BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 6/19

Tuesday, June 19th

–   Jamie found a blow up covers to protect your car from hail or use a blow up kids pool because hail will fall again tonight and it could be bad.  T.V. show Proposal – Rob Kardashian banned from social media and  he pays Blac Chyna $20,000 a month in Child support -  The Bachelorette has a guy who thinks the earth is flat – MTV Movie and T.V. award the Kardashians won – Heather Locklear in custody for threatening to shoot herself – still lots of drama between Heathers and Tommy Lee’s son  -  Final Clips of Anthony Bourdain have been released and he looked bad – Loot boxes are teaching kids to gamble and parents are not ok with it.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash and analysts 1059. And. This this this is going to be our objective of putting me. And I owe you an apology. Be mean. Mean I don't know why. And remember you when you said that funny thing about how he went to take the unicorn now blow up banks yep putted on your car exactly. And they are now showing tons and tons of pictures on all the news outlets on Twitter and now that's. I'm people who protect every single blow what joy I was single I. On top of that car. He that was a brilliant idea and let's not get the blue corn that we use are blocked it right pride access. Now this thing is huge I mean this thing is probably have a say in more than itself and its base is. It's it's a kids' school might yeah it's a giant unicorn and this thing's probably. Fifteen people walked by I her share they would easily fit overdue could put it over. Up truck and you wanted to he take it being open upside down home run over top and I think would help them heal damage I'm. Trying to get it to share I have a hard time seeing Twitter because it won't share on our originally share my upper your age but at this one guy it's hilarious he has like the blood duck he has beach all of these duct tape to lift up our cats he's got everything and then lose they'll and then they go down the street where episode there's one guy ES. Literally taken duck tape and a blown up beach golf. And take him all over hysterical right and a lot of work and it worked then they go the next how she didn't do that and all the windows busted out. It's worth it we got earlier this city 126000. Dollar vehicle completely destroyed I mean he lost everything that car. It would be completely worth it. Just what every you can find it's a blow Bremen house air mattresses. Take that take an old let's say you got eighty you don't like that though the new standard air mattress like queen size a NASA on there that would be also I had on there tied to the root for your car. And you're gonna wanna do that tonight she does the Denver Post and a YE a month order with him that they just said. This afternoon in the seeming we're gonna get it. Hail rain thunderstorms and it could produce torn. Yeah. A coordinator on the way man fled when the weather could be yes colonies they can go look it right and you know does it looks unless. It was my mom's favorite words love the amount really again I like that word to you do not know. And get ready it's coming again and then and don't forget to tell my may have friends agreeing gable roof and hasn't given a free Ashton and their amazing I love them and people are talking about how you if you rose's. To get up there and check it out or indulgent towards they have bladder. First I hope it doesn't my neighborhood to doing in Canada I hope it doesn't own I don't want to deal with the I mean I kinda like to see the old. But I don't wanna I don't wanna deal with I don't like you to have three car that I know. I doubt if I got trees though I've got trees it to protect the new unique blow up two weeks I've got a few though. It. I a couple of things that led get to personal let's talk about the television disaster am. Called the proposal it debuted last night on ABC it was. It was the dumbest show ever we've been told I did not see it but basically what happens is a man is behind a screen and he can see the women that the women can't see him. We're told last night he only had one leg when lately is when my domain merit is everybody needs a wife must tertiary you know. Cell. So then they came out bathing suits he looked at but I believe in this. This age of everything that's me too and all that stuff that we're doing this. Well no if you think he not bathing suits any like analyzed them all I didn't see yet Miss America yeah rid of that that seems Lula sexist doesn't. It does stick with that theme though maybe next week one armed guy I know I guess it didn't now and where girls can choose a guy tipped. Also call girl that's one armed that's an IBM did they go that route via. I don't know if there are many men one a one armed woman. Went on. Wasn't only. In no. High demand and yes you know and and in that one thing you know and then I. Yeah so it's called the proposal they are viewed people's it it was the worst television show on the planet. You know we'll see if this thing last just might not relevant ligament or not. Rob Kardashian now this is brilliant I'm glad trying to start a piece of here's what happened what happened was the judge said. Hey rob Kardashians and she put on crap out there on and the Internet remember about black tie a bright he is banned. From saying or doing anything bad to black China on the Internet. OK so you know she's doing what she's doing she's broken by her. She spoke in the bank she's posting stuff about him yeah she's not banned right and that Whitman and thoughts about the person I know. The reason he did it was because she was sending him. Videos of her with two men in bed. Didn't that that was his wallet rented any postage and revenge foreign remember started posting some of the stuff just did you know because he was so way. Right that he start sharing it he she descended to him the Denise are sharing it and so anyway the judge said. You can't say or do anything since she's tax. So on Father's Day she wrote this really Robin no child support. Now I'm racing no he does pay stubs for on time and everything but she's just trying to get him to react so she can thrown in jail. All access scrap it shows march. I don't shows and through and feel I like rob bishop is lost the bug to me yeah he has had the upper orbit how do. Threat unless MS gets lost a lot could tell he's getting ready to date again. Is that what it is drop and wait for them to hurt. Yes so he pays her 20000 dollars a month in child support they say he's never been behind in child support he pays the 20000 dollars a month the obviously as a with that family. And he's never missed a visitation but she just can't stand it because he's been dead silent because he can't say anything and now she's just turf turf turf turf for. That's a weird situation though. They've got a little baby is a dream it is dream they get to will they be dreaming you gotta figure that you know that brought can afford 20000 dollars what rob do it the US so the sisters are probably footed the bill for him. Yeah. Enter. Those socks from sucked in and you know. Not that closed the day. I'm not sure I think he's out of sock business I thought he's got a hole where healthful fraud you know. How web site I think he'd asked you still get the MA rod sox' big speech instead gets them and a giant join you'll look into the now looking into it right now are at. My computer frozen is now I can't see what you're looking I know it's just. Not connected. It kinda. Art show we got to fix that can we have. And he can think back. Yes her competition really calm yes it to you what are. And tear the bachelor was on last night maybe sub instead of the proposal. It was crazy there's a guy named Lincoln and he says that the earth is flat and you're welcome I have the audience. In addition there just flat Lincoln's on the spot I just because we think I didn't. I just traveling friction when. I feel like killing one cannot slip off. We should first and yes. Americans are Coke and now we hear. Lincoln stupidly hit the hot hot hot at. He really friction in our body India and the world flat I don't know things don't get picked yeah irony in there. I'm so did the proposal you didn't see the actual made last night marks the 2018 MTV new movie and TV awards. You'll be happy to know that debit card passions won for best reality series and franchise group. Air her. Twelve years almost now so thank you. Tonight crazy family events keeps on going against. Thanks guys we really appreciate. Was a fantastic did you love it also. Any time the Kardashians to win an award for Harry happened so great yeah that weren't aware of what is your house. Where did you see this not Heather Locklear I did she lo is bat crazy man and. And this woman is falling off the deep end this is really serious the C I had bad. She Steenland and like most popular women on television. Nash just all the parks looks awful. Actress Heather Locklear has been hospitalized. You guys after threatening to shoot yourself. She the 56 Sheldon was apparently acting erratic when their parents came over to check on her and she tried to strangle her moderate. And then she tried hitter yeah. So then they called police. And they didn't have there was screaming saying she's gonna get a gun and kill herself. The fire department showed up and hauled mother into a hospital for a psych evaluation. Then she gets bio yeah. They say this advertisement isn't going to be criminal telling medical but yeah last time she bought the car as she didn't. We should have better she would beat up her husband. I think she bidding and then then she started but the cops. Crazy he is crazy by the way and I don't know she's I think she's Google. History. Women need a dull boom but I'm not he's getting old right. I think I break he's like a diabetic. You know builders yes it I watched suddenly night CNN. Rain and a tribute. In it was some of the final. What sad final shows of it he board games I want city it's all me and I are put it on no DVR. To re watching again. Will he looked re rough. That the asses like. I don't know what the episodes like a month or so before you die it's. The boy he looked really Roth I mean he was he would into this place to have breakfast it was. Was current album I guess. It was a Spanish. Type breakfast you know. But he was drinking hard court liquor. And like 68 keep him in the mortgage Wally was eating breakfast. Whiskey and have says eggs. Laugh eggs and sausage and whiskey. You know he's read the whole thing that he did web based on his book that he wrote himself. And he admits like he was well a few people linking get off of all the drugs and that colony said you know actors child came into this earth he's not drinking like he used duke he still loves glass of of you know whiskey or whatever but he doesn't drink like he used to drink. And them any but he never could really handle the fame because it came on like aged 45. Yeah he became successful at 45 and fifty and it was just out of nowhere yeah. And don't want their island like crap. I don't know about the boosting no I think he drink very heavy I think it especially the last few years because he are intelligent man he is. Even after they you know they go to a lot of make opens up before they even yelled get on ten television he looks terrible in this tribute are distributed thing. I was Selena felt it was really bothering him so awful. Yeah am an and I you know I had I had this much click bait out there because I saw yesterday he hadn't reached out for helps likely done and it was just mad. Here that you do well and I bring that up the way he looks because it hasn't Heather Locklear because if you see your. Heather Locklear one time I thought was one of the most beautiful gorgeous yes little unbelievably. Beautiful. But now. She looks terrible you can tell it's drugs and alcohol that the stated that told water. Began Heather Locklear you know she was married to Tommy Lee from Motley Crue along time ago and we'll Tommy Lee thing with Pamela Anderson and the kids it's still not. I would say Brandon too damned picture of him knocked out. He did take that down but boy he just it just right now this crap like yeah they're around I'm Marvin man than he'll ever be data. Yeah they need ghost it counts they they definitely. I think they need to sit down and walked easily if they do you know he has affiliate of life worsen it already is. And the worst part is that Pelé Anderson says nice for my son under pursue that I don't think you can support your kids in such bad things says dad you. You know. Well we don't know the minute we what Tommy sing to his son Ryan knows him. They're saying so what PMI and the sun or say is that Tommy Lee is a an alcoholic and addict and he needs to get help. Yeah and if they put up for this for years and years and years it's all that that kid notes. So many sick and tired of it but we don't know how he's been treated over the year I. So I am who knows they just need to count the Indian budget act as he said he hole if you what did you sewn up at more baseball games and Earth Day. RT all all I gather and just I need your art. Yeah. Am I don't see Tommy Lee showing up baseball games. You don't who made a strip club Louisiana but not a baseball game you know. And deal folks and it's my last story as it's called blue boxes and it's teaching kids that gamble. Players as young as thirteen are being this exposed to gambling like behaviors through video games that are called blue boxes this is great. There's every kid leads still have to wager down. I really believe that there aren't funny too well known video games that contain little box rewards yeah I mean. Not teaching the kid point spreads is he's just wrong. And so they're saying this is really bad that all this gaming is so bad for these kids did you see the stay came out yesterday tuned I'll these kids are Dick. Really they're absolutely addicted to gaming. Well I believe that. Yeah well another study an it's been out there before the and I posted yes our taste and an M I wrote Dana Dana. It's not that they're looking at it is not just kids having we're talking. I mean there are plenty of people that are here and there are thirty aces are addicted to games. And. They yeah around for while they say young males are more likely to develop pathological gaming behaviors. If they're exposed to gaming at a young age. Drug would you say that. Our sons addicted to games. No. He doesn't plan now months he's way more into this is way more addicted to skateboarding. Blew that he spends way more time on the board and has he told us that nothing he is he told us she did that he played for hours a day. Did you know now if that's what he told Jamie. You sit put pride just while yeah yeah. Kids are his biggest of what have you been active in his Ayman. While yeah he said I gave all the he's a closet gamer I didn't know you didn't know I had no idea I barely a CM well. I barely see because he's got a job easy escape part aren't everything and I want that is. Well I think my daughter is yeah mine unit order IDC spends a lot of time lies just in the last years he's really taken up playing games he got an Xbox. And she's just been up there playing games every day. I think what I sell as little he was addicted to mind craft bonanza and out of mind craft you know I was in the previous game but I let him be addicted to prevail as it was great forget skin because it develops like an instance really creative so I am my like crap but now he's. Too old Ford. He spent a diamond mine craft they didn't move onto a different game he just kind of heat on some thing act I don't know and home cash what is it makes me seasick it's all these trucks illegal mining and the mixing I can certainly see though that. And if he's like the Republican struck stuck in the mad. So in and it moves and the way this truck lives in the drive down these hills and into the water it makes he sees it my can certainly see how. Held. They would get addicted to it. Because of the interactive. You know hole with the Internet would you know being able talk oh yeah have a group of people that you're holding conversation with the they're sitting their talking into this microphone and he got all these people a headset that you're playing it can certainly see the appeal. Well yeah and he loves playing with Richard moved the way to North Carolina as friends and so hunter Ian Hunter play on on the game on the headset exactly so so did somebody else out because I won't lend a public but he is a lack of Clinton country and I can certainly say yeah. How you would get addicted to having all your friends are or different people that are part of that community on the air I mean apple a day early video games I played. You set the room by itself would like bulky calls. Somebody said that we were addicted to something in and we don't you remember what's at the claw machine. Alla. And again I do well the clock shame. Yet but if parents are rich I would have been there for and do like so that was gambling. Yeah seek about it that was gambling could keep three quarters of nick claw machine to try to you know get to self prize. And shine don't feel that I'm 26 year old female and I put at least five hours a day into gaming. Wow how 26 and I think detects that a cup cup cuff ha ha ha. I very guide public record of it down I thought and a phone number I don't that would have definitely been a so RE a speech into the importance on Alex I.