BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 6/25

Monday, June 25th

It was Pride week in California over the weekend because June is Pride Month – The Uber Driver in a self-driving car who struck and killed a women was watching ‘The Voice’ at the time of the crash -   Pickle Chicken at KFC – Catch fish star has been cleared of sexual Misconduct, and the show is back in production – Jamie is going to see Jurassic, reports are Jeff Goldbloom in over played -  park Kim Kardashian says she is no longer into taking selfies - Chip and Joanna had another baby  - Ed Sheeran had to poop so he left stage.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. A yeah. Hey it's great yeah I guess it's outlet pride weekend and New York green mountain. And her well they hit over the weekend. I was over the weekend yeah you know what's funny is I remember he said while they I'll organize it together and you know because he had Denver my. I and I know now why because my friends that are gay. They love going to the different cities are OK yes so they get today now is not just that they are weakened by the go into the different cities yeah so it doesn't make more sense now. Yeah I'd also found out which I had to investigate but I guess it's pride mock. So you can pick any time throughout the month yeah you're right people like to go from city to some accident the first weeks that we'd you know worked. Went. I am remember the. Drive where that was. In that Hoover and that didn't do it like drove itself fright that Hoover Karr drove a child and they hit a woman. Yes she was watching the voice. To us yeah. The lady of the crossing the street. Know the women with did that car that drove itself. She was watching the voice she added on that Otto thing whenever. The driver behind the wheel of an idol what's it called autumn no less on a no less vehicle. That it really struck a woman in Arizona I was watching the ice. Cops released more than 300 page report about the accident which revealed the driver was watching. The NBC singing show via a streaming service in the minutes leading up to the crash. Am I guess you see the video from inside the car shows a female driver looking down. Margin. It's pretty good show and as Britain. I disagree it caught up in the right decision the cars driving itself on. Net Blake Shelton he's such a good evening really you know also you gotta figure she just hooked on Blake. A crazy story I cannot believe how much TV influences people first ever woman running over another woman because of television. Listen to this the sales of go waffles have dropped. Since stranger things have been on me I guess. Really address that let don't let go. I goes sales grew by 14% from the year prior to the fourth quarter followed up by another nine point 4%. And at the company said the boost in sales was likely due to stranger things. Which Millie Bobby Brown's character. Love all the ups and to people so much and strangest things and make an some waffles because it CR eating dinner and they get like I might add that looks so that. So they spiked because of the show are rap and now there. Dropping off because of the Younis. Was originally waksal may eat on TV news and. And have a while extracurricular. Look look at he has I did that with pizza too narrowly IP and a much but also a great pizza commercial. I wanna get a pizza made him. Do really good job of that and I really try that pickled ticket. I know mentioned earlier this morning regular pickled chicken. I knew it had a late Adam each infuse a typical flavor intended that cristina's yeah. Sounds good I hope it doesn't taste like chemicals. The Eagles dove you know like a chemically. In the attic to staff and at some fried pickles this weekend both so now. Issues. So pickled fried chick N according to press release the fast food chain ad created to smash of the response to overwhelming requests. By customers because every ten people ordering a basic I get extra pickles. I'm an Austrian were pickles her request for years. I love the pickle they put on the chicken sandwich to chip away every minute done OK so if that's any indication because it's pickled flavored. That if that's an indication this is a home run and I hate maybe it's gonna be so big key if he puts it on the menu but for right now it's very limited. Are we get here do we know do we none of them. Supposed to be everywhere and had no idea. Must be everywhere every restaurant restaurant disposed to get a limited supply of the recipes I. Ingredients. And then when those are gone they're gone. It's gonna be like good. And unicorn whatever that. Acting lesson out Starbucks I think it's only supposed to last this week. You know it's a bad idea you don't get it does to shoot a good idea because that people rushing. Doesn't mean that they can't change the mind you put back on the menu like the mid rib yeah. But you put debt limit supply out there so people you don't bombarded. MTV has determined the allegations of sexual misconduct against cat the star and creator and the still men aren't true I'm really happy about that because I'd like to show and I'll like that never die she seems like a real nice guy. Anyway a woman who appeared on the show in 2015 had claimed that Schulman. Try to coax her into having relations with him to prove herself that she wasn't so let's get. She said that never came over and said. I know you think violence to handle a tough stats and then that way on an island band you think she made over and that's what they're saying. They sat empty halted the filming of the show and had a third party investigate the claims the investigation found the claims were a bit less. And the filming is now isn't. I know I'm that kept it show those people are not. I have to today. I mean people haven't met anybody and fall in love with them. I've never seen all my god it's so sad it's a status thing Iverson. It's like teenagers. Or even older. And all of us tonight BJ I've met this guy online and now and I love him I I'd just left him. We're gonna get Maine. And. And never history of other good news in this story is he still is on the show innocent she still a lesbian. Everybody is so great in the grade I mean that's that's a good outcome unlikely you'll see that allowed these stories. So you in here sad when some this woman. This girl thought she was dating like that super hot hunky guy yeah brat. But then like every time that is tried to me he would one meter and all this epicenter Ali's gorgeous pictures of them are whenever an inch she met him. Shocker oh. I Kinney Ireland body shame you do so McCain used the words again you know you don't wanna ugly she Mino analysts say was I is I hear he's say yeah well. Others like them you know yeah. Yeah. It might be a core machine 20. Say does that last bar yeah. I didn't yeah. Yeah but here I've and I altered in the pictures don't match up that's very Communists. Yachts. So I guess if she drastic world tonight as it is seen yet and don't and it edit note. So we're that's our plans very December bride Kate is that trail the old giraffe some world son is now have not you were busy he had. And dress world down falling kingdom 115 meet the end dollars. Took the top spot at the weekend box office it's a big down weekend for these movies. We haven't seen too great movies like that same time Jurassic world Incredibles pretty complete pretty good week rated again. There there's solid although I did see several. Guests die hard Jurassic sands not that impressed him. You have and he had a big turn out to get me wrong but it's it's not getting it's it's almost like it's time for the dinosaurs to die that was one of the head. You have what it sly guess historic bill I will say this and and kind over the Jeff Goldblum yeah. I don't know is the day and bring like weird dude he's a weird dude I am real life. I don't and I'm I really don't think he's a very weird dude. But it's almost like that he needs to be about Diana's yes and nice to be eat him one of the episodes. And did he get replaced by somebody else I'd love that idea because I think heat in the movie. Gives it a. They didn't know all of I'd I'd like to get beaten and medium I guess eating up my. Them iTunes. And we just did this earlier and were taken back seeking one protesting are betting pool. Kim Kardashian and has given up self face. First volley here how many times she says like and then yeah. Turns me. When I don't think about the anywhere anytime they like them. Did you didn't did not ask him. Pictures. Just like kind of an event like it's not all about like sitting and taking healthy place to spend so much of my time taking and I just like Phillip and re out time a little bit mar. I don't think pictures but I just I'm not on my phone that we that I used to beat. Tunisia can't. All the lies you tell us stopped getting because of that guy. Questions he asked there it is embryo then seamer and do it yeah 81 of the questions he asked here almost implies he's he's turned ugly. I have my heart I'm sick and tired because he says is it because they're not attractive anymore or something to that it wasn't. Yet I have to listen what he says the very beginning it's almost like a because you've gotten older or whatever. You know I don't think about it anymore. I don't really like them. Did you do that you're not ask them pictures there yeah. If you don't save marriage that doubles what he's saying. He is the clock is have been taking your time is best. You know she heard that 10-Q. You know she. Chip and gains to end Julian Julian whenever. Big business they had another EB. I have good where there. Number five no problems baby's birthday to let his grades. People. A payday. The yield anything but Europe and Russia are that I know that ship and they seem like they still like each other even though they remained in awhile. Her. And cheering you guys is very sad it she had cookies and movies on stage. Any delete the content why Steagall loopy loop ski. Maybe whenever. Listen. Soon. Port thing you know had to be accused that man is like saying in his son. William Hung in there is no America. Yeah man they used food. And that actually shot I bats we did find some hidden video. Of that and sing the song an avenue that urge all right. We'll have that for the next tablet track bought Q wait a that we I bet that he can sign speller but it's on the internal injuries and everything. Did you see that Justin Bieber and what's her name went public who's what's your name on that hot model I forgot her name and they went instead Graham official. No I didn't know. Following an over the weekend I know I'm sorry yes Justin Bieber and hot like along ladies supermodel I guess it went into Graham official over the weekend. Before he was just kind of you know show her legs like she just walked company can get something and then they'll be like her feet. But this time it's those two together an instant Graham. And they've announced there. A couple. Only 80. I know she. Is that what even you will remember it is laid out like really does add to. You know out of Abbott. And it finally sit and Nixon never announces her oldest child is transgender did you see that. Yeah is she like. Congressperson or something and MC that it is that candidate for that New York governor but you would know or from sales in the city government no I don't know. No sex in the city yeah. Did it wouldn't admit it. And it finally finally finally sorry I want to read this has this is crazy aunt city board Jane no alcohol no drugs in his system time of death. It toxicology report and Anthony board Jane revealed no narcotics no alcohol in his system at the time his death which to me and makes this even more tragic. Just off I questioned yesterday I was you. Do you solely. Yeah everything you seem so funny and happy and so it's ad. Just so sad and it will say though young watched just a little bit differently now that he's passed because there are certain things that he just comments that he made in the show. They're like wow that's the most are Il. Yeah you know he made in made comments about you know being on this earth than when you're tired you just weird. Because of does yeah yeah yeah into how he was saying it you know. It felt like he had I reached into the earth or one of the one of the episode Sid and he's seen everything that he needs the C alive it is like well. Any didn't mean it out alive but ready Allah in it it appears that way when you see it now. It's just as. Big a tablet to ask each and every day and more on Alex I.