awhile did you write and and her her new fiance same thing and so. Those relationships are always scary to a lot of us when you see some like wait you just said how much he loved. You know Tom over here you like love him and with this quit and got them. You just jump in he's a jumper they said that she just isn't cleaner like she's like oh my love video. And it's with Pete Davidson he's on the cast him as snell if you don't know we as he is a pasty. White guy has over by eight to black hair super skinny yes super skinny super and it is his dark circles under his eyes yeah. So. But as she saw him and she got a big engagement ring from them Pete Davidson cost nearly a 100000. Dollars a nice ring suffused. Yep it cost them a 100000 she could afford it though he's a star on Saturday Night Live it's a pear shaped diamond and it sand surrounded by an halo smaller diamonds blah blah blah. They have been dating for just a few weeks to. I could never get engaged to a woman it's popular. Because they're green caution so Obama gets doesn't show people it's a bit embarrassed yeah you know you can't you know IKEA like it go out proposed concurrent ash in race Everett. 2000 dollar aid and sipped a can are calling on. He has club. And can I don't see head pro am so you can really avenue and a M and amp you can go without a list. Am talking about something that goes from person to person to person to person is he Davidson all as a person a person. He had been dating somebody for two years and then also and they broke up in May and now he's in Asia are at a Friday and hats to cover up. Dad's in all knowledge the only tell me he got her name and her face to her face with. People face. To have to cover that up it's a picture of and her name is Cassie and a cat he was on his forearm call I don't. You put that eyebrows in those classes and that big nose she just put Dan on on an unarmed guy you have that pain again. It says. He just got to new in kings mountain tattoos. To celebrate his love for Ari and I go on day. I'll bet you there are tons of people that listening to us right now that have something on them at two. That they really regret in its annex I guarantee. Sure didn't do critics now. I do have several exits but no expected to follow. That story of all I think he did die a horrible tattoo. Not all that's an act that's right that's right. The worst story of all is my friend Heidi who is married and Neil of Motley crew right. So she got a little scholars found face on her honor thy know it right here on what does that let. So Schuyler was on Heidi staff. Skyler is a baby that died and then snails and little girl died okay so Heidi got Skyler well wouldn't I am dense and Heidi broke up. Heidi would let her hair and her legs screwing and so Skyler would have a beard. Wow. So we're Storey block. Not. Well it. That that's the worst oil that. Oddly it wears an addict. That's not even hitting I am just telling the truth it's just. Rule under Claudette. Still standing have a little beard said enough so that I don't really my friend is not. On nephews and NCA around attack yes I yes I. Hey snap out of it out of here John it's not this is why not a story should have been an. It doesn't our body. I don't and it's a child practice that he got attacked two news. In person face to reverse that there's a reason but everything you do that and I'm not I. And I thought. I honestly thought that Vince Neal was the problem. But what happened. Not anymore and that might be Heidi yeah who died he was the problem but yeah she'd gee let's drinker and I feel I have is it like. I heard. Him. We have fun back in the day. I guess so he's gonna cover up that to add to its again these days on the inside of his right forearm and then he is solid block attaches over. Her face so it's just blocks now. It's about that excellent idea of a nice idea really as you saw the picture. I haven't seen yet the idea is that bad it's with. Gregor charged with three counts of assault remember when he went into that USC. I don't know garage and he threw that chair in Bosnia crazy. Well that is a charged with three counts of an assault and one of criminal. Mixed takes a long. There's charge somebody that makes the most sense to me because this happened weeks ago and now he's just getting charged it's our video. Eight roses. What was the last her Jonathan was no matter throughout the widow and it's the same thing would this FBI agent that turned himself it. Same thing that we have video of the guy due to back. For blood gut goes all shoot somebody. In this guy basically goes missing for about two weeks turns himself in yesterday. Yeah I saw that and. It do you go missing for two weeks yet again as Jackson around. Yeah. If you and I without to a Barbie go and party gut that the. And and then you know they didn't think it was going to be charged. Up and somebody did I don't care if it's an accident. This guy is all record up doing back flips with a good. It's just not good if not connect yes. What's happened that didn't. The FBI. Well it's probably just some type of a negligent negligent side as a target money yeah but I think what he's gonna get sued the FBI's sued what that's abundantly got the stuff. Yeah I differing gays are now franks and go after them. That's an easy to frank now. Experience that Padre oh yeah essentially give hobby that daisy deal he's due to sect. The age it was dancing did a flip when his gun fell out of his waist band when he picked up the gun fired in the bullet hit another man right below his left knee. The victim got up and walked a few feet away passing out. Because he lost so much black. And it soaks through several towels blankets and gauze before he got to the hospital the victim said he doesn't want to ruin the agent's life but he just like step have a private phone call with him. This is where Frankie he's our needs to step in OK the guy needs to shut up now. Okay your cussing yourself some money now you're you're telling the guy that you not angry I only wanna talk to you this can all go away. Well let frank take over. As strong. As well yeah you know you shouldn't be talking the press and its money on. The another little lawyer have you seen of little lawyer has a black hair and he's got a mustache. They see that I'm not move those stood out Millie now. He brought them I just I kept them up and I'll. He must not an ugly story again and that's why he left as an act and I just got to. To me Allen. No movement OK I. Can cart cashing in is tournaments twittered ad ad but what does that mean you know. None. Neither it's as I had a very good conversation with Jack this weekend that companies for a day and I think he really hurt me about the edit button on Twitter. Again if you hit oh and you sanding it and hit it in. Can't take about a you can delete which can't edit. I got to have you misspelled something and people are raggedy the threat of big dummy yeah that that makes him he could go back and fix and what he came with FaceBook. Jack Jack and if people are happy with FaceBook to FaceBook launch something yesterday. I don't know I just I having memories over faced him while they launched a memory sting yesterday. And I guess is rehashing some memories that most people don't lunacy. I would. Keep. Well what based. FaceBook and they don't ask you what memories that you want you know big east that there's no button that you can screen so that when it files throw it open the ones that you've okay. They fight like x.s and things that you did in the past probably should oppose it. And eight they throw those memories. But he did that night. You were downtown to garner a period of it. Like. I was then boom it's. There. Impressive. The but I can do and is in my soaker. Rallies of Eden but. I think I am done up like and they go tablets next. 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